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    Does anyone ever feel like giving up? If you give up how do you do it? I can't even sleep in the same bed as my husband becaue I keep him awake and he has to get rest for work. I work but I keep getting worse. I was diagnosed by a family doctor about 3 years ago. He didn't do any tests just pressed on spots all over my body and said it was fibro. He said it was caused by not enough deep sleep. Prescribed amitriptylin. If I take enough to sleep deep I stay sleepy the next day.If I try to tell family or coworkers most don't understand. They say things like "oh you have arthritis" or "well I hurt too".Sometimes I can go 2- 3 or even 4 months wth no pain.I have been in lots of pain for about 3 months now. It's the longest I have ever hurt. I have the fatigue now too. I was really scared when I started geting the muscle cramps all over my body. I am up all hours of the night because I can't sleep. I haven't had fibro fog for a while but it's really scarey. I feel like I'm losing my mind when it kicks in. Have I made any sense to anyone?
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    I get the "well I hurt too" line a lot myself. I'm up now because I'm diabetic and my sugar is 57. I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper.

    I've had FMS for 11 years. I don't give up. I have found what meds work for me so I'm fairly comfortable, yet I can't do anything, like work, etc.

    If I can get the sleep something happens to keep me from getting any like this low blood sugar or heartburn from GERD, etc.

    I don't think Elavil is enough, you need something for the pain too. You need to go back to your doc and tell him how you have been hurting and ask for something that will work for the pain and keep on trying until you get something that works for you.

    Tests should have been done to rule out other problems. I had lab done and MRI's and Cat Scans done to rule out other problems, but was negative for all.

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    Sounds like we went to the same doc...lol!!! I know how you feel but I still can't bring myself to express anything in this forum yet. I stopped telling anyone when I hurt and deny it when they say something to me because they think I'm hurting. Everyone always seems to have an answer or a comment and my supervisor starts telling me all about her "ouchies" when I need to leave work because I'm hurting too bad to continue the day. This stuff really sucks. I have FM, OA and DDD. If one doesn't hurt the other does and it's really starting to affect my entire life, in what seems like, overnight. My doctor doesn't want me to start taking any kind of sleeping pills..so...I don't sleep. Like you I've started having the fatigue with it too which really drives me nuts to always feel so exhausted. Well, wanted to say hello and welcome and that I understand how you feel. Hang in there, OK!