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  1. spacee

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    Now, I will go read the other messages on 105 and report back :)

    I posted on 105 as did a bunch of us but I saved one thing for here.

    It is the fake eyelashes. They come in a 'clump" of 3 fake plastic 'hairs". The woman glues that
    clump to my eyelid. And continues that way across the lid for about 8 clumps. Then on to the
    next eye.

    I think I have had 3 "practices" with the fake eyelashes that I so don't want to do it again but the
    wedding isn't until JUNE....so I guess I will.

    This weekend is flying up to Charlotte for a Jack and Jill shower. I think ppl drop by, have some
    food and leave! It is being held in the newly planted backyard which I can hardly wait to see. I
    bed it will be very pretty.

    Since we have all forgotten what well feels like....The hostess of this event in the afternoon, is
    inviting her friends to make strawberry jam that morning. And she has worked all week in a
    pediatrician's office. And she is in her 50's.

    I will be the one taking a nap (like I did Thanksgiving).

    Night All...Love and Hugs.

    Linda[This Message was Edited on 05/16/2012]

    PS I guess I saved more that "one thing" :)
    [This Message was Edited on 05/16/2012]
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    Here's the skinny on the doggies.

    Rock has Zippy. Tock has Skippy. Jacque has a Bichon Frise, Doc has
    a St. Bernard, Jock has a Scottie dog, and Lock has a KEYshound.

    "Skinny" meaning information, BTW, comes from the time before fingerprints.
    The police kept skin sheets on criminals for purposes of identification.
    The skin sheet listed their scars and tattoos.

    Linda, can't you wear something that's less trouble than clumps of
    faux eyelashes? I'd be worn out before the glue had dried. How about
    a fake forehead? Or maybe the traditional Groucho glasses?

    Make strawberry jam?! Is that woman crazy?! A hot kitchen full of
    women in good clothes getting stickier by the minute. Uff-da!

    Remember the Rashomon episode on Mama's Family where the gals made jam and Mama ended up in the hospital? Not an operation to be undertaken

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    Our Loungers are so interesting.

    Rocque, mon frere, the cops have skin on me in two places. I had to give my fingerprints when I got my FL ins. license and again when I got my permit to carry. So, I had better behave. We have a Porteguese Patangie (I'm sure I didn't spell the correctly) in the hood. He's a cute little guy and he looks like an apricot colored terrier. He's soooo smart. He's a rescue dog some neighbors got. They love him.

    Linda, my eyelashes are so fine anymore that it doesn't appear that I have any unless I really put a lot of mascara on them. Adrienne says to look down and put the mascara on the top side first. Well, for me, that's a disaster but I do put two coats on the underside of them. Also, I kind of move the brush to the right as I stroke it on and then to the left before I put the final coat on. I also use a little eye shadow to help emphasize my eyes. I don't know what I'll do if I lose my lashes altogether. Haven't been to a shower in ages. Don't mean to sound so bah humbug but if I'm lucky, I won't have to go to another one.

    It rained all day yesterday, my nap day, and it was still rainy when I woke up. The rain has stopped but it's supposed to go on for days like this. Tweety came in for her first round of love and treats. She and Sylvester stay inside their little kitty teepees when it's rainy out. I'm out on the balcony typing this as it's cool and refreshing. I did have to take my allergy pill but it's worth it to be outside. If I can get to where I can take the sun, I'll go over to the pool early to work out a bit all summer.

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm confused enough as it is without all the Zippy's and Skippy's and Tock's.Today I texted my GS to tell him that I loved him because I saw he was very angry with his sister on Facebook.Well I got a text back apologizing for something I had no idea about and then surprise another text saying mom this is your son who are you talking to?I texted back it was sent to the wrong Mike.In our family we have Mike,huz,Mikie,son,Michael,Grandson,DS's Fiancee's son my soon to be grandson Michael and on Loungers Mikie just be glad I don't have your cellphone nu. typed into my phone.Lord knows what kind of family messages you would get.

    Yesterday it rained for all of 5min. but the temp dropped so fast.I was doubled over with back and leg pain just in a short amount of time.I put that Nsaid cream on and it did the trick thank goodness.I took a break and feel better today.I did some house cleaning and never thought I'd feel grateful for that.After all the outside chores that was actually a treat.

    We are going back to Fl. after all in June.We need to pick out finishes,appliances,cabinets and a ton of things.Anyone here ever build their own home?Mind boggling.I'm not going to stress just go with the process step by step.

  5. Ranigar

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    Let me try again.Everytime I get on here I get interrupted and it becomes about me me me and then I have to rush off to see what huz wants me to look at or talk on the phone.

