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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by springwater, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I cant find my cupboard keys...and i need them...desperately.... I can do without the extra expense of bringing a locksmith and breaking the locks on two steel cupboards...

    its been three days now....Ive tried lying down and recalling from the moment i held the key in my hand pondering where to hide it as my room was being cleaned

    I am drawing a complete blank.....can i be bewitched? I know i was frazzled with the cooking i was doing at the same time but ...how can i not remember ANYTHING after holding the key?

    Ive tried going into every single room on our flat and looking into all the nooks and crannies...into all the past places i have hid my keys...nothing..nothing...nothing...
    not a glimmer of a recall of having kept it anywhere...

    husband and kids been helping too...

    now i have one other option going to the local sorcerer - and asking him to do a seeing...one has to take a virgin girl or boy and sit them down and he does some sort of prayer over them and calls upon a spirit to reveal the whereabouts of the lost item...the boy or girl holds out her hand and apparently on her palm a blurry picture starts unfolding of the scene involving the item...and the events just before it got lost....

    I know this sounds BIZARRE and i too didnt believe it and laughed my head off when i heard of this years ago...but since then i have tried it twice...and its true...it DOES happen...

    the last time i took my daughter (albeit unwillingly) because Im unsure of the ethics of involving a child in what seems to be magic and spirit world, but i thought if i took someone elses child it would be more unethical...

    i had been losing too many things and the last straw was my son losing his watch for the nth time...this time i KNEW i had kept it in my room in a box....and one of the help must hav taken it...our part time helper boy had been in our room putting up curtains the day it disappeared....

    daughter agreed after a lot of pestering and went along i guess just to humour me...but she freaked out when it actually started happening and she saw the picture of a man, our flat door, then room door, then the man actually looking at some things on our table..and picking something up....she said he was moving his hands up (?) dont know what means...and then he went down the stairs..

    I made sure the help knew what my daughter had seen...unfortunately the image isnt crystal clear....but some weeks later, while cleaning out my daughters bathroom in the downstairs flat, i found the watch left right on top of a high shelf!!! My son never enters daughters room normally. Im guessing it was left there by whoever took it.

    I hope i havent upset anyone with this....I have been born, grew up and live in a place where metaphysical/paranormal things are taken as a matter of course...and there have been books written by foreigners about this kind of mysticism.....

    The other time i tried this out was when we lost our heavy duty water pump from an adjoining compound ...it was too expensive and i felt i had to do something to find out what happened....a man and our then boy help went to the 'priest?" and the boy saw darkness, then two men scaling the wall, unscrewing the pump, carrying it over the wall, down the street, put it down and resting and then again carrying it away....and further down entering a gate...where the picture stopped. (we didnt locate the pump) although there were a couple of gates where the boy said the men went.

    Ohh back to searching..even found a site



    anyone have any other ideas? My daughter needs her college documents which are in the cupboard and i am running out of time.

    God Bless
  2. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    You said you were frazzled with cooking at the time. Have you checked your oven? Or the places where you store your cooking utensils and pots and pans?

    Just a thought!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Frustrating, isn't it! The problem, of course, is not the keys, but our brain fog. I've had it for about 30 years, and I'm starting to get just a little bit annoyed.

    I don't suppose your cabinet is the kind that you could get into by taking off the hinge bolt.

    Lost my keys a couple months ago. I always put them on the table as soon as I come in the house, but they still get lost.

    Last time they were missing, and had been gone 3 days, I reached into a big of candy. As I did so I thought, "What if my keys are in here?"

    And they were.

    I think I put the keys on a stack of mail. Somebody probably bumped the table, or maybe it was one of our daily earth tremors. Anyway the keys slid into the open bag and were just lying there waiting to be found.

    My mother once put her purse into the refrigerator. Was quite a while before she found it. And she didn't even have brain fog.

    Alas, Julie, I have no idea how to avoid this sort of thing from happening. We can try to be careful, but we're already trying as best we can, right? Is a puzzlement.

    Good luck, Springwater


  4. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Generally they end up under something -- mostly the piles of papers on my desk. But occasionally stuck in a crease inside my purse, or in the pocket of whatever I was wearing at the time.

    Right now I'm missing my 'for distance' glasses...the ones that my sunglasses clip fits perfectly. Have the clip, but the glasses are in deep hiding. And it's really hard to look for the glasses when you can't SEE anything. Fortunately I have a pair of older glasses that I can use for driving so just in case I get pulled over I'll have some type of glasses on that my license requires. In any case, I have been searching for my driving glasses for almost two weeks.

    I completely realize how frustrating this is.

    One way you're sure to find them is to get a locksmith to come in and open the cupboard for you. If you were me, you'd find them about a half hour after you wrote out the check.

    Much luck to you -- and much, much empathy!
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  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    "Guido" recovers "lost or stolen items" through praying to

    Saint Anthony, (who else?), the Patron Saint traditional in

    those efforts! I usually, however, invoke St.Jude for most of

    my circumstances.

    Is the lock a "pad lock" or a "key hole" type? Ya know, I'd

    send "Guido" but He is only good at the kind of locks with

    "tumblers". Sit down, breath deeply and relax. You may re-

    member in a less anxious state.

  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    If YOU were the one who lost the keys, then your subconscious mind knows exactly where they are. It remembers and records EVERYTHING.
    The problem is that your conscious mind is the part doing all the fretting and worrying, and is in control. You have to turn off your conscious mind and let the subconscious take over and tell you where you left the keys.

    Find a quiet spot. Relax completely. Stop worrying and wondering. Clear your mind. Relax deeper. When you are completely relaxed, just ask your inner self, "where are the keys?"

