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    Edited title to add "amino acids" 4/12/06
    I haven't been on the board much lately. It's true what they say -- if you are feeling better, you're probably not on the board.

    I was out living :). No, I'm not cured. Yes, I'm still tired. But I'm doing better and have more hope.

    I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago -- a follow-up with my GP. I wanted to ask for one more test (that's all I figured I could squeeze out of him,) but didn't know whether to ask for mycoplasma or Lyme.

    I decided on mycoplasma first, then Lyme next (if he'd go for it.) I printed out info from right here on ProHealth (the Library.)

    When I got to my appointment, I was asked if I would mind if a student joined my doctor. The wheels spun for a second, and I decided it would be a good idea. Maybe my doctor would try to impress him, read my documentation and authorize the test.

    I was right! He did. However, he said his clinic did not have a "relationship" with any lab that did the testing I requested (they could only 1 part of one test) -- would I mind finding a lab myself if he wrote a prescription?

    "No problem!" I'm on the hunt now for a lab close to me who will do this test properly.

    Just a note: This time my doctor wrote CFS/FM on my chart as my diagnoses :)! I told hime so :)! (Prior, he felt FM covered fatigue, but my fatigue is the flu-like kind.)

    A little before that, my mom had been on me about trying amino acids. My dad spoke of them too. So one day, I got a great deal on a huge bottle of chewable amino acid (with 20 kinds of amino acids) 'wafers.' (Now brand.)

    They taste horrible. I mean, really, really bad. But these are too large to swallow, so I chew them. Funny thing is...

    ... within moments of taking my dose, I start to feel better. Not just physically, but emotionally. In fact, within seven days, my pre-CFS/FM personality has returned. It's so weird! I really do remember me.

    Less pain, better sleep, more energy.

    When my mother asked about my results, I told her about my happiness level increasing. She asked about the expense. I told her I'd happily pay $15 for three days of happiness -- let alone a month :).

    However, I also cautioned her that some of my change could be attributed to better weather. Also, the peter-out affect could happen. In the meantime, though, I'll happily take amino acids every day to have my hope and positivity back.

    If you know me, you know I cannot resist telling a story :).

    Yesterday, I sat down to tell my son about what was going to happen at church (Palm Sunday) as he was eating breakfast. He just stared at me. I kept talking. He stared. I started to look quizzical and kept talking. He stared.

    I finally asked, "Why are you looking at me that way?" with a smile. He just stared. "Has Mommy been happier lately?" Nod, nod, crunch, crunch. "Do you like it that Mommy is happier?" Nod, nod, crunch, crunch.

    My heart was so uplifted. My son noticed the change :)!

    More good news: in a community effort, a new daycare has opened in a made-over barn. Just $2.50/hour. I'm going to see if I can get my son in. If I can, I may be able to take a part time job -- eventually. If no job, I could at least find someone to watch him when Mommy needs to get some projects done :).

    Also, thanks to seeing how many board members are upping their doses of Calcium Pyruvate, I've upped myself to two capsules per day and am doing better for it.

    Thanks to my weight loss (???), my blood pressure has gone down and does not seem adversely affected by the CP.

    Well, just wanted to stop in to say, "Hi." I'm still here daily (briefly,) mostly lurking, keeping an eye my friends, hoping you are all doing well :). Best wishes to all.

    P.S. Just a week ago, I was posting about filing for disability. I think it would still be wise to consult a lawyer, but I feel so much better after just a week on amino acids (plus the hope that if I have a mycoplasma infection, my doctor is willing to treat it,) that I'm back in the hopeful mode again.[This Message was Edited on 04/10/2006]
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    I was very interested in what you said about amino acid. I have a question. Can you take this with other supplements? I am taking garlic for blood pressure, st. johns wart, multi. vitamins, chromium picolinate for hypoglcemia. Do you know if these will work with the amino?
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    Congratulations on feeling better. That is such good news, and news we always like to hear.

    Years ago my doctor had some amino acids compounded for me to put into liquid but I was not able to tolerate them. It hurt my stomach beyond words. Do your amino acid wafers bother your stomach, or do you have any adverse reaction in taking them?

