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    Ok am i being hateful or are any of you like this too. When we have friends over or go somewhere and the kids start funning around and screaming i get to ill and aggravated. I just want to go in a room and cry. Sounds crazy i know but i can't stand alot of yelling and loud noises. My husband will turn the tv up to drown people out and i just want to scream. Am i losing my mind or becoming a total nut job.
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    No, you are not crazy. I often experience noise sensitivity. Especially when I first get out of bed. And, sometimes, when loud noise and lots of talking and activity are happening next to me it can irritate me so much I have to remove myself from the room.

    I do not know why this kind of stuff bothers me somedays and not others. But I have learned over the years that, for me, there seems to be no ryhme or reason to how I feel one day to the next.

    If you can, I encourage you to just try to take care of yourself by reducing or eliminating things that cause you to feel ill. Right now my son is running a chain saw and I need to get some ear plugs.
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    No, you are not losing your mind. It's common for those with "our DD." The question you might want to consider is: do you want to try to do something about it.

    Many times people just want emo support. That is not my forte --however I'm sure others who are skilled in that dept will hop on board to reassure you.

    In the event that you wish to learn more in hopes of reducing these nasty experiences with hypersensitivity to sound: I am familiar with 2 scenarios which greatly aggravate sound sensitivity. IMO both are relatively common in ME & Fibro.

    The first is adrenal issues. AKA adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, adrenal sensitivity. There's lots to read/research on that topic.

    Bottom line is that, at times one may have a low level of the adrenal-manufactured stress-adaptive hormone called cortisol. And at those times one may be easily overwhelmed by any excess stimulus. But some people are more prone to visual effects, others auditory, others tactile.

    The second possible scenario is GABA/glutamate balance. Both GABA & glutamate are neurotransmitters. GABA calms the brain, makes us less easily overwhelmed. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. Too much of it can make us overly sensitive to loud noise. GABA especially has a calming effect on the temporal lobe of the brain, where auditory processing occurs.

    I am simplifying the explanation here. Excess glutamate issues are affected by diet. Manh foods, both natural & processed, are very high in glutamic acid & other glutamates. For some people, avoidance of the worst of these & moderation of the others, can be very helpful in reducing noise sensitivity. Glutamate restriction is a first line of attack, as over-exposure to glutamate is very harmful to the brain, kills neurons.

    One can also try GABA supplementation at times of over-sensitivity. Start low, perhaps 100 - 200 mg. Some folks go as high as several grams per day.

    There may be other factors that affect your experience described, however the above-mentioned ones are something that you can research & experiment with.

    If you are desperate for a quick fix & not inclined to self-experimentation, you might want to consider requesting one of the GABA agonist meds that are now being RXd for fibro. Those do tend to have more side effects, however some people are most comfortable with the standard medical approach.

    Best wishes.

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    NO! You are not crazy. Loud noises OR unusual noises bother me. I can hear my antique clock tick from my den even when I am in my bedroom aobut 40 feet away! My family pretty well understands that I can't tolerate a lot of loud noise and they are supportive in that aspect. I have never spoken to my physicians about this...............hm.m.m.m.m..... makes me wonder. I will check with one of them at my next appointment.
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    I've had Fibro for over 40 years but didn't know it was back then. My poor boys! when they ate it sounded like someone banging a cymbal in my ear! Me: Quit chewing so loud!!! they have to be the quietest eaters around- beside me, can't stand to hear myself shew LOL!I have come home from work and thrown out the TV because they wouldn't " turn it down!" I am so thankfully they did not turn out to be total neurotics! my husband is hard of hearing so he doesn't realize how loud he is. The oldest called a few mornings ago and thought we were remodeling- nailing paneling up- "no dear that's POP getting his breakfast" "Is he sawing wood for fiber?" LOL Hate the sound of silverware hitting plates or bowls, I'm trying to find some rubber plates:)

    So, no you are not crazy.

    Can't stand noise!!

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    Oh my gosh! im not nuts!

    This has been a big problem for me lately. Trying to explain this to normals is so hard. I get brainfog and shut down when around a lot of people. Being around my wonderful grandkids has become very hard.

    A nieghbor has a dog that they leave outside that barks nonstop and last night I thought I would scream or strangle it. Its like a knife going thru my brain.

    going to take advice on adernals other person posted.

    heres to quiet
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    I have this really bad w lots of things, sound, smell, taste, touch, vision. It's like fingernails on the chalkboard in a way, but it "hurts". Hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it.

    Earplugs, sunglasses, darkened rooms are all my friends. It's awful when you have to be around a lot of people and commotion. I have to take an Ativan before we go out to restaurants etc. Makes me an absolute nervous wreck!

    I have the same problem someone else mentioned, a husband w ear problems who blasts the TV and music in the car. I just cannot tolerate it. I take earplugs if we are going to drive very far.
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    I am very sensitive to loud or continuous or obnoxious sounds. People with fibrmyalgia are commonly hypersensitive to more than just sounds. Here are some examples:

    - the noise of florescent lights
    - allergies
    - bright light
    - patterns, such as strips or checks
    - electromagnetic (electrical storms, etc.)
    - being in a crowded space
    - too much information at once
    - cold
    - heat
    - changes from heat to cold or cold to heat
    - humidity
    - drafts
    - changes in barometric pressure
    - odors

    You are not nuts. You do need quiet. For one thing, you cannot begin the process of quieting your body down for sleep near bedtime without it. If you need quiet and nobody will cooperate, let me suggest a kind of earplug called Bio-Ears. I have no financial interest in that company, by the way. They are just nice and comfortable. I sleep with them.
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    I am sensitive as well, especially in the morning. Supposedly it's a function of adrenals and nervous system...The best treatment is avoidance of course. Since I started low dose cortisol I have gotten much better with noises.
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    My husband is hard of hearing so he listens to his tv now with earphones. When the commercials blast up it used to cause unbelievable pain. My whole body just went BOINGGGG! Personally I think commercial blasting should be illegal, but realistically this country has so many problems to solve it isn't high on the list.

    The last time we tried to go to a movie it was so loud and painful I stepped outside to view it. They would not turn down the blast even though we were the only ones watching. Since then if I want to see a movie I get it on the swap, or from the library, or from pay per view to watch without paying with pain.

    Deaf people are unaware of how loudly they are screeching into your face. I say. "Would you make an effort to speak softly? My hearing is very acute. " I said to a deaf vet, "Could you make an effort to speak softly? We keep a very quiet house and noises scare her. " If they refuse to tune it down, I put my fingers in my ears and jump back. Usually they get the idea. Many people don't understand that they're causing pain. Sometimes they do understand and relish the chance to do a little sadistic damage. Sometimes they think you're being unnecessarily prissy about it. We have to keep trying, so some of them will get the idea.

    Earplugs from the drug store help somewhat, but I find it's best to avoid noisy environments so I don't have to pay the price.

    When we retired we moved to an area that is very quiet most of the time. I don't get blasted out of my socks, and my husband's hearing has actually improved a bit after leaving the city.
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    oh thank you guys so much...i just thought i was being a b..well you know. My husband and kids think I need to double up on my hormones but i know thats not it. When they are playing inside and being loud i just scream for them to shut up and go to my room and lay down and cry. thank you for making me feel better lol. and i will check into the adrenal/GABA info.

    I dont know what i woudl do without this message board...