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  1. pamelakc

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    I have been wanting to lose weight for years and have tried many diets, then I just made a lifestyle change, started eating more fruit and less fattening stuff. I went from being 215lbs to 176lbs, and from a size 24 to a 16, I still have a long way to go but I am so happy, still feel like crap but am happy none the less.

    Gentle Hugs Pam
  2. ksp56

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    I think you have the right mind set for a way of life eating!

    I've scrubbed the junk food, for the most part. Very infrequently do I eat something unhealthy. My body doesn't like it!

    I've lost 6 pounds over a very long period of time, but weight off is still weight off. I'm sure you notice inches dropping!

    Congratulations and keep doing what has helped you!

  3. mbofov

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    Pam - I'm happy for you! I know how you feel. I've lost 45 pounds over 6 years or so, by eating low carb, high protein, lots of vegies, nothing after dinner, no crap. It has been very slow because I can't exercise, but it definitely has boosted my morale (though I still crash etc.), especially when people comment (positively) on how I look -

    Best wishes,


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    it really boosted my morale when in the midst of cfids i managed to lose 30 pounds. i want to drop 10 more. is easy to go off track but when i do my innards suffer, so i'm motivated to get back on track.

    there are so many many great and good-for-us foods out there, and when i don't have useless self-defeating foods (empty carbs and fats) it opens up room to discover more of the good stuff..

    my recent 'discovery' is getting back into juicing fresh organic vegetables. i can feel the good stuff hitting my insides as soon as i drink it. my body says T H A N K Y O U!!! and my great revelation this time around is saving all the good veg bits left over after i juice. i store them in tupperware in freezer and break off chunks to add in with other foods i have- especially i love the veg bits put into my yogurt- frozen berry- stevia drink that i have almost every day for dinner. a bit of banana, a little almond milk, water to thin it out and it's so good. the veg bits make it that much more satisfying and it tastes really good. i love parsley in with it as it blends. and i have a small dish of walnuts to go along with it. very filling and delicious, and i can say that with authority because i am and always have been such a chow hound.

    anyway, there are many great possibilities for food regimen out there that make us feel good about ourselves. it's empowering to keep after one aspect of our lives that we know does us good. sascha