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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~

    4:1 “The Beginning of the End”

    Season 4 greetings LOST fans! FINALLY, after 8 long and miserable months of waiting, the big day has arrived! LOST is back tonight for 8 weeks of non-stop, uninterrupted, heart-pounding, brain-twisting excitement.

    Welcome back to all the regular Lost fans! And a big warm welcome to any NEW fans who want to join in on the discussion! Our gracious Lost season 3 hostess Llama/Jill has been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I am helping her out by starting this thread till she is ready to resume her position. She assured me she will still try and drop in and add her thoughts to the discussion. We certainly need her wisdom and insight!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am PUMPED! I watched the season 3 finale last night and got my brain primed for the new season.

    Did anyone catch the special Sawyer music video/promo last night, to the tune of "Bad to the Bone"? I think I drooled a little. And Locke's, to the tune of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" was a hoot! We need more of these. Actually, I would like to see LOTS more of the Sawyer one!

    So here we are at season 4. The game has changed big time! We've got our Losties, the Others and now the Freighties. Besides the usual flashbacks, we now have flash forwards added to the mix. There's still a ton of mysteries to solve, and I'm sure there will be plenty of new ones.

    WARNING ~~~~ As it was last season, stay clear of this thread until you have watched the show. There will be open discussion of tonights episode and all the details. So no peeking.

    Is everyone ready? Its time to get LOST!!!!!!!!!

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  2. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I watched last years finale last night and was just amazed at how much I didn't remember!! But I kept reading the bottom and missing what was happening in the show!!

    My sis and I have a big question. Drinking Jack with the beard was a flash forward, correct?? Why did Jack say to his new boss that he would go home if he was drunker than his father if his father is dead?? Is he messed up? Or am I messed up and this is in the past??

    Yes I saw the Sawyer bad to the bone and also Locke's. That was very cool, especially Sawyers! I hope they do more of those. How about for Desmond and Sayid?? Those could be smokin as well!!

    We'll talk tomorrow!!!

  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I think that Jack's dad being alive in the flash forward is crucial! I just don't know to what :~)


    PS very cool heading!
  4. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been a "closet lurker' to this thread since last year. I really enjoy reading everyone's perspective on things...I've gotten a lot of great info, and so many different perspectives on things that happen!

    I've been a "Lostie" since Season 1, but don't really have the energy to peruse the different Lost message boards.

    Thankfully I have my hubby watching it with me so I can get him to explain things I miss, or things that go totally over my head!! I just LOVE my "foggy brain." :(
    I also watched last night, and couldn't believe how much I didn't remember from the last show.

    Tonight's show should prove very interesting and informative, to say the least!! Only 2 hours and 45 minutes here in PA until it all begins again...!!

    Hopefully I'll have something to contribute here from time to time...if not, know that you have another fan in lurkdom!! =)

  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Welcome back Dar and Rafiki! And I'm glad you decided to join the fun Cindi!

    Dar, I believe ALL the flashbacks in the finale were flash forwards. Jack (and Kate) made it off the island. Jack is addicted to Oxycodone(?) and is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. He desperately feels the need to get back to the island, but apparently doesn't know how.

    There was no actual proof that Christian was alive, only that crack head Jack believed he was. Others looked at him with pity like he was deranged when he mentioned his father. On the other hand we don't now for a fact that Christian isn't alive in the future. Has anyone ever seen his dead body? They like to keep us confused when it comes to him.

    There were some clues that it was all set in the future (our present). The obit in the paper had a date that was close to our present time. (On the island its still 2004) The cell phone he used to call Kate was a brand new model that didn't exist in 2004. The name of the funeral home was an anagram for "flash forward"...stuff like that.

    Thanks Rafiki! That heading is my keyboardistic interpretation of the island. (I'm such a geek.)

    Hey Molly! I agree about those pop up facts. Too much. I just hope we don't have a severe weather map and scroll trashing the screen tonight!

    AAAAHHHHHH!!!! These last few hours are killing me!

    See you all later!
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  6. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i am ready to get LOST!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member


    Of course it could all be in Jack's head! I'm such a Lost loser:~) I'm just gonna follow you around all season!



  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    And the reference to the need to go back. Back to save those who are still there? Is the secret that there are still other people there??

