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    Here we go with episode/week 8...let's get our "brilliant" minds cranking out the questions and answers or at least some feeble theories...lol!!

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    Hey everybody,

    As usual I won't get into specifics, until I'm sure everyone has gotten a chance to watch it.

    I will say that this episode really left me with my head just spinning?? Just when I think I'm clear about something, boom!! the idea is gone or I realize that I've got things twisted again.

    I rewatched last week's episode tonight. I totally missed one very IMHO statement made by Tom during the surgery. Jack stated, well if there's a way off the island, why didn't you send (Ben) to another facility (for treatment).

    Tom replies, well ever since the "sky turned purple" and then he stopped b/c the walkie-talkie interrupted him.

    I was left thinking...crap what was he going to say?? What change occurred on the island that NOW made leaving the island apparently impossible??

    Am I just slow or did anybody else ponder this statement and what it portends?

    Talk later.......Jill..........
  3. Bruin63

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    I did catch that last week and then forgot about it.
    Major clue I bet.
    Last weeks on now, and I thought I'd fudge and see if anyone had posted about this weeks yet, lol,

    See ya tomorrow.

  4. mollystwin

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    I missed both of the purple sky comments! I'm so glad I've got you guys to clue me in!

    I agree with 4everkid that Ben promised everyone they can leave to get what he wants. He did send Walter and Michael home though, so maybe they are not always empty promises. Or maybe Walter and Michael really didn't go home?

    I liked the epidode too, but still miss some of my old friends. They spent most of this show on just one character, which was interesting but I want to see more of the other characters! They need to do a two hour show!!

    We are supposed to get answers to three questions next week. Can't wait! It seems like I spend a lot of time these days waiting for the next Lost episode!!!
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    I am so LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know what in the heck is going on!!!!

    Has everyone had a chance to see it by now? If you have, what do you think about what Des told Charlie at the end? Pretty creepy huh?

    Anyway, I really love this show but it is getting hard for me to watch. But, I am hooked so who am I kidding! LOL

    Oh, I did like how Des and Penny called each other "love". I think that is sweet. That just isn't an American thing so it is different.

    Okay, more when I know everyone has seen it.

  6. TwinMa

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    Good episode! I guess the take home message was that you can't escape fate. At least that's how Desmond sees it (now). The older lady from the jewelry store (Ya-Ya Sisterhood woman) convinced him of that.

    After she pointed out the man with the red tennis shoes and then, BLAM! He gets creamed by something very big from above. That reminded me of The Wizard of Oz and the house falling on the Wicked Witch of the East and her ruby slippers still poking out (both red even!).

    If Desmond is in some kind of time travel deal, is he going forward or backward or just on some kind of circular loop? But then the circle isn't really a circle because it keeps jumping back and forth. So the circle doesn't reflect linear time. Wow. I'm even confusing myself now.

    The part where Des is actualy saving Charlie, not Claire, really caught me off guard. I thought for sure he was trying to save Claire over and over. But, apparently it won't matter anyway. Poor Charlie is doomed. Awww. I liked little Charlie the rock star hobbit.

    Random observation: You can get Claire's name out of Charlie's name except for the "H". What's it mean? No idea!

    I like all the "Easter eggs" as the producers called them. Like when Desmond went back in time to his apartment and the clock read 1:08. Same as the number of minutes that they had to push the button. Then, of course, the microwave beeping sounding like the alarm bell to push the button. And in Penny's dad's office. Did you see the painting of the polar bear on the wall?

    And I finally figured out that the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 actually add up to 108, the number of minutes between button pushings. Probably old news to most people, but I finally did the math!

    Okay, that's enough rambling for me for one night!
  7. llama

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    Hey all,

    Now we know that Desmond isn't so much clairvoyant as he seems to be in some sort of elliptical? (not totally circular as twinma pointed out) time loop. Maybe that's why he always says "see you in another life, brother."

    Do you think that the island is in some sort of time-warp?
    Maybe that explains how so many of the characters have witnessed significant people(Jack's dad), animals(Kate's horse).

    It might also explain the infertility problem...maybe the women don't age outwardly but biologically...the 70? year old uterus in a 20 something body? Obviously unable to conceive at that stage of uterine decomposing/atrophy.

    Something else I've been trying to remember, maybe one of you can tell me. This remark was made in one of the last episodes before the break..it was between Danny and Tom, one of them was referring to either Sawyer or Jack as "not being on Jacob's list."

    Made me think of this when Jack asked Juliet what would happen to him after Ben's surgery was over and she said something like they'd have to figure that out...did they not intend to capture him and therefore didn't have plans yet on how they'd use him? Just a thought...

    Did someone all ready mention that the name of the company that wanted Juliet to work for them..I'm drawing a blank, starts with an "M" is an anagram for "lost time." Sorry if this is old info...I go to several LOST websites and read theories etc. and forget where I've read what???

    I hope Desmond is not correct in assuming that Charlie is doomed. I like him, actually I get sad when any of the characters are bumped off. Maybe this...what was it called "couse correction?" doesn't apply to people when they're on the island...although Charlie has had two close calls!

    Could you believe what an arrogant, mean a$$ Mr. Widmore is?
    I could easily envision him being behind some evil schemes. I'm surprised with the amount of disrespect that he has for Desmond that he would have let the relationship between him and his daughter go on for over 2 years. Surely it shouldn't have come as a big surprise that they'd probably want to get married.

    Oh well enough musings...just thought I throw some ideas out there and see what opinions you guys have??

    Isn't this fun?? Better than dwelling on our DD...sigh!


    P.S. Went back to week 7 postings...4everkid all ready pointed out the "lost time" anagram....knew I saw it someplace and thought it was significant IMHO.
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  8. TwinMa

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    What if Ben's tumor wasn't really a tumor ("It's NOT a tumor!" -- quote from Arnold S. in Kindergarten Cop, but I digress...)

    Well, what if Ben's "tumor" was actually a fetus? What if Juliet injected Ben with her magic juice to get him pregnant and it went wrong? Maybe she's a bad shot and injected it in the wrong spot. Or the magic stuff just worked differently in Ben than in Juliet's sister or the male mouse that got pregnant.

    Maybe when Ethan and the Others kidnapped Claire when she was pregnant, they extracted some special hormone or even took cells from poor little in-the-womb Aaron?

    These are definitely way-out-there musings.

    Just wondering.... Any thoughts? You guys have some great observations!
  9. llama

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    Hey Losties....

    Is that it for week 8...anymore thoughts??

    Hope everyone is able to watch tomorrow night!

    Take care.........Jill..............