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    for some reason I was not able to reply
    so that's why I'm editing.

    its amazing what little you can do sometimes when your not feeling well.

    I was very sick,

    my doctor did fill my scripts a little eary for me so I didn't have to go that many days without my medication,

    I also showed him the pills that I did find. he told me that they were not safe to take because they are time released and they were too damaged from the sand and the salt from the parking lot. I think the rest just melted.

    I just got out of the hosptial

    I thought I was going through withdrawel or a stomach flu

    I didn't know what was wrong with me

    I was extremely dehydrated.

    I had a cat scan done and they found several enlarged lymph nodes in my stomach.

    its hard for me to eat or drink, but hopefully I will get well soon.

    I will be having some test done this month.

    anyway, I just wanted to say God Bless to those of you who cared without judgement and who really wanted to help. I was so sick I really thought I was dying, but am stable for now.

    I'm not usually careless with medication, but I guess when your sick enough its easy to be careless with anything.


    today I was very sick, was sick all night from a horrible stomache flu
    my son brad was sick with this and I told him to be careful, to keep washing his hands so\
    I do not catch this, wll anyway I caught it and its been pure hell,

    today I went to the ER my huband grab all my medications to show the doctors what I was taking
    lost my ms cotin in the parking lot of the ER, they fell out of his coat pocket, I went back to look for them and they are mush. not safe to take to say the least, being time released.
    and 12 are complety missing.

    I don't know what I'm going to do.

    I can not go to the doctor with this, they do not do refills before there time under any circumstance.

    and I do not want him to think i am up to something, there like that around here.

    one doctor told me she didn't care if my house burnded down, and the pills with them, she would not refill.

    so I don't know what to do

    I'm on 120 miligrams a day and need it for pain.
    but without it I will also have withdrawels. and the horrible pain

    I can get refills in 7 days but am so afraid

    even If I can hold out will the 120 milligrams be too much. after not taking them for a week.

    I would honsestly love any advise

    scared to death

    thank you
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    The obvious question that any doctor or pharmacy would ask should you report this would be how did the 12 pills go missing? Considering that they usually have child proof lids on the dispensing bottles, it doesn't make sense how any could go missing if dropped in the parking lot. If someone had found them and was going to steal them, they would have taken the whole bottle.

    If it was just a matter of them turning to mush, I'm sure if you took them into either your doctor or pharmacy they might be able to do something about it. However, with 12 pills missing, that is an entirely different situation. Does anyone else have access to your pills?
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    I am confused. Like the other poster stated, if you went back and found the pills in the parking lot and 12 were missing .... why would someone steal only 12, they would take all of them, that's what thieves and addicts do. But what I don't understand is, if they fell out of your husband's pocket, and you went back and found them, how did they turn into "mush" in such a short time?

    Is there any possibility since you found the bottle of pills, that nobody had spotted them and took any out of them, that maybe the 12 were missing already. Does any of your son's friends have a drug problem that could have taken them, etc. Make sure you lock up all of your drugs at home.

    Another thing that I am concerned with is that if you are so frantic about being without them for 7 days, that you just don't know what you are going to do. If I felt like that, I would be concerned that I am way too dependent upon them, which would scare me. I do not want to take anything that is going to get a hold of me that badly. MSContin is morphine and 120 miligrams a day sounds like a lot, but I do not know anything about the dosing of this drug. I had morphine after a total knee replacement, which involved a 14" incision, cutting the old bones and knee out and putting in a new knee. Very, very painful surgery. After 2-1/2 days of IV morphine, I had MSCotin by mouth for a week, then my pain meds were reduced to Lortab for the next couple weeks.

    Since you have already seen at least 2 doctors for your med, you really can't go doctor shopping for more for a 7-day supply. (You mentioned a "he" and a "she" when talking about doctors, so I assume you have seen two.)

    All you can do is take over-the-counter meds to get you through the 7 days. If you start going through withdrawal symptoms, you will have to return to the ER and explain what happened. However, don't expect for them to believe you, and expect for them to give you a hard time, but they WILL have to treat your symptoms, which will be withdrawal from a narcotic. Then, maybe they will do something for you until you can get your next script.

    Then I would take better care of that script. When taking them with you to a doctor or an ER, make sure you take a few extra minutes to place all of them in a zip-lock baggie and put them in your purse.

    As far as 120 milligrams being too much after not having them for a week, ask your pharmacist that question, he will know. If he says it is, then call your doctor and see what he wants you to do.

