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    After I went on that tear about vaccines I felt bad, not about the information I posted....but that I kind of went off base as to what everyone was posting about!!
    I'm GLAD that you posted afterwards.....no one else had posted after me, and I figured it was because I went off the subject?? Hope nobody was perturbed at me.......

    I'm glad that you were interested in what I had to say, and I'm REALLY GLAD that you didn't take your daughter to get the Gardasil vaccine. I mean if it were studied more and really could work for ALL strains of HPV, it might be worth while. Like I said regarding HPV, we need to educate our children about it, and just how BAD it can be. It can cause Cervical cancer (that's the one they mention in the commercials) but it ALSO causes: Vaginal, Vulvar, & Anal cancer and dysplasia. The dysplasia can turn into cancer. It happened to me....that is why I know all about it...unfortunetly!! So far I've had 2 surgeries related to HPV, and it is an on going problem ( just like HSV- it NEVER goes away-it lies dormant sometimes-waiting to rear it's UGLY face!) Some people will get HPV, and never have a problem, but others like me have life long problems with it. The FMS/CFS doesn't help matters any!! Well- I'm glad that your daughter is safe from the vaccine! (the vaccine is like playing Russian Roullet) that's not something I'd want to try on my daughter...(if I had one!) Andrea

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