LOST (TV series) Week 14 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT".... (CLOSED)

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  1. llama

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    Hi "you all everybody!"...a little Drive Shaft humor..lol

    Another Wednesday...another mysterious adventure??

    Hoping for lots of posts!!

    Happy Viewing LOSTIES..........Jill............

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  2. Rafiki

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    tonight's episode twice (nearly), courtesy of time shifting, and I'm going to watch it again. Three times in a row. It's so interesting tow watch it twice in a row... it's so much easier to understand when you know what's going to happen. The third time I'm hoping will be conducive of pondering the big question... what does it all mean.


    PS Beginning 3rd screening (while also on internet) and find that this is the trick to watching LOST with brainfog... you just watch it three times in a row!

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  3. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    What a morbid, but wild ride this episode was!(MHO)

    You'll have to excuse me, while I a take a "cold" shower after that EXPOSE' of Sawyer sans shirt and hip hugger pants..woo wee!

    Sorry...but anyway, I'm still amazed at how the writer's so deftly and seamlessly weave these episodes together.

    We all remember when Paulo came out of the bathroom while in the Pearl hatch at the beginning of the season, just thought it was kind of a funny gesture to use a toilet, just like it was the most normal thing in the world to do.
    Of course we had no idea what was really going on.

    Also, I'm not totally sure about this (4everkid, will call me on it if I'm wrong..lol)but way back when Hurley was watching TV and eating Mr. Cluck's chicken (right before he learned he'd won the lottery), I believe he was watching Expose', the show with Nikki in it??

    Good to see Boone and Shannon, although just for a few seconds. They said that if Shannon's hair looked funny it was b/c it was a wig...they didn't expect her to change her hair for 2 days work.

    That was so ingenious how close "Paulo lies" and "paralyzed"
    were..in the end an insightful and a damning turn of a phrase.

    It was good to finally find out why Charlie tried to abduct Sun. Seems like Charlie and Sawyer are trying to atone for some of their past bad behavior.

    Sawyer, not giving a gun to Nikki and then sprinkling 8 million dollars worth of diamonds over the bodies in the grave. Either he's changing or resigning himself to the fact that they may never get off the island, and so the diamonds are worthless.

    Well, once again, Vincent showed up just before a death(s) was going to occur. He must have sensed they were still alive..or would soon be dead.

    Even though, Nikki was a total b***h, no one deserves to be buried alive...yikes, that creeped me out!

    So what'd you all think..??

    Take Care........Jill...........

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  4. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    It was both exciting and gruesome, when they showed, Nikki, talking to the guy with all the Bug's, I thought somehow they are going to factor into this story line.
    When he was talking about the Spiders, I just knew, that some one was going to be bitten and then thought dead.

    But I had hoped they would recover, before they were Covered with the dirt.
    That really freaked me out, ...
    They did have a really Bad past, so I think that is why the Island made they Pay for their Crimes,

    which is what I think happens to a lot of them, don't you.

    John, I think already has the answer to the Island, but won't say, because it is his Ace in the Hole card.

    I am looking forward to the next show, boy oh boy.

    I was glad to see, Charlie come clean with Sun about what he and Sawyer did to her. They did show that they were responsable , back in another epsoide.
    For the Gun's.

    Well there is more to Ponder, so I am going to rewatch some of the show's this weekend, I haven't been the shapest, kinfe in the drawer lately, but I'm not the Dullest either, lololololololol

  5. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Jill, 4ever and Bruin, you guys are so smart! I'm going to have to try rafiki's idea and watch three times so I can catch more stuff!

    This show was very interesting!!!! I remember the toilet scene from before too, and thought it was just a funny thrown in there. Everything really does seem to mean something. And when he put the stacking thing in the toilet I said to hubby, He shouldn't get that wet if it's worth so much money! LOL. Then hubby told me it's what's inside! Felt a little foolish, but that's my brain fog, thought it was an antique or something.

    Couldn't believe how evil those two were, but still was so shocked at the ending. It creeped me out. I was waiting for Hurley to notice movement and stop shoveling. Then I saw the pile and knew it was over for them! I had read somewhere that that girl has a part in a new series, so I figured she was going to die soon.

    And next week's episode looks good too.

  6. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    They did address this issue on a few episodes. In one a character asked him why he wasn't losing weight, and he responded that he was a big guy and it would take a while to notice weight loss. On another episode it was revealed that he was hoarding food from a food drop. He later fessed up and shared with everyone. It still would seem that he would lose some weight though!!!
  7. llama

    llama New Member

    I agree with what's been said so far as regards to Jorge's weight. In the real world..yes you would expect ALL of the survivors to lose some weight.

    A person of Hurley's size 300+ pounds would probably drop a quick 20lbs. in a couple of weeks...would you notice it as readily; of course not, as compared to a 120lb. person losing 20lbs.? Thankfully evolution has somewhat safeguarded our survival by going into starvation mode..obviously greatly slowing our metabolism.

