LOST (TV series) Week 11 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT"....(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. llama

    llama New Member


    This week's previews look exciting. I'm setting my recorder and putting the "captioning" on so I hopefully don't miss anything...lol!!

    Happy watching...and keep those posts coming!!

    Take Care...........Jill...........
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  2. llama

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    I posted a reply to your message on the Week 10 thread...sorry, I didn't know if you'd check the old or new thread.

    Just wanted to make sure that you got a response.

    Take Care.........Jill.............
  3. mollystwin

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    I was having major lyme fog yesterday, so I think I'm a bit confused. I'll wait until everyone watches to post any specifics.

    I think I need 4everkid, forebearance and llama to help me out with this episode a bit. You guys catch so many things that I miss!!
  4. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I hope you got your recorder fixed and could watch the show so you can join the discussion!!
  5. llama

    llama New Member


    I've been having a lot of "fog" also...had some dental work done and it has wiped me out physically and mentally.

    I'm still mulling over last night's episode..I'll be posting my meager thoughts later.lol

    Thanks for the compliment...some "observations" are really things that I've read on ABC's LOST theories site. I'm in awe of what some people are able to pick up...such subleties!(sp?).

    Post later........Take Care..............Jill...........
  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I am more confused than ever after this episode!

    What did Dee (Ms. Klue) possibly think she knew that was worth dying for? How could she have felt so threatened by a bunch of plane crash survivors that she thought she should sacrifice her life? If the crash survivors found out some piece of secret info, they wouldn't be able to tell anybody! I'm beginning to think the Others have some kind of delusions of grandeur.

    Do you guys think the Others are actually trying to save the world, or just think they are saving the world, or? How would they be saving the world, or trying to? They didn't seem to know about the hatch and the button pushing routine going on there. At least, Ben looked surprised about it. Maybe he was faking it.

    I'm not overly inclined to believe anything Mikhail said, except maybe the stuff about his background.

    Yeah, who in the heck were the "hostiles" in the minds of the Dharma people? Didn't that the original guy in the hatch, who roped Desmond in, also refer to "hostiles"?

    SUBS??? Wow, what a concept. I didn't catch Ben saying that earlier.

    So you're assuming that the Dharma initiative doesn't realize that its experiments on the island are no longer functioning? That the Others have fooled them into believing Dharma is still going on? Is this assumption based solely on the fact that Dharma is still sending food?

    I'm still chewing on that idea.

    Do you think that John blew up the Flame station because of a feeling of loyalty to the original Dharma initiative? And he was assuming that the station had indeed been overtaken by the hostiles? He didn't seem to put much thought into his decision. I wonder if the other survivors will question him more about it.

    In the Sayid flashbacks, I wasn't sure if he had actually tortured that woman, or if he was taking pity on her and confessing to make her feel better. I suppose he did it and lied that he didn't. Sigh. I didn't think he would lie that much.

    One thing is still haunting me, and that is what the Other named Tom said about the bears being quicker to figure out the food reward than Sawyer was. That one comment seemed to imply that Tom WAS part of the Dharma initiative. He's old enough to have been. Or at least he saw it.

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  7. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I really need to tape these episodes to rewatch them! How did you guys know what they said in Russian? Did you read that on one of the Lost websites?

    I really think that Sayid did torture that woman. It seems like his remorse was real and that it was why he changed and did not want to do it anymore. Does anyone know why he was under an alias when he worked at the restaurant?

    I think there is a reason why Danielle stayed behind. Those writers have a reason for everything. The theory about her being an other is very interesting. How would that play into that message being repeated for 16 years in the first season I wonder?

    In the previews I thought I saw the Russian guy run through the electric gates. Was that a suicide? Next week's episode looks interesting as well.

    Will we ever see Rose and Bernard again? Where could they be?
  8. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've been having a bad week (worse than usual..haha). I've been dropping by to read the usual insightful posts, but haven't had the brain-power to delve into it all.

    Thanks 4everkid..I really appreciated your kind concern! I hope I'm a "gracious" and not an "overbearing" hostess =(

    I can't quite decide if there are 2 or 3 groups of people, the losties, the others (hostiles?) and Dharma. Supposedly Dharma initiated the _purge_. Who won? Did the hostiles take over or did Dharma? When we've been shown a line of barefooted, poorly dressed people (the kid with the teddy bear) who are they?

    I really wonder when someone like Ben, talks about good and bad people. If he turns out to be truly evil, why would he want "good people?" How would he know who's good or bad out of the Losties..unless as some theories suggest that "smokey" scans people and is able to gather all the info on you and relay it to the others?

    I was also skeptical when Danielle backed off when confronting Mikhail, that's out of character for her. She's not been acting as _psychotic_ as usual either?

