LOST (TV series) Week 18 "TORCH LIGHT IS ON"...(CLOSED)

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  1. llama

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    4/25/07~~~~~Week 18~~~~~D.O.C.~~~~~(Sun/Jin Centric)~~~~~~~~~


    Another Wed. is here. I hope it's a great episode. Wow, last week was great with so many posts!! Looks like they're going to run last week's episode first and then on to this week's epi. ABC seems to really be trying to draw in as many new watchers or give sporadic watchers a chance to catch up...I think that shows a strong commitment for the continuation of LOST!

    Talk later!...........Jill..............

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  2. mollystwin

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    Patchy is still alive!! What a faker! Or did the island heal him? I tend to lean toward him faking. Does he know Naomi? It seems that he may. He came running when he saw the flare and was very eager to help save her. And I don't think she said thank you. I read on a blog that she muttered "I'm not alone" or "I;m not the only one". So maybe there are more falling from the sky? Maybe Penny?

    And everyone died on the plane? Is this a big fake out too? I refuse to believe they are dead. That would be too wierd. I think they faked having no survivors so no one would look for them. I hope we learn more next week.

    Poor Sun. I hope she doesn't die. How noble for her to be happy that Jin is the father. And we learn that she is responsible for putting him in the position of Jin working directly for her father and having to do those dispicable things like hurting people. She was just trying to protect him. His mother sure wouldn't win any Mother of the year awards. What a slime bag.

    You gotta love Hurley. After he tells Patchy they have the phone and Patchy asks if it works, Hurley says "like I would tell you". So funny he says this after blabbing all the other stuff. And firing the gun. OOPS. I adore Hurley and his facial expressions or lack of.

    Can't wait to read all your posts.
  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I thought they were dead. I always thought the island was a sort of "purgatory" or a place to work out your karma (Dharma Initiative).

    I also always felt that the Others didn't really behave in any way that was actually worse than the crash survivors. This was mentioned last night, too. I don't know that we know who the "bad" guys and "good" guys are.

    I was less sure of this when we finally got the story of the Others and the doctor (i cannot remember most names) held against her will. But, perhaps when we find out more about her back story we will find that she is not quite so "innocent"

    In the back stories, you always find out that many have committed some pretty serious transgression and most have made mistakes.

    I have long thought it is a meditation on "good" and "evil". Who is really innocent of all wrong doing, after all. What drives us to commit the "sins" we do?

    Personally, if they are alive I will be kinda disappointed. I know I am in the minority here.

    Just my ramblings.

    Peace out,

  4. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    One of us is going to be disappointed! LOL! Maybe it's a pergatory here on earth?

    Where is everyone else? I'm dying to read all the theries!
  5. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Maybe! We shall see. Whatever it is, it sure is fun!

    And, yeah, who doesn't LOVE Hurley!


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  6. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi Everybody,

    Seems like after a Desmond-centric episode, I'm always left with my mouth gaping open..saying "whaaaat?"

    I guess, just some observations...I've always remained a fan of Juliet(depite some "evilish" behaviour)so I was quite glad to see her really showing some sincere happiness with Sun and the baby image...then later her dutifully speaking into the recorder, but adding "I hate you!" after clicking the recorder off. I still say she's just trying to cover her a$$, with the hope of getting off the island.

    I was fairly astounded by the number of languages that Naomi apparently speaks. The last 2 were translated as "I'm not alone."

    I know ever since the show started, the Purgatory theory has been around. Every year the writers dispute that theory and the alien one. To me it just furthers proves that there has been a wide reaching orchestration of events that have occurred and are still occurring.

    How/Who could have staged a plane crash with no survivors? No wonder (if indeed the general public believed it) it seems that no one is looking for them?

    Okay, then there's Patchy...so his gruesome death was staged, or he did actually suffer an apparent hemmorhagic seizure? Is that why he stated with almost a grin on his face that people heal differently on the island.

    I also was wondering why he showed up so soon after Hurley fired off the flare gun? With all the cameras set up all over, he had to have seen what was going on. It's almost like he knew he was supposed to "medically" rescue her...or maybe he did something to her? Maybe he took something from her that the Losties didn't see (besides the phone).

    Well, I'm just full of speculation, but have no answers!!

    Jin's mother won't win any "Mother of the Year" awards...what a spiteful hag..lol!

    I'll try to post again. Hopefully, I'll have some sort of insight on one of the many mysteries.

    Take Care..........Jill..............
  7. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    4everkid, yeah, I read a lot of that theory on ABC.com and Losteastereggs/blog. Some of it sounds plausible, but still a lot of holes....believe me I don't have any better theory by a long shot.

