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  1. 4everkid

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    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~
    .............. 4:2 "Confirmed Dead" ..............

    Lost Island date: December 23, 2004

    Hooray! Its my favorite day of the week again...Lostday!

    Tonight we get to meet the freighter gang! So if they are "not Penny's boat people", what ARE they doing here anyway? Will they arrive with a big tray of gingerbread cookies, Christmas gifts for all, and 40-something tickets home? I don't know....even Gilligan and his gang never had it that easy! Are the boat people GOOD guys? Or was Ben telling the truth?

    I decided to add the Lost date to my heading, because on Craphole Island, it's almost Christmas! Will there even be a Christmas on the island of misfit castaways? Maybe it all depends on if they have been GOOD people.

    The evening begins with a rerun of last weeks episode, (if you are not a Survivor fan), followed by the new episode, "Confirmed Dead." So tune in tonight, then log in here and share your thoughts!

    Warning: Until you have watched the episode --- THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD!

    .·´¯`·.¸.·´¯` ><((((º>.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`><((((º>.¸.·´¯`·.

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  2. mollystwin

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    Just a few more hours!

    Love your fishies!!
  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    are fantastic!
  4. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Wow! What an episode! That was a lot to take in!

    Here's one possibility for the mission of the boat gang, although I may have a completely different view after I sleep on it:

    I suspect that this Abaddon guy is connected with Dharma. It almost seems like he/they are aware of everything that has gone on on the island. ( A spy on the island or surveillance cameras maybe?) Ben was responsible for killing off the original Dharma group, and they want him either dead, or captured because he is a threat. The boat people even packed a gas mask, or 4. Were they expecting another mass gassing, like the purge? or are they planning to do some gassing of their own?

    Maybe they want to come back to the island and continue their studies, but everything there is out of control. So Abaddon has gathered a group of specialists who are experienced in dealing with the type of problems that exist on the island now.

    The Swan hatch has imploded and there is no longer a device in place to control the building electromagnetic pressure, (or save the world!). So he hired Daniel Farraday the physicist to assess the situation.

    Dharma had a study going with polar bears. They were studying the effects of genetic engineering to allow the bears to survive in tropical conditions. (Were they doing the same thing with polar bears in desert conditions in Tunisia?) Charlotte Lewis must have something to do with this aspect of the island. As an anthropologist, she may also be involved because of the situation with the island natives taking over and killing off the former Dharma group.

    Another big problem on the island is the souls of the dead that won't pass on. Christian, Eko's brother Yemi, Jacob, and all the whispers in the jungle. All these people seem to be trapped there. Enter Miles Straume - ghostbuster/medium, to talk to the dead, find out what they want, and send them into the light. I think he's gonna need a bigger vacuum sweeper for this job!!!

    Frank the pilot... I think he was chosen simply because he recognized that the pilot shown with the wreckage was not the pilot he knew to be flying 815 that day. There is some kind of coverup going on, and they are afraid he will get too drunk and blow the scam.

    Now for the fishy stuff:
    ~~* If Ben has really never left the island, how did the freighter group get an adult picture of him?

    ~~* Where did that ocean wreckage come from when we know the plane is in pieces on the island? Is this an elaborate coverup, or something to do with identical planes in parallel time lines?

    ~~* If it was a coverup, was the plane crash planned, and our Losties were sent to this island for a purpose?

    ~~* Were the Tunisian polar bear bones from our island, or did Dharma have stations around the world? Or did the bear pass through a wormhole or portal?

    ~~* How did Naomi have a flashback when she's dead? Is she really dead? Or is she dead "Patchy style"?

    ~~* Who was the dead grandson whose ghost Miles was hired to bust? The camera paused on the wall of pictures, as if he were significant. The picture of the boy looked a little like the young version of Eko from his flashbacks. Could this have been Eko's son who was living with his grandmother in his absence?

    [[[ I am getting an error message that says that I have about used up ALL the remaining space on the world wide web with this one post!!! ]]]

    So finally, (for now anyway) we got to see Vincent! Its always good to know that they are still watching out for our little yellow 4-legged castaway.

    Can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

    Reading my own post, it occurred to me.... Maybe Abaddon is connected somehow to Smokey. Maybe Smokey is his spy and keeps him informed somehow of all the going's-on on the island!
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  5. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    but loving it! I was struggling with personal stuff last night and it was really hard to concentrate. I was gettin' peeved that they're adding more story lines and characters when I had heard they promised to start "giving more answers".

    Thanks for the thoughts about the polar bears...I just kept yelling at the TV "What are we doing in the desert?" "Why does that polar bear have a Dharma collar?" Oh, and what was up with Miles and his vaccuum? When he asked the "spirit" to show him where "it" is and then he found the money and drugs(?) what did he take? I saw him throw something back into the wall hole.