    It works for me anyway. Its worth a try.
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Have you looked in your garbage???? I threw my car keys away a few weeks ago. Had to do the whole back tracking thing and looked everywhere.

    Finally I got quiet and it came to me they are in the garbage and they were there. I had been bringing trash from the car into the house and had my keys in my hand.

    What about your clothes you were wearing, dirty clothes hamper or basket. Under the stove or fridge, dropped maybe and scooted under. My gut says garbabge tho.

    That is kinda of cool about the "soothsayer", sorry you lost your pump. Good luck with the keys-Carla
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    and thank you so much for your inputs....

    i did apply all your suggestions...combing each and every area...even looking into shoes and socks (i used to keep them in a sock in the drawer also sometimes)...ive rattled all the empty containers in the kitchen, under the mattress, shook out clothes, looked in pockets, sifted thru the garbage, spent three nights now trying to meditate and let my subconscious bring up the memory...

    I have prayed too...so so hard but i guess the Almighty does have more pressing things to help people with...people dying and getting maimed in bomb blasts all over india and turkey and iraq at same time...my losing key does seem trite by comparison...fooo! but i am worn out...

    The other time i broke open my cupboard once before i found the key a little later (it invariably happens i find something after i ve taken some extreme step like that)...

    this time i am really curious as to where i will find the key - I know i wil find it and in a common place Iv e looked before (its happened) ) its a question of when...I need it before daughter leaves...

    I think i will pray to St Jude too....might as well :).

    God Bless and i hope the glasses also will be found soon...i have lost my glasses too and know how difficult that is...

    I found Rockgors finding his keys in a sweet bag really funny...lol...what a 'sweet' surprise!

    God Bless

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  9. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I'm just stopping in to wish you GOODLUCK! in finding thoes Keys! I've lost keys alot in my life but eventualy find them and then i finally got smart and got about 3 copies made of all of them and keep them in places i know i can find a copy when the lost key thing happens!,,,,,,,,I'm praying for the safe return of your keys now!,,,,,,,,,,Sis
  10. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Maybe next time, ponder how to hide keys from everyone but yourself. Perhaps your mind took hiding keys too literally?:)

    I don't know. All the above experiences seem familiar to me. Sigh, I spend a very large part of my life looking for missing things.

    Out in woods, a borrowed metal detector can be helpful, but not sure if helpful in a house.

    Wish you luck. Now go find those keys! Now! That's an order! This order overides your subconcious!!

    Well, I tried. Didn't mean to be so authoritarian, but thought it might work:) Wish you more luck, Mr Bill

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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I got up earlier than usual this morning, woke my son and got him dressed and we went to the seer in town.....we got there at 9am and the man says he cant do any more seeings after 9! Got a lot of clients i suppose, there were several there already...saw a young girl sat on the ground and staring into her palm....

    Said come tomorrow at 6 am - crikey! what, wake at 5 am? I havent done that since ninety sixty something!!.

    Also asked who i had brought, took one look at my strapping son and said i should better bring a girl - they can see better....the idea im sure being the more 'pure' the person is, the clearer the image...its irritating to think anyone would think my son wasnt 'pure', sure- he may hav a girlfriend or two but im sure he's still pure, grrrrrr.

    My daughter says she gets freaked out by that place..altho -or maybe becoz she she successfully 'saw' the first time, so i wil hav to convince a girl help to come...

    the moment the seer said to come back tomorrow (he said he would keep the offering of half a kilo of rice i had taken) I felt such a wave of despondency and depression come over me, after parting ways with my son who went off to school after that....i almost sank to my knees with sheer exhaustion and morbidity.......right there on the streets....in that alley....with shops on either side full of touristy things like brightly coloured and intricately embroidered shirts fluttering away and pashmina shawls of every kind and colour hanging there with anxious shopkeepers looking out for non existent tourists to come buy...

    i was looking at their faces and at the faces of passersby and wondering could there be a more depressed and saturated with sadness person than me at that moment and also, could they see what i was feeling when they looked at me or did they just see someone slightly somber faced walking tiredly down the road.

    I popped into a bookstall just to see if it wouldnt cheer me up and hoped i wasnt filling the little store with my negativity....and the sheer heaviness of what i was feeling....apparently not, the book store owner smiled at me as i went out, not having found anything to lift my spirits, and i felt slightly better....I couldnt be looking that sad or maybe he sensed my sadness and was being kind...

    as i walked i started doing some breathing exercises and being mindful....noticed some stray dogs which had been neutered lying around fast asleep and felt happy we have those kind foreigners who take care of these things...they clip a tiny bit of the ear of neutered dogs so they dont get neutered twice (lol)...and i started to feel better and lighter and more enthusiastic...

    as i walked...found a cab driver whose cab seemed as rattly & falling to pieces as usual, but he didnt ask for extra...which was a miracle...however, turns out he's a rookie and only pretended to know the place i told him; didnt want to lose a fare in these hard times i guess....i had to direct and redirect him till i caught on the guy didnt hav the slightest idea where he was supposed to go. With that out of the way...i settled down, kept giving him directions and let him take me home...

    and here i am ....just knocked back two tumbler fulls of tea which calmed me down and now going to search the house for the nth time....maybe keys will condescend to manifest themselves...this time around..sigh

    God Bless

    PS.sisland - thank u for your prayers..

    Mr bill - could sure do with a metal detector thingy....if i do find the keys you can be sure i will announce it here ....i am intrigued now....WHERE could i hav put those keys...could they hav been spirited off by a impish spirit with malicious intent? Just to weary and tire me?

    The answer is out there.

    .....wait for next instalment in 'saga of lost keys'.

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