LOST (TV series) Week 16 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT".... (CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. llama

    llama New Member

    April 11, 2007....ONE OF US......Episode 3.16

    Hi everybody,

    I hope we all enjoy the episode. I hope we have more posts this week, maybe everybody was busy with Easter?!

    Talk later........Jill............
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  2. llama

    llama New Member

    Hey Losties,

    Well, IMHO I thought it was a really good episode. We're starting to finally get some answers.

    I know by now, the average viewer mistrusts Juliet. I'm still holding out hope that she's not totally evil. I just think she was duped and put into a terrible situation. I think she has to "play" the game that Ben and Jacob? have concocted. Just as they supposedly cured her sister of cancer, Juliet has to fear that if she doesn't go along with them, they'll find a way to cause Rachel harm.

    I was in astonishment over the amount of contact that the others have (had) with the real world. I was amused by the phone on Ben's desk...does it really reach the outside world or just "otherville?"

    I'm trying to figure out the symbolism behind Juliet picking the book Carrie for their club. I guess showing up somewhere with high expectations only to be lied to and made a fool of...?

    Actually got a little tear in my eyes when Jack and Kate etc. returned to the beach. They've all really gotten attached to each other after all they've been through. I think Sawyer is truly growing a heart!

    One last thought for now...I didn't quite catch at the end when Ben was having Juliet rehearse what she was supposed to do, something about implanting?? Claire with something?
    How'd they manage to do that? I can't remember any time recently that she's been put in a situation where she could be "attacked"?

    I need to ponder all this new info...I may be back! What'd you all think???

    Take Care..........Jill..........

  3. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I think it was a good show also, tonight, last night?
    Anyway, Clare was taken, because they were looking for a soon to be mother, among the passengers.
    They did kidnap her and then returned her, and we never really knew what they did to her.
    Now we know.

    I think that Juliet, is still devious, I don't think she actually belongs to either group, and is just playing along to keep safe, and to get off the Island,
    She, I think is betting on the Others, to do that.

    I saw on the "Teaser's that Clare was going to get a mysterious illness, and right off, I thought it's a set up, for Juliet to resuce her, (she's the Dr, who saw her when she was Taken.)
    When she headed striaght for that Briefcase, I knew it, and I don't think she has really fooled either Sawyer, (hubhahubba) what a man, or Syaid.

    I think they did something to Jack, that even he doesn't know about yet.
    Can't wait for the Coming Epsoides, they look great in the previews.

    I look forward to reading, Everyone's , hate to use the term Others, lol, thought's on this show.
    Sure was good for a change.

    A bit of gossip, did you know that in Real life, Charlie, and Kate are an Item? It's true.... :eek:]

  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    A great episode IMO.

    Nice job connecting the dots on some of the previous episode facts.

    Juliet is a tough one to figure out. Just when you think one thing about her, she ends up being the opposite.

    Ben didn't seem too broken up over the death (was that his wife?). Goodwin was indeed a cutie. Carl was an xray tech!?! Ethan was as creepy as ever. Juliet seems to have Jack completely fooled....maybe.

    Is Sun the next project for Juliet since she's PG? Will Sayid keep an eye on Juliet and figure out she's a big fat liar?

    I'd take a hug like that from Saywer ANYTIME!!! mmmmm.

    How many people have "implants"....remember the bandaids on Jack, Kate and Sawyer after they were captured?

    So many more questions as always, love this show sooo much!!!
  5. llama

    llama New Member


    Hermitlady, glad you brought up Sun's pregnancy...I'd forgot about that, since she's not even showing yet. I wonder if she'll submit to that injection that supposedly saved Claire's life.

    I'm still questioning when the Others could have implanted anything in Claire....the reason I have questions is b/c of the time frame we're talking about. Claire was abducted and injected, I'm guessing just a week or two (or less) after the crash. She gave birth to Aaron certainly within the first month of the crash..so like by early to mid Oct.

    At this point in the third season...island time is like mid-Dec. My question is (finally), what kind of implant could they have placed that has such a degree of precision that Ben knew exactly the day that Claire would be gravely ill??
    Remember he told Juliet she had like 48 hours to "rescue" Claire.

    I too thought right away that this medical miracle was a set-up to erase some of the stigma that Juliet has of being an Other.

    Sharonk..yeah, actually I had heard about a romance between Kate and Charlie in real life. It was awhile ago, I was wondering if it was still going on?? You know how those Hollywood romances are...

    I'm curious too about the strange look that Juliet had on her face while she was setting up her tent...she kind of stopped for a moment as she looked towards the beach (I think it was the same direction that they had arrived from?). Then had a kind of angry/sad look? Maybe that's the direction where the Other's went and she was showing her disdain for them..MHO.

    Did I miss something about a possible wife of Ben's?? The pregnant woman who died on the table was his wife? I sure didn't catch that connection...someone tell me?!

    So Juliet and Goodwin were lovers...guess it wasn't always gloomy for Juliet in Othersville..lol!!

