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  1. rachel432

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    i'm having the worst week of my life! not only did one of my best friends die last wednesday, but then one of my dogs got out of the yard and ran away this wednesday. my husband and i have been looking all over for him since. i just feel like curling up in a ball, pulling a quilt over my head, and crying. this is just wasy to much alll at once. i've had this dog for 10yrs, he is such a cute fluffy little guy (not the dog in my profile). it's supposed to get below freezing tomorrow night so i hope either animal control or some nice person picks him up so he doesn't freeze.

    my husband and i don't have any kids, so our 2 dogs are spoiled and babied beyond all reason. they are our furry children! losing one of them this way is just awful.

  2. maineweezie

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    Hi Rachel,

    Hears a box of tissues for you. Sure been a hard week for you. I understand you're being upset with your little fuzzy child turning up missing. I'd be totaly bummed out if something happens to mine. I hope the weather holds off til he's home safe and sound.
    Sorry to hear of you loss of your friend to. Maineweezie
  3. Aeronsmom

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    Any news on your dog? did he come home yet?
    Please keep us posted.

    love to all, Ann
  4. forfink

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    Please go to the local shelters and double check that your dog is not there. Sometimes a phone call does not do it. They say they will check but not always....

    Call the area vets. Hope your precious dog comes home.
    Micro chip and colars with address info is a little extra help.
  5. Mini4Me

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    I'm keeping good thoughts for your lost baby. Someone is bound to find him soon!
    Keep us posted.
    Love and hugs...
  6. Hootie1

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    Call the local radio stations so that they can announce the information. Give them your telephone number in case someone calls it in.

    Also, if you have a digital picture - quickly print out lost dog posters and hang them around the area- to include the local stores.

    Please keep us updated- I hope that you find your dog. Someone probably took in your dog- that is often the case. Your dog is probably having the time of its life and you are worrying yourself silly.