LOST (TV series) Week 19 "TORCH LIGHT IS ON"...(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, May 2, 2007.

  1. llama

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    5/2/07~~~~~~~~~Episode 3.19~~~~~~~~~~The Brig~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Happy Viewing Lost Fans!!

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  2. hermitlady

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    I really enjoyed it. Lots of things to think about.....

    The Sawyer/Sawyer scene was a bit disturbing. I figured someday they would link them up. Locke was creepy and wonderful at the same time, I just love that character.

    I missed the beginning of the scene where Naomi was talking, I'll have to rewatch it tomorrow.

    Could Juliet and Jack be putting their heads together on some kind of plan? Juliet is so interesting to watch, I just love that actress...she's doing a great job w her character.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! What will I have to look forward to on Wednesdays when the season is over??
  3. Bruin63

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    That was some show, for sure, and I too, thought the Thing with Sawyer, killing, Lockes Dad, was awful.
    Not to sure, that he's dead tho, if John was responsible for him being there, and how Things don't stay dead.

    I don't Trust Jack at all, now, I do think he is up to something, and the same as we know that Juliet, is up to no good.

    I got a good laugh when someone asked, if they actually saw the Helicopter, I said the same thing, lol

    I thought during the First Season that they were Dead, and waiting, to be Sent, on, to their Final Destation.
    Now I am not so sure, as we all know anyone who can
    arrange, a "Bus" running down Juliets awful Husband, out of nowhere, could possibly, also, stage a Plane crash.

    More to think on, and I say it's going to get more enjoyable, during the May Sweeps.
    Bet we get answer's, but not all of them, ,,,,

    Looking forward to see what types of seranio's , folk's are going to come up with....

    Hey Jill, hope your doing well, I think I owe you an "E", ????? Been very busy, but have had a good time for a change, but I'll tell ya about that, later,

  4. mollystwin

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    My head is spinning. I hate that the writers threw in the hell theory. They insist that the characters are not dead but then they actually put it in the script. Sawyer was probly in an accident caused by the others and then drugged till he got to the island. He just thought he was dead. Now it appears he really is!

    I also hate that Sawyer killed his father. He was just so angry and mean!!!

    The Naomi thing puzzles me. When the hatch blew up, wasn't there a quick scene where something showed up on a radar in a room with two foreign speaking men? Then didn't the scene move to Penny answering a phone? Could this have been hinting that Penny was indeed looking for Desmond? Am I even remembering this correctly? When the show is actually really over, will they all be rescued?

    What is the deal with Jack and Juliet. What secret should they tell Kate. That she is pregnant? And what a big mouth Kate has. They need to learn not to tell her any more secrets.

    4everkid, I have a feeling you may be right about Ben turning Locke into a bad guy for killing his father. That whole thing is just too weird. Was the guy who told Locke that Ben was trying to humiliate him tricking him by saying that? Maybe it;s a test. I just don't trust anyone on that island or take anything they say as truth! And it seems so weird that the others kept looking at Locke like he was something special. Most of those people I think were from the tail of the plane. Have they been brain washed or something? They act so strange.

    All in all I liked this episode, but found a lot of things to be strange. And once again they raised many questions before answering some of the old ones. It's getting to be a bit too much for me to comprehend with the lyme fog and all.

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  5. mollystwin

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    About Penny:
    More than three years later, after the discharge and the detection of an electromagnetic anomaly by the two Portuguese-speaking men at the listening station, Penny is notified by telephone at 3:05, her local time, that they 'found it.' She is referred to by the callers as "Miss Widmore" which would seem to indicate that she was not married at the time. On her nightstand is a copy of a similar photograph of her and Desmond as the one that Desmond carries. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

    Not long after, a helicopter crashed offshore of the Island, and a parachutist landed in the jungle. Desmond's flashes convinced him it was Penny but it turned out to be Naomi instead. But a book Naomi was carrying had a copy of the photo of Desmond and Penny inside. ("Catch-22")

    It is revealed in "The Brig" that Naomi's company was hired by Penny to find Desmond, by following coordinates that were apparently in the middle of the ocean.

  6. Bruin63

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    A quick thought, since the Helicopter crashed, into the Ocean, and Plane coming apart like it did, in the orginal crash,,,,,

    Could there be a Forcefield around the Island, and that is why they needed the Sub?
    I think that Namio, (sp?), really was looking for Desmond, and flew into that Barrier.

