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    How do you cope with FM? I have had FM for many years, but the last two years the pain has been horrible. I had a 3"tumor, benign removed along with an ovary and fallopain tube in 08. I was in the hospital for 6 days. A year later I had a Laproscopy of the abdomen to remove a horrible amt of scar tissue from that tumor surgery. I have the scar tissue back now and it is causing lots of trouble for me. I had knee surgery in 09 that was botched and because I compenstated on my left side, my SI joint area is out of whack. All this along with the FM. I can't take perscription meds other than Percocet for pain. I've been the Chriropractors, holistic doctors, pain management clinics, PT, massage therapist and just plain therapist to deal with my pain. I'm now seeing a PT that has helped me the most. He even used a cold lazer on my stomach yesterday to help heal my stomach. Oh yeah, I have IBS also. My favorite song is the Beatles....HELP. Do you know the words to that???? Be still and know that I am God. I trust Him. MaeV

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