    I think part of my opinions are growing from an uncomfortable and omnious feeling about the end of this season. Firstly, I don't care for the character of Desmond. Secondly, have never been into time travel...lol!

    I think they're going to kill off some of the characters that I like the most. Then do weekly lobotomies on the remaining viewers who still have enough brain function to turn the TV on, on Wed. nites!...in other words one big mind game.

    Do I sound a little frustrated, your right! I like a good mystery, but I think I may have hit my saturation point.

    I don't like to think so hard, my head hurts...lol!

    I guess, I'll stop this blasphemous rant. I'll try to hold my tongue until some of this mess is cleared up, JMHO!

    Take Care.........Jill.............
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  8. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    The time travel theory is very interesting. I like how you presented it 4everkid. But it still makes my brain hurt!

    Every time I try to write about it, I can't even get a coherent theory together. The questions are too twisty. I do think it has to be some kind of altered reality, though.

    I think the parachutist was lying when she said there were no survivors. Either that, or that is what she truly believes, and the media was duped.

    First, how did Patchy even survive? The island healed him? Or another dupe? Guess it was a good thing they didn't bury him!

    Second, how did he get to them so quickly? All his monitoring equipment was blown up because of Locke. He couldn't have seen the flare and just ran over. That was too quick.

    Third, who else is with her? If she really did say she wasn't alone (instead of Thank you--yeah, right Patchy), then who else is with her? Penny? Ruth? Vincent? Mrs. Hawking? The head monk who wants Desmond to come back to work?

    So many questions....

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  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    So many questions!

    When we saw Desmond back in his apartment with Penny after the hatch blew he truely looked amazed that he was there. He was very surprised to be there. That supports the time travel theory. Anything beyond that is above my brain-fog mind. I hope whatever happens isn't too complicated for me to comprehend!

    I wonder if Patchy was expecting the parachuter? That's why he came so quickly. But how would he have known if the communications were cut off. Unless he had his own radio thingy that he tried to steal from them. Or it was arranged before the communication was cut off.

    I read in the paper that there will be a few "others" that die and a few of the plane crash survivors who go as well. I wonder if Kate will die because she wants to give up acting. And Charlie because he is going out with Kate in real life.

    Have to wait and see.
  10. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I like the Time Theory very much! "Hawking" (as in Stephen) fits very nicely into it as well!

    I must check out some Lost sites! But, I fear I would just get lost.

    4everkid, I love the way you think! And, you think so much!

    Eko was a fascinating character, very sorry to see him go. I was also very fond of Sayid and, somehow, totally missed his demise! Isn't it funny that almost every woman who finds herself on that island is incredibly beautiful? The men run the gamut, but the women are all gorgeous. Is that a clue, do you think? ;~)

    I am not clever enough to take part in this discussion in any serious way!

    Peace out,

  11. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    He's not even sick! So you didn't miss his demise at all!

    It is funny that the women are all good looking. Even Danielle, who has been living there in the jungle for 16 years with no moisturizer or creme rinse!

    I think Kate is going to get preggers, don't you think? That's twice that she's jumped Sawyer, and Juliet said the men have, what, 5 times the normal sperm count? She's gonna be PG for sure. Maybe that will kill her off.

    What did Juliet mean when she said on the tape recorder to Ben that she would get samples from the rest of the women?And that she would get Austen soon. Samples of what?

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  12. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    Hey, 4everkid, don't feel like you have to edit your post. I just had all ready read a lot of what you said and probably no matter how many times I read it, it just gets confusing.

    I guess for me TV is a an occasional pleasant diversion. I do like a mystery, but it's starting to become aggravating. Hopefully, I'll feel differently by the end of the season..we'll surely have a long wait to ponder before the 4th season begins!

    I agree with whoever said that Patchy got to the parachutist awfully darn fast. I think it was pre-arranged.

    I also think that Kate is going to get pregnant. I hope if she does, she'll get over her infatuation with Jack. I think Sawyer, truly loves her and it would do them both good to be in a loving relationship.

    Twinma, my guess would be that Juliet is going to get blood samples, probably to determine hormonal levels and thus when the women would be ovulating?? Just a guess.

  13. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I didn't see Juliet collect a blood sample from Sun. Did I just miss that? I thought she only did the ultrasound.

    Maybe the "samples" are ultrasound pictures, and she thinks she will be getting Kate soon since she thinks she will be pregnant soon. Although pictures aren't usually considered "samples".