    Who is in the coffin???
  9. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Random thoughts:

    This flash forward looked to be earlier in the timeline than what we saw in the finale with Jack. Jack has still got it together, and is thinking about growing a beard. Hurley thought they made a mistake by leaving the island, but Jack hadn't come to feel that way yet. Something must happen next to make Jack change his mind.

    I am worried about future Hurley.

    Why the secrecy?
    From what we know of Kate's past, she should be in prison in the future. But she obviously wasn't in the finale. Her freedom must have been the bargaining chip to ensure her secrecy.

    Whoever was in the coffin in the finale must have been one of the Oceanic 6. That person was neither friend or family to Jack, yet the knowledge of this persons death was enough to make him want to kill himself. It was someone Kate had no desire to pay last respects to. Could it be Ben? And perhaps the reason Jack was so visibly upset by his death was because he was the only one who knew how to get back to the island?

    Crazy Hurley - Maybe he thinks hes crazy because he is seeing Charlie, who he knows is dead. I wonder if both the vision of Charlie and the lawyer from Oceanic are both an extension of Smokey. Too soon to tell. Did anyone else notice how it looked when that creepy guy walked out the door? It was all black and smokey in his wake when he passed through the door to leave.

    Weird thought... We have heard this Island called "Redemption Isle." Everyone on the island from flight 815 has a past and a need for redemption. Maybe the Oceanic 6 escaped redemption, and their lives have become a living hell because of it. Leaving their friends behind and keeping their existence a secret is definitely good reason to need redemption.

    That lawyers name is Matthew Abaddon. If you look up Abaddon on Wikipedia, it has some pretty sinister meanings. Abaddon is Angel of the Abyss, realm of the dead, an underworld of lost souls....all bad stuff! I don't like this dude at all!

    I am anxious for them to get a good screen cap of Jacob in the cabin from tonights episode. People on the Fuselage Message board are saying it looks like Christian.

    Its confusing...we know Hurley went with Locke, and Kate went with Jack - to separate locations. How did Hurley end up off the island with Jack & Kate?

    I hope Sun is one of the 6, since she will die if she stays.

  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Great screencaps up already! Man those guys are fast!


    It WAS Christian that Hurley saw in Jacobs cabin. What the...
  11. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all Losties!!

    Loved the season opener....obviously, lots to talk about but my thoughts keep going back to "Oceanic 6" and who comprises that group.

    This is just my shot in the dark...the knowns: Hurley, Kate and Jack. I believe that Sawyer is the 4th b/c of the comment that Kate made in Season 3 finale about needing to get back home...something like "he'll" be wondering.

    What other (probable) man could she leave unnamed and Jack would immediately know...MHO.

    Like 4everkid, I believe one of the Oceanic 6 has all ready died after leaving the island...again someone who appeared to be rather repugnant to Kate...Ben, Locke or even Michael.

    I'm thinking maybe the Freighter's have a "list" of who will be returned to civilization (just as the Other's have had their lists?).

    Oh well, nothing too profound festering in my brain yet...just wanted to join you all in posting!

    Hey, 4everkid, good observation on seeing the smoke after Matthew A. (forgot how to spell his name!!) left Hurley. On another board, someone said they heard him make a noise like the smoke monster....anybody else hear that??? I didn't.

  12. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    in the finale show of last season, when jack called someone, he said, "Kelly It"s Me".
    I replayed it a couple of times, and I am sure that was the name he used.

    my ears are messed up, so it may have sounded like Kelly.

    Also how did Niaomi, know Desmond, but wasn't sent by Penny?
    Curious to see that conection explained.

    I knew off the bat , that Hurley, saw Charlie, in the store, didn't you all?
    I told the dh, that you can't always count, a person out, because they may or may not come back.

    I think I did mention seeing a familiar face, ;o)

    Oh also, I was wondering, if the woman he pulled from the car, was someone he knew.
    Clare maybe, with the baby, now grown to a childs age?
    I paused the tape, but the person was pretty banged up, and lot's of bandages around her head.
    prob. not but still.....

    I think, it's either Ben or maybe even Locke in the coffin.
    although, with a new season ahead of us, it could turn out to be someone else, who will be a major factor in the island and their getting off.

    Do you think that Kate maybe with that Richard guy?
    I do have a far out imagation, lol.

    Can't wait till next week.

