LOST (TV series) Week 17 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT"....(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. llama

    llama New Member

    4/18/07.......Catch-22.........episode 3.17

    Hey all!

    Hope to hear from our faithful few??!!

    Happy Viewing.........Jill.........
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  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I'm in CA, so I still have over an hour until it starts.

    I'm always happier on Wed cuz I sooo look forward to watching LOST.

    WOO HOO!!!!!

    See ya later on.....Hermit
  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Thanks for the invite!

    Have you Wikied Lost? They have lots of fascinating info about all the subtle references to various philosophers, etc.
    It's a great show with so many layers. I love it!

    I'll be back!

    Night, night from the near east,
  4. llama

    llama New Member

    You may know this all ready...there are a number of websites dedicated to Lost. If you're interested in the couple that I think are the best, let me know??

    You have to be careful, though, if you don't want to see any spoilers.

  5. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    His name is Desmond and I think he is devastatingly attractive! I know that most of you love Sawyer but he looks waaaay too much like my first husband!

    I think I'd better avoid Lost sites. I'm already waaay too into this! I'd better stick to this board and Wiki or I'll have to join some kind of Lost Abuse group!

  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member


    I agree with you, Rafiki! Desmond is my favorite male character, and I think he's cute, too.

    I couldn't believe they brought up the prospect of Penny coming to the island!!! Wow, that would be so cool, and yet, how strange!

    After watching this episode, I was left wondering if Charlie would have to die in order for Penny to show up. What a terrible question.

    The fact that they found Penny's backpack with her personal items in it makes me think that she must be somewhere on the island, or at sea nearby. Oh, I hope she's not dead!!!

    And also, I couldn't help thinking that Penny must qualify for ex-girlfriend of the year. Imagine doing all that to locate Des.

    But how did she know to track the type of anomaly that happened when the Swan station blew up? Do you guys think that she knows something that she found out from her father's foundation?

    I still don't understand why some people think the Hanso foundation and the Whidmore foundation are related to each other.

    With boggled mind,
  7. llama

    llama New Member

    Hey Losties!

    I'm in a major flare with each day feeling worse than the last...yuck!

    I'll try to post something later, if I can!

    I did like the episode...the most freakish moment for me was seeing Mrs. Hawkings in a picture with the "head" monk (although he appears to not be in his religious garb for the picture).

    Be back later, hopefully........Jill.............
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Molly taped it for me and is bringing it over tomorrow. Been in a flare this week and couldn't stay up to watch.

    I'll post after I watch.
  9. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Thanks for the compliment 4everkid! I like this party, too. I've been feeling kind of ick lately, and life still goes on full speed ahead whether I feel like ick or not. So finding time to post has been a challenge. Sorry for the long absence.

    llama - thanks for adding the episode titles into the first post. Good way to do it. I think the titles themselves are worthy of examination.

    Like Catch-22. I think 4everkid got it about how Desmond was in a catch-22 situtation with his visions. If he saved Charlie, he could possibly lose Penny. If he let Charlie die, he could have Penny, but then poor Charlie dies. Catch-22. Screwed either way.

    I missed the book from the parachutist being the portugese version of Catch-22. Good catch!

    As far as the parachutist having a copy of the pic of Des & Pen and it being a polaroid, Penny could have easily just scanned it and made prints. Obviously, the big question is "Who is this chick that fell out of the sky?" I think Penny sent someone to find Des. It is interesting to think that the helicopter couldn't have made it all the way out there, so it must have been carried on some big air transport. Good thought. Or possibly it was on a ship (aircraft carrier) that could hold a helicopter. That takes big bucks. Sounds like Penny's family has that kind of mula.

    I'm a little confused about the helicopter crashing and the parachutist. The helicopter crashed pretty far out in the ocean. Did the girl drop intnetionally BEFORE the crash, or did she just drift a long way after bailing out? The crash and the girl just seemed pretty far apart.

    The force field. 4everkid, you mentioned the force field keeping people away from the island except from above. That brought to my mind the force field that killed Patchy. They could only get past it from above. Maybe the island force field is just a big version of the force field on the island. Maybe there are big huge pylons are around the island!

