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    Hi everyone, Please help me.. I have not been on the board for a while. I had alot of personal things to do. But now I feel as my life in truly over. I have been sick with a sinus infection and I'm on an antibotic , but I starting to feel better but now I have lost my sense of smell. It is gone. Nothing there at all. I'm so afraid and I can't live like this. I have been up all night crying and I can't sleep. I just can't handle this one. I'm taking my xanax but it dosn't help at all. My husband goes back to work tommorrow and I don't know what I'll do. I can't call my doctor until tommorrow also. I talked to the doctor on call and he told me that it will come back. He said it is common with a sinus infection, but I'm not congested anymore so why can't I smell just alittle. It should be coming back alittle everyday but nothing. Has anyone ever had this? I did read some older messages but it wasn't good. Barb
  2. I lost mine a long time ago, my ENT dr said its caused by allergies? It is a bummer.
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    Well that DOES suck. Gee, smelling yummy things is one of the few things we have left, right? Also, alerts us to dangers, like smoke, rancid food. But, it will likely come back.

    Two things come to mind, besides the Sinus infection issue.
    Have you been around any petrochemical fumes, like kerosun heaters? That can knock it out for a while. The other, and more like culprit, if you are deficient in ZINC.

    Some of the symptoms of zinc deficiency include loss of appetite, poor growth, weight loss, impaired taste or smell, poor wound healing, skin abnormalities (such as acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis), hair loss, lack of menstrual period, night blindness, hypogonadism and delayed sexual maturation, white spots on the fingernails and feelings of depression. Any of this sounds familiar?

    Drug-Nutrient Interactions

    What medications affect zinc?

    Thiazide diuretics like Diuril ™ or Enduron ™ and ACE inhibitors like Capozide™ and Lotensin,™ both used to lower blood pressure, can compromise zinc status. The body's supply of zinc can also be reduced by use of antibiotics (like penicillinamine or tetracycline), ranitidine (often sold under the trade name Zantac™ and used as a stomach antacid), and oral contraceptives (birth control pills).

    So, supplementing with Zinc may just bring your sense of smell back :). If you do decide to supplement with Zinc, I would only do it for about 3-5 days, to raise the levels. Using Zinc only long term, may lead to Copper deficiencyor Folic Acid deficiency .Also, excessive levels of IRON can lead to Zinc deficiency. Best to take Multi Minerals, long term. This avoids imbalances.

    The RATIO of copper to zinc is clinically more important than the concentration of either of these trace metals. Copper and zinc are regarded as neurotransmitters and are in high concentrations in brain hippocampus. As a result, elevated copper and depressed zinc have been associated with hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, behavior disorders, and depression. Also, many of those labeled with autism and paranoid schizophrenia have elevated blood copper levels in addition to other biochemical imbalances.

    If you want to continue supplementing with Zinc beyond a few days ot a week, be SURE to include Copper, as supplementing with Zinc, will reduce Copper, and generally, Zinc:Copper ratios should be kept around 10:1.

    Sucking on Zinc logenzes every 30 minutes throughout the day, may be more effective in raising your zinc levels, than taking a tablet, once a day. Also, don't take Zinc around the same time as Calcium or Iron, as this will inhibit absorption of Zinc.
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    Hi Barbie - I went through this too and thought my sense of smell would never come back but it did.

    I have had so many sinus infections and have gone through 6 sinus surgeries.

    It was very aggravating but I got use to it pretty quickly and then one day it just came back all at once.

    I know how upsetting this is but try not to worry because this will only make it worse. Maybe your doctor will have something to help speed this up.

    Good Luck to you and I am sure this is only temporary ;)

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    Of people claiming Zicam Nasal Spray which contains zinc, taking away their sense of smell.