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    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~
    ............... 4:7 "Ji Yeon" ...............

    I have been poking around trying to find out what to expect with this weeks JIN/SUN episode. I am avoiding real spoilers...just looking for hints. I wanted to know if it's going to be another "filler" or a "shocker."

    Sounds like we may be in for a wild ride tonight!

    I don't know about you guys, but I am excited. I don't know the details, just that it will be perplexing and there may be a need for hankies. The ending will be shocking, and its something above and beyond the one we are already expecting.

    As you are preparing the coffee table for tonights viewing, try to include the following:

    **Quality tissues or hankies
    **A DOUBLE pointed thinking cap
    **a portable personal defibrillator - fully charged and ready.

    Alert family and friends to give you an EXTRA half hour of dumbfounded confusion time after the show ends, before expecting you to be able to speak coherently or communicate.

    Now.... I can't wait to see what all this shock and confusion is about!

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    I'm going right now to make my double pointed thinking cap!!!

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    Well, that was a great episode! Just when you think you are on top of the flashback/flashforward thing, they go and do this... Both!

    So well written! I loved the way they moved along in Sun's future and Jin's past at the same time, seemingly telling the same story. Then at the end, the converging storylines branch off and makes sense. A masterpiece!

    From my after show surfing, I learned that Jins tombstone gave his birth and death dates, as well as Sun's birthdate. His death date was carved Sept 22, 2004. The day of the crash!

    The Oceanic 6 were all given a cover story to tell, when asked about the fate of 815. "There were only 8 survivors, two died, yada yada yada.." Everyone else supposedly died on Sept 22.

    So since Jins fake death date coincides with the crash and the cover story, and we know he is still alive 3 months after that date, does this mean that he could still be alive on the island? Sun is forced to pretend he's dead?? How horrible would that be! That could be the reason she will end up wanting to go back to the island like Jack & Hurley.

    So far, the flashforwards we have seen have been in backwards order. Jacks was farthest into the future, Hurley's a little less, Sayid, Kate...with Sun's being closest to the time of rescue.

    The news from Captain Gault, that Ben was responsible for staging the fake crash site... if true, then Ben is the greatest evil genius mastermind ever! More powerful than I imagined. And yeah, where would he get 300 something dead bodies?

    And finally, the long expected Michael returns, now known as Kevin Johnson. Even though I am regretfully NOT surprised, this still should be very interesting. I have soooooo many questions regarding "Mr. Johnson" and his whereabouts, and his giant ghost son's activities over the past few months.

    Luckily, next weeks episode is titled "Meet Kevin Johnson"! So maybe I won't have to wait long for some answers. I may need a three pronged cap for that episode!
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    all I know is that I really liked this episode but the constant shift in going forward then backward is waaayyy too much for my brain to handle. Thank God for ya'll sorting things out. I'm going to watch it again on ABC on-line and see if things come together a little better now...then I'll get back to ya.

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    Yes there will be a break. We get #8 next week, then episode #9 on April 24 - a month and an hour later. It will be hard! But I'm just glad they went back to work and wrote 5 more. Some shows just gave up for the season. The 2 hour finale will be split into two episodes, over two weeks, thanks to Grey's Anatomy - the big timeslot indian givers!

    I thought it was odd that Jin looked younger in his flashback. There were clues, but I was still surprised at the reveal. Jin had an old model cell phone. The toy store clerk mentioned the year of the dragon, which puts Jin's flashback at 2000.

    So I guess baby Aaron was considered one of the Oceanic 6, because we are supposed to know them ALL now.

    PainterZ, you are not alone in your confusion. There were a lot of people on the Fuselage who didn't catch on. There were some who believed that guy in the hall outside Sun's hospital room was Jin. He looked like him, but wasn't. The writers like to keep us confused, so you are right where they want you to be.

    The make-up people are so good at making characters look younger or older. Juliet always looks so young in her flashbacks. Then I noticed last week that they must have put bright blue contacts on her for the flashbacks- her irises were big and vivid blue. Her eyes are actually more of a grey blue. But it did give her a more innocent, younger look.

    Did anyone catch the show on Sun's tv screen? It was Nikki in her program "Expose."

    The upside down book that Regina was pretending to read was "The Survivors of the Chancellor" by Jules Verne, about a shipwreck. Could this foreshadow trouble for the freighter?

    Wonder what Frank's errand was? Did the Captain send him to bring back Miles, Charlotte and Daniel? Or Ben??