    So Barry has help with his yardwork.That sounds like getting help with housework and feeling like you need to clean it before the help arrives,is that how you feel?

    DS fiancee is doing bead work.I've admired her bracelets and thought they were the Pandora kind advertised on TV but no she said she makes them.Very nice.I think my favorite time is wandering around on an afternoon after a simple errand and having a quick lunch out.Nothing to tiring or stressful.

    Rock Zippy likes lettuce?Lily leaves it lay.She won't touch cheese snacks like crackers anymore either because FIL fed her to many when he lived here.

    We had a lawyer do a property search on our little parcel of land we're building on.She sent us a bill with a report on it today.Problem is we couldn't understand a word of it.It was all lawyerese.We think it all amounted to everything is good but we would have to hire another lawyer to decipher it.

    Well I'm glad to hear the wedding is not taking place this weekend because I thought time really flew by and it did seem to me it was a June wedding.The nap in a hotel sounds like the best part of the trip.

    Leah I like your outlook.You are the most positive thinking person I've ever come across.Good for you.

    Hope I touched on everyone.Beautiful time of year pretty much everywhere isn't it.Glad Fl. got some rain.

  6. spacee

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    And Birds! Aren't they wonderful to brighten up our days :)

    All the Michaels. SIL's family isn't quite as confusing as yours, Pam. Bad enough
    though. Michelle married Nick (the son of Nick) and became Michelle Klosowsky.
    The same name as Nck's sister, Michelle Klosowsky, who thankfully married
    and changed to M. Benton. But still they have a brother Michael Klosowsky.
    That's the skinny on that family.

    Roque, I have used the term skinny but never knew why it was used. Thanks!

    The only saving grace is that I get to lie down on an extremely comfortable
    'bed' with a very cuddly blankie. I feel I already wear Groucho's eyeglasses
    without the nose. And sunglasses.

    One could spend a fortune on fake eyelashes, nails, etc. Money that could be
    saved for retirement years. That's my take on it.

    Mikie, unfortunately eye make up makes my eyes itch terribly. This all may
    have been an exercise in futility. Will let you know.

    HOLD THE PHONE!!! It's going to be 55 degrees at nite in NC. That's fleece
    weather to me! Twin happened to go out to eat and was able to, again, give
    me the skinny.

    I am packed but tomorrow I will rethink it.

    Leah, (Hugs)) for writing the letter in bits and pieces. I bet it was a beaut of
    a letter. Lucky person who received it!!

    Funny about needing a lawyer to explain the lawyer. Sometimes, things just
    are too much! I'm so glad it is going well :)

    Hope this is my final shower too. Sometimes enough is enough.

    I will miss you kids. Take care of yourselves!! "See" you on Sunday nite!

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, when you visit in June, you may say, "OMG, what have we done?" That was my initial reaction when I moved down in July. Just remember that it takes a bit of time to acclimate to the heat and humidity. When you live here, you will acclimate. It still takes me about a month every spring if it gets too hot too early. This year, it got too hot in April but now, it's in the high 80's and will soon be in the low 90's and I'm not even noticing it. Of course, if I were to work outside, I would notice it :) All things considered, I love it here. For me, it's always been easier on joint pain because we don't really get rapid flucuations in barometric pressure. Also, we get breezes when it's hot and that helps a lot.

    Leah, I did get to go to lunch and we had a good time. We all left the restaurat feeling stuffed. The outback has a small steak which is just the right size. I got the fully-loaded sweet potato and a blue cheese salad with chunks of blue cheese and sliced pecans with a sweet vinegrette dressing. Mmmmm. It was two-fers so Barb and I shared it with a glass of gin each. I drove so that was all I drank. One beer or drink over a leisurely meal is OK when I drive.

    Linda, hope you enjoy the trip and all goes well. I'd love to go somewhere cooler than it's been here. I'm with you, fleece and cuddling up is one of life's true pleasures. We will miss you while you're gone. Be safe.

    Didn't do much yesterday but decided to "dress up" for lunch. This just means wearing a different shirt with my "uniform" of Capri pants. I wore a brown animal print with my white Capris. The shirt has some metalic gold flecks so I wore gold toned jewelry. FL is the capital of wearing metalic gold and silver. It never goes out of style down here. My kids joke that I moved down here just to wear gold sandals year round. If I'm "dressing up" or just going out, I like to wear a big watch or cuff bracelet on my left wrist because that's the one which has a bump on it from my old arthritis. The arthritis is gone but the deformity remains. I have a wonderful cheap stretch bracelet with round discs overlying one another in gold and bronze. We really need to change our state motto from "The Sunshine State" to "The Casual State" or "The Gold Sandals State."

