LOST (TV series) Week 13 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT"....(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. llama

    llama New Member

    Here's our new clean slate! Let's have some fun posting.

    Don't be shy or think you don't have anything to contribute, b/c everyone's comments are valuable.

    Talk to y'all later..........Jill...........
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  2. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    What a great episode! I loved it! So many answers given, and so many more questions raised.

    Let's see, is that 3 now for Locke? He was responsible for blowing up the Swan station (although Ben called it "the anomaly"), the Flame station where Mikhail was living and now the sub! That man likes explosions!

    What a good ending! I wasn't expecting to see Locke's dad. I guess Locke wasn't expecting it either. Was that part of the magic box effect or was he there before they crashed? Or is this another con by Locke's dad?

    I'm wondering if there isn't a further connection between Locke and Ben. Could they be brothers and they have the same dad? Ben did ask if it "hurt" when his dad threw him out the window.

    So much to ponder! I'll post more later. Gotta get to bed. Can't wait to see what others think! Loved this episode. I'll be watching it again.
  3. llama

    llama New Member

    I'm still processing this episode. I agree with Twinma about Locke liking to blow things up.

    I just knew that when Ben led Locke to that door and opened it, his dad would be in there. Somewhere, I had read or seen?? something about a picture of Hanso executives and Locke's dad was in the picture (along with I believe Widmore..this isn't a spoiler, this was info released like last season. Sorry for not being more specific but I've just finished watching the show and haven't had time to do a lot of fact checking).

    Twinma may be on to something about John and Ben being related??

    If I was Locke, right now I'd be more worried about what Jack might do to him than any of the "others"..lol!

    Can you imagine having this one opportunity to put that whole nightmare of the plane crash etc. behind you and go home and then some a$$ blows up the only means to be able to leave!!!

    I'm sure I'll post later. I just got so hyped up that I had to post some of my immediate reaction.

    Hope to hear from everyone!!

    Take Care...........Jill............
  4. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member


    I have a theory about the box that is totally crazy, but here goes. Does this box create illusions? Was Locke's dad an illusion, not really him? Did they use the box to make an illusion of Jack's dad in season one? And of Hurley's imaginary friend? Also Walt in those scenes when he was all wet and the dead blond girl kept seeing him. (what was her name again?)

    What is this box?????? Is is the reason why Ben knows so much about all of the crash survivors? Can it make food?

    I'm glad that Jack had a good reason for wanting to leave. To save everyone, just like him to want to do that. But he wouldn't have been able to return due to communication being down. Now no more outside communication. How is it they can leave without it but can't return?

    Also, was the food in Ben's fridge Darma food? Are they going to be cut off from that too because of the communication being cut off?

    Can't wait to hear everyone else's thoughts.

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  5. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I forgot about ecko's brother and Kate's horse! And the "box" being the black smoke sounds interesting too! I always love to read your posts! So much to think about. This could tie some things together.

    They keep referencing a higher up person in previous episodes. Maybe it is Locke's Dad. I wonder why he is tied up. For Locke's benefit?

    I agree with twinma and llama, Locke sure likes to blow things up! And his father sure wouldn'd win any father of the year awards. I hope he's not on the island, unless he's started with a clean slate and is different, cause he's so creepy!

    And adding to the clean slate theory. Sawyer was a con man and is presented with all the stuff from the plane to keep or share or manipulate the survivors as he wishes. Sayid with his torture victims. Probly more.

    Gotta go, will check back for more goodies later.
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  6. llama

    llama New Member

    I'm kind of amused that my first little post for the start of this thread, mentioned a "blank slate." Then several of you used this same expression as an analogy in your posts...hey maybe the "island" has given me psychic powers like Desmond?? (Wrote that before episode aired..lol).

    I wish I did have some kind of special mental power to figure out what the heck is really going on.

    I agree that the term _box_ was just used for illustrative purposes. I also believe that this box holds in it the hopes for a new start for all the Losties. I just can't quite figure out why this same "power" isn't available to the Others..or at least not to Ben??

    When I first saw Cooper, gagged and bound, my immediate thought was that his capture must have been real recent. The look of terror, seemingly fresh wounds on his face.

    I'm just so tempted, though, to think this is just one big long con on poor Locke?? Once again so many unanswered questions..if Cooper wasn't some kind of illusion, how did they capture him and get him to the island?

    I feel pretty lame about my comments this week. I just really don't know what to think, except that once again, we're left to ponder who is good and who is evil?

    Just a quick side thought about Locke and his propensity for blowing things up...why does he really do it? I can see why he did the hatch, he'd lost faith blah, blah, blah.

    But the other 2 explosions, of course were deliberate. I guess my point is why ruin it for everyone?..if he feels like the island has cured him, great, then stay there (just like Rose and Bernard seemed to choose that as their fate).