    Or she was a plant, and they faked the whole thing but didn't count on her being Injured.
    Patchy, was on his way to meet her, I think and was surprised to find, our Hero's there.

    Funny too how, she was speaking in Tounges, everyone understood her in a different language, Hmmm.

    I keep thinking back to when Ben told someone to get back here quick.
    Have I missed who he was talking about?
    I think it was the Dark haired man that talked to Lock, he looks familiar, but then maybe I reconize the Actor, hm...

    I have a Hunch, and that is all, that they will answer questions, but leave us with even more, (lol, like duh)
    I still love this show, and all the Sernarios. (sp)

    I thought of other things, but foggot already, lol,,,,

    Hey Jill how are you doing? Feeling better I hope.

  7. llama

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    Hi all,

    I've been wanting to get here sooner, but unfortunately my headaches have been consuming all my time..how pleasant lol!

    I don't have any big insights or breakthroughs (when do I ever??) just a few observations and opinions.

    First off I feel that they're placing way too much trust, too fast in Naomi. I understand, of course, with the potential of rescue the Losties can't help but be a little gullible. I think that Mikhail was expecting Naomi. The way that he came running out of the jungle without any apparent fear that someone else might have gotten to her first.

    I have a suspicion that when Naomi was uttering all those phrases in different languages, that it was really a sequence of code words/phrases for Mikhail.

    Oh boy, now on to my man Sawyer! I feel like the file that Locke read about Sawyer contained info about "Tom Sawyer" aka Anthony Cooper. He immediately saw a solution to his problem...the mutual hatred that he and Sawyer shared for this man. I'm sorry that Sawyer committed murder, but he was put into an almost impossible situation.

    Maybe if Cooper had been somewhat repentative about his actions, but no that evil SOB taunted poor Sawyer about the most tragic and defining event of his life. When Cooper talked about h*ll, I believe that was just his opinion...afterall, once he was killed, where was he probably headed but the real h*ll, IMHO.

    My opinion of Locke has taken a nose-dive. I feel that he was a weakling for not being able to do the deed himself. Believe me, I'm not advocating murder...but how gutless to "con" the two cons into a confrontation that of course he knew would lead to his dad's death.

    MHO, Locke is very arrogant and having delusions of grandeur. He can certainly blow up anything he chooses, he feels that gives him power and control over everyone's destiny. However, murder would soil his "savior-like" image and he couldn't allow that to happen. He tried to shame Kate about her past, but he's equally as flawed/tainted as any of the other Losties who have murdered.

    Lastly, I think the secret that Jack and Juliet have is the knowledge of the invasion of the island to abduct any pregnant women. They know how impetuous Kate is and may fear that by knowing ahead of time she'll do something radical...perhaps J&J have a plan all ready worked out? I still have faith in each of those two...MHO.

    Oops, one last thing...what was up with Danielle just casually asking Locke where the dynamite was? It was right in front of her marked explosives! Locke dismisses the question like she's talking about the weather. After 16+ years on the island and she doesn't know where the dynamite is..lol! And obviously the next question is what's she planning on doing with it? Does she know about the planned invasion of the island and is readying for retaliation?

    The next weeks look exciting...I hope they are counting Cooper's death in the 5 supposed deaths that will occur in May? Really don't want any of the regulars to be killed off, not even Locke!

    Take Care..........Jill..............
  8. llama

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your concern about my headaches etc. I wouldn't normally mention it so freely (hate a whiner) but since this forum is dedicated to people with DD, I know people understand.

    I've been going through a rough patch for awhile now. I think the Spring has really ramped up my headaches. I think they're essentially migraines but in the Spring and Fall, allergies are added to the mix.

    Thank goodness, it's not that hot here yet. I too, dislike the summer...well mainly b/c it's so humid here in the Ohio valley. Sorry that you suffer so much in the heat also!

    Me and DH gave up a month or more ago and turned on the AC. My allergies are bad enough, without opening up all the windows..lol!

    Well, you're right last week I was having some uncharacteristic feelings about Lost. I think sometimes it's moodiness/brain fog...some weeks I just can't absorb it all and I get frustrated! I still love Lost, it's the only show that I wouldn't dream of missing. I find myself thinking about little snippets of the show many times a day! I think it's going to be rough on us to wait 6 months for its return.

    Well, sorry if I've gone way OT with this post. Hope you and your kitties can get some relief. How many do you have? We have 3 cats, they're my constant companions.

    Take Care............Jill.............