    Tweety was tired again yesterday and came in to snooze. I left her in while I was at lunch. She slept seven hours. I don't think outdoor cats ever really get to sleep because they have to always be alert. She knows it's safe to pass out in here and when she gets so tired she can't go on, she comes inside where it's safe. She's a high energy cat so she needs the occasional sleep-a-thone, just like me.

    When we got home, Barb came over because her TV would only work on "component," and it would only come in in 480 resolution. I know her late husband had it on HDMI and it just didn't make sense. We called Comcast and the tech led me through setting it up on the component cables in 16/9 size and 1080 resolution. Now, it's working fine but left me so puzzled and I can't stand it when nothing makes sense. Paul and I were always on the same wave length when it came to things like this. The tech and I figured the HDMI slot in the cable box had quit working, the cable went bad or the slot in the back of the TV was bad. OK, that makes sense but why was she getting cable through the DVD component cables with the DVD player off? It kept bothering me until, voila, I figured Paul had set up redundant cable inputs. There were two sets of component cables, one for cable and one for the DVD. I was able to sleep. If all this drives you nuts to read, imagine what it was doing to me. So, all's well that ends well. Barb has her 1080 HD and my puzzle is solved. Guess not all my cognitive functioning is shot.

    I watched "Missing" and "Grey's Anatomy" last night but fell asleep watching "The Mentalist." All were season finales, I think. Oh well, I can catch up on On Demand. I am trying to get through a book on Prince Phillip, his younger years. Not that much has been written about him during that time of his life. I honestly don't know how the European royalty kept track of itself. There is so much intermarriage that it is a wonder any of them have their wits at all. Prince Phillip is Queen Elizabeth's cousin, as most people know. He was in line for the Greek throne until a male heir was born ahead of him in line. Another cousin married the ill-fated Czar in Russia and was killed, along with most of the family there during the revolution. Everyone was conflicted during WWII because many of the cousins were married to Germans, some of them Nazis.

    OK, gotta go. Think I'll grab my second cup of java on the balcony while we can still sit out there in the mornings. It'll be humid but it's not too hot yet.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Love that word don't all of you?We have some today but still need a light jacket or long sleeves anyway.

    So Mikie thanks for your advise on the weather situation in June.You read my mind because I was dreading having to start all over again with huz on not panicking once he feels the heat down there.So we had a talk about it today and I gave him your thoughts.

    We still do sometimes skirt around those forbidden topics on here don't we Leah?How can you not but luckily we all seem to share the same opinion so no fireworks have occurred and no one has been banned so far.

    Kind of lazy today again.I'm finding a little of this and that to do like cooking,laundry,grocery shopping but only little amounts of each.

    GD is on her way to her mom's house in your neck of the woods today Mikie.She's driving down with two dogs and a one yr. old on a shoestring budget.Youth!I'm trying to not think about it and hope to hear she made it safe and sound.Driving straight through and last min. a girlfriend said she would go with her.That's a little better.She's staying til Sept. to help her mom out with critically ill step dad.

  9. rockgor

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    On the fauna front, the gray kitty was here about a month ago.
    Haven't seen it since. I thought it was a female; probably because
    it looked so much like a female cat I fed a few years ago.

    But now I think it's a male. Why else would it roam when it
    has found a sheltered spot w/ fresh water and plenty of food?

    And wasn't it a kitty that was eating lettuce? Mikie's? Not
    Zippy anyhoo.

    Last night there was something hopping around the back door.
    Thought it was a mouse at first. Turned out to be a baby bird.
    Probably a mocking bird. It's gone now. Mama must have led
    it away to shelter in the hedge. Funny that mocking birds
    sound so sweet and are so drab. The peafowl are just the
    opposite. Beautiful but raucous.

    Gordon went to an orchid auction at the LA Arboretum last
    night. The peafowl roam freely there. Many people have
    had near collisions with them.

    On the flora front. Gordon spent $200 on more orchids. Uff-da!
    And somebody gave him one. It's orange. An unusual color
    for an orchid. He took it to work today.

    Started a book about Jefferson Davis and Lincoln. And another
    one by an astronomy professor about all sorts of things, not
    just astronomy. For example, Cheeta the chimp; the 80,000 year
    old Aspen grove in Utah; and the fact that bathtubs are more dangerous
    than swimming pools which, in turn, are more dangerous than the ocean.

    Barry, yes, when I was a kid I often heard, "You'll eat a peck of dirt
    before you die." Four pecks make a bushel, but how often does one
    hear about bushels nowadays. When I was a kid we always drove
    along the Mississippi to La Crosse, Wisconsin and brought home a
    bushel of apples from a stand. Can't get good apples like that anymore.

