LOST (TV series) Week 21 "TORCH LIGHT IS LIT"....(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by llama, May 16, 2007.

  1. llama

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    May 16, 2007....Episode 21.3....Greatest Hits (Charlie- centric)

    The tension escalates as we near the end of the season!

    Happy Viewing............Jill...............
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  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    My favorite day of the week.....counting down, only 3 hrs, 36 min to go!!!

    See you all later:) Have fun watching, I know I will!
  3. mollystwin

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    Too tired to write much now. Just wanted to say, I was very happy to see my old friends Rose and Bernard! And the previews for the two hour finale look pretty good!

    I;ll write more tomorrow.
  4. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I love that Rose and Bernard are back. I really missed them! And Bernard gets to be a hero and be one of the shooters!

    I wonder if Locke will return in the finale and somehow help save the day. That would be really cool. Locke seems to be central to the islands mysteries, so maybe he isn't dead. I hope we find out next week.

    Poor Charlie. He is so brave.I will miss him if he goes. It's interesting that they didn't show us Desmonds flashback this time. (They didn't did they?) Desmond didn't mention two women. I wonder what this means. And how great for Desmond to volunteer to take Charlie's place. For a quick minute, I really thought Charlie was going to let him! I like that Sayid's girlfriend told Charlie he was a hero in the flashback. She told him to never let anyone tell him he wasn't a hero. And his ring was left in Aaron's crib. Wonder what that means.

    Charlie had a good relationship with his father! So different from most of the other characters! Unless we find out differently in a future episode. That makes him different and I wonder if it means something special about him. I'm sure it does.

    I thought it was so funny when Alex's boyfriend told them that Juliet was a spy and she says "they know, but thanks." I was interesting that Alex is questioning if Ben is her father. She asked her boyfriend the question. Did she think he has the answer, or was it rhetorical? Can Ben really be her father? If Danielle is her mother than Ben must be her adoptive father right?

    I felt sorry for Jin to be left in the dark about what was going on with Sun and the baby. It took him quite a while to question Sun about it. Must be difficult to not understand what people are saying. He still doesn't know that the others plan to kidnap Sun.

    Can't wait to hear from you guys.

  5. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    I don't really have all my thoughts sorted out on this episode but I can say that it was indeed touching to me. I had tears streaming down my face the whole hour. A lot of people seem to not like Charlie, but I always have.

    Good pick up, Mollystwin, on recognizing Nadia. I thought it was her, but I had to check it out on one of the Lost websites. I think it was particularly meaningful for her to call someone a hero..considering what she's been through in her life.

    Charlie left his "DS" heirloom ring to the only son he'll ever have (probably)? Just as Charlie's father gave the ring to his oldest son Liam, who then entrusted it to Charlie.

    I wonder why Karl and Alex are so passionate about saving the Losties? Is it teenage idealism? It could mean that Alex has a hunch that the Losties may hold a secret to her life/parentage. Remember when Karl said, your dad will kill me this time...and she said, something like "is he my father?"

    Ben seems to progressively become more maniacal/demonic with each episode!

    That's all I got for now....hope everyone remembers to watch Thursday nights "The Answers." Lindeloff and Cuse according to the preview are going to equip everyone with the info they need to understand the finale. It's on at 10PM EST.

    Take Care..........Jill.............
  6. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    Hi, I love the show and have watched it from the very beginning, but I have a question...

    I thought that no one could get pregnant on the island. How did Ben have a daughter if that is true?

    It's probably a stupid question, but it's bugging me...


  7. llama

    llama New Member


    I'm glad you are an avid viewer of Lost. Please feel free to join our little group. We have fun; each of us giving our theories or throwing out questions.

    It's never been definitively stated, it's just been kind of alluded to. IMHO, Danielle is the mother of Alex and she conceived off the island. (She was on a ship with other researchers when it crashed on the island. She has said that she had a husband or at least a SO).

    I'm not sure if she gave birth on the ship or the island, but apparently the Others abducted the infant shortly there after. Of course there could be (and probably is) more to the story. At least what the show has revealed so far, Ben doesn't seem to have fathered Alex. He may have fathered a child on the island, but mother and baby died??

    I hope that helps...it's just my opinion and what my poor old brain fog allows me to remember!

    Take Care.........Jill..........
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  8. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    WOW...you all really know the show! Like I said, I love it, but just can't keep all of that info straight. I think I'm going to invest in the season I dvd's. Thanks for the invite concerning my input!

  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Welcome to our post! We love to talk about Lost. I also have trouble keeping everything straight LOL. That's why I love coming here to read what everyone else has to say!

    You can also watch the episodes again online which is pretty cool. That way you can catch what you missed the first time.