    How about that Kate! She wants her cake and to eat it, too! I thought it was kind of skenky of her to jump Sawyer's bones just because she was jealous of seeing Jack with Juliet. Not that jumping Sawyer is a bad thing in any way, but I didn't like her motivation. Even Sawyer said she didn't need to do it that way. It seems like she wants them both and wants both of them to want her. Hey Kate--you need to listen to the Lovin' Spoonful song "Did you ever have to make up your mind?"

    I also missed the picture of Ms. Hawking on the monk's desk. What connection could they have?

    Does anyone know when Des started having his visions? Was it after he got on the island or before? Or is it all intertwined, like when he goes "Back in time". He said to Jack when they were in the football stadium "See ya in another life, Brotha" So he obviously had some inkling even back then. Or was that incident part of his time loop. AAAHHH! It hurts my brain!

    Loved the whistling on the beach! I like it when they have moments of comic relief. Wasn't that the song from "Bridge on the River Kwai"?

    Bruin63 - Your alien theory is intriguing, but I'm not sure I buy it. You asked about actors on LOST that were on other SciFi shows. Jin used to play a real bad guy on Angel. The actor's name is Daniel Dae Kim. He played Gavin and he worked at Wolfram & Hart. I recognized him as Gavin right off the bat. (I loved Angel) I googled him and he also played a Corporal Chang in the show Enterprise. I don't remember him from that, but he could have been in alien gear and unrecognizable. He was also on a Voyager episode.

    Ok, I've rambled enough for now. Love everyone's comments!

  10. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi everyone,

    It's nice to see so many posts. You all seem to have out did yourself this week in the analysis/insight department.

    Having said that...I've only got one comment relating to this episode. It's actually a screen cap I saw on the _LostEasterEggs.blogspot.com_ website. This is NOT a SPOILER. It shows when Desmond was ready to cut the parachutist down and Charlie, Hurley and Jin are at the ready to catch her. In both the flashback that Desmond had and then the actual event taking place..Charlie was in BOTH scenes.

    So, IMHO he wasn't meant to die. His death wouldn't have changed the course of events, as in if he had died then that would have been Penny caught up in the tree.

    I hope I'm understanding all this (bad brain fog all week!).
    If my theory is illogical...speak up and let me know.

    Okay, sorry this is a long post, but I had wanted to bring up this point last week after "One of Us" was aired. I think we all saw the _symbol_ on the tree where the drugs had been dropped off for Juliet to save Claire.

    There's been a lot of conjecture over the idea that this mark is the same one that was branded on Juliet's back. I was reading about this on Wikipedia...again it's Not a Spoiler...just speculation. So the following is a description of what the symbol on the tree means??

    I've taken the liberty of editing the article. If you're interested check out the whole article and pictures on the website.

    The Mystery of the UMMO Symbol

    "Being a bit of a UFO nut myself I found that the symbol on the tree in One of Us very interesting. One of the most famous UFO stories is that of UMMO and the mysterious letters. Here is an extract from Wiki."

    Ummo or Ummoism describes a series of decades-long claims that aliens from the planet Ummo were communicating with persons on the earth.

    Most Ummo information was in the form of many detailed documents and letters sent to various esoteric groups or UFO enthusiasts. The Ummo affair called Ummoism was subject to much mainstream attention in France and Spain during the 1960's and 1970's, and a degree of interest remains regarding the subject.

    General consensus is that the Ummoism was an elaborate hoax. The culprit (or culprits) is unknown, but a José Luis Jordán Peña has claimed responsibility for instigating the Ummoism.

    However, some contend there may be at least a measure of truth in the matter, and there are a few small groups of devotees, such as "a strange Bolivian cult called the Daughters of Ummo". Another group, which claims a more scientific approach to the question of whether Ummo is a hoax or not, has set up a website in which one can find the materials on which is based the Ummo story, and some analysis of this documentation (ummo-sciences.org). One person of this group claims to have understood the fundamentals of the language of UMMO, which is present in the texts in the form of what we would call words or sometimes expressions . He contends that the structure of their language is inherently different from the structure of any language on Earth, and has published a book on the subject.

    In the letters, the Ummites relate their story and claim to have landed on Earth in March 1950 in the southern French département of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, in the area of Digne-les-Bains. Reports mention three spacecraft with some explorers coming from their planet. They describe how they found our planet, their arrival on Earth, analysis of our habits, their language, and scientific descriptions of their activities.

