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    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~
    ............ 4:6 "The Other Woman" ............

    Tonight we have a Juliet-centric episode... a good old-fashioned island flashback. We will learn a little more about Juliet's role in Otherville, plus some other new and exciting stuff.

    .·´¯`·.¸.·´¯` ><((((º>.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`><((((º>.¸.·´¯`·.

    Update on the layout of season 4:

    People have been wondering what will happen to the 3 episodes we DON'T get this season. Last year, the writers had planned to finish the story in EXACTLY 48 episodes - 16 per season. But now this season has been cut to 13.

    Here's the plan : They will still end this season at the same place as originally planned. But they have had to rewrite this seasons remaining episodes to fit into 5 hours instead of 8. We will still get those three extra hours, but they will roll over into seasons 5 & 6.

    I am glad to hear that the writers strike did not cheat us out of three hours of valuable Lost time!

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    ¸.* ¸.*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•- 9 hours till showtime!

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    I am going to spend the night at Molly's tonight so that we can watch the show together! We have never done this before. Both of our hubby's are out of town, so we will have the house to ourselves!!

    PJ Party at Molly's house! Cannot wait for the show to start!

    Thanks for the info 4everkid! I was wondering what they were going to do!!

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    That Ben is one slimy dude...."see you at dinner".

    The Harper character bugged me at first cuz she looked so familiar. That actress played Tommy Gavin's wife on Rescue Me, she looked a lot different tho.

    So cruel of Ben to take Juliet out to see Goodwin's decomposing body, that was disgusting. I felt so bad for her, I really liked Goodwin too...pretty handsome for an Other!

    So who do you guys think is the man on the boat? Ben told Locke he better sit down before he told him, so who knows what he has up his sleeve. I've heard rumors on who it is, but don't want to spoil it in case it is true.

    I cracked up when Ben asked Locke if the rabbit he fixed for dinner had a number on it....I don't think Locke thought it was funny!
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    This episode was kind of a letdown for me after last weeks thrill ride. But I guess they had to lay some more groundwork for upcoming events.

    From this episode we learned:

    ~~Ben has plans to gas the island again, or at least he has the means.

    ~~The freighties are determined to disable the gas. (Why didn't Dan & Charlotte just tell the group about the gas, and the need to disable it?)

    ~~Harper leads Juliet to believe that Dan and Char are going to deploy the gas and that Ben wants Juliet to be the ONE to kill them. Why Juliet? Another attempt to get someone to prove their dedication to him, like when Locke was told to bring the dead body of his father?

    ~~Juliet was chosen to be Ben's. She looks just like "her." Could "her" be the woman in the painting seen in Ben's house last season? (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Ben%27s_painting)

    ~~Jealous of Goodwin, Ben sends him on a suicide mission to be rid of him.

    ~~Zach & Emma, the tailie kids are mentioned! (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Zack) They were on "the list." I felt so bad for those poor kids, asking about their mom.

    ~~A tearful Juliet is hesitant to discuss the Tempest and its purpose. Later they trade comments about things that they'd prefer to ignore from their past. Then she tells Jack, "Trust me, Jack, you don't want to see my file." Did Juliet have some previous involvement with The Tempest? Or is she just feeling guilty over Goodwins death?

    ~~Ben tells Locke that Widmore is the owner of the freighter and has been searching for the island. He has plans to exploit it.

    ~~Ben trades his knowledge about Widmore, and the identity of his man on the boat for his own freedom. Ben has manipulated Locke yet again! And WE still have to wait to find out who "the man" is!

    ~~The jungle whispers were back, louder than ever. Still can't understand a word of it. The whispers signaled the arrival and departure of Harper.

    Fun stuff:

    ~~Hurley is still lucky, on the island at least.

    ~~Harper made Mr. Friendly cry in a discussion about his daddy issues.

    ~~Juliet called herself an "Other". This was the first time any of the Others have used that term.

    ~~Back in the early seasons, the episode titles usually reflected something both on the island, and in the flashback. "The Other Woman" has a threefold meaning. Juliet was Goodwins other woman, Jacks other woman, but was intended to be Ben's "Other" woman.

    ~~Locke prepared Rabbit for Bens dinner. Ben looks all skeeved out and asks if the rabbit had a number on it. If Locke had replied "yes, number 15" would Ben have eaten it???

    ~~Ben, with his fresh linens, snappy walk and cheerful attitude...."See you guys at dinner!" Priceless.

