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    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~
    .............. 4:3 "The Economist" ..............

    Lost Island date: December 24, 2004

    How appropriate that our beloved LOST airs on Valentines Day!


    But wait....on the island, it's Christmas Eve. Do we have a case of parallel holidays?
    Do our Losties even know it's Christmas? Will they hang their smelly, crusty socks by the campfire and wait for Santa to do a gift drop? Will they gather around the fire and sing Christmas Carols like, O Little Town of Otherville, While Shepherd Watched His Flock By Night, or Freighties We Have Heard On High?

    I imagine Christmas is the last thing on their minds. The camp is split, the people they thought were here to rescue them are armed and suspicious, and everyone is a little trigger happy.

    Tonight we should find out who gets the 4th lucky (or not so lucky) ticket off the island. I hear we will be stunned and shocked tonight.

    I believe we have a rerun of last weeks episode before the new one again, just in case anyone needs to watch it again.

    Dar, get that hankie ready for another hour that feels like a few minutes.

    *´¨ )
    ¸.* ¸.*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•- It's time to get LOST!

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  2. mollystwin

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    Tonight I will be prepared!! I will pay attention to the clock so that I won't be so devastated when it's over!! But my hankie is ready just in case.

    I wonder who the 4th person is!

    I do hope that llama will be better soon. I miss her input and hope she is at least watching the show.

    Only a few more hours to go!!!
  3. 4everkid

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    Wow! And again....WOW! That was a LOT of stuff to soak up in one episode. My mind is just spinning from all of it! A lot of stuff was revealed tonight! I need time to process and comprehend.

    I was shocked and stunned - several times! I am still shocked and stunned!
  4. Rafiki

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    I gasped the first time before the first commercial break. At 6 minutes! That's some good show!


  5. mollystwin

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    And did they say that we would find out another one of the six next week??

    And Ben doesn't count right? Because he is not a crash survivor. Who knows how he even got back. Probly was transported or something.

    What a creep that Ben!!! He is making Sayid kill people to protect the others still left on the island!

    What is up with that bracelet??? Why did Sayid react like he did when he saw Naomi with the bracelet. And he closed her eyes same as the girl in the future that he killed. There must be some signifance with that.

    I need to watch this episode again I think.

    And yes Elaine, I know it will be back next week!! I had my watch on and kept track of time and didn't cry this week!!!

  6. hermitlady

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    Hubba Hubba!

    I can't think clear enough right now to remember details to discuss.....need to watch again. I had to take extra pain meds last night and I was a bit zoned out.

    Was future Ben in a veterinarian's office or was that some type of research set up?

    I kept waiting for Naomi to come back to life. They sure have spent a lot of time focusing on her.

    I'm going to check in over at the Fuselage.com site....they'll have a lot of info figured out. I used to try and catch details myself, but brain is not operating well lately!

    Happy Day after Valentines Day:)
  7. Forebearance

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    Good point about Naomi. Sayeed does seem very interested in her. And I noticed that also, how he seemed to understand or get some meaning from her bracelet.

    I noticed that Elsa wore a similar metal bracelet.

    I laughed when I noticed in the last scene that Sayeed was sucking his tummy in when he had to take his shirt off. But yes, he was hot this episode!

    Mostly, my feeling about this episode was "WHAT???"

    Are they going to turn this show into a story about international espionage??? That would be so mundane!!! I expect better from these writers!!

    When I saw Ben's "secret closet" that revealed he was a spy, my heart sank. It's such a cliche. It's so illogical that a guy who grew up on a remote island would become an international spy.

    Those writers are going to have to redeem themselves in my eyes, after this episode. Instead of the whole spy-stuff, I would have preferred to have seen a glimpse of the temple as the helicopter was flying over the island. I'm dying to learn more about where the Others have gone to hide.

    So Ben has blackmailed Sayeed into doing some dirty work for him after they returned to the "real world". That whole conversation went by so fast!

    Sayeed "thought with his heart instead of his gun" and it got him taken advantage of? Now we have to worry about when that is going to happen.

    How did Ben get back to Europe? I wonder what happens to Desmond. Do we really know that Kate is one of the Oceanic Six? I've never heard her say she was. Are we assuming that Jack is one of the Oceanic Six, since he had to sign autographs while getting coffee?

    What was on the inside of Naomi's bracelet? I suppose we'll have to go look for screen shots to find out. Who is the RG referenced on the outside of the bracelet? (were those the initials?)