    I just watched an interview with Harold P. (Michael). He said that next week, they will cover a LOT of info about what happened with him & Walt. I am so excited!
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    I want one more oceanic 5 and it needs to be Sawyer!!!

    Also Desmond needs to be saved and get back to Penny and he wouldn't count as part of the 6.

    Thanks for the tombstone info 4everkid. I impressed my coworkers today with this info, but then fessed up that I got it here!! Everyone is so confused! How would we ever figure any of this out without the internet?? And the smart people here.

    Wasn't Hurley a sweetie to come and see Sun and the baby? And what an adorable baby! I was so surprised at the twist of going forward and backward in time. I kept saying to hubby, what is the deal with the Panda??? That has got to mean something!! Turns out it wasn't even for his baby!!

    And the note that says not to trust the captain. From Michael I presume?

    Next week looks good. We will have to enjoy that one because we will be without for a while. A whole month and an hour.

  7. Forebearance

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    I was thinking the same thing about the panda, Dar. Why was Jin so intent on buying it? And it turned out to be clarified for us.

    Oh, man, I didn't think about the possibility that Jin could still be alive on the island! That would be awfully hard!!!

    But then why did Hurley want to go 'see him' like you do for truly dead people?

    There was a bit of foreshadowing when Jin promised to do anything he had to do to ensure Sun and the baby's safety.

    Wasn't it interesting that Hurley was glad none of the other Oceanic Six came to visit Sun? I wonder why.

    I agree -- Sun's baby was really cute!

    Should we trust the captain when he says that Ben is responsible for creating a faked flight 815 crash site?

    Watching this episode, I thought "Good old Bernard".

    I still have thoughts careening around from past episodes. Like:

    It was sure chilling the way Juliet was certain Ben would win any war with the freighties. The way she said it, it almost sounded like she understood WHY he would win. I wish Jack had asked her "Why?" at that point.

    If Claire is still alive, I don't understand why she would have put Aaron on the helicopter to be taken to safety without her. Island life is not so bad, especially for a little kid, and it would be better for him to be with his mother, no matter where that was. Wouldn't it?

    If poison gas released over the whole island killed most of the Dharma people, why didn't it also kill the animals on the island? I'm not sure I buy that the tidal wave station (my mind is blanking on what it's actually called) is not a power station. Is it really only for releasing poison gas?? If so, how odd!

    It seems odd that a utopian research community would have such life-and-death accessories like a fence that can kill people and a poison gas distribution system, doesn't it? It doesn't seem to fit with the Dharma group's purposes, as they've been shown to us.

    When is Sayid going to make the mistake based on his emotions getting the better of his judgment? (as Ben was scolding him for in a previous episode) It might be coming up soon!

    It occurred to me before this episode that the scene of Kate and Sawyer in the bedroom might be the last time they see each other. It had a sense of finality to it.

    The break will be hard, but thank goodness we don't have to wait until next season!

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    I had a feeling that there would be a twist, at the end.
    I noticed, that when Sun looked at the Dr. who was wearing a mask, he would suddenly look like Jin's Eye's,
    even the guy in the hall way, at first looked like Jin, but we saw him, as he really was.

    I think Jin, made a Deal, to get Sun and the Baby off the Island so they would live.
    I think he is still alive, but who know's for sure right now.

    Next week, we will see, "Libby", according to unnamed sorces, I am wondering, if it will be with Hurley or maybe Desmond.

    I also think that Clare, will send Aaron off the Island with Kate.
    She too would be making a Sacarifice, to save her Child.

    Not sure who, will be Killed off, next week, hope it is Not Sawyer, Jin, or Clare, but it seem's likely , with Kate, Jack,and Hurley's, flashforward's.
    Sun's too now,

    and also with Sayid& Desmond, being already off the Island and on the boat already, that it probably isn't one of them.

    It could also be Locke, and that is how Ben escaped, and was shown in a Flashforward.

    Seem's like Ben, makes Deals with Blackmail behind them.

    Also, wasn't there another List, ??? seems like they had one, on the Boat too.

    I am wondering, just Who, the 2 people were, that Kate couldn't save, they said 8 survived, but only 6 made it off, so who, died?
    Maybe Jin and Clare, are the 2, because they both Include a storyline with Baby's in them.
    Kate has Aaron, and now we know that Sun, has a healthy Baby girl.

    So that could account for the 2, that didn't make it, and also why there was a Headstone for Jin.