    I loved the Sawyer and Locke viedos also, Bad to the Bone, and Crazy I think are certainly the song's for them.

    see ya all next week,
  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Jill -
    I had originally thought Michael was in the coffin too. Both he and Locke would fit the profile of neither friend nor family, and disliked by Kate too. And it's possible those two might have some insight into how to return to the island. Locke since he is so connected to it, and Michael since he was given directions on how to leave. I have convinced myself Jack was mourning the loss of the way back, and not the loss of the person.

    I like your theory on a freighters "list"! That might explain why people from both newly separated groups made it off the island.
    I will have to listen for the Smokey noise coming from Matthew Abaddon on my next viewing!

    twinofdar -
    You're wondering what the consequences are for the people who went with John and for those who went with Jack. Me too! Why did future Hurley apologize to Jack for choosing Locke's team? What happens next to make him regret that decision?

    Kjm -
    Those recaps are a lifesaver sometimes! I know I am going to have to watch this one several times before I am ready for the next one!

    Bruin -
    Good question about how Naomi knew Desmond when Penny didn't know her! How did Naomi get the picture??

    I checked the transcript for the finale to see what Jack said on the phone.
    The first time he makes a call, after reading the obit, he says "Hey. It's me. I er, I just read..." [hangs up]
    Then, near the end when he makes a call from his apartment, he says, "Hello? It's me. Wo wo, wait, don't, don't hang up, please...."
    I think they wanted to keep us in the dark till the final reveal at the airport.

    You're right.... no telling who is in that coffin. We have 3 seasons to go before we reach that point in the timeline. Lots could happen between point a and point b. Same with the "He" Kate ends up with.

    I woke up this morning wondering if Hurley really saw Jacobs cabin, or not. It moved and was behind him, then vanished. But was the first sight of it really there? And why the heck would he see Christian there? Hurley has never met him, that we know of. So how could he imagine or hallucinate a guy he doesn't know? So was it the real cabin with Christian in Jacobs chair? Is Christian Jacob?

    The more I think about this, the more confused I get!

    Mollystwin, I have a half formulated theory about why they NEED to go back. Long story short...They escaped "Redemption Isle" without redemption. Now their off island lives have become a living hell because of that. Add to that the guilt of leaving their friends behind, further increasing their need for redemption. "Live together, die alone" and all that. They all became better people on the island together. Jack is a leader there, Kate is respected, Hurley is sane, Locke and Rose are healed, etc. They all NEED the island to survive. Why? I don't know yet.

    Rafiki, Bigmama2, Cindi...we need more insight! Cindi, you better not be back in that lurker closet again!

    S-Elaine, Lindyl39, munch1958, painterZ, terch....you are all admitted Lost addicts. Get in here and help us out!

    Forebearance, LuvQuilting, Hermitlady, Twinma...the sages of season 3 - you are not forgotten! Come back!
  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Argh, the agony of having a whole bunch of new questions and mysteries!!!

    I'm wondering the same things you all are wondering! What are they keeping a secret? Who ended up leaving the island? Did only six people make it off the island? Or only six people that the world knows about?

    As you said, kid, there are several people on the island who might not want it to be known that they are alive, because they would be in jail. Sawyer and Kate, at least.

    It seems like everyone who survived the crash has killed someone. For a long time, Hugo was the exception, but then he ran over that Other guy with the VW van. Wait, did Charley ever kill anyone?

    Wow, the supposed Oceanic lawyer left a trail of black smoke? I'm going to have to go look again at that!

    Wow, his name sure sounds sinister! I could barely catch it when he said it. He looked sinister, too. I was wondering if he could be a representative of the people on the freighter.

    I had the same ideas about who might be in the coffin, Llama.

    I'm wondering if Locke and Danielle and Alex might become a happy island family after the drama is all over! lol

    What I can't figure out is, why would Naomi have wanted to pretend she was there to rescue Desmond if she wasn't? What possible use could that ruse have?

    Yeah, I'm making no assumptions about the "he" that Kate ends up with. It could be anyone.

    The part where Hurley sees Jacob's cabin WAS sure confusing! Argh! It seemed like an illusion, sort of, and sort of not. Here's an idea: what if the ghostly Jacob is one of Christian and Jack's ancestors, and so he looks like them? :)

  15. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I've been feeling so lousy that I wasn't hardly excited about the episode last night. I could barely keep my eyes open during it. I did tape it tho, so I'll be watching it a couple more times.

    One thing I remember wondering about was when Naomi was on the phone right before she died....she said "Tell my sister I'm sorry". Wonder who her sister could be.