    The part with Sayeed and Elsa reminded me of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

    Well, those are my random thoughts for today!

    It certainly is a roller coaster, isn't it?


    P.S. Is Sayeed who he says he is? Is there something about him we don't know? Why are the people who are after Ben so interested in Oceanic Flight 815?

    Happy day after Valentine's Day, or as I call it "50% off Chocolate day"! woo hoo!
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  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Well...where to begin....
    We find out that Sayid, in spite of all his personal growth on the island, returns to a life of killing once he leaves the island. He has a list, he works for Ben. Sayid has been hired by Ben to find Elsa's employer, and kill him.

    We later discover that Elsa has been hired to find out who Sayid's employer is. He warns her to leave the country and hide, trying to protect this woman he has grown close to. When she realizes what he is up to, she shoots him. He in turn kills her. He never learns the name of her boss. But he does see that she is wearing a bracelet identical to the one Naomi was wearing on the island.

    On the back of Naomi's bracelet is the inscription: "N, I'll always be with you. R.G." Can we assume that "R.G." is also Elsa's boss? Later, before the chopper takes off, it appears that Sayid has removed Naomi's bracelet.

    We find out that Ben, the lying little ba$+@rd, who claims he has never left the island, has a secret room. In this room, he keeps a secret stash of foreign currency, a multitude of passports complete with aliases, and dozens of nice clothing changes.

    I was a little disturbed to see Ben working as a veterinarian. (Note to self: always do a background check when searching for a new vet to take my pets to.)

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I was giddy beyond delight with Daniel's little experiment. It confirmed what I have suspected - that time on the island is moving at a different rate than time off the island.

    Daniel sets up a beacon on the island. He calls Regina on the boat and asks her to send a rocket to the beacon. She does so, and counts down the arrival time of the rocket. But it does not show up till 31 minutes later! If the time on the rocket is 31 minutes later, than we can assume that time is moving more slowly on the island.

    Later, as the group is loading into the chopper, Daniel informs Frank that it is imperative that he must fly out on the exact same heading on which they entered. I believe this is a very important clue. Maybe in order for them to return to the proper time frame, they have to travel the same path out. Otherwise, who knows...they could end up in the wrong time, or maybe the freighter wouldn't be there.

    This could explain Walt's accelerated growth and Richard's agelessness. If they left the island and returned without following the proper heading, they could be altered timewise.

    All the scientific minds on The Fuselage are working feverishly to figure out the ratio of island time to real world time. I cant keep up with their discussion, so I will wait till they come to an agreement and have it all figured out.

    If Ben is leaving the island to the outside world where time is moving faster....then he returns to the island which is in the past, so to speak, this could prove to be a great advantage to him. Basically, if he learns out there about anyone coming to the island, he can go back to the island and be ready for their arrival. He was expecting the freighter. He put a man on the freighter. When it arrives, he's back in place on the island, and he's ready.

    What else could he have done with this special ability?

    Do you still have a crush on Sayid? He was mega hot in this episode! Yeah, he's an assassin, but a hot one!
    You're right I think, Sayid is helping his island friends by killing off the people who are a threat to them. Jack, Kate, and Hurley are helping by keeping their existence a secret.

    I am pretty sure next week is Kate-centric. Normally I wouldn't say, but we already know she made it off the island. Now we can find out what happens with her.

    Yes, this was a tough one to keep up with. Go here:
    and read the synopsis. It might help lay everything out for you.

    Yep, I am going to have to watch that one again, several more times!
  9. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Have shown Jack and Kate back home. It has also shown Hurley and Sayed back home.

    But why was only survisor Sayed on the coptor when I left?

    I am really getting confused now.
  10. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    SIGH! I'm not a Sawyer fan (he's so much like my first husband, it's scary!) but Sayid, oh baby, Sayid!

    I thought he did a great job at the end when he was weeping and it was revealed that he was trapped into working with Ben. Wait, that wasn't the end, the end was the copter. (It gets stored in my brain in a totally non linear fashion!)

    What I found really interesting was that the guy Sayid met on the golf course was frightened of him. So, he knew he was in trouble. What was his name? There must be a clue in his name.

    In the episode that was all about Time, the characters all had names which were clues... Hawking, etc. So, what was this guys name? Was there a mention of Elsa's (Ilsa) boss's name? For what it's worth, Ilsa means: oath of God or God is my oath.