    Flashback to season 3 for a sec...my friend thinks the guy in the coffin in Micheal. He said that the area where the funeral parlor is and the simple pine box point to someone who is financially strapped plus the fact that no one visited him (because they were angry) AND that Jack classified him and neither friend nor foe all points to Micheal. There is some connection with NY and the deceased individual but I can't remember what.

    And this is a silly observation...why did Hurley put a leash on Vincent? The dog has been running around for several seasons now, he probably knows the island better than anyone :)

    I think I may rewatch the show on ABC online because I don't feel like I understood much of anything from last night's story. When I feel a little better I'll watch it again, and keep up with you guys to see what's going on.

  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Elaine, glad to see you! Sounds like you need a set of Lost flash cards! Then, I want a set too!

    I agree with you. Something ain't right with these boat people. I am starting to wonder if there even IS a freighter, or if they simply arrived by helicopter. Kind of the same way I was suspicious of Juliet's arrival to the island. We were lead to believe she flew by plane, but we only SAW a submarine.

    We have NEVER seen the entire island from above, or in one shot, surrounded by water. It could be anywhere, any size. In fact, we have no proof it is even an island!

    I am starting to wonder if the Oceanic 6 were pre-chosen to leave because:
    A. there is only room to take 6 on the helicopter.
    B. They will be the 6 people who are either the take-action leaders, the warriors, and the people deemed "special" who have a connection with the paranormal events of the island... Those who can stir up the most trouble.

    My guess for the Oceanic 6:
    Jack & Kate & Hurley + Sayid, Locke, Jin

    What about little Zack and Emma, the children from the tail section, and Cindy the stewardess, who were all captured by the Others? Is anyone going to save them? Or are they doomed to the Otherhood for life?

  7. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I got the impression that the odd little dustbuster Miles had was all for show. It was to create a noise barrier so the woman couldn't hear what was going on. Plus, it gives the impression that he is a professional - with special ghost busting tools.

    He found a wad of cash and some drugs in powder form. He tossed the drugs back in the wall, and kept the money.

    Sorry you had a bad night. Hope everything is better now.
  8. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    The doc and Kate were back home, he had become a drunk and his apt was a mess. He called Kate met her at the airport and said they needed to go back.

    He also told her he came to the airport every night and flew from one destination to another, never the same flight, I guess hoping to find the island.

    Did any of you see that?

    I think the 2 of them may be going home.
  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    My husband came home and missed half the show, so I didn't have him to help me out last night! I was so confused!! Thank goodness for you guys!! Don't know what I would do without you.

    I didn't know that it was getting close to being over last night and almost cried when I realized the hour was done! Seriously almost started to cry!! It went so fast.

    So those 4 were chosen for some reason. And they don't have Naomi to help them anymore-or do they??

    I do not like that ghost buster guy!! He stole all that drug money and then only gave back half of that woman's fee! What a creep! The other three don't seem so bad. We'll have to wait to see about that.

    The polar bear in the desert was strange indeed. More dharma stuff going on in other places.

    The four on the helicopter were all fascinated with the Oceanic flight being found on the bottom of the ocean. Actually I was facsinated by it as well!! What is going on there?

    Ben is such a liar! He keeps saying that everyone will die if the people come to "rescue" them. He's just trying to protect himself. And how did Naomi know about Penny looking for what's his name again? How does that tie in??

    enough rambling for now.
  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Welcome msbsgblue! Yes, that was quite a shocker to see into the future like that. We know now from the flash forwards that at least Jack, Kate & Hurley make it back to the USA. Plus, 3 more, yet to be disclosed, will complete the "Oceanic 6." I expect that they all eventually will feel driven like Jack to make it back to the island. For some reason, I hope they make it back.

    Wow Dar, I am sorry for your loss of Lost. I missed one the first season. I am pretty sure I cried, once I got over the raging anger with myself. If you don't get a chance to watch online, it looks like they will be rerunning it next week before the new episode.

    Yeah, that Miles guy is pretty scary. Dan seems like he hasn't spent a lot of time around actual people - kind of anti social. What was up with the suit anyway? He seems a bit overdressed for a jungle adventure! Charlotte seemed nice, but she sure took a keen interest in baby Aaron.
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  11. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    LOL! I didn't actuall miss the show, I just couldn't believe that it was over!! It seemed like it had only been on for half hour, but the whole hour was over!! I cried because I wanted to see more!!! I didn't want it to be over! Just like a toddler cries when it's time to leave the playground!!
  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Dar....Or like an addict cries who doesn't get his fix? This show is just not long enough! And way too many commercials!