    Jole, what kind of dancing are you doing? I learned to rock and roll when
    it was new. Although the movie "Grease" was set in the 50s, it only
    showed a bit of authentic dancing from the period. Left out a lotta of
    the music from the musical too including the Rydell school song.

    The 3 best school songs: Rydell, Ivy and Cornell. The first two schools
    are fictitious.

    Yes, I did want to be a writer, but never got very far. I did sell a household
    hint to some newspaper for a dollar. I was gonna frame the check, but
    my wife cashed it and spent it. Community property. LOL And I did
    sell enough greeting card ideas to purchase a desk, but none of it
    amounted to much. So I decided it was better to focus on reading other's

    Big hugs to all
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, you are always positive and live in gratitude, the best state of being. I'm glad you have your Huz and cherish him. Barb, next door, lost her Huz 1 1/2 yrs. ago. They were married forever and were best friends. She has done amazingly well and I think it's because they lived and loved the best they could while he was still here. We never know what we are capable of. I also wish you could go out to eat. I actually prefer eating at home but it's nice to get out with friends now and then. One couple in here eats out all the time and I think it's really bad for their health, not to mention their bank acct., but it's not my business. I can only be responsible for what I eat. I often turn down invitations to eat out because I don't feel well at all if I eat out a lot. I'm an only child of a single mother so I grew up alone a lot even though I had friends in the hood. I'm fine alone. I would have preferred to be married forever but it was not to be so I prepared myself for living solo. I love my friends and neighbors here but also cherish my time alone to read and rest. You set such a good example for everyone by savoring life.

    Pam, glad if anything I posted helps you and Huz to get used to our climate down here. FL takes some getting used to if you move here from somewhere else. The nice thing is that people here are friendly. As I mentioned, we live casually and it doesn't cost much for clothing. The bad thing is that you have to watch out for scammers who seem to prey on people down here. You will have a new air conditioner but make sure when it's time to have it serviced, you get a referral from someone who has a good A/C person. Hope your GD has a safe trip with her friend. I know you'll like it here.

    Rock, you are so interesting. I've noticed how nicely you welcome new people here and it is much appreciated. It can take a while to learn to navigate the PH waters. A friendly welcome helps a lot. Interesting that you mention that the gray kitty looks like a girl. Our Tweety has a sweet girl face and her brother looks like a swashbuckling boy. Funny thing is that she is the daring one and he is more aloof and laid back. Haven't seen the kitties here eat lettuce. I thought that was someone's dog but can't remember for sure. I feed our kitties canned food, cream and treats. There are peacocks in St. Augustine running around the parking lot at the Fountain of Youth. The water is full of sulpher and smells and tastes horrible. It's like the ground water we use to run our sprinklers. AACK!!! But, I digress...one has to be careful not to run over the birds because they think they have the right of way. When I was a kid, Mom used to sing to me, "I love you and bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." It's not the bushel which seems strange to me; it's the peck. Thanks for your always interesting posts.

    I did nothing yesterday and I now know why. I'm having a Herx-like purge. Ever since I got that virus before my last injection, my body's been fighting off some kind of virus which comes and goes. Oh well, it's good to get it out of my body. Just walked down to the mailbox because I have an autoship on some Adrienne Arpel capsules and I ordered the pink Himalayan cooking salt from Dr. Mercola. The article in the latest PH newsletter mentioned how good it is for the bones. Forgive any grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm so tired that I may drop off. Think I had better sign off. Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    When huz retired the neighbor told us there are no weekends anymore.With huz home all the time that is true for me too I see.We're still getting used to no weekends and remind each other all the time that it doesn't matter what the day is anymore.

    We are watering the freshly planted lawn.I sure hope those unsightly bare spots grow beautiful green grass.I've thrown out seed before with no results several times before.Hopefully we did it right this time.

    GS is coming so I'm trying to prepare myself for all the chatter and movement.Got up feeling non to perky today.I tried to shake it off but not possible.Huz knew right off I was feeling bad today.I tried to ignore it or shrug it off but gave up.Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    Well the three blueberry bushes fed the birds again this yr.The strawberry plant is being nibbled on by something.I told DS he's losing strawberries to something.Huz thinks it's chipmunks.Do they eat strawberries?

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Before I was forced to retire, my neighbor, Paulie, told me that when you retire, every day is Sunday. I have found that now I prefer weekdays. I like a regimen, like my TV shows during the day. On weekends, it's more difficult to shop and things are kinda loose, just the opposite of how I felt when I worked. As I got more and more exhausted, I lived for the weekends so I could sleep.