    This is me clutching at straws. I'd rather be clutching at Naveen Andrews!

  11. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    hermitlady -
    That episode did require a clear head!
    No kidding about the gratuitous DeadNaomi shots. I felt like they might be trying to establish how the softer Island Sayid felt sadness for her death. But then, he could have been sizing up what he thought her true motives might have been.
    That did look like a vets clinic/boarding facility. I was bothered to see that the dog in the cage looked like the dog on the poster. Just how long has that poor guy been in that facility?

    Forebearance -
    I would like to think that there is more to this than simply Ben Linus:International Spy. I imagine that what he is doing on the outside world, all around the planet apparently, has a direct effect on the goings-on on the island. Otherwise, why would we care?
    I always believed that he had never left the Island once he was there, and figured he always sent someone else back to do his bidding. So I was shocked to learn that he has been traveling - a LOT. This could be huge. He may be a lot more involved in things than we ever imagined. If you add to that, the possibility that he could be using time travel as one of his business tactics, the possibilities are endless. This evil freak could rule the world!!!!! Ok, maybe that was a little carried away... but he could really be pulling some strings and weaving some webs with his superpowers. This must be his metaphorical "magic box". Anything he wants, at his fingertips.

    I wonder about Desmond too. What will happen to him? I hope he doesn't get killed off. I really want to see him get back to Penny.

    msbsgblue -
    We saw Sayid and Desmond get on the chopper with Frank, along with Naomi's body. I think a lot will happen between now and the time the Oceanic 6 get off the island. Sayid just wants to check out the Freighties and Desmond wants to get to the bottom of why Naomi had the picture of him & Penny. I think the helicopter will be coming back.

    Elaine -
    YOu said, "What throws me off track so much is when the do the "FLASH BACK" to what the character was previously doing before on the Island."
    You do realize that we are seeing "flash forwards" now, right? Jack, Hurley and Sayid's flashforwards have been of them, in the future, AFTER they leave the island. I might have just misunderstood your wording. But I want to make sure you got that. It is very confusing.

    Rafiki -
    That end scene was good, and such a contrast to what we know of these two. The whole episode we see Sayid portrayed as such a tough, yet charming, bada$$. Both on the island and off, he is not the guy to be messed with! Then at the end, we see him all weak and defeated at the hands of the weasely little freak who he once tortured. Painfully ironic.

    I am still sorting out the golf course scene. Once the guy, ("Mr. Avellino") knew Sayid was one of the O 6, he seemed to know he was about to be killed. This kind of tied in with the very end comment Sayid made when he told Ben that they (the people he is hired to kill), know he is coming now. To which Ben replied, "GOOOOOOD." Like Ben was pleased they would see Sayid coming and kill him first. Very chilling!
  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Let's see...

    I don't think Ben was necessarily working as a vet, just because they were in a vet's office.

    Daniel's experiment was the best part of that episode, to me! It was a huge clue about the island.

    My mind boggles at the idea of time traveling in this mix!

    The way the helicopter needed to stay on an exact bearing when leaving the island reminded me of when Michael and Walt left and had to steer their boat using a precise bearing.

    I know, Elaine, it seems like they try to throw us off balance by interjecting those flash forwards. It makes it pretty challenging for a CFS brain!

    I agree, Rafiki, the golf course scene was very interesting. How did Sayid know to kill that guy? How did he know his name? I remember it began with a "A".

    I hope there is some higher purpose to the spy-type adventures, 4everkid. That would redeem it for me, it it involved saving the world in some way.

    LOL at the idea of Ben ruling the world! What a great idea!

    I really want to see Desmond get back to Penny, too, since he is my favorite character. :)

    It kind of bothered me that Desmond and Sayid took guns on the chopper. How is that going to look to the ship people when the chopper lands??

    Do the Seychelles (sp?) have any significance? I know they're an island chain, and that's where the golf course supposedly was, according to Mr. A. Thanks for his name, 4everkid. I just looked up where they are, off the east coast of Africa. Isn't that kind of a remote place to be vacationing?? Puzzling!

  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    you asked about the possibility of Mr. Avellino's name being significant. I haven't seen anything yet. But I did just run across this on The Fuselage...
    Minkowski, the guy on the freighter, is named after Hermann Minkowski who was a German mathematician and physicist. He believed that time and space both existed together as opposed to being their own separate things.

