Lots of stress this week--could use prayers

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    My car has been seen by 2 different mechanics and they both say it is going to cost about $ 4000. My husb seems to think he can do part of the work himself.

    We don't know whether we should just get it fixed or just go the bank and see if we can get another loan for a better car.

    I'm nervous about going through for a car payment again--in case we have our work hours reduced or cut back.

    In the last 6 months we have accumulated about $ 2000 in medical bills and I also need to have my cataracts removed soon too.

    I work 2 part time jobs and I am thinking of trying to get a 3rd job--I just don't know if my body can handle it or if I can find another job to work around my schedules.

    My brain is overloaded.



  2. springwater

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    sorry to hear but praying for you. its become difficult for a great many of
    us with nowadays situation.

    Good luck

    Take care

    God Bless