    Barb, next door, has a beautiful purple orchid which sits out on our balcony. Down here, we can grow orchids outside and if we neglect them, they will bloom and be beautiful. Home Depot has some beautful ones. They are expensive, though, and I have a brown thumb :) I'll be taking care of Barb's orchid while she's up North so we'll see how it goes.

    I've decided to do a memoir. I might have mentioned it but can't remember. It's going to be about my Mom's growing up years and then about mine. I used to write articles for work and did some editing. Well, those skill are reaaaaaally rusty. Fortunately, Microsoft Word is so good now that it catches mistakes. It's exactly what I need. I thought spell check was good but this is amazing. I'm surprised at how easily the words just flow once I sit down and work on it.

    When I was bedridden most of the time, if I got hungry for restaurant food, I would order some Chinese or pizza. I would eat for a week from what I got. It would hold me over til the yen for someone else's cooking came again. It's not the same thing as being able to go out with friends but it does break up the boredom of my own cooking. It got me through those days. I have such empathy for those of us who can't get out and live with horrible pain. That is why I pray for all of us every day because our illnesses not only affect our health but also our relationships and finances. It isn't easy.

    As though I don't have enough irons in the fire, I've decided to put faces on the two pine trees out back by the water in our pond. Used to be that you could buy the faces at any garden shop but now, they are only available online. They are expensive and then there is S&H. So, I've decided to try to make my own. I'm going to look at the craft stores for some kind of clay which will harden, can be painted and put outside. Barb is excited about this. She and Ilona and I have always wanted faces on the trees which aren't readily apparent but look kinda like enchanted trees. Who knows why silly old women do the things we do :)

    Leah, thanks for your "Peace & Peace." I got a kick outta that.

    Pam, hope you feel better. I've had two bad days and feel useless. I'm exhausted and in pain, unusual for me now.

    Love, Mikie

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    A little bit better today so far.Turned the air conditioning on so the heat won't bother me.Went to hardware store for my big outing.Grandson drove me crazy as I feared.He is going through the sassy stage.Disagrees with anything and everything and is disrespectful.I had no energy to deal with it but this morning I set some boundaries and told him my other Grands and own children did not talk to me like that and I won't allow it from him.He shut up and got the message I just need to keep on it tired or not.It's been so long since we had small kids to cope with.

    DS put up some netting to protect his strawberries but looks to me like they got nibbled on anyway.He took girlfriend and they went to the farm market to buy som.probably a good idea.I was going to buy some flowers and more veg. but I don't have the energy to plant them so I'll wait.Another house in the neighborhood went up for sale.I don't know if that's good or bad.I just can't read the market the houses in this area are all over the place.Some are so overpriced they are sitting a yr. and others are priced so much lower then they should that they are snapped up immediately.Makes no sense.

    It's early afternoon but my nice comfy bed is looking good to me.I agree Mikie weekend TV is terrible.

    Faces on trees makes me laugh.I haven't seen them on real trees.scary thought come dusk.Good luck on the novel.That would be something to publish a life story.

    See you later.
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    The d/stairs bathroom is very tiny (fine of course). Sandwiched between
    the kitchen and the familyroom.

    I used it last Thanksgiving. Told my DS of my extreme misgivings of using
    such a "close to Public" Bathroom. He assured me of the necessary privacy
    it had.

    So,cognitively very challenged at the "shower", I go into the said Bathroom
    looking for the 'vent" to turn on. NONE. NO VENT NOISE. With my mind
    thinking of that, I failed to notice something else.

    I proceeded to sit and "go" and THEN TO MY ALARM!! There was a window
    about 8 inches from me. With BLINDS that were OPEN partly and I could SEE

    Oh YIKES!! But occasionally I have a really full bladder. And this was one of
    the occasions. So all I could do was lean over so far that my head was
    practically between my legs! (THANK YOU YOGA!!!). I went and I went and
    I went feeling desperate at the same time.

    Finally, I was OUT OF THERE!!!. Found my son and told them that THE BATHROOM HAS A WINDOW THAT PPL ON THE DECK CAN SEE IN!!!!!!!.

    THEN, he calmly said, "I think you would have to be very short (as in 3 yo)
    to see in (a man's knee height)." Whew. BUT what if a man had dropped

    Next time. The upstairs bathroom. I will NEVER use that downstairs one again.

    And I know that the rest of you would have noticed that WINDOW. Do I
    ever feel dumb :(

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    And very happily read all your posts!

    Pam, you have probably already heard this about the 