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    Hi all:

    Well, I had a couple of surgeries and was out of work on FMLA. I exceeded the 12 week allowance and was terminated from my job, where I worked for 8 years.

    I can't tell you that I'm not all that sad about it, because the work environment had become very stressful for me and was not helping my Fibro/CFS.

    I'm still receiving state disability because I haven't yet been released by my doctors. After that, I'll file for unemployment.

    I have a question and am hoping someone might know the answer. My husband and I have decided that I should only work part-time when I begin looking for work. Full-time was just too hard on my body.

    When filling out the unemployment application it asks if you are available for full-time work, yes or no, if no explain. It also asks if you are available for part-time work, yes or no, if no explain. Another question asks, do you have a disability, yes, no, I choose not to answer, are the options for this one.

    I want to receive unemployment compensation until I can find the right part-time job, but I'm afraid if I answer no to full time availability and yes or I choose not to answer to the disability question, my application may be denied.

    Has anyone struggled with these application questions? Does anyone have any advice to assure that I am approved for unemployment?

    Thanks for any help or thoughts you can provide.

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    Thanks Laura and MCD. You both answered my questions and I feel more confident now in completing this application.

  3. my advice to you,from my own experience is...

    dont tell a future employer that you even have a illness.thats what i have done.

    i told one employer that i have recovered from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome.i didnt even mention that i have fibromyalgia.

    in truth i still have the ME.but im starving,and im poor.so i said ive recovered from ME.

    the employer hadnt heard of the illness,and asked what it was.i told her,id had a hysterectomy a few years ago,and had suffered from muscle weakness after the operation.so my body had sort of shut down.but id been doing excersizes for a year,and im now feeling able to work.

    well,i think over the next few weeks she had found out what ME/chronic fatigue syndrome really was.and she decided she didnt want me on her work force anymore.

    then before i know it,im given more work to do.FORCED to do overtime,else id be out of work (she said)and the result was.i kept tearing muscles in my buttocks,and so started limping again.the end result was that my boss said....

    when we gave you the job it was on a temporary basis of 8 weeks.you have worked hard and i thank you,but its obvious that you arent fully well after your ME (now my limping is back) and so we have decided that this job isnt for you.that was it.i wasnt kept on and was finished.they just about killed me with making me do overtime.

    well i went into the full depression again,my doctor said i should rest for two weeks.

    i rested for 6 weeks,then decided to look for work with less hours.just over 16 hours a week.the above job was 24 hours a week.which obviously was too much for my fibro to cope with.

    i have lied and im not ashamed to say so.i havent told my employer that i even have a illness.i do my job,in the late afternoon.

    i spend the first half of the day manipulating my muscles,so they will soften.i bicycle to work,so i dont have to walk there,and maybe strain my toe muscles.

    my job is 3 hours light cleaning offices.i eat a light meal 1 hour before i go to work.i take a small bottle of dilute black current pop to work,and drink it halfway through my shift.the reason for this is.i have major body sweats,AND I MEAN MAJOR,im not joking.so i need to put some fluids back in my body.

    i work totally alone,so no one knows i have that brain fog problem.and i just about get through the week.

    my weekend is spent replemishing my lost energy,and i must admit,i have had to become selfish where my family is concerned.i have to look after ME,in order to become ready for the working week on monday.

    my family are grown up now,so are capable of getting their own meals ready.it has caused many arguements,but i dont care,i come first now.

    so...dont even mention the illness,but try to get a job,part time,where you wont be around many people,that way,no one will see you on the bad days,and question you about it.

    kind regards
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    I'm so sorry to hear what your employer did to you. Obviously it was done on purpose, making you work overtime and intentional done to hurt you. That's just plain rotten and awful of her.

    I think that what you did with you current employer was right...not telling them about your illness. Even though they are supposed to discriminte, I think that some still do.

    Like you, I'm looking for a job in the afternoon. I'm just too tired and achy in the mornings.

    I've never heard of black current pop. I'll have to look into that for myself. I have severe sweats, but mostly at night when I'm sleeping.

    I'm glad that you're able to work alone. I know that must make it easier for you. I can completely relate to what you mean about having to spend your weekends recuperating and preparing for the next week. When I worked, I spent all weekend in bed and I felt to guilty for what I was doing to my family, but I had no choice. My body would just crash.

    I will be sure to not mention my illnesses when applying for jobs. My prior employer knew and their attitudes toward me changed. I won't make that same mistake again.

    Thanks so much for responding and take care of yourself this weekend.