    If a rescue is ever possible...just DON'T go, but let the rest of the poor suckers go home..lol!!

    Hope somebody has an epiphany and shares it with us.

    Take Care.........Jill.........
  7. llama

    llama New Member


    Yes, I admit that I deliberately tried to sneak a previous title or two into my posts..lol.

    I've wracked my brain trying to remember where I saw/heard about Cooper being in a picture of Hanso "members."

    I finally settled on that it was on the Hanso website. This was maybe a year or so ago. I hadn't been back to that website..until today. It has really changed. I could not find any kind of link regarding this info/picture.

    Sorry...I don't think I dreamed it up?? Maybe it's more clairvoyant abilities from the island...yeah right!!!

    Seems like they want you to link Widmore and Cooper's lifestyles, loosely, I admit through the McCutchon(sp?)scotch. I'm trying to think if Sun's father had that connection too...anyone remember?? (Doesn't quite seem like a Korean drink though?).

    Sorry 4everkid, I tried =( Take care..........Jill.....
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  8. llama

    llama New Member

    Thanks for looking more deeply into this latest mystery..lol

    You know there are so many reasons that I like LOST and one of them is that despite all the mystery, mythology etc. The writers deep down are still very witty, seemingly playful kind of people (I got that impression from listening to some of their podcasts).

    I just bust out laughing when I read in your post about the "easter egg logo" on Juliet's (cotton) tail.

    You may very well be right about me seeing/hearing about this picture through some "semi" legit website. There are so many websites that you do have to be careful that what you are viewing is ABC-sanctioned.

    Yeah, I tried to get interested a little in that alternate game last summer...found it too convoluted, confusing. I wasn't willing to give up the tiny bit of a life I still have left to reading and researching all you seemed to need to do for that game..lol. At first, I didn't even understand it at all...but I also thought that if I was going to have to do that much work to totally understand the show..no thanks!

    Hey glad to be getting to know you a little 4everkid!

    Take Care.......Jill...........
  9. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I never miss it, and usually watch each episode more than once! My dh thinks I'm nuts, but he's watching it w me this season.

    There were a few disappointing epis this season, but it looks like the writers are getting it together again. Hope they keep up the pace and quality of the storylines.

    I visit thefuselage.com, it's interesting to check out the boards there. I always stay away from spoilers and previews, I like to be surprised.

    Now, get LOST, would ya????
  10. llama

    llama New Member


    We're always glad to have another hopelessly Lost fan!!

    We're a small, friendly group and IMHO have some mighty brainy women...you sound like you'd fit right in.

    Join us...we all just post as something comes into our minds. Unfortunately, it's often more questions than answers, but it gives the rest of us something perhaps new to ponder??!!

    We start a new thread weekly on Wed...so jump in anytime.

    Take Care........Jill...........
  11. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    4everkid, I just read your post, and I swear you echoed so many things that I was just thinking of!! It was almost eerie!

    I goggled the info you gave about Widmore and while I was checking out other Lost stuff..I came across an article about Damon and Carlton. It was so interesting how those two got together and how just what creative genuises they are. They noted that the show requires so much labor intensive tasks that between Hawaii and CA they have like 500 people working on the show!

    I totally agree about the casting for the show. I feel like all the actors are first-rate. I also heard that "Kate" had only 1 minor speaking role before Lost. I don't know if you used to watch JAG (DH was a big fan) but that's where I had seen "Locke" act..he was very good on that show also. Love Hurley...I find Sawyer,so attractive, to a disturbing degree to this middle-aged, happily married chic..lol!

    The other coincidence was that I checked out your profile (I think awhile back I looked and it was very sketchy. I just thought, oh well, some people don't feel the need to disclose a lot about themselves) just tonight and lo and behold, here was this great insight into your life.

    My first reaction was what a beautiful dog...then I read you love cats, that's all I needed to hear!!

    Well, anyway just wanted to post, b/c I thought we must be on the same wave length tonight...but a true fan of LOST knows that nothing happens by accident...lol!

    Take Care........Jill.........

    P.S. Happy Belated B-day
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  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    to TwinMa and llama, regarding Locke acting like a bonehead, I didn't like it when he punched Charlie, in an earlier episode, either. That seemed unnecessarily violent to me, given the circumstances. What kind of person are the writers trying to make Locke into?? I also had positive feelings about him at first.

    I'm loling about the dark meat chicken (I had noticed that, too), and the Cadbury Easter egg brand.

    This episode was so puzzling! I kept wondering "If the beacon for the submarine wasn't working, why couldn't someone just use a GPS device to find the island?" And then I realized that in order to use one of those devices, someone would have to be standing on the island and recording the coordinates, and they have no way of getting a device there. But those have been around for a while, haven't they? But maybe the Others haven't been to the mainland since the early 90s?

    Oh well, just a random train of thought...


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