    One of Harper's diplomas has the Hanso logo on it. Another Dharma convert.
    The fact that Ben taped over the Red Sox game (the tape he showed Jack just 29 days ago) indicates that the footage of Widmore, and Ben's man being killed, happened in the last month.

    That WAS cruel of Ben to show Juliet poor dead Goodwin! This guy is pure evil!
    I don't think Locke could have gotten Ben's comment about the number on the rabbit. Locke doesn't know yet about the rabbit experiments seen in the Orchid video. (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Orchid_Orientation_film)

    I suspect the man on the boat is the person we know is returning, that they have not tried very hard to keep secret from us. I HOPE it's someone else more shocking...like someone we think is dead!

    Molly & Dar - how was the Lost PJ party?
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    Happy to hear it wasn't as great episode... that's not very nice of me, is it.

    Thank you 4everkid for the update... and oh so cool ornamentation!

    I'm so out of the loop that I don't even know who is rumoured to be on the ship/coming back. My guess is Jack's father. Is he a candidate? I say that only because he popped into my head for no reason while reading. Unassailable logic, what? He has been seen on the island and Jack does attend, alone, a funeral for someone later on. Kinda boring and pointless, though. I should shut up now :~)

    Off LOST topic: 4everkid, lovely new art. You asked what people wanted to see. I would very much like to see the animals in rooms series, please. (Oh please, oh please, oh pretty please :~) With text they would make a smashing children's book. Also, do you make prints? I would imagine they would sell quite briskly. I have messed around a bit with coloured pencils and also appreciate what you have shared re technique. Thanks much!

    Peace out all,

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    Thank you 4everkid for the great post! The PJ party was fun!!

    I thought that maybe Ben wanted Juliet to be the one to kill those two may be a way for Jack and company to lose trust in her? Maybe to try to develope a wedge between them? Just at thought, not really sure about that one.

    Ben was so funny just moseying around very casually then saying "see you at dinner". What a creep! And I don't believe a word he says ever!! Juliet should have known better too!

    Wonder what the rest of those others are doing. The mention of those kids really tugged at my heartstrings. I wonder if the mention forshadows something coming related to them??

    Hubby missed the show, so he'll have to watch next week with the subtitles!!

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    Rafiki -

    Being out of the loop is a good thing with Lost. It's no fun to know stuff in advance. But the person I was referring to is listed in the credits and has been widely discussed since the summer. They MADE me know! It takes the shock value out of the coming reveal. But we really don't know where this credited cast member will show up. I may yet be surprised by who turns out to be the man on the boat.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my artwork! I will take this one down pretty quick, since i hate it. I will definitely put up some other animals because they better represent my body of work. I think I have a few requests for the floating man/cityscape. You will like it too, its crazy. I got dizzy and befuddled creating it, just from the perspective. I just don't know if it will transfer down to tiny-size well.

    Dar -

    Excellent point about Ben driving a wedge between Juliet and Jack by having her kill the people Jack believes are there to save them!! He drove another wedge in telling Juliet that Goodwin and Anna Lucia were close. Ben is a champion wedge driver!

    Sometimes I wonder if the writers add those little references and glimpses of the kids just to assure us they haven't forgotten about them. I hope in the end, they get to go home.

  8. Rafiki

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    They made you know. Of course, being the sucker that I am, I would immediately assume it was a misdirect. All you have to do to surprise the heck out of me is do the expected.

    It is clear that need to spend some time at Lostpedia.

    Your art is really wonderful. And, yes, I am confident that I will very much enjoy the floating man. I'm playing the odds. I felt pretty sure we'd get to see that one but I want to see all of them. Greedy, plain and simple.

    Off to Lostpedia.


    PS It would be so much fun to watch LOST in jammies with a sister!
  9. Rafiki

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    Did anyone else see the pic?

    Well, that's not all that exciting, really. Now, it would be very cool if it wasn't him, the pic. was planted and everything was a huge red herring! He seems like a nice guy; I hope he comes back but I hope there are bigger surprises on the freighter than that. I'm sure there are.

    What about what's her name who's body was taken back for absolutely no good reason? I just wanted to mention that again before I read anything about her on Lostpedia. What was that all about?

    Ok, I'm gonna be quiet now. :~)
  10. 4everkid

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    Rafiki -
    Yeah, they MADE me know (that a certain original cast member is returning.) You don't have to go to lostpedia for this. Its been all over the tv entertainment news programs. And if you don't watch those, the name is in the opening credits. I would rather have been surprised.