  10. artyreader

    artyreader Member

    I'm now a confirmed "Lost" addict, but only in the last year or so, so there are questions, many questions. . .

    One question that probably seems silly, is "How did Hugo Reyes get the nickname "Hurley"?

    I wish I had discovered this thread earlier, what with the season finale only two (sob!) days away!!! LIfe is so unfair (smile)!

    I have to say my opinion of Charlie got a real boost this last episode. Is it my imagination, or are these episodes this season the best ever!! Each episode is like a mini-movie in itself. I watched a lot (but not all) of last season, and very little of first season. I used to think that Charlie was an annoying little dude, but I don't think that now. And did John really die when Ben(who gets creepier by the episode)shot him? I can't imagine the island without John Locke--he is such a tormented, questing soul who has had the rottenest luck, but I think of him as kind of a shaman-like person. Jack is the brains and muscle of the group, but John is the mystic heart.

    I think it's to the credit of the writers that we get so involved, and they are able to float so many loose ends and still keep us interested.

    So, once again, veteran "Losties"--why the nickname "Hurley"?

    Thanks in advance.
  11. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    The nickname has never been explained. Jorge Garcia has been asked that question over at thefuselage.com, but he doesn't even know. Just another unanswered question to add to the list!

    If you haven't seen all the shows, I highly suggest watching the entire DVD sets from seasons 1 and 2. You can probably rent them somewhere.....myself, I had to buy them immediately when they came out. I've watched every epi several times! Have fun getting caught up.
  12. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your missing kittie! You know I have 3 and am so protective of them.

    Is the cat indoor/outdoor? If outdoor, would your neighbors take a minute and check their property?

    Good luck...I had two 14 y.o. brothers die within a month of each other. It's so tough when you lose one of your little sweethearts!

    Let us know...we'll all keep a good thought that kittie will be found!

    Take Care..........Jill...........
  13. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I sure hope you find your kitty!!! Poor thing.

    Thank you for your Lost thoughts. Wow! They are thought provoking. That's why I love this post.

    I totally missed that Alex slaughtered a white rabbit! I was wondering why her hands were bloody.

    The portal theory has merit. I like that theory. It makes sense. I haven't had much time to check out websites this week. I've been feeling pretty yucky.

    One more day till the season finale!!!
  14. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I was sick and didn't get to watch it, till recently, glad I tape the show.
    I thought all along, that, there was some kind of Teleporting, on and off the Island, just wondering if my hunch will pay off.

    Also, I think they said that the Looking Glass station, had been Flooded. I'll have to rewatch the last show, I was pretty fogged up, when I watched, them, lol.

    I am pretty sure, that Ben, did have a wife, and she died, trying to give birth, I think that might have been the event, that brought the Ferility Doc over, Juliet.

    I also think that "Smokey" is some how, judging them, sort of the Consious (sp???) of the Island,,,, if your not bad, it won't hurt you, if your bad, then it gets rid of you.
    Like it reads thier state of mind, on the Island.

    To me that would explain, why the Others have a Saftey system, against it, and why they, try to hide from Smoky.

    I found a lot of questions were answered, but then it just leaves another question in it's place.
    Love the twist and turns of the show.

    Also glad, that they now, know when the show will end, so the Writters, can do a proper ending.
    They didn't even have a Storyboard or a bible, going, maybe they will now.
    That keeps things on track, storywise.

    Happy Viewing, I'll be taping it tonight for sure,,, just wish it was on at 8 instead of 9. lol
  15. artyreader

    artyreader Member

    Daniel Zalewski, on salon.com. One of the things he highlights is that the many mysteries, plot twists and turns, unresolved situations are just like real life, that the plane crash survivors are stand-ins for ourselves, the viewers (and people in general)where there is so much we don't know and we take the journey of uncertainty together, learning bits and peices as we go along, but also encountering more mysteries,etc.

    I think he called it a "tantric" series, which I thought was pretty clever! (A lot of unresolved buildup, a continual tension, but it's so interesting and enjoyable in itself that even though we yearn passionately for the mysteries to be revealed, we are in the "now" and we enjoy all these tantalizing, sometimes maddening clues.)

    I loved what he wrote, that the "Lost" castaways ". . .are ordinary people muddling their way toward enlightenment."
    I thought that was a very beautiful way of putting it, no?

    Every one of us muddling our way. . .sounds like living with chronic, mysterious illness, sounds like life. . . Can't wait for tonight! P.S. thanks you all you "Lost" posters--you filled me in on a lot, told me things I didn't know, and raised some fun and intriguing ideas (I love the "White Rabbit" thing (the whole Alice in Wonderland--wow!is that one trippy, heavy book--need to reread it!--I also somehow missed that Alex killed a white rabbit. Symbolism? Or just another delicious tease by the writers?
    It's all good. . .)