    I don't believe that Locke knew about the place being rigged with C-4. I think he was just acting as 4everkid said on blind faith. I think that he thought, maybe help would come if he pushed the buttons that (? forgot his name)said..in other words to alert that there was a hostile intrusion.

    One theory that I recently found intriguing is..speculation about the sores/raw patches on Mikhail's face (even before he was beaten up) and how last season Michael's face also had sores that progressively got worse. The theory is that both are infected with whatever the virus is. Remember when they first captured Michael, he was injected with something (experiment?)then they allowed him to leave, almost like they wanted him to leave before he infected others??

    The theory goes on to say that maybe that's why Mikhail was far out in the jungle, alone. Mrs.Klue, is seen with each of these men...maybe she also was infected?
    (On ABC's website there are links to close-up shots of the sores on each of their faces.). Maybe that's why Danielle didn't want to go near Mikhail b/c she knows what the virus looks like and recognized it on Mikhail. She really wanted Sayid to kill him, surprised she just didn't do it herself.

    Well, I'm probably rambling, but those are some of the thoughts that are rattling around in my brain.

    I've been meaning to rewatch the episode, maybe this weekend!

    Take Care.............Jill................
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  9. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, those are interesting thoughts, everybody!

    I actually thought that it was very in-character for Danielle to not go to the farm they found, for the reason that she said. She's had a lot of bad experiences on the island, like losing all her scientific team to illness and losing her daughter.

    I have a gut feeling, too, that Mikhail could have been a member of Dharma. He is the right age and the right "type".

    I didn't mean to imply that Locke knew he was going to blow the station up. I was just shorthanding it.

    That is my $10,000 question too: What is going on in Otherville that is worth dying for?

    I try not to read the Lost fan websites, because I want my speculation to come from watching the show, rather than building on other people's speculation. But it's hard to avoid it! lol

    Maybe I'll break down and look at the ABC website, so I can see the sores up close! Ewww!

    That was an interesting idea that the Others could be descendants of the survivors of the Black Rock. I've always been hoping that the ship would mean something down the road.

  10. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to make a quick response to the issue of whether it was "in character or out of character" regarding Danielle's behavior...MHO

    She had to tacitly agree that confrontations were bound to be encountered in the rescue of Alex (and Jack).

    IMHO, I think she recognized Mikhail and chose to not get involved, until the Losties gained the upper hand and she then wanted him killed.

    I just don't ever recall Danielle backing down from any preceived threat especially when it may lead to her finding Alex...she seems to be a rather excellent marksman who exercises very little restraint.

    I enjoy going to some of the Lost websites, just to compare my own observations/theories with other fans...just like we do here on this thread.

    Take Care...........Jill...............
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  11. llama

    llama New Member

    Hey all,

    I think most all of what you've pieced together is indeed plausible. The "damming" aspect and also the intriguing aspect of Lost is just how many variables there are.

    I feel like I may have a handle on one little piece of the puzzle, but then when I stand back, I'm overwhelmed with how many other mysteries there are and how they all tie in to each other. I've said it before, but I'm in awe of the minds of the writers of Lost!! I guess that's why I can never truly get disgusted or lose interest, b/c I know they'll redeem themselves..they're too brilliant not too, IMHO.

    I don't have any new thoughts at the moment, I just wanted to acknowledge your meticulous post. I also go to different websites and also lostapedia mainly to just keep the pertinent facts fresh in my mind. A LOT has happened in 2 1/2 seasons... no way I can retain it all!

    Take Care.........Jill............
  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, those are cool ideas, 4everkid! They make things fit together.

    And there could be some blurring of the boundaries between a Utopian Society and a cult.

    I was thinking that Michael had been brainwashed when he came back to the hatch and shot people. The illness theory makes a lot of sense!

  13. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    Well, our group may be small but we've got some pretty big theories!!

    As always, I'm looking forward to Wed. night.

    Anybody have any last thoughts on Week 11?

    Happy viewing...........Jill..................
  14. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I do hope tonights, Show, will give us more info about Clare, I really like her charather (sp?) and I hope she didn't kill someone or cause someone to be killed.
    It seems to be the thread/link that hold them togeather, so far.

    I heard, through gossip, of course, that Clare is going to turn out to be Jack's Sis. WOuldn't that be a hoot.?

    I also want to know about Hurley and his Dad.

    The mark that they gave Juliet, looked like the impression of the Outline of the Key, with the different, stations, I'm going to recheck that, on the Lost website.

    Have a great day, and enjoy our continuing story, lol.

    Jill, I hope your feeling better soon, I know how dental work can bring on a Flare, hoping your's won't last long.

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