    Hey where's 4everkid, Mollystwin, Twinma and anyone else I'm sure to have missed??

    Take Care............Jill..............
  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I was speculating that the woman who died was Ben's wife, I'll have to check out thefuselage.com and see if anyone was thinking the same thing. I very well could be wrong. Ben said that the woman "wanted to be preg".

    Didn't Ben say that when they "activated" Claire's implant, then she'd need the meds to make her better?? They must have put it in her during the time Ethan was messing w her at the camp while she slept, or during her capture.

    That was an action packed epi, I need to watch it again (as usual, I ALWAYS watch them twice!)
  7. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I think the reason, that they were showing the book, Carrie, by Stephen King, is a reminder to think, in terms of Sci-fi, or as I supect, Aliens,...

    Think of it this way, they came here to earth, to research us, and to reproduce, to make a Colony on the Island.
    Then because they are different from us, they cannot, reproduce.

    That is when they needed Juliet. Still do, so I do agree that Kate and Sawyer, are an Expermint, and I worry about what will happen to both Kate,if she does concive, and Sun.
    I thought I caught, a glimpse, of Juliet, eyeing Sun.
    I'll have to check that out again.

    Also another bit of triva, is that the actress who plays Clare, had been in the series, "Roswell".

    I have also been watching, the reruns of another sci-fi show, "Taken" Steven Spielberg, produced it, and also that is when Dokata Fanning, was playing an Alien, that was concived... By what I guess you could call, a half-breed, her GGP was an Alien, ,,,,,,
    She also was in War of the Worlds, and we all know how those aliens died, .. couldn't handle our Earth,

    So if they are,,,I am wondering if they will hook up one of the Islanders with Jack, to see if they can concive with one of the Losties.

    Did you notice, the big old Dish, so they can reach the outside world.
    When the plane went down, Ben said something about getting ready for some possible vistor's?
    I think he planned, on stealing the Children then, ...

    What I was wondering, is, when the plane went down and they contacted their. Land Companions, he said that, He wanted a complete Background check on the Passangers.

    Was that so he could know who, was who, like a Doctor for instance......Jack....
    I am still wondering how the Losties, all ended up on that plane, by design, of course, but, whose?

    I wonder how many of the other actors have been on Sci-fi movies or show's....hmmm,
    There was another point I wanted to make, but I took to long, and now I can't remember, lol, lol.

    I think that the Bad Boy, is going to turn out to be a Real Good Man, like the song, that, Tim McGraw sings.

    I do think Jack is on to Juliet, they both have good poker faces, if you know what I mean.

    Can't wait for Locke to show up,,,, I think he figured things out pretty fast and dosen't wnat to leave the Island, so he may be on the Others side, because of that.
    Well we will see,

    Going to be a Great Sweeps Month, with that show,,,,

    Ok, just my thought's, and I have said for a long time, because of all the Weird things, that have happened to me, Health wise, with these dd's...
    That my Dad must have been an Alien... I never meet him, hmmmmmmm, lol.

    Hi Jill, :eek:]

    More thoughts,

    Juliets trip to the Island, I think was by, Teleportation of some sort, and that is why she was seadated, and I think they put her on life support and that is why her Throat was raw and she couldn't talk at once.
    I have been op'd on so many times, that it felt like Devj-vu (sp? lol).
    They tell you that when you come out of the recovery room, so I am thinking that the Sub, was their, Recovery Room, sort of for , Others, to use,..
    Like when they leave the Island and to go back and forth.?

    Since Juliet, is human, she probably couldn't handle the trip unless she was put in some devise, that was designed to Teleaport humans.

    I remeber Ben telling someone, to get back there quickly, right after the Plane went down, now so far we haven't seen a Landing Strip for a private plane,,,

    I think that is also why Locke blew it up.... maybe more of a way to keep, them there......
    I think he also knew that Jack was improtant to the Island and the Others and he wants to play it out to see ,
    His mind seems to work that way, looking for answers to the puzzle.
    LOL, that is what I forgot earlier, hope this made sense..

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  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Just got back late last night. I saw the episode in Florida and thought it was great!

    You guys are so smart! I just read all of your posts and wow, so much to think about! My sister thinks that Juliet was duped into helping Ben. Forced to by some kind of threat. They made sure to drive home the notion that Ben doesn't lie, so maybe he threatened her somehow. Sounds plausable, but she looked so devious when she was putting up her tent! That look in her eyes and evil smile. Not sure what to make of Juliet. She is on the island against her will for sure, but what is exactly going on here?

    I'm worried about Sun. I hope the others don't find out she's pregnant and do something evil! And I wonder if Kate could be the next pregnant person? I'm sure she and Sawyer didn't use any protection! Wouldn't that be interesting?

    And I really enjoyed when Hurley nonchalantly informed Juliet about the "other" gravesite. He was so smooth! Just love Hurley.

    That's it for now. So much to do, laundry, snail mail, email, etc!!!
  9. llama

    llama New Member


    Just hoping they'll be more comments?!


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