  4. futurehope

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    I am so very glad that you are doing so much better. I gives us all hope!!

    The other day, I just posted a message to someone else who rarely visits this board hoping that she would see the message. I keep bumping it up.

    She has been in remission for I think 2 years.

    I encouraged her to at least come around to the board 2-3 times a week to help some of of others who haven't found solutions yet.

    There are so many that have left the board that have been healed.

    There are also a few here that are pretty much in remission and we love them for staying and trying to help!!

    I hope very much that you can check in once in awhile and try to help a few of us. (2-3 times a week) maybe.

    Let us know your whole protocol and what you did to get there!!

    I would also be so rewarding to you to know you have helped some!!

    Again, glad to see someone who is doing GREAT!!!

    Love and prayers,
  5. Busyknitter2

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  6. elastigirl

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    It's been another couple of busy days. My mother came to visit by surprise, had a room at a luxury hotel, so my son and I...

    ... on the SPUR OF THE MOMENT joined her and had a great time! This is not something I can normally do. I'm normally too up and down in health to be able to spontaneous, but I felt great.

    She had a jacuzzi which I loaded up with bubbles. My son (just 4 years old) had a blast, too. We stayed up REALLY LATE watching TV. All things I could not do :)!

    I woke up this morning with a tummy ache from eating too much food, and tiredness from staying up too late. But it felt NORMAL. It felt like my old tummy aches and fatigue.

    But that's not the really weird part. The really weird part is that since trying the amino acids, it's like that bad emotional time-frame of my life that coincided with the beginning of my CFS/FM was wiped out. My thoughts don't go there.

    It almost seems like my CFS/FM personality pushed my Normal personality into the background. Now Ms. Normal is back. And my thoughts keep jumping to memories in that prior timeframe rather than my recent life.

    What do I mean? I wake up thinking I have to get ready for a job -- a job I haven't worked at in years. I wonder what my ex is doing -- but not my son's father, no, an ex from way back. I wonder where my youngest brother went. We were best friends into adulthood. Oh, yeah, he got married and had a baby!

    So I guess on the one hand I'm THRILLED to have (at least temporarily) misplaced those highly-active memories of my abusive ex (son's father) and THRILLED to have memories of a happier time frame take their place...

    ... on the other hand, I'm a little worried why this is happening. Wondering if I should make an appointment to see a therapist, LOL, so she can explain why I'm feeling so good emotionally.

    I think the emotional happiness is what is kicking my health back into gear. We'll see what happens, but like I said, I'd pay good money for this kind of happiness (and energy!)

    My current regime is:

    Calcium Pyruvate 750mg 2x per day with food and plenty of water.
    Fish Oil 1000mg 1x per day.
    Now Brand Amino 1500 3 chewable wafers with breakfast or lunch and plenty of water.
    Noni juice as needed for anxiety.

    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about amino acids -- except that my mom and dad recommended them (Mom plans to try them, had been reading about them; Dad does take them, and he's a healthy guy fast-approaching 66yo.)

    If anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear it :). In the meantime, I hope everyone finds the right combination of supplements and/or medications that will help them go into remission -- no matter how short-lived, it's wonderful :).[This Message was Edited on 04/11/2006]
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    I bet it is weird,to say the least,to feel like your old self again! I can NOT imagine it for myself after being ill for 17 yrs! I hope it lasts for you and it is great that you got positive things from your doc also. That in itself is a real upper!! Daneen
  8. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I wanted to say, I enjoyed the story about deafness in remission. It is incredible when your family starts to notice.

    Just wanted to assure everyone that my old memories are intact. Wasn't sure if that was clear above :). The painful ones just aren't active like they used to be. What a blessing! How freeing! Really, truly, unbelievable.

    I saw my ex when I dropped off my son yesterday. I felt nothing for the ex. No interest, no anger, nothing. I informed of my son's needs -- as if the ex were a neutral co-worker. Wow! I didn't even care if he noticed I lost weight.

    Still doing good. This is a little weird for me, being 'normal.' I slept about six hours a night for a week and did well, but last night to this morning I slept nine. Then I remembered -- that was how I used to be.

