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    why is anti-depressants always being the only thing that drs want to give us or send us to physciartists. ??? Yes i do struggle with depression but its because i want to be normal??? Anxiety yes i have that also and stress just makes it worse. But does that mean we are mental cases??? Also I have read numerous things on low thyroid and how it is all tied together with the thyroid and addrenal glands. If this is the case then why don't the medical profession look at this more carefully because low levels of t3 causes depression and anxiety??
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    they are also used for the pain, from what I understand. Antidepressants are used for many things, such as sleep disorder, quitting smoking, etc.

    I take one for sleep and it does help.
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    In Engineering, we study Root Cause Analysis, it takes time, knowledge and investigative skills that is impossible during a ~7 min office visit.

    Find a Compounding Pharmacist, ask them for a doc that prescribes Armour Thyroid or Compounded Time-Released T4/T3.

    If you're a reader, get "Iodine, why we can't live without it" by David Brownstein MD. The thyroid need Iodine and amino acid Tyrosine to make the hormones.

    Also Mercury toxicity can mess up the thyroid function.