    You might want to try some ice packs and/or heating pad to help with the pain, hot showers/baths, or maybe get your husband to give you a massage to help with the pain.

    Good luck and I hope you make it safely through those 7 days waiting.
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    If you have an established relationship with a doctor you might call and explain your situation. Let him or her know that you realize they won't refill your script early, but that you need their advice on the best way to manage your pain 'til. And that you were wondering if it will be okay for you to start in at your regular 120 mg, having been off them for a week.

    We all have different levels of pain with this awful illness. At times I've used measured breathing to help ease pain. With my mouth slightly open I suck in ten short breaths - hold it for a ten count, then let the air out to a slow three count. You could try that, and even vary the counts to see if anything works for you. It's certainly not a cure for the pain, but I'd do it at night 'til I went to sleep. I hope that this, along with other people's suggestions, will help you.

    Also, my pain meds don't fully work until they've had a chance to build up to a certain level in my system. If that's how yours work, remember not to panic if your pain's still bad the first couple of days that you're back on your regular meds.

    Try to stay as relaxed as possible by remembering that there is a day, not far away, that you'll be back on schedule. Best wishes.

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    I am not going to comment on what to do about the situation. I just want to post a suggestion for everyone.

    However, for the person that asked how the pills could turn to mush in such a short time, this is New England. We are in a constant state of snowing/raining/melting/freezing and most parking lots are at least wet if not worse. I understand that part.

    If you can't remember your meds or have someone with you that does, keep a list in your wallet or posted on the wall in the kitchen or somewhere, of your current meds and dosages.

    There is NO really good reason to take all your actual meds with you to the ER or doc's office. The only reason they ask you to do that is that they don't trust you to remember or keep accurate records.

    This is easy to do and can really save some bad situations from occurring.
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    Can you explain a little better?
    What were your pills in? The bottle? If your husband dropped the bottle and they came open - I'm assuming they fell out and they dropped and some are "wet" (mush).. I would have picked those up regardless and taken to your Dr. for proof. He would not have let you take them and refilled I'm sure. It's not like you could take them and be going over your dose. You didn't leave them in the parking lot did you?

    For the person saying you're too dependent. Any time you're on pain meds, going off suddenly, can cause withdrawals, so it's not that there is a problem with a dose or or what a person is taking. Unfortunately some people need their meds daily just to function.

    I guess I'm a little confused on what exactly happened - so it's hard to give advice cause I'm not sure what the situation was.
    Can you give a few more details on the losing of the pills?

    Thanks Lisa!
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    Dear Lisa,
    All the questions about how your pills were lost or destroyed is neither here nor there. Withdrawal from MS Contin is the priority. Unfortunately, I'm an expert. I'm currently on 150mg in divided doses of MS Contin, ( and have been for 5 years for severe FMS and herniated disc/nerve pain. And this past year was awarded disability....thanks to Allsup).
    For one reason or another, I too have had to deal with several days without meds until time for refill.

    First of all, since it is a long-acting drug, it takes about 3 days to actually experience the worst symptoms of withdrawal, which I call the "eebee-jeebee's" where I kick and scream involuntaraly. If you have no other meds, such as xanax or valium to control the withdrawal symptoms, which is commonly given in the hospital for WD, the closest thing over the counter is benadryl...it can take a bit of the edge off. If you aren't taking anything that alcohol would interfere with, 2-3 shots every 12 hours will ease the symptoms as well. I despise alcohol and went all my life without drinking, but when on the verge of insanity due to my insides feeling like things crawling around, I felt I had no choice. But I took ONLY enough to take the edge off. (And then, never drink again, otherwise).

    The excruciating spine and leg pain lasts about 3 days, and OTC pain relievers help some. Ice and/or heat as someone else suggested really does help. And believe it or not, a good heaving crying bout will flood your system with endorphins, and give you several minutes of relief. Keep yourself preoccupied as much as possible with favorite movies, phone calls, etc. WHEN you can. And you can take comfort in the fact that long-acting drug WD is not dangerous like the short-acting narcotics are. But, If absolutely nothing helps you, and you experience symptoms other than flu-like symptoms and jerking, then by all means, go to the ER.

    I hope your doing okay. Please let me/us know when you feel up to typing again, how you are.
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    I find that wet moist heat helps alot of the Fibro pain especially on my legs and arms. I use a heating pad and put a wet dish towel--wrung out inside my heating pad cover {Not all heating pads are safe to do that--so make sure}

    Do you take magniseum? I think it very helpful with spasms in my hands and feet.

    I would talk to your dr and or pharmacist about this too.