Lost Faith

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    I became a Christian in 1995, and it was truly the most
    awesome thing that had ever happened to me.
    I attended church without fail, studied scripture, and
    felt the presence of God.
    In 1997, I began the slow slide into depression. I hooked up with a Christian counselor. By 1999, I was in a devastating depression, and had a breakdown. I still went to church every Sunday.
    In the beginning of 2000, I just stopped going, and never gave my congregation the courtesy of a good bye or even an explanation. I had lost my faith. I felt like God was not there anymore. I felt the absence in me; the emptiness
    returned. I kept questioning where on earth was God for
    his hurting people? I wasn't just thinking of myself.
    Starving children, mentally ill homeless sleeping in boxes,
    poverty stricken people, abuse, etc....Where is He?
    I look back on my days with my congregation mostly with
    fondness, and I miss the little things--singing hymns,
    greeting the little old ladies, the bell ringing at 10am.
    I miss that time, and yet, I would not give my heart to
    God again. I know this is kind of rambling, and I don't even know if it makes sense. Maybe I did not have faith to
    begin with.
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    Hi there, you so like me a few years ago.I've since returned to church and started praising god for the many blessing I recieve every day.Like being given another chance to see if I can make some one smile. Give them a kind word or a helping hand some how Satan has many devices and depression is one of them.It's never to late to return to jesus.If I were you I'd get my self back to church, it seems that it brought you some happiness and joy.The things you mentioned will alway be around so don't let satan steal your relationship with your Loving saviour. God Bless Danisue
  3. jgckeyes

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    Do you have any idea what a laugh you have given satan? He is still sitting back with his arms crossed, feet propped up and having a field day--just because he thinks he has won. My heart hurts when I read your post, you have given satan power over your life(this is very dangerous).

    God gave His one and only Son to shed His precious blood for you and me the whole world of sinners. None of us deserve this.

    Please get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness--if you don't feel like it ask God to help you feel like it. I will be praying for you and praying that you make the right decision(you know He leaves it up to us, it's our choice to choose Him or not) huggs and prayers,

    PS--I am sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but it is what I feel like God wanted me to say![This Message was Edited on 03/03/2003]
  4. timmycat

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    You are right, I believe he has the upper hand now.
    I don't believe in prayer anymore. I don't believe in
    anything good. It's like my mind is full of poison.
    I can't even think straight tonight.
  5. Revella

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    can steal the joy of your salvation. He loves making us misarable and depressed. My husband is a Baptist minister. He was just sure he was where he needed to be with God and doing what God wanted. After becoming a preacher he was diagnosed with a liver disease which calls for a liver transplant. He has been unable to pastor for 5 years, Satan has made him miserable, caused him to question why this is happening, and he became bitter. On Christmas Eve, he had a terrible argument with our son, which made my husband take a second look at his life. God spoke to him that day, showing him where he had let Satan take him. He got his life straight with God. The joy is back. He says to tell you that if you are thinking about the joy you felt that Satan has stolen, that is probably God convicting you and drawing you back to Him. We will be praying that you will let God speak to you. You need Him in your life probably now more than ever in trying to deal with this dd.
    God wants you to turn to Him. Only He can help you mentally and physically