Lost Great doc...but now he is found!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scotlandrose, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I have been seeing dr. Cuddupah at the FFC ATL, and when I called last week to make another appointment, I freaked! He was gone! He has been my Doctor for several years now, and he's wonderful. I could not imagine trying to find and like another doctor. I am also a patient of Dr. Larry Sharp in Ft. Worth TX and he is a guru, but Cuddupah is a very close second. I don't know how he learned so much about our complex diseases so fast, but he did. He's also honestly caring and worries not just about physical well being, but also takes into account our money dilemas and quality of life. He is now at a new clinic, one without so many rules and restrictions, in Sandy Springs GA, little north of Atlanta.

    Apparently, others have tracked him down as well, he is already booked till june 28. He even personally called me to see if I would be alright till my appointment, and that was free! Don't know all the details of his new private practice (insurance etc), but I am sick of being sick and I depend on him and trust him.

    I must thank my guardian angels for taking care of him in the transition, and helping me find him!

  2. goneee

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    I am so glad you found him. It is hard to find a good doctor these days, so if you have one, you sure don't want to loose him.

  3. hopabout

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    To me 3/4 of the battle is finding the right doctor. I am sorry I require bedside manner... those visits are expensive without it.

    I am thankful you have a doctor with compassion and intelligence that you trust and depend on and I am glad you found him again. I hope he continues to help you and learns more and more about the new research findings and ways to help you be as good as you can be!

    I am happy for you !

  4. hopabout

    hopabout New Member

    Those guardian angels are something else arn't they!


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