    Gonna watch all the show's again this weekend, I have to be in bed anyway, so that helps to take my mind off of things.

    Have a great weekend, all.

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    kjm -
    That's what I say....Aaron wasn't on flight 815! He should be a freebie. But they have confirmed that he is #6.

    Dar -
    In my own mind, going back to civilization doesn't necessarily equal "saved." Jack is miserable, Hurley is living in an asylum, Sayid is a hit man... I am actually rooting for most of these people to end up choosing to stay on the island, (that is, if they get back.) But not Desmond. He completed his destiny (buttons+key), so now he belongs with Penny. If they kill him, I am going down there to Hawaii and demanding a miracle resurrection!

    Forebearance -
    Good point about Hurley requesting to go "see him" (Jin). So maybe Jin really does die. This episode did provide evidence of Jin's redemption, just like everyone else who dies. The same guy who used to demand his wife follow him and his orders, is now content to follow her wherever she chooses to go. He forgave her, and took the blame for her affair. Big change from the old Jin!

    That was strange that Hurley was glad no one else came to see Sun. Could it have something to do with what he said to Jack later in the future, about being sorry he chose Locke's side? Embarrassed and ashamed to face the others maybe?

    Ben faking the crash site was a shocker! I don't know if I believe the Captain either. He could be trying to turn the Losties against Ben even more.

    "Why" is a question that rarely ever gets asked on this show. I think Juliet knows a lot more than she lets on.

    tleaw -
    Welcome! Glad you decided to come here and share in the mass confusion! That was disturbing seeing Regina jump off the boat in chains. "Cabin fever?" She did seem a mess reading her upside-down book. There is also a screen shot of an axe in the wall of the freighter. And the blood stained wall with an upwards spatter... like someone shot themself in the head. Seems like there is a lot of "cabin fever" going around. I wonder if it has to do with the time anomaly? Maybe it FEELS like they have been there a lot longer than they really have.

    sharonk -
    Next week is about Michael/"Kevin." It is supposed to fill in what happened from the time we saw him leave with Walt, till now. Since he killed Libby, I don't know how she could show up in his flashback, unless they start at the point where he killed her. I would love it, for Hurley's sake, if she turned up alive!

    I don't feel like Desmond is safe on the boat. That boat is filled with angry, suicidal people, and an evil Captain. It feels like a catastrophe waiting to happen. We know Sayid survives, but I am worried about poor Desmond.

    You are suggesting that in the fabricated story of the crash, Jin & Claire are the 2 they are pretending died, to explain the existence of the babies? Makes sense. Not sure how her pregnancy fits with the timeline of Jin's fake death the day of the crash. The baby was conceived 37 days after the crash. I guess as long as no one questions that, she could get away with it.

    How come you have to spend the weekend in bed Sharonk? Are you not feeling well? I hope whatever it is, that you feel better soon.

    PainterZ -
    Did you rewatch yet? And is it making more sense on second viewing?

  10. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I'm still "Lost" in thought:

    Is Ben still motivated to kill John?
    Or is John no longer a threat since he couldn't find Jacob's cabin?
    Does that mean Ben might be motivated to kill Hurley, since Hurley saw the cabin?

    I'm feeling nervous about Ben being "on the loose".

    I agree that the boat doesn't feel really safe. Wasn't that room that Desmond and Sayid were shown gruesome? Not only cockroaches (ugh), but a bloodstain like someone had shot themselves.

    Thinking ahead...
    If some of the Oceanic Six decide to go back to the island to rescue more people, Kate couldn't go, because of her probation.

    If they did go back to the island, assuming they knew how to find it, it would be incredibly expensive. I wonder if Hurley has any money left from his lottery winnings. Maybe he could finance a rescue mission.

    He was wearing a pretty nice suit in this recent episode, when he went to visit Sun.

    Back to this week's episode...
    I wonder, too, about the "cabin fever" that made Regina commit suicide. What is up with that?
    The one crew member thought the boat was moving. Hmmm.
    What if the boat drifts closer to the island.
    What would happen?

    If the ship gets too close to the island, will it be unable to get away? Like Desmond's boat was trapped?

    Also, the fact that the fancy phone isn't working seems odd and ominous.

    And the way Frank was described as going on an "errand" to the island seems ominous. What, was he going to the island to pick up some milk and a loaf of bread? Not likely!

  11. 4everkid

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    Forebearance -

    Following suit on your thinking ahead train of thought....