    The Ummites write that they first visited Earth in 1950 as a small group of scientist-explorers. Their goals were the study of our biosphere, atmosphere and culture. They explain how they discovered the Earth by chance, thanks to a Morse radio message sent by a Norwegian ship 15 years prior to their landing, and also describe scientific data from their planetary system, including its gravity, orbit, revolution period, sizes, and information about their star.

    Regardless of any ultimate explanation, the Ummoism is one of the most intriguing (and most detailed) UFO-related events in recent decades.

    More information here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ummo

    ...So far, I've not been interested in extraterrestrial theories regarding Lost. This makes me stop and rethink that possibility, a little....lol

  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Lol, Jill!

    There's something familiar looking about that symbol that was on the tree. I wonder if it could be a letter from some ancient language. (Besides being the mark of Ummo, of course.)

    Hmmm. How do we know that Desmond painted the mural in the Swan station? What if it was the other guy?

    I like the idea of the mural being a similar style as the painting in Penny's dad's office. I bet they used the same artist to do both for the show.

    The Asian scientist on the orientation film in the Swan station said his name was "Mark Wickman". (It could be spelled differently. Is he giving different names for himself?

  12. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I finally watched the show last night. And read all of your posts. My head is spinning! I've been in a flare all week and can hardly think straight!!

    I was in agreement with Twinma about UFO's but after llama's last post, it makes me wonder.

    Poor Desmond. He was expecting Penny and must have been so disappointed! I wonder if he knows who this person is. She knows him cause she said his name. The whole monk thing makes me wonder too. How does that fit in? And he was engaged to be married before going to the abbey. Does that mean anything.

    And I agree with twinma about Kate being a skank. How immature to go running to Sawyer after seeing Jack with Juliet. Kate was definatly flirting with Jack before she know he was dining with Juliet. Sawyer seems sincere about his relationship with Kate. She better not break his heart, or I will be mad!!

    The next episode looks intriguing as well. So much more going on in these last few shows!

    I was surprised to hear Sawyer mention Bernard. He stole his tape to give to Kate. I had to rewind a few times to catch that. I like watching it on tape. You can rewind if you miss anything, and with my brain this week, I missed a bunch! Thank goodness I have you guys to help me with this.
  13. llama

    llama New Member


    In response to the screen name Llama, it's actually a nickname that my husband (our 18th Anniversary is today 4/22) gave me many years ago...it's a strange, long story but it's definitely a term of endearment! And yes I do love llamas, and while not trying to sound conceited, I do have some of the physical attributes of a llama that you mentioned. Thanks for asking..lol!

    Okay, back to Lost. I definitely am not proposing that Lost is ultimately going to be about aliens...I just thought it was one more possible layer on the huge conundrum that we have in Lost.

    Although, something made me think about the 3 groups..the hostiles, the others and the survivors. Possibly this contact with extraterrestrials took place with the original people on the island...we were made aware of the probable long history of the island by the 4-toed statue.

    I don't really know "how or if" it fits anywhere in the big scheme of things. So possibly no alien involvement with Dharma/others or #815 survivors but maybe the island became a bit "supernatural" years and years ago when the hostiles maybe had some sort of contact with aliens?? Perhaps that's why the Dharma people chose that island to do testing on the "laws" of physical sciences after there has been and ET encounter. Maybe they believed that, do to this alien influence, changes took place that altered these laws. They wanted to test what the changes were and the possiblity of human survival on another planet??...IMHO.

    So what do you all think about Cooper being the Real con man named Sawyer. Wouldn't that make Locke and James/Sawyer half-brothers?? Correct me if I've gotten things screwed up.

    Lastly (as everyone breathes a sigh of relief)..I don't feel we have to stay strictly _on topic_ within each week's thread. With the end of the season rapidly approaching, it's hopefully going to be the culmination of insights/theories that we've picked out of each episode. That's just my opinion...feel free to expound on any aspect of Lost when a burning question arises or you've had a eureka moment!! (or you just need a fix for your Lost addiction??)

    Take Care.........Jill...........
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  14. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Hope you are doing something fun for your 18th anniversary!