    Gentle hugs,
  5. hi liz
    when i wrote.. i take a drink of black current pop to work with me,and drink it in between my work shift,(to help sort out the sweating situation)in order to put back fluids in my body..well im so sorry for that.im in the uk and forgot that many of you are over seas,and that you dont understand some of our brit sayings.

    so the black current pop is..soda i think you call it.

    well its from our brit version of your walmart,and its called apple and blackcurrant squash.you dilute a small amount of squash with water.thats what i take to work in the diluted form.and drink often through out the day at home too.

    thank you for replying to me,and yes its sad that we have to hide our illness away in order to get given a job.my husband has a recognised illness,in that he has angina,and im told that my earnings have to go towards supporting him.so he can sit at home,while i,with my un recognised illness,have to go to work to buy his mediction.its so unfair.

    i often say its still a mans world.

    what im trying to say is.i have total body crashes involving,muscles,tendons and fatigue.he has fatty deposits in his blood stream,he gets a social security payment for himself,and i get nothing.

    so i have to drag myself to work,hide the fact that im ill from my employer,and when ive managed to work a whole month,ill be paid,but my husbands benefit is deducted from my wage.making me financialy worse off,and unable to afford to eat the meals that us sufferers are advised to eat.its a vicious circle isnt it.i dont even benefit if i am able to squeeze a few hours overtime in.all the money is taken off for my husbands benefit.

    so ive decided to keep on working,and if my body crashes big time and i collapse at work,well please god let me be hospitalised,and let there be witnesses, so that the current situation is written down in my medical records,that way ill have definate proof that this illness is very real.

    on a positive side..

    all the severe sweating has enabled me to lose 2 and a half stone in weight.and my tummy muscles where very painfull,but ive found that is because the muscles took some time to tighten up and become stronger.the weight loss hasnt made the pain go away though, im sad to say.

    my leg muscles are still rock hard,but as i said,i use the first half of my day manipulating them,to try and soften them.its hard work,and i do feel that we who are still going to work despite this illness,are very strong souls indeed.

    im not saying those who dont work arent strong,please believe me on that.

    im just saying that society in general treats us disgracefully.we are starved, and forced to find any means to earn money, to eat.to live,to survive.some will give up to the illness and waste away,some will not.but remain severly depressed and isolated.

    so that, ontop of having this illness,is the reason we are worn out and depressed.so i had to make a stand,had to get myself up and say to my body..ok im sorry we have a illness,but if you want me to feed you,help me get back the strength to go to work.it was the desperation of being left to fend for myself with a cripling illness,that the world ignores.

    im sorry for going on so,but im sure you know what i mean.i want to survive,and hopefully see doctors eat their own words in the future.we have a real illness,we arent moany weaklings that want sympathy.we just want a life,money,food.the very basics of life.help us with our pain.

    but for now,just lie to the employer and get that job.

    i wish you well for the future my friend

    love fran
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    Oh, I didn't realize that the black currant pop was soda. Is it carbonated? I'm glad that it is replenshing the fluids that your body loses thru sweating.

    I try to drink a lot of water and a also drink green tea through out the day. I used to drink coffee, but with the GERD that I have, the acid of the coffee literally makes me sick.

    It is very unfair that your earnings have to go to supporting your husband, while you too are suffering. It's such a tragedy for those of us with "invisible illnesses".

    I completely understand the pain you have in your muscles and tendons. When I could afford it, I'd have weekly massages and they helped temporarily. I had a great massage therapist who knew anatomy very well and she would gentle massage my tight muscles...it felt so good.

    I too have horrible fatigue. I've tried Provigil, but it only works occasionally and my insurance doesn't cover it. I was paying over $200 for 30 pills. So needless to say, I don't take them anymore.

    It's awful that your husband's benefit is deducted from your wages. You have to work so hard and see very little for yourself. Yes, the foods that we are supposed to eat and the supplements that we are supposed to take are expensive.
    I can't afford the supplements anymore, being unemployed.

    Yes, most of the world doesn't recognize what we go thru and when we tell them, it just makes our lives worse. We have to suffer in silence.

    I know that when I apply for a job, it will have to be part-time and it will have to be in the afternoon, because of my fatigue. Mornings are hardest for me. I also need a job where I don't have to stand or sit for too long. I get horrible spasms in my lower back.

    You don't need to apologize for expressing your feelings. It's good to get them out. That's why I like this board so much.

    I agree with you that we are all very strong souls. We've lost are old selves and have had to suffer with this new body that we have. We are the same inside, but our bodies won't cooperate.

    Thanks for your well wishes on my job hunting. Hang in there Fran.

    Love and hugs,

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