    Now that Ben's free, he can pay Miles his 3.2 million in extortion money. Miles will claim Ben's already dead, and kill Charlotte, who has seen Ben and knows he's alive. (Seems like he would have to kill Dan too, since he and Charlotte are such buddies.)
    But, Miles is locked up in the boat house, and may still have a grenade clenched in his teeth. Ben will have to talk Locke into freeing him or free him himself.

    And if all that happens, will the freighter turn around and head home - mission complete? I have a feeling none of this will go as planned for Ben or Miles.

    On the subject of Kate returning.... The flashforwards were seen in backwards sequence, with Jack and Hurley being the furthest into the future, and both feeling the need to go back. When we saw Jack at an earlier date in Hurleys flashforward, he had not reached the point of feeling the need to return quite yet. I think Kate will eventually reach that point too. And if she does reach the state of urgency that we saw with Jack, I doubt if any probation restrictions will stop her. Stay-at-home Kate is against character. Kate is always determined to go on all missions.

    The thought of the ship getting too close to the island is an intriguing idea. They would be stuck there with all the rest, probably crazy, armed and aggressive, and possibly unstuck in time! Probably a lot like what Danielle described with her people.

    At the beginning of the episode, there was this exchange between Frank and one of the boat guys:
    KEAMY: Lapidus! You're ready?
    LAPIDUS: I'll be up.
    KEAMY: Don't be late, Frank.

    Then Frank went below to take lima beans to Sayid and Des.

    What did Keamy mean by "don't be late"? Is there a schedule? It almost sounds like Keamy went with Frank on his errand. But why the demand for punctuality? Is something going down at a certain time? Did he mean late to get to the helicopter to leave, or late in returning? Could this have anything to do with the messed up time flow? Or did he just not want Frank to spend too much time hangin out with the island boys below deck?

    Franks errand is strange. My first thought was that he was going to retrieve his group, or kill Ben. But I like your idea... milk and a loaf of bread. Funny!

    But actually, if you think about it, the freighter had no food left but lima beans. (That could drive a person to commit suicide in itself!) And back on the island, they have a SWEET, high-class breakfast bar and all the Dharma food you could imagine! Island fruit, fresh boar, a COW, and whatever Sun was growing in her garden. Maybe he WAS going for some food!

    Elaine - here's what you need: You know those little signs you see on shop doors, with the little clock face and the spinny hands? Get one of those and hang it around your neck at 5 minutes till Lost. Write on there, "Out for Lost. Will return at:" then set your clock dial to allow for after show shock and brain reset time. Get yourself one of those big ear cone devices, like they used in the olden days before hearing aids. Point your cone towards the tv screen when your guest is talking. If all that doesn't work, you may have to resort to duct tape (which fixes EVERYTHING!) Apply that to your guest's mouth when the subtle hints don't work. I think he/she might get it then.

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  12. 4everkid

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    Here's a strange piece of trivia from this episode.

    The bag that the nurses put Sun's wedding ring in was labeled with the name Kwon Sung Hieh, which is not Sun's name Sun-Hwa Kwon. (It was in Korean, a font that did not transfer over to this message board.)

    The writers and prop designers KNOW that we fans examine and analyze the small details like this. The writers said themselves that every prop is chosen for a reason. So we look - intently.

    So is Sun using an alias now, did the nurses screw up, or is this just a prop error?

    The nurses recognized her as one of the O-6. Could she have assumed the identity of another Korean woman who was on the flight manifest and died? Could she be hiding from her father who would be able to see through her lie that Jin is dead?

    Jin was given the job by Paik to deliver a mysterious watch to someone in LA, and threatened if he didn't complete the task. That watch ended up with Michael. We don't know the importance of the watch, but could it have been important enough for Paik to go hunt down the island to find it - blowing the cover story and endangering the lives of the ones who are still stranded there? Does Sun even know about the watch?

    Or maybe she is living under a fake name to avoid the media.

    The writers usually do a podcast after each episode and answer questions like this. Hopefully some fan will ask if the name on the bag was purposeful, or an error by the prop dept.

    Just found this in an article on Entertainment Weekly's site:

    Why did Regina kill herself? Because she was inconsolable over the death of her lover — the late, Locke-knifed Brit Naomi. Remember the inscription on her bracelet? 'N, I'll always be with you, R.G.' Yep: I'm thinking Regina is 'R.G.'

