LOST (TV series) Week 15 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT".... (CLOSED)

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  1. llama

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    April 4, 2007.......LEFT BEHIND...........Week 15...........

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone enjoys tonights episode. Be sure and post your thoughts/theories later, you wouldn't want to be
    Left Behind....lol.

    Take Care..........Jill...............
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  2. mollystwin

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    Just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to watch this episode for a while. I didn't want you to think I've abanded you! It's 2:30am and I'm up getting ready to catch a plane to Florida!!!

    So I'll check in next week when I get back!!
  3. Forebearance

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    Yeah, Juliet sure seems like a spy. Why would the Others want to spy some more on the crash survivors?

    Locke acted exactly like Jack and Sawyer acted when the Others had something on them and were forcing them to do something.

    I thought maybe the bright light was lightning from the thunderstorm that was happening when Smokey approached Kate and Juliet.

    Yes, I've read Watership Down, a long time ago. Maybe I'll get that memory back along with the other memories as I continue doing the methylation treatment.

    I wish that we could know more about all the plane crash survivors who are now living on the beach. It seems like every time they use extras to show them, it is different people. I wish we could be introduced to each one of them at least once, and that they would use consistent extras to play them.

    Just my little pet peeve! lol I miss seeing Rose and Bernard, too.

    Have fun, Mollystwin!


  4. llama

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    Hi all Losties!

    First off, Mollystwin, have a great vacation. I'm glad you told us what you'll be up to..or we'd be getting worried!

    Well, I liked this episode. A few mysteries get solved and a few more pop up...but that's what we've come to expect from Lost.

    I've been trying to hold out some hope for Juliet, but I guess I can no longer defend her...she's definitely deceitful/manipulative. We just never know 100%, if that behavior is self-preservation or evilness??

    I sure don't blame Kate for whooping up on Juliet's a$$. Here you are fighting for your survival, and you're shackled to someone that "changes their colors" every few minutes. First she acts terrified of Smokey, like she has no clue what it could be?? Kate has to drag her to safety.

    So apparently, Juliet just finds Kate unconscious in the woods and handcuffs herself to her. So she probably? knew that she'd be left behind on purpose...so she could play the victim and infiltrate the Losties.

    I'm amazed how no one ever seems to want to heed Sayid's warnings. He was trained to detect dishonesty etc., and yet like when he originally wanted to kill Ben (then Henry Gale) in the hatch, he was ignored. Well, he's sounding a warning again about Juliet, saying "she's not coming with us." But Jack, for now is duped and also seemingly a little in love with Juliet, so he puts a stop to that.

    Also in the previews, the exchange between Sayid and Juliet is rather chilling. Something like if she told him everything, he'd want to kill her...and he responds something like that may happen anyway. Well, "con games" can go both ways...while Juliet is exploiting the Losties, they'll be exploiting her. If things go sour, she's left alone.

    I'm curious what happened to Dannielle? I know she's very resourceful and paranoid, but how's she going to get across the security fence? Unless, Juliet turned the power back off after Smokey left?

    So now we have another connection...Kate and Cassidy. They seemed a little like kindred spirits. I still can't believe what Kate's mom did to her own child. I'm NOT condoning murder, but as a mom, she should have understood how, that hurt Kate to watch some man abuse her! I don't blame her if she'd never be able to Forgive her and maybe even disown her...but turning her over to the authorities for a life in prison? I can even see, if Kate had been some kind of serial killer..it would have to be stopped. But in her own flawed, misguided way Kate thought she was helping her mom...IMHO.

    Well, then there's Locke and his "father issues", I think at this stage, he'll do anything for some resolution/revenge whatever extremes he feels he needs to go to regarding Cooper. Also, Ben said a long time ago, that John was one of the "good ones" and he was coming to get him....so now Ben has him.

    Finally, my man Sawyer...although I hate when he wears his hair like that..yuck! I think Hurley was so wise and intuitive in knowing just what lessons Sawyer needs to learn and how to "con" him into learning them (without all his cynicism).

    Hurley, definitely was justified in giving Sawyer a "wake-up call"...he needed to be taken down a peg or two, but also for his own good, he needed to realize that he hasn't even bothered to learn the survival skills that the rest of the survivors have. He just sits there with his books, and whatever goodies he still has hoarded away, and acts like he's above everyone else. Sarcasm is a great mask for inadequacy!

    So in one clever exercise, Hurley teaches Sawyer some survival skills but more importantly the sheer joy of connecting with people and making them happy. Not using people as mere pawns or victims of his cons...but to discover his own humanity, that people can actually like and respect each other without the promise of anything in return.

    Well, sorry for the long post.....and I can't promise you all that I won't be back again later with some more pithy comments..lol!...........Jill...............

    P.S. Forebearance...in theory I'd also like to know the stories of some of the other survivors...but goodness gracious we've got our hands full now trying to figure out all the mysteries behind the main characters. Maybe if Lost is going to have 10 seasons...well maybe??
  5. hermitlady

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    Well, I guess Vincent didn't dig up Nikki and Paulo, huh???

    I'm personally getting a little tired of Kate and all of her heartbreak. Give some of the other characters some screen time! I loved Rose and Bernard too, where the heck are they??? Claire hasn't had much to do this season either, just the one episode w her dad and mom, right?

    I have to watch again. I'm feeling a bit frustrated right now. I did like the tie in w Cassidy tho, poor girl.
  6. Forebearance

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    Lol, Hermitlady! I wish Vincent had dug up Nikki and Paolo!

    Oh, wow, there's a list of extras somewhere? How'd you like to be "green shirt guy"? lol I don't want to know all their backstories, just their names and a bit about each one's personality. So that they would seem "real".

    Yeah, I agree that Hurley is a very wise character. And I wish that people listened to Sayid better, too. He usually knows what he's talking about! He is under-appreciated for sure.

    I wonder where the Others went???? I wonder if they went, with John, to the magic box that is somewhere on the island. Where could they have gone that would be better than their village? And why did they all leave?

    Is Ben up to some scheme to keep the Others distracted from the fact that they can't leave the island now?

    I think that Juliet was genuinely scared of Smokey. Maybe she's never encountered him up close before. She maybe has only seen him on the other side of the fence. But at least now we know why they have that weird fence around their village.

    I got the feeling that somehow Kate and Juliet were being put out in Smokey's territory so they could be judged by him. Just a hunch. Like maybe they were put near the "dark "territory".

    I didn't really buy Juliet's story that she was making tea and saw a canister being thrown into her house. Yeah, right.

    I wonder what happened to Danielle, too!