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    OK, here is the final synopsis on everything that I have been chasing around for two years.
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    My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer and she is diabetic, many family members have exhibited the same symptoms I have, mcs, fibro, cfs.
    Our culprit is yeast and fungus, I am totally convinced this is the single most factor we face.
    What comes first, the chicken or the egg, I don't know.
    But when I read postings that rate a significant improvement on a low carb/sugar diet, high protein diet, my suspicions are confirmed.
    I love Chardonney, I am guilty of at least 2 glasses per night. What a perfect hostess to yeast I have been, I have been my own worst enemy.
    Feed me Seymour!!!!
    If you have itchy skin, reoccurring yeast infections, and just generally feel like hell, then take a close look at this possibility.
    Maybe the "Zone" is the way to go, ie; post by hocking.
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    I know there's validity to Candida, but I was on Nystatin and later Diflucan, and neither seemed to help. (Granted, I wasn't doing anything to help them, except not drinking alcohol.) The second time I used Diflucan I was taking acidopholus/bifidobacteria supplements. My sister, who does not have CFS/FMS, was found to have high Candida levels and went on a *strict* diet for over 3 years. When she was retested, she had higher levels!!!

    Please bear in mind that my dad's wife has espoused Candida for at least 20 years, and since we think she's a little whacked anyway, the credibility of this theory is a little shaky in my mind. But that's personal and has nothing to do with reality. My experiences seem to back it up, though.

    Oh Jeez, I didn't want this edit to make the post go to the top, but oh well.

    I didn't mean to sound so negative before. I know lots of people DO get help by dealing with their Candida. I just wanted to point out that it doesn't work for everyone. Which, of course, is true for any treatment we try anyway....[This Message was Edited on 06/18/2003]