    I don't think this is any more than speculation, but still, an interesting possibility.

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  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Yes, Elaine, get those headphones that hard of hearing people use to watch the tv with the volume up!! Then you could block out all other noise.

    Well, 4everkid, what if Miles just told Charlotte and Dan that he had killed Ben? Then he wouldn't need to kill C and D.

    When the guy on the ship told Frank not to be late, I assumed it meant Frank was supposed to meet with the captain and the captain did not like to be kept waiting. Given Frank's laid-back Bahamas lifestyle, he might not be the punctual type. It just shows you how different people can interpret things differently.

    Your ideas are interesting!

    I do wonder what the problem is in the ship's kitchen. They didn't say they only had lima beans. Maybe they are saving the good stuff for themselves. I agree that the island has better food!

    Maybe the bag Sun's jewelry was put in was meant to be a used bag, as if they re-use things in that hospital. It's puzzling, though. If the nurses recognized Sun, then she must have had her picture in the media. So her dad would surely recognize her also.

    Ooh, that does make the bracelet make sense! I wondered who RG could be.

    Hey, everyone,

    If you were going to have a "Lost" party, what would you serve?
    Here are my ideas so far:

    Unheated canned lima beans
    A pile of mangoes
    Freshly caught fish

    Anything else that should be on the menu?


  14. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance - yeah...after further thought, the idea of Sun using an alias makes no sense at all when she is such a celeb. I bet that bag misprint will turn out to be a production error. But, I am not going to believe Jin's dead till I see him dead.

    I guess Miles didn't actually say he would kill Charlotte, he said "I'll take care of Charlotte." That sounds like "kill", in mob speak, but it would be easier to just lie. But if someone HAS to die, I wouldn't be too bothered by it being Charlotte. I find her rather unlikeable. Which means she will probably turn out to be just the opposite.

    When I saw Frank's paper bag, I assumed at first it was some booze. And when Keamy told him not to be late, I wondered if he thought the same. Then it turned out to be lima beans.

    But an off screen meeting with the captain would be a real good reason not to be late! That guy is not someone you want to keep waiting! I think you are right. Frank said "I'll be up." He was on the deck when he said it. The helicopter is on the same level and the only thing "up" is where we see the captain coming and going from.

    Like you said....different people/different interpretations. That's why its always so great to have other people to discuss it with. More ideas!

    Thanks for reeling me back in when I get way out there!

    The freighties look from the preview, like they are becoming desperately anxious to go anywhere other than this boat. The suicide, the blood stain, the ax, the sickness... I bet the captain has plans to gather up the group and get away from the island. I wonder if it is sucking them in closer?

    What would I serve at a Lost party?

    Pulled Boar sandwiches with Dharma bar-b-que sauce
    Chicken pieces - some light, some dark
    Rabbit, with #15 stamped on it
    The last of the eggs
    Salad with Dharma Ranch Dressing
    Orange peel wedges to wear when the show takes a dramatic turn.
    Fish Biscuits (sugar cookies cut in fish shapes)
    A nice box of Dharma wine
    And for the non alcoholic beverage drinkers, bottled water that never runs out!

    Are you having a Lost party for the big mid-season mini cliffhanger this week?

    Wow, I am not sure what I am going to do with my spare time for the next Lost free month. Hopefully they will give us a lot to think about!
  15. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Oh, I forgot about the Dharma ranch dressing and the fish biscuits! Those would be brilliant!!!

    Oh, the rabbit with #15 on it! Aw! And the last of the eggs! hee hee!

    Now I don't get the orange wedges. Maybe I'm dense.

    It would be great fun to have a Lost party! Unfortunately, I'm not up to entertaining. So I guess I'm having an imaginary one.

    If only there were a way to make a bowl of punch that would have black smoke emanating from it!

    Oh, we forgot stale Dharma beer!


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  16. 4everkid

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    The orange wedge suggestion was inspired by a scene from the pilot. Just after the crash, the survivors are scattered around the beach area, each distraught over the traumatic event. Kate is gently removing the hiking boots from a dead mans corpse so she can go with Jack to look for the front end of the plane. She looks up at Locke, who is sitting nearby, and he childishly cranks out this big smile with an orange wedge jammed between his teeth and lips.

    This might refresh your memory:


    You can see from the line of pics below it, that Kate was not amused. It was just so WRONG in light of the grim situation at hand.

    That was the moment I knew this Locke guy was going to be interesting.