    Apparently, it wasn't a clause in his contract that he had to lose weight as the series progressed. Maybe b/c I'm overweight, I'm sensitive to this issue..we're all able to "suspend our disbelief" about smokey the monster and tropical island POLAR BEARS (for God's sake!) but we can't seem to wrap our minds around the unwritten law that Hollywood perpetuates...slim = attractiveness, credibility etc.

    We have a hard time accepting that_GASP_someone on TV is obese and yet accepted and was even able to have a romantic relationship (at least the beginnings of one). He's seen as the stereotypical "fat, jolly guy."

    I will now step down from my soapbox, I'm sure to everyone's relief...lol!

    Take Care (I'll be back shortly with a few more comments, betcha can't wait?!!)..........Jill.............
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  8. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I agree w other posters that the N/P characters were kind of a seemingly senseless addition to the cast.

    They did do a great job tho incorporating them into the flashbacks and fitting their different experiences into the overall timeline.

    I spent awhile today over at thefuselage...lots of wild theories circulating about time shifts happening due to the "anomoly".

    I loved the Stephen King"ish", Twilight Zone"ish" feel to the storyline about P and N, and how they both get what they deserve in the end. Really creeps me out, the buried alive part! Poor Hurley would flip out for sure if he realized what he had done.

    Loved the tropical island CSI stuff, Hurley was great as always. I absolutely love this show!!! I need to watch it again tomorrow.

    I'm having trouble getting to sleep, I guess I should turn out the lights and try again. Nighty night.....

  9. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Maybe they were brought on, to show, how the Island, is Mysterious.

    In past show's, we saw where people couldn't leave, it and that the Ocean brought everything back.

    Most of the people who die, were of Moral Character(sp?) and that was their Punishment.

    Maybe? TO reinforce the Islands infulnce in their life so to speak.

    I kept expecting for one of them to open their eye's, just before being buried.
    I did notice, how the Dog kept pulling the blanket off of them, and I too would not be surprised to see them dug up, later.

    I love the way they inserted their secnes, with the Backstory, and it was fun to see the other ones that have died.
    THought at once, there was going to be a bigger connection between the 2 couples.

    Some things to really ponder, eh? Can't wait for next weeks show.

    Sawyer, had better watch his back, tho, now that Sun know's, what they did, her Jin, isn't the only one who can be devious, remember her past?

    Still wanting to know what the Fertility, storyline is going, seem's like it's been dropped for now at least.

    Think I'll rewatch these past few show's. See if I can find something I missed, with FibroFog it's easy. lol

    btw I Love Hurley, and not all Heavey set people can lose weight.
    I have 2 Sisters who cannot lose weight, and they eat very little.
    They both have FMS, I'm skinny and I have FMS and can't keep the weight on.
    So even on the Island, Hurley, might have a rough time losing it.
    Remember the Island gives them what they need. From past show's?.

    Can't wait to see what Locke does to his Dad...... Can you?

  10. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    Reading back over the posts..I agree 4everkid about Locke's comments that nothing stays buried on the island. I too agree that in some "manifestation" N/P (one or both) will reappear.

    Not sure what the writers meant by that couple being iconic...greed ultimately corrupting and bringing about doom? Maybe too much fibro fog lately..not analyzing too easily (sigh!).

    Good to hear from you Bruin63 (and some new posters!). Actually, Nikki did open her eyes in horror as the shovels of dirt were piling in on them. Thanks for backing me up on the weight issue..lol! Also agree that my boy, Sawyer, better watch his well-toned back, we know what Sun is capable of.

    So I guess we've only got about 8 weeks left of the season. I believe it ends on 5/23 with a 2 hour season finale, which will be episodes 22 and 23. Haven't heard definitively how they'll handle next season. It may not resume until Jan., like a few other shows are doing.

    Take Care.........Jill.............

  11. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    “He says he’s not dead” “He will be soon. He’s very ill” (small tribute to Monty Python & The Holy Grail--NOT a quote from LOST, lol)

    To me, this episode of Lost mimicked an episode of Expose. To be more precise, Nikki and Paolo’s backstory read like an episode of Expose. There was a con, a con within a con, a sort-of love story, a jewel heist, a murder and the “guest stars” get killed in the end.

    Did you hear what Nikki said to Mr LaShade (Billy Dee Williams) about her appearance on Expose? They were talking about her character getting killed off. He said she didn’t have to be killed off. Then Nikki said: "I'm just a guest star and we all know what happens to guest stars." Well, she was right! Not only did her character, Corvette, get killed off in Expose, but Nikki and Paolo got killed off on Lost!

    One other similarity I saw between Lost and Expose was when Hurley was reading the Expose script. Here was the exchange between Hurley and Charlie:

    "No way," Hurley says while looking at the script, "Mr. LaShade was The Cobra?"

    "Is that supposed to mean something?" Charlie says.

    "Dude, The Cobra's this big bad guy. He's been shrouded in mystery for four seasons."

    Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like “Him”, the Magnificient Leader? Four seasons? I think that was a little Easter egg. BTW, is “Him” the same as Jacob?

    Wow, that Island Beach Cemetary is getting pretty big, isn’t it?? Let’s see if I can remember who is buried there:

    The Federal Agent, Boone, Shannon, Ethan (not sure if he’s in there), Ana Lucia, Libby…are there other’s I’ve forgotten?

    I think they buried Eko in the jungle, and Arzt blew up, so he’s all over the jungle. There were certainly many others who died, but not all ended up in the Beach Cemetary.

    Just had to comment on Sawyer’s bod. Holy Cow! He is one hot hottie! When they showed him digging the grave, I’m pretty sure my mouth just dropped open and a little drool came out of the corner of my mouth. He is FINE!

    I loved Sawyers comment about disturbing the crime scene “There a forensic hatch I don’t know about?” Ha Ha!

    I also love Sawyer’s nicknames, like Neela and Pablo. He’s too funny.

    Very good observations by everyone! I completely missed the significance of Vincent dragging the blanket off the “dead” bodies. Good catch, 4everkid!

    And llama, you are right, Vincent does show up when someone is about to die. Bad omen doggie! Who is taking care of him anyway?

    How come no one else has gotten bitten by these paralyzing spiders?

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  12. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I think "Torchlight is Lit" is very clever, but how about using the episode title instead? So this week would be LOST (TV series) wk 14 "Expose" or something like that. What do you think?
  13. llama

    llama New Member


    I'd like to keep things as simple as possible, personally.

    I don't think a lot of people pay as much attention to the title...if we want to go back to a thread from a couple weeks ago, IMHO it's easier to retrace a number than a title.

    I rarely remember the titles?? Brain fog..lol.

    Take Care..........Jill.............

    P.S. However, if that seems to be how people want it..it certainly can be done (gets to be kind of a long entry?)[This Message was Edited on 03/31/2007]
  14. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    that Juliet showed Jack when she wanted him to kill Ben during the operation???

    I never did quite fall for her as being a nice girl. She apparently just wanted Jack to do the dirty work to get Ben out of the way. Hmmm....she's a sneaky one!

    Loved the "Bring out your dead" post.....love Monty Python (reminds me of my teenage yrs)
  15. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I wasn't trying to make things too complicated. Suggestion withdrawn.
  16. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    Twinma, sorry I was rather curt with your suggestion. It doesn't complicate things that much...it's more me! I often don't even know the name of the title unless it's so obviously pertinent to the episode like..Expose'.

    I can certainly give it a try...after all this isn't MY thread...lol. I just started being the one to start a new thread every week, but I hope I've never given the impression that I "control" it.

    4everkid, your post about Nikki's all-consuming greed...I totally agree. Every time she had even the smallest of opportunities to redeem herself, she always chose to adamantly pursue the path of rapacity.

    I believe that Smokey is the "moral compass" of the island. It has given second chances to certain characters b/c I believe, they were redeemable in Smokey's judgement.

    However, just like with Eko, when he was offered the chance to confess the second time and refused...he had sealed his fate with Smokey...he was judged as unredeemable and given the ultimate punishment.

    Take Care.......Jill...............

  17. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I think the Title with just the week number is the best for me, because, that is how I mark the tapes.
    To complicated to have to write each show title, and also, there maybe a sub story that I enjoyed, that wasn't in the title.

    Numbers are easier for me, to remember, than a lot of words, altho, I do seem to be able to use a lot of words, lol, lol.

    I wanted to make a comment about Juliet, the Actress who plays her, also, starred in the "Linda McCartney Story"
    I knew I had seen her other than on ER, and some guest apperances.

    Just thought I'd toss that in, lol,
    SInce they showed, Kate, giving her a good sock on the jaw, so to speak, in the teasers, for this weeks show.

  18. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, what a great episode! But what a creepy ending!

    I loved the flashback to the beginning. I always wondered what else was going on with the other survivors of the plane crash.

    I kept wondering if Nikki and Paolo could have possibly dug their way out. Or if Vincent would dig them out. I was thinking about Locke's remark that "nothing stays buried on this island", and wondering if it was foreshadowing.

    Another thing I was thinking about was, if Nikki hadn't taken the time to bury the diamonds, she would have been able to talk well enough when she got to the beach to explain quickly what had happened. So in a way she was killed by her own greed.

    Oh wow, Smokey was there when Nikki got bit? I'm going to have to re-watch that. I heard him, but didn't see him!

    Another thing. If Paolo hadn't taken the walkie talkie from the Pearl Station, then Locke and the others would have found it, and it would have helped them a LOT in figuring out the Others. Argh!!!

    I'm still pondering something from last week's episode, and the sudden appearance of Locke's dad:
    I wonder if the island itself has a character. Like is the island good or evil?

    Sorry about the repeats in this of what others have said. I wrote most of it before reading this thread.