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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by twerp, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Hi All, Looks like it's about that time of year when we try to transform our pasty white, glow-in-the-dark, legs to something a little tanner.

    I see there are several new lotions out there, not self-tanners exactly, but ones that are supposed to produce a "glow" over time.

    I think Jergens makes one, as well as Neutrogena, I think, and others.

    Anyone try any of these? If so, can you recommend any?

    I'm blonde and very pale, so I'm looking for something which only gives a little color (and doesn't smell so bad!).

    Thanks & Hugs,
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  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I was just thinking about this the other day also! have never tried them but I hear they work good, The Home shopping Network had some on awhile back that came in individual packets,,,,,,,,,,,,,Like a disposeable,,,,,Towel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And i also Checked them out on Ebay and they have quite a selection,,,,Mary Kay was one,
    I just typed in (self Tanner )in the search box,,,,,,,I don't know if you have to go by skin type, but it's worth checking out! i'm going to,Because i'm afraid of the tanning booths with all the meds i take,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,goodluck!,,,,,,,,,S
  3. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Like everything else, there are so many choices. I've gotten "burned" in the past by buying something which was far too dark or "orangey" for my skin. Gets expensive after a while....

    Thanks again!
  4. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I don't know if the package instructions tell you this, but it is so important to exfoliate first or you end up with dark patches (knees elbows, etc.) You look as if your joints are "rusting".
  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I tried the Nuetragena one last year and it turned me orange. They are all too dark for me I think.

    I figure I have enough color in my legs with the bruises and varicose veins!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  6. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Since you are fair skinned, I would not suggest the Neutrogena one for you. It can be orangy. I tan easily, so it is okay for me if I use it lightly. Hope you find one you like! Kim :)
  7. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Joyfully, thanks for the tip on exfoliating.

    Greenbean, I know what you mean about the bruises, etc. Maybe we could make purple the "new tan". Ha!

    Linda, Howdy neighbor! I had my eye on the Olay product since I like other stuff they make. I think I'll give that one a try. Maybe Jergens as well.

    Kim, since you and Greenbean say Neutrogena will make me orange, I'll definitely stay clear of that one.

    Thanks again to you all. This was just the type of feedback I was hoping for!

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    really thyink Olay is the best - maybe Jergens. IF it every gets warm in Indiana, I want to put on my capris but my legs are so ugly - veins, etc. I just wore them anyway last summer but want to try8 the tanner this year.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas.

  9. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Think I'm going to try the Olay as well. Haven't been to the drugstore yet to pick it up. I'll let you know how it works for me.

    I pretty much skipped the tanners last summer as well; just wore slacks unless I was at home.

  10. twerp

    twerp New Member

    Couldn't find the body lotion, so I bought the one for the face and applied that to my legs.

    So far, so good. I see a slight tan color after one usage. No orange look at all. Some improvement over my "glow in the dark" legs...

    Again, thanks for all the suggestions and Happy Easter to all!

  11. pegmcg

    pegmcg Guest

    Here's my 2 cents worth...I began using Dove Energy Glow last year and I love it. I am pale and blonde and this really gives me a natural looking tan -- and no orange anywhere! Always remember that self tanners are NOT SPF nor will they protect you against sun burning. I, too, apply after showering, shaving (legs), and exfoliating, often at night so I awake to the warm glowing color. To maintain the glow, I reapply about every 3 days. In summer weather I always apply an lotion with SPF #30 - 45 for good protection against burn.

    Here's a question, however: a friend who is an RN said she would rather take her chances with the sun than to put chemicals on her skin that would be absorbed into her system. Ok, I know that it could be more her personal opinion than anything medially based...just wonder what the rest of you may know or think about that.

    ~ Peg

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