    Remember 'normal'? Remember how you made up for lost sleep on the weekend? Wow, 'normal' is still with me. I went out today and shopped for fun for a few hours. What bliss!

    Have no idea how long this will last. Seems to be steady energy/positivity even when raining cats & dogs and nippy. Today was warm and sunny.

    Will keep updating. Hoping this 'amino acid' effect keeps working :)!

    P.S. I asked my mom what she thought -- did I seem weird? Normal? Sick? She said I seemed like "me" again. She said I was more participatory than usual, but not manically strange. Whew!
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just had to read this post again..

    how much have you lost now in lbs? i may try the calcum purvate..forgive the spelling...

    i used to take aminos back in the days of weight lifting and training just for a hot bod for me...not i just wished i could do half of what i did back then...

    but the aminos brought back memeories..

    wel gonna go

  10. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Hi Jodie,

    Feb-March, I lost fourteen pounds.

    This month so far, only half a pound. But I've been doing a lot of 'social' eating as our family has been going out frequently this month. Not only Easter coming up, but two birthdays and on-the-spot outings, so a lot of food :).

    Hoping I can lose at least a pound more before the end of the month.

    I've been so active, I know some of the blubber is getting replaced with muscle :).

    Of course, the weight loss could be helping with the CFS/FM, too. Whatever combination I've hit upon, it seems to be working :).
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    I just wanted to say that your post gives me hope, I have only been unwell for a short time...but 3 years ago I had a disease called pustular psoriasis, its a form of psoriasis that only affects your hands and feet...I used a board then and it helped me but I was the only person there with this form, there was no-one who could tell me that they were in remission...I was so scared b/c I ended up in a wheelchair and basically the only treatment was quite dangerous with an immune supressant drug, there arent many drugs that can be used and they can really damage you, blood tests weekly to check all is ok...and if they dont work there is no hope.

    Anyway(sorry to go on) I now go back to that board as often as I can and there are many new people there who are just starting with the disaese and are so scared and I can and do give them hope the same way you have today...even if you do have a relapse you at least know there is hope so I just want to say THANK YOU!

  12. Tantallon

    Tantallon New Member

    So glad you are feeling well, gives hope to all of us that are still struggling to find the way.

    Am going to read up on these and see what they do. Thanks for posting this info.

  13. winsomme

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    i think you said you were looking for a lab that will draw blood from a presription that needs to go on to another lab.

    if that is something you need, LabCorp will definitely do this. i have many lab draws there that don't go to their lab.

    the only thing is you need to then take the blood samples to a Mail Boxes Etc or some place like that and mail off the samples yourself.

    if you have more questions about this process, let me know because i was worried for a long time about this process, and it is actually not that bad and not that uncommon.

    do a google for LabCorp and you should find their website. they have drawing stations all over the country.

  14. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    That's so great that you found something that has worked for you! My doctor wants me on Amino Acids, so there must be something to them. He made my buy it in powder form to add to whey protein and apple juice. I drink it once per day. (good tasteing)

    Haven't noticed a difference, but I think I will start twice per day and see what happens. My pretein serum count is low and I think that's why he has me taking them.

    I've been in & out of remission, back and forth for 9 yeears now. I'm pretty sure the surgeries and getting flu viruses are what put me back in the house, sort to speak. I will never again get a flu shot though. It definitely (last Oct.) made my fatigue much greater. I have good days where I can do things (ski, play tennis, ride a bike) but then I have days where I can barely function. I just started on Quercitin for allergies and this should help with the fatigue I've been feeling lately.

    Take it east, Elastigirl, don't over do it(get lots of sleep) and try to eat healthy. This will certainly help keep you moving in the right direction.

    You go, girl!