    When Hurley was being questioned by the cop who knew Ana Lucia, why did Hugo tell the cop he never knew her? Wouldn't the police have figured out that Hurley had a history of mental illness? Maybe they hadn't taken into consideration how wigged out he was.

    Since Rose told Bernard she wouldn't go anywhere w Locke, did they end up going w the "rescued" group? Were there really only 6 as Hurley said?

    I missed the Wed night showing of the S3 finale....is that what had the pop up captions in it? Missed the videos of Sawyer and Locke too, when were those shown? I'm sure I can find them on the internet somewhere, probably at ABC.com.

    I love this show, I wonder how the season will end up with the writer's strike. Anyone know how many episodes were originally supposed to air this year? There are just no good shows on anymore that interest me at all it seems.

    Great to see this thread and everyone in it:)
  16. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Charlie killed Ethan!
  17. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance, Hermitlady...welcome back!

    Forebearance -
    In the past Hurley believed he was responsible for an accident that caused the death of two people. He stepped onto a deck causing it to collapse. His guilt resulted in his depression, resulting in his mom having him committed to the mental institution.

    Interesting idea on Christian actually being an ancestor who looks the same!

    I wonder if Kate might have stolen a dead crash victims identity to escape prison off island? She was hesitant to give the freighter guy her name on the phone, but then she did. Kate at one time, had the drivers license of Joanna. Joanna was a skilled diver and swimmer who drowned on day 6 after the crash. When they showed Kate with Joanna's license, the picture was burned, obscuring the details of her face.

    We need more pieces to this puzzle! I can't wait a week!

    Hermitlady -
    "Tell my sister I love her"...could that have been a code phrase? She lied and covered for Locke stabbing her in the back, blaming her death on her injuries. Maybe "tell my sister" was code for "look out, they are armed," or something. Why would she cover for these people?

    I suspect Hurley clammed up with the cop because the Oceanic 6 were sworn to secrecy.
    That secrecy must be killing the 6!

    There were 8 episodes prepared before the strike. That may be all we get this season. Don't really know yet. But supposedly, even though they didn't plan # 8 to be the end of the season, it ends with a cliffhanger. I hear #4 is a jaw dropper too.
  18. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Thanks for the links Twinofdar! I will have to save them to my favorite list. I could use the Sawyer one for therapy every time I feel down. I will have to check out the interview clip.

    The reference to Oceanic 6 could have easily slipped by unnoticed. And the smokey appearance was very subtle.

    I posted a screencap of the smoke shadow in my profile for you. It was a smokey, shadowy blackness that moved across the door as the guy left the room at the mental institute. In the picture, Matthew Abaddon has already passed out of sight, but the smokey shadow in question is still visible on the door. It could have been just a shadow, but it was very reminiscent of Smokey. It seems like there was something about the WAY it moved...like smoke, instead of looking like a solid shadow. I will have to watch closer when I view the show the second time.

    Lots of people noticed it though and thought "Smokey." I got this screen cap from www.gallery.lost-media.com under the season 4 episode screen captures.

    Incidentally, in the same scene, there is a blackboard near Hurley with a drawing of an island, a boat, a shark and a sun....very reminiscent of the Swan hatch mural. Here is is, hopefully it wont get moved:

  19. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Elaine, did you miss the episode? If so, I think you can watch online.
  20. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    that episode of LOST rocked!! Well, most of them do-duh.

    I'm in love with Hurley (or Snuffy as Sawyer would call him) he's such a sweetheart. When Hurley was in the police station and that viewing window broke and water poured in, was that a figure of someone coming towards him, Charlie perhaps?

    And those weird Oceanic airline "commercials" that kept popping up, what's up with those? I screamed when that came up because I've been telling fellow LOST fans, my sister included, that they played those weird "commercials" early in the morning around 3am-4am on a different channel and she didn't believe me, but that's exactly what they played, sometimes advertising for interested stewartesses (sp).

    Am I making this up or did they say the body came from NY and was flown to LA? Ben seems so likely, maybe its Juliet.

    I was either in a good mood last night or there seemed to be a lot of dry humor. Ben absolutely cracks me up!

    I don't know how you guys picked up on Christian's name or even that Hurley may have seen him in Jacob's house. I was so confused about that house thing. It took all I had to try and grasp the most of it (concentration issues) but its fun anyway. You dudes put me to shame, but I'll come here to get more info and make my sister jealous :)


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