    Forebearance -
    The fact that Ben told Michael to follow that exact bearing make it seem like he knew about this space/time warping, bubble of weirdness back then. (which really wasn't that long ago actually, island time.) But the fact that Desmond tried to sail out and ended up circling back to the island....well, he didn't know the proper way to get out. Why would Ben care if Micheal and Walt made it home safely? He just wanted them gone! Especially that unruly little "special" kid! He didn't want them circling back.

    Sayid vacationing at the Seychelles.... maybe his only reason for being there was to hunt down Mr. A and kill him.

    I am guessing that all the people on Sayid's list are the people behind whatever is going on with the Freighties. They might be reforming a group to come study the islands properties. Ben wants to keep this magical island and all its properties to himself. He has figured out how to use it to his advantage, and likes being the king of his little Utopian community. If he can kill off all the people who want to intrude on his island, he can stay in control. He is trying to turn the Losties against the Freighties, and tried to kill Charlotte himself. He got through to Locke, who killed Naomi for him.

    I am having a mental flashback of Mr. Friendly when he had his group of others surrounding our gang in the jungle. He said "This is OUR island!" Then he drew an imaginary line in the dirt. These people don't want visitors to their island.

    I have a feeling that the Freighties will get killed off, captured, or left behind, and the Oceanic 6 will be the only ones on the helicopter when it leaves - with Sayid in the drivers seat. Just a feeling.

    Back at the mental institution when Matthew Abaddon asked Hurley, "Are they still alive?" he might have been referring to his team, and not our castaways.
  14. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Elaine -

    Up until the finale of last season, everything that wasn't on the island was a flashBACK - a view into the former lives of the castaways and The Others.

    Then the writers pulled what they called a big "game changer" by making the season 3 finale with a flashFORWARD into the future, showing Jack (party of 5) AFTER he left the island. Jack has become a suicidal, pill-popping drunk, and seems to get no respect from anyone.

    In the final moments, we saw him meet Kate at the airport, trying to convince her that they have to go back, (to the island we presume). It was in that moment that most viewers had that AH HA moment and realized it was the future.

    From here on out, we will have a combination of flash backs and flash forwards. We will have to figure out each week if we are seeing the past or the future.

    Hugo "Hurley" (the big dude) and (the Iraqi) Sayid's episodes were flash forwards. They both made reference to the "Oceanic 6". Apparently 6 castaways make it off the island. So far we only know 4 of them.

    Last week (episode 2) was a flashBACK with the freighties. We saw them before they were assigned the job of coming to the island.

    Next week is Kate centric. I assume it will be a flashforward, since we already know she is one of the 6 who make it off the island. Hopefully we will find out how she came to be a free woman, when she was wanted by the law pre-island.

    Once we learn who the Oceanic 6 are, it will probably be tricky trying to figure out if we are seeing the past or future. We will have to really pay close attention to the "flashes" to get clues as to where in time they are.

    They will try to fool us like they did in Jacks flashforward! His mention of Christian (his father) as if he were still alive made things confusing. They will try to throw us off track!

    We will have to be very focused!

    No visitors, no phone calls, no talking, and no blinking during Lost! And if you are a true, dedicated fan, you will cry when its over.

    I hope that helped clarify the flashBACK and flashFORWARD situation. You may already understand all this, but just to be sure, I thought I would lay it all out for you. I don't want you to be confused, at least not any more confused than the rest of us!
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  15. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    was going on in the scene which began with Sayid praying and caring for Naomi's body. It was given way too much airtime to be taken at face value. Every one of those shots takes a lot of time to set up. I don't know how many cuts of Naomi there were but there were a lot. Also, simply having her in the scene the way she was and not as a lump under a blanket meant they had to pay her for the episode. I don't think we've seen the last of Naomi.

    Perhaps she will come to when the copter is out of range of whatever force operates on the island. I don't know but that was a very costly and time consuming send off for an actor who had been on the show for such a short time.

    I do think there is a big picture message beyond the time/space one. I also think it is no accident that there are so many references to Buddhist thought. It's a show which is totally tapping into the zeitgeist: Buddhism, quantum physics (a neat fit in themselves), environment.

    "Environment?" you say. The plight of the Polar Bears is big news now as their habitat is stressed by global warming. Sending them through a wormhole, or some such, to a sactuary which is somehow in the world but not of the world makes sense if you're creating a kind of non-space/time ark or zoo for animals and people.