    Boy Elaine, for someone who doesn't know the characters names, you sure have a handle on the plot! I think that bizarre, shifty guy you are referring to is Ben, the leader of the island natives we call "the Others". I think he is the absolute freakiest passive-aggressive bad guy EVER in the history of EVERYTHING. I love him, I hate him, I pity him, I fear him... I worship the actor who plays him.

    I agree with you on everything. At the risk of going all X-Files...TRUST NO ONE, on this island!

    If you are ever confused because you missed something, and have any questions, there are lots of people here who could fill you in. Also, Lostpedia is a good site for catching up. They have a detailed description for every episode, and every character.

    Did you see what became of the Swan Hatch (where they pressed the buttons and reset the timer)? And what happened to Desmond (the long-haired Scottish guy) after that? Very weird stuff! But stuff I think is super important to the overall mystery.

    I read today that the strike is over. And the rumor is, we may get 6 more episodes of Lost this season! Not going to count on it yet, but hope it's true.
  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    One more survivor on the plane? I must have missed that. Can you explain?
  14. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Yep, you have got the gist of what happened. The hatch imploded! That was a while back. Please keep watching and posting because we need people like you to help us with the details that we may miss!!

    4everkid, I think what my sister meant is that one more of the Oceanic 6 will be revealed next week. That would give us 4 of the 6 that got off the island. I'm pretty sure that is what they said in the coming attractions.

    I could be wrong though, because I was crying like an addict who wasn't getting his fix so I may not have heard this correctly.!!LOL!

    And you guys were right about the tell my sister I love her code!! Very clever to pick up on that!!
  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Thanks for the clarification. I was having a brain fog moment earlier. I knew I should know what she meant, but it just wasn't computing.

    Yes they like to mess with our heads! The swan hatch did seem like an experiment to see if a subject would push the button simply out of blind faith. It especially seemed true when we saw that there was another station set up just to monitor the people in the Swan. But then, it turned out that it WAS all for a purpose afterall.

    Did you see Desmonds episode in season 3 ("Flashes before Your Eyes") where blowing up the Swan Station caused him to travel to the past with knowledge of the future? He had to make decisions in the past based on what already had taken place in his own future on the island. After he returns, he finds that he can see the future. Mind blowing, and probably my favorite episode!

    Something seems to be askew with the passage of time on this island. Did anyone find it odd when Charlotte asked, "and you have been living here ALL THIS TIME?" She said it like they had been there for YEARS. They have only been there 3 months. Plus we have "giant Walt" who has grown a foot in those three months, and Richard the never-aging Other.

    Its like time is moving very slowly on the island, but at the normal rate elsewhere. This all makes sense only if Walt actually left the island then returned.

    Here we sit in 2008 looking at the events on this island still caught in 2004. I can't help but wonder... when these Oceanic 6 leave the island and go back to the states, will several years have passed?

    Something else that struck me as odd was how both Charlotte and Dan reacted when they arrived on the island. They both looked around awestruck, as if they had just stepped into Eden, Atlantis, or Shambala. Like a mythical place they had only read or dreamed about. I compare it to how I would look if I suddenly found myself in Middle Earth, in the center of Lothlorien. It was as if they had read or studied about this place, but never believed it really existed.

    And about that polar bear skeleton... That collar was specifically a Hydra Station collar. Even if Dharma had stations all over the planet, they would surely have different names and logo's, just like the ones all over the island. THE Hydra Station is on the small island where Jack, Kate & Sawyer were held captive - NOT in Tunisia. So how did the polar bear get from Hydra island to Tunisia?

    I am really starting to believe the theories that people, and now bears are traveling to and from the island by portals, wormholes, or something like that. It would explain a lot. We never saw Juliet get on a plane. They drugged her, then she woke up and was there, via submarine. We never saw or heard what dropped the food - just the food it's self. No one can leave the island. Supposedly no one can find it either. Danielle and her group, flight 815, Desmond, and even this new group all crashed there. And the Black Rock ship in the middle of the jungle...it's like it was dropped from the sky or something. But what if all these things slipped through a portal somewhere, and wound up instantly on or near the island?

    Sometimes I wish I could skip to the last page and look at all the answers!
  16. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, I have been enjoying all the comments.

    When I saw the polar bear skeleton being dug up in the desert, with the Dharma hydra station collar on it, the first thing I thought was "Oh, a time-travel experiment gone awry".

    Did any of you watch the extras on the last disc from Season 3? It showed an experiment with bunnies and time travel apparently going awry.

    They made Dan, Miles, and Charlotte so annoying that I almost wish they would be killed! lol

    The first thing I noticed about Charlotte was that she was wearing short-shorts in the desert in Tunisia! She's supposed to be a cultural anthropologist, so she should know that this would be highly offensive to rural Arabic-Islamic people.

    I know a woman in real life who had stones thrown at her for wearing pants, instead of a long robe, in rural Egypt!

    So either Charlotte likes to live dangerously, or is extremely culturally insensitive, or both. '

    Dan is just weasely, and Miles is unpleasant and a scam artist.

    I agree with your theory, 4everkid, that perhaps these four people from the boat have come from or been hired by what is left of the Dharma Initiative. It sounds good to me.

    Maybe Dharma wants revenge against Ben. Maybe they couldn't find the island until now.

    Ooo, the idea of the island being in some kind of time warp or wormhole is intriguing!

    The island does have a sort of "being manipulated and played with" feeling to it.

    I wonder, too, how Natalie knew that Penny was looking for Desmond. Are Penny or her father related to Dharma somehow?

    I still wonder what those original "Others" were doing on the island when they obviously weren't native to it.

    And who does Ben have on the boat???
    That was a real shocker!!!

    I was waiting the whole episode for some more answers, and they finally came in the last few minutes!!

    But it seems like for every answer we get, we also get new questions.

    P.S. I like your fishies, 4everkid.[This Message was Edited on 02/09/2008]
  17. jmcdelaney

    jmcdelaney New Member

    Tell ya what I think...the "Oceanic Six" sounds like a title for a spin off!

  18. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I found your cultural input interesting. I would never have given this a thought.
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  19. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Great insight on Charlotte's taboo of wearing leg-bearing short shorts! That kind of "do my own thing, no matter what anyone thinks" attitude will not go over well on this island!
    I saw that bunny video online - The Orchid Orientation film.
    Marvin Candle (with a new name) is making another film, with a bunny #15 nearby. Suddenly chaos breaks out when a second bunny #15 appears. Can't let the two be near each other!!! Time travel or cloning? Something strange indeed!

    I have been thinking about Frank, the helicopter pilot.

    Frank was SUPPOSED to be the pilot of 815.
    IF the plane was MEANT to end up on this island, as a lot of people believe, then Frank knew the way there and how to break through whatever barrier keeps the real world out. And besides that, Frank was meant to be on the island with the rest of the Losties.
    Seth the 815 pilot WASN'T meant to be there, so Smokey "removed" him on day one. So now, as a course correction, Frank is sent to the island again.

    I suspect Charlie's death was another course correction, thanks to Desmond's meddling in the past.

    Charlie appeared to Hurley in the flash forward, and said, "I'm dead, but I'm here." What does that mean????

    When Desmond traveled back in time to 1996 after the hatch blew, he met PastCharlie on the street corner in London. Rather confused and frantically, he told PastCharlie he knew him, and that they were on an island together...

    Then, Desmond meets Ms. Hawking, the creepy jewelry store lady, who tells him about fate and course correction.

    Desmond ends up getting bonked on the head and flashing back to the present on the island, but now, he is seeing visions of Charlie's death.

    Meanwhile, PastCharlie goes on with life. When Sept 2004 comes, he chooses NOT to take flight 815, (maybe he now has a fear of crashing on an island or something.) So he continues on with life in London.

    BUT, FutureCharlie is already trapped on the island in the future that Desmond has already experienced. So now we have TWO Charlie's in existence at once.

    Time for a course correction! One of the Charlie's has to go. After Desmond's screwing with fate several times, eventually island Charlie dies. Problem resolved.

    Several years later, when Hurley makes it back to LA, he meets PastCharlie, who never boarded the doomed flight. He's "dead, but also here."

    Its mind boggling I know, but sometimes this crazy stuff fits really well. And maybe in the same way the two #15 bunnies in the film couldn't be allowed near each other, we can't have two Charlie Pace's at once.

    Maybe the Oceanic 6 weren't supposed to be on the island either, and that's why they get picked to leave. Not sure if that makes sense, but it sure seemed obvious in the season 1 finale, that Hurley was NOT supposed to be on that flight. Do you guys remember his scene at the airport, with a zillion obstacles preventing him from making it on the plane? The woman at the gate even said, "it looks like you weren't meant to be on this flight."
    Now that I think about it, Charlie had similar problems that day.

  20. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    YES! YES! YES!

    What I find really compelling about your analysis (aside from how intelligent it is:~) is that it is based largely on information left out of all the recaps. I kept thinking, while watching the recaps, that they were misdirecting everyone with enough info to have a storyline but not much that would actually help them figure out what's going on.

    Your take made me say, aloud: Yes! Yes! Yes!

    You're so smart!

    Peace out

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