    Some people assume this person is the man on the boat. Could be, but then might not. No one actually knows. There have been no clues that I know of to tell us who Ben's man is yet. People just assume. I hope to be blow away by whoever it turns out to be.
  11. Rafiki

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    there is a very incriminating picture which, I suppose, could have been photoshopped but...

    surely there's something more exciting on that freighter! I think it's true but it's not the big revelation. And, we know, there is always a BIG revelation.

    So, while everyone's talking about that, what's really going to happen?!

  12. mollystwin

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    Duh! I didn't occur to me that the returning person could be the man on the boar!! That actually makes some sense. But I wonder if it really will be him. It would shock Locke that is for sure, and Ben said Locke would be shocked!

    Another thing that occurred to me as I was watching last night is that before this season started there were rumblings about a love trianlge involving Kate and Jack. Well that turned out to be more of a square because really there are four people in the triangle! Why did Jack kiss Juliet if he really loves Kate? Because he thinks she is withe Sawyer maybe? For some reason it irritates me that he kissed her.

    And Rafiki, I also have been known to be surprised when they do what is expected!! LOL.

  13. Rafiki

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    Not to worry! No one would suspect that he's the man on the boar!

    Those of us who are surprised by the expected and the unexpected have the best time. Life is always so astonishing!

  14. Forebearance

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    After watching this episode, my feeling was "I don't know whose side to be on!" Should I be on the side of the freighties, or on Ben and Locke's side? Who has the good intentions, really?

    Did anyone buy Ben's explanation to Locke of why Widmore is interested in the island? I mean, please! I can't believe how gullible Locke is when it come to what Ben tells him.

    Would people really kill others and themselves in order to protect an island from being overrun with tourists? I mean, Locke was right there when Miss Clue said "shoot me!"

    The way people who know about the island behave implies that there is something very important about it. Or that they're an insane cult. But Mr. Widmore isn't in the cult.

    I liked knowing more about the history of Juliet and Ben!

    Speaking of daddy issues, Tom and Ben and Alex all have them too, apparently.

    We've never been told what Ben's profession is. Now I think he might actually be a veterinarian. He wanted to look at Juliet's slide in the microscope as if he would understand what it meant.

    Thanks for pointing out the Red Sox game was the one Ben showed Jack.

    This episode jumped around so much, timewise, that it was really confusing for me!

  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance -
    You make an excellent point on just how far people have gone to protect the island. Dying to prevent tourism? You're right! No way!

    I believe that Widmore might want to exploit the island, but not in the "step right up and see the crippled man walk" kind of way. Maybe he wants to harness the time traveling properties for his own use. If he could use this to travel even a few minutes back in time, he could always be one step and a few minutes ahead of his enemies.

    I agree, that there is something much bigger to protect here, even if the above remark turns out to be wrong. And they still could be an insane cult on top of all this.

    I am also confused as to who to believe. I am starting to wonder if Dan & Charlotte (and maybe Miles) are on a different mission than the rest of Widmore's crew. Maybe they have ulterior motives - orders from someone else besides Widmore. They know about the purge. So they must be in contact with Dharma people. How else would they know about anything that happened on this island? How would anyone out there know anything about the island??? It's invisible, its secret, and no one ever leaves except Ben's people. Maybe Widmore has a mole in the Other's camp.

    Ben has proven that he is a liar, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants this island for his own. Miles said something to him about knowing who he is and what he can do, like he is a super powerful individual. Ben doesn't want to give that power up to Widmore or anyone else. So maybe he is trying to convince the Losties that they are in danger, so they will kill off the boat people for him.

    I say, trust NO ONE! Both sides want the island and the powers it holds, but neither side should have it.

    Once I realized what was going on with Ben, basically ordering Juliet as his mate, he creeped me out even more than usual. This demented little troll, with all the charm of Gollum in khakis..."Your MINE!(my precioussssss)"

    EEEEEWWWWW!!! Gnome-e-o and Juliet!

    Did anything interesting turn up in the pop up captions for last weeks show? I was watching Survivor, and trying to check in on American Idol and Lost on the commercials. I have a feeling you will have to give up the enhanced reruns when Grey's Anatomy returns to its spot and Lost moves into the spot following it.
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    questions and answers. I agree it helps sooo much. I don't have too many comments about this episode, its kinda like a "link" episode (as someone pointed out earlier).