    I have to say, if LOST turns out to be an alien thing, I will be seriously PO'd! Talk about jumping the shark! I think it COULD explain a lot, but I don't think they would take it that direction. Too much has been directed at explaining things in a scientific manner. Except Desmond's "time-travel". But I think they will come up with an earthly explanation for that.
  15. llama

    llama New Member


    Thanks so much for your anniversary greeting! Unfortunately, I'm still in a flare, so we weren't able to go out for some entertainment etc.

    Well, again I'll say that I'm not convinced at all about the conclusion of Lost being about aliens. I agree, that's almost too easy and that topic has been overdone. However, I think it has possibilites of being a "factor" in the peculiarities of the island.

    The writers have stated that the others aren't aliens..but you know how vague they can be?? They've been known in the past to make a statement and then later put a spin on it to validate their original remark. I don't believe that anyone presently on the island is an alien. I just think that there's a slim possibility that there may have been alien contact of some sort in the past.

    I'm with you, though, I'd be very disappointed if all this mystery and mythology came down to aliens. There's also some speculation, by a surprising number of people that it's actually a reality show or a computer game?? That's just total nonsense...how could they get away with murdering people on a TV show...lol!

    Thanks again.......Take Care......Jill..........
  16. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Happy anniversary, Jill, and thanks for reminding us about the four-toed statue. I can't wait to find out the explanation for that!

    I hope Sayid's character gets used more in the remaining episodes.

    I finally remembered where I'd seen a symbol like the one the Others used on the tree and Juliet. It's like the astrological symbol for pisces.

    I don't know about the whole alien issue. I would feel disappointed too, if aliens were involved in any way other than in the history of the island or something.

    Thanks for the mural reference, 4everkid. That's the kind of thing that really messes up my poor CFS brain. So we never actually saw anyone painting it in an episode of the show? It was just something that the producers said in an interview. Rats.

    When the Swan station was first discovered, the paints and brushes were sitting out, I seem to remember. So it looked like Desmond had been working on it, but maybe he didn't start it.

    Regardless, it's a cool style of painting.

  17. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I actually forgot about them being sibs! I mean, I remember, but I forgot. LOL. They did that big reveal, and then it went nowhere. I'm sure it will come up again. (Nothing stays buried on the beach!)

    Everyone was speculating on how they would find out, since Claire didn't even know her father's name. How about this: Juliet must know. She knows everything else about the Losties.

    Maybe since Claire has been given this implant that makes her sick, she will need a blood transfusion to save her. And she can only get a transfusion from a relative. Voile--there's Jack, her half-brother! Juliet would be forced to reveal the big info. Hey, they do it in soap operas all the time!

    THIS IS PURE RANTING SPECULATION! But it's fun to speculate!

    4everkid - Soil yoursel! Too funny! Better start wearing Depends when you read those spoilers! LOL!

    I missed the 4 toed statue. When did that happen?

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  18. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Hope it was a good one. This has been the longest Lost post ever I think! Only two more days!!!
  19. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi All,

    I think this week's thread may have a record number of posts?! We may be few but we've got plenty of brain power.

    It's been fun and interesting to hear all the different opinions and "explanations" of what each of us thinks is going on, on that mysterious island.

    Thanks Forbearance and Mollystwin for your nice sentiments, for my anniversary!

    I'm still confused with the whole Desmond thing? I can't seem to make any sense of his flashbacks...I sure hope they explain it a little.

    I think it was on last week's podcast (ABC.com) they referred to Jack and Juliet as "spending the night together?" Maybe I'm just naive, but I only thought they had dinner together...did anyone else jump to that conclusion, that they're now having a sexual relationship..lol??

    After about 3 months, apparently a lot of libidos are going into overdrive??

    Thanks 4everkid on the clarification about "our" Sawyer and the original Sawyer...got things kind of mixed up!

    Okay, I've rambled on enough........Jill........
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  20. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I really must have been in the bathroom! I really don't remember seeing that giant foot! 4 toes? Very strange! That was a good picture of it, 4everkid. Thanks.

    It's funny how when I read the synopsis of some of the older shows, I see lots of stuff that I either missed or just forgot about. Back then, I wasn't talking to anyone about it, so I think lots just got LOST to me. Maybe this summer, I'll go to the library and get the first two seasons and just watch them all again.

    The synopsis on the episode with the foot (Live Together, Die Alone) talked about how Kelvin was painting on the mural. So I think both Kelvin and Desmond worked on the mural. So did they BOTH have visions?

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