  15. Stampeding_Sheep

    Stampeding_Sheep New Member

    That's great that the AA's are working for you. We actually went over the relationship between Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Central Fatigue for my Sport and Exercise Nutrition class. I'm gonna see if I can remember what were learned in class....When you have more free BCAA's in your blood stream, tryptophan (an amino acid often found in turkey, which makes you tired) cannot enter the blood-brain barrier as often; there is a carrier-molecule relationship there. When it doesn't reach the brain, serotonin (neurotransmitter) levels decrease. This decrease in the serotonin causes your body to have less "perceived" central fatigue (in your central nervous system), and you would feel like you have more energy. It's just an idea, but this may explain why you feel like your old self again. Hope this helps. Hope your good days keep on coming too :)
  16. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    If I drop my protein intake I fall back very quickly.I eat piles of fish, rabbit and free range chicken because I can't take most supplements..A vege Diet does not work at all.Proteins form the Buiding Blocks of the IMmune and Nervous SYstems.
  17. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    It's so strange waking up every morning with no pain, at worst maybe a little stiffness. So weird. I was taking Elavil, then Trazodone, to relieve morning pain. Don't need it right now.

    I have 600mg Ibuprofins in the house. Don't need them.

    But I'm also scared every day that whatever is going right will suddenly go wrong. Just trying to enjoy this freedom from pain and unrelenting fatigue.

    I was tired yesterday, but that was from lack of sleep and pushing myself. It's not the same 'tired' as with CFS. I could work through it, just like our 'normal' friends.

    As for the lab test coming up, it has to be shipped on dry ice via courier (apparently not by mail, but by human courier, or at least that is my impression) so it's easier just to go to the lab directly :).

    I found a list of laboratories on my state's .gov site last night. Tuesdays, after the observation of the holidays is over, I'm going to start calling around.

    I haven't had much testing done in the past. Just vitamin B-deficiency tests, diabetes tests, muscle tests and RA tests. There were a couple for Sjogrens Syndrome, too, but they came back negative. Everything comes back negative.

    Despite what the amino acids are doing for me, I still know I'm sick. By the time I'm due to take them again, the old symptoms are starting to nip at my heels. So I know it's not just the improved weather and weight loss, though have helped I'm sure :).

    I'm wondering if it makes a big difference that I'm using this particular brand? Because it sounds like amino acids did not help many people here. ProHealth has an amino acid supplement. Has anyone tried it?

    I am a vegetarian (do eat dairy, don't eat any form of meat,) so maybe that is a factor, too :).

    Thank you for the compliment on the picture :)! I keep forgetting to have it developed. Part of me thinks it's pretty ordinary, having seen so many trees like this in the winter, but part of me knows the tree is quite beautiful, too :). Captured glory.

    Happy Easter everyone!
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  18. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Have you though about eating some meat?? This is where you get your amino acids.

    Do you do any whey protein drinks? This could help you get some additional protein but you'll still need your amino acids.

    My doctor and I had a long discussion about this and not eating meat was greatly discourged. I know so many people that were vegetarians for many, many years. Every single one of them went back to eating meat because after 8 yrs or 10 yrs they felt so horrible and craved protein. Believe me if I could get away with NOT eating meat, I would!!

    This definitely answers my ? as to why you are feeling so better with the amino acids. Just consider this ok?


  19. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Last night I wrote quite a testy response, but thought better of it this morning.

    Just to give you an idea: asking me to eat meat is like asking a homosexual to go straight. Ain't gonna happen -- ever! It's built into me to be a vegetarian.

    Even the tiniest piece of meat can set off my gag reflex. I'm finding in restaurant's they are now sneaking bacon bits into everything! Next thing I know, I'll be finding bacon bits in my cheesecake :).

    If I say the word "revulsion" about 10% describes my feeling toward eating dead carcasses, I think you'll understand :). I never liked meat even as a child, rarely ate it as an adult, and am fast approaching two decades of being vegetarian.

    So thank you for the suggestion :), but amino acids are definitely the better path for me. (I understand that some people become vegetarians and still crave meat, but I never did and still don't crave meat.)

    However, I just wanted to point out that when my mom was doing her case study research, there was no mention of vegetariansim. So maybe other people can still benefit from amino acids too :).

    Oh, and I do like non-GMO soy shakes. Try to have them as often as I can afford. I think it's a good way to get 14-20 grams of protein in one sitting. Stormyskye has a great shake recipe, too, which I have not tried yet.
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  20. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Sorry, I didn't know just how strongly you felt about meat. I very much appreciate your position.

    Hope you continue to feel good.


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