    I do have to say, and no one's going to agree with me, but after Hurley, my favorite character is BEN. Oooo, he's so evil, I just love to hate him, and the dry humor sends me over the edge. I think I'm in love!

  17. Bruin63

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    I have been saying all along, that, Jealousy is at the core, of Ben's manipulating people.
    It seems to drive him.

    I think the, "she" they are saying that Juliet looks like, is probably his mother, or, a woman from his past.

    I also thought that, Widmore, was behind the Boat and the attempts to get onto the Island.
    With the forcefield around it, it screws everything up.
    SO they do need the Teleporting, and Timetravling to get there it seems.

    I am wondering how his Crew came about, and what lead him to Daniel and his expermints.
    and Charrolate, (gads sp is awful).

    The person who will be the big surprise is Michael, but what I want to know is where is Walt.?
    If Michael is on the Boat, what happened to his son.

    Also I am pretty sure, that "Aaron" is Clares son.
    but I don't think, they will call him a part of the Oceanic 6.

    Next week we do find out more about Sun and her baby, wondering if she will get off the Island, but Jin won't,..
    that would be so sad if that happens.

    Glad they brought back some of the Whisperings, of the Island, makes it more spooky, plus that Rain, seens to come during the bad times.

    I want to know more about Jacob and the Ship, I think they are apart of the Island's Denfence system.
    It does seem to protect itself from Invaders.

    They way they show Storms, I think maybe to ship got to close to the Island and one of the Weird storms, tossed in Inland.

    Also the planes seem to crash, a lot too.
    I remember thinking last year, how people can't seem to leave the Island.

    And how it seemed to supply their need's. Like healing Locke, and Sun getting pregrant, etc.

    I really want to know more about the Island, right now, because they seem to have left off some of the plots, they had going about it.

    Looking forward to next Thurs,,,

    oh yeah there is a Great Artice in the TV Guide again about Lost.
    That's the only time I buy it these day's, lol.
    Have a great weekend all,

  18. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    on the Sundance Channel, tonight, 7:15PT. they are showing, Kurt Vonneurts, "Slaughterhouse Five".

    They had made a reference to this Story, about Time-Trips, on Lost,

    just in case anyone would like to watch it.
    My ex-DH is a big Fan, of Vonneurts, and writes along thoes lines, of Sci-fi.
    I read it once, but I think I'll catch the Movie, to see if it makes more sense ,,,,,

    Gee what a Concendance huh? lol
  19. 4everkid

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    I love the character of Ben too. In a love/hate/pity/distrust kind of way. He truly adds a whole new layer to this show. I just can't say enough good things about Michael Emerson's acting ability!

    Bruin -
    I have a feeling "her" is his mother too. There's Annie, his childhood girlfriend, but I have a feeling she is still in the picture somewhere. Ben is just psycho enough to have a mama complex!

    I bet Ben is the only one with the means and the knowhow to come and go from the island. And if there is time travel involved, he is the lone master of that too. That's why they want him

    I am much more curious about Walt than Michael. Michael is not going to be very popular if/when he returns to this place, especially with Hurley!

    I also want to know more about the island, the monster and the magical properties, whatever they are. But I have a feeling this is going to be one of the last things they reveal.

    It seems about time for someone to die. I don't want any of them to die! But I am getting nervous, wondering who will be next. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not poor Desmond! Since he followed his destiny and pushed the buttons and turned the key (as Ms Hawking told him) I hope the writers don't think he has filled his requirements in the storyline. I will not be satisfied till Des gets to go home and reunite with Penny! He does not belong here.
  20. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I agree, 4everkid, that Ben has many of the required qualities of a good cult leader. He's manipulative and feels superior to everyone and thinks he owns people.

    I agree with you, Painterz, that Ben is one of my favorite characters. He manages to be evil and yet to make me feel sorry for him at the same time! I think the "she" is his former wife, who probably died while pregnant, and I bet it was his childhood sweetheart Annie.

    One thing that bugged me at first was that Juliet, Penny, and Jack's ex-wife all look so similar that I couldn't tell them apart. I thought "What is with this casting director??"

    I really hope they don't kill Desmond, too!!!

    One thing I thought of while watching this episode a second time was "Hey, where is Desmond's boat? Shouldn't it be parked in Otherville, at the dock?"

    Okay, I will trust no one.