    Yes, I know, I'm babbling. I'm going to go think about those names.

    Oh, one more babble. The original Dharma people would be pretty miffed at Ben for killing everyone. We don't know what things were like on the island before he did but it seems as though the idea was some kind of Utopia. So, they would probably be coming for Ben, yes? And, if Ben got away, it would be they he would want to eliminate. But, Ilsa did not seem at all Utopian minded so never mind!

    Ok, I promise not to say anything more from inside the fog. Hey, that's what the black monster cloud is!!! It's FOG!

    I promise not to say another word until I look at the Lost sites!


  16. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    We need to keep our priorities straight don't we?? We can't be missing our TV shows especially Lost!!

  17. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Elaine -
    I am glad that helped. I wasn't really sure if you needed all that or not. But I thought, if you aren't aware of this new aspect of the show - seeing into the future - then it would be MEGA confusing. Anyway, hopefully it will make more sense to you now.
    If you can't rewatch the flashforward episodes, you can always read the detailed synopsis at lostpedia.com. They cover what happened in detail, plus general trivia, cultural references, recurring themes, and new questions for each episode.

    Rafiki -
    You think YOU are babbling? Have you looked at MY posts! I am embarrassed, but I can't stop myself.

    You are right. Those Dharma people must be way beyond upset. A lot of time and money went into building all those facilities on this island, and hauling all the supplies and materials there. The swan hatch was a freaking geodesic dome underground! YOu know that was no easy task. Not to mention all the lives lost.

    But here's this island, with all these mysterious physical properties, and the only thing standing in their way of continuing (that we know of) is Ben and his motley crew of Others.

    Sometimes with this show, things make more sense in retrospect. When we originally saw the Orientation film that told of the purpose of the Dharma Initiative, there was so much going on, the film was choppy....even Locke said, "I'm going to have to watch that again."

    But the film stated:
    The alleged purpose of the Initiative was to create "a large-scale communal research compound where scientists and free-thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and Utopian social_____(static)" (engineering maybe??)

    Knowing what we know now, we can see how those areas of research relate to all the stations, the mysteries of the island, and the stuff going on in Otherville. The extreme electromagnetic energy is still there, Otherville and the stations are there, and all the whispers and spirits abound. So it stands to reason that Dharma would return.

    And now, we have these new people show up... a physisist, an anthropoligist, a medium.... not who you would expect them to send just to capture or kill a guy. But they do fit in nicely with Dharma's research projects. I think there is a grander scheme than just finding Ben.

    I don't know what to think of Naomi. They did really focus on her a lot. Miles communicated with her spirit, and called her body nothing but "meat" - which leads me to think shes dead. But Miles could have been lying. She could have whispered to him, "I'm not really dead, play along." I thought Patchy was dead several times before he actually was. So if Naomi suddenly sat up and pulled a gun, I probably wouldn't be surprised.

    And look at Christian Shepherd. That guy has a more active life as a dead guy than I do fully alive!

    I did find two things suspicious about Naomi. First, why didn't they just bury her there, on the island? And why did Sayid insist on taking her body with them on the chopper? They may be around for a while, and she is going to get pretty smelly soon. Do they really want that on the ship? Or does Sayid suspect she's still alive, and want to keep her close by him?

  18. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    ""I'm either going to RENT the former shows with all of the "Flash Forwarding" ...... or read about them. ""

    Elaine - There have only been 3 flashforwards so far:

    Season 3:22 2 hour Finale - "Through the Looking Glass" - Jack
    Season 4:1 - "The Beginning of the End" - Hurley
    Season 4:3 - "The Economist" - Sayid

    "The Economist" will be rerun (enhanced!) before the new episode on Thurdsay. Plus, you can watch them all online for free! Go to abc.com, and click "full episodes"

    Now....brace yourself. You will have to go Houseless for a few months. House has run out of episodes for now. They will be putting together 4-6 new ones to air in April-May. So, the good news is, you can still date on Tuesdays!
  19. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    yes, but why even have a conversation about Naomi being meat? You know? They made rather a lot of her being dead: she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead.


    Of course, they could just be yanking my chain.

  20. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Do the guys watch lost? If they do you can invite them over for a date to watch. One at a time of course. If they don't, you are better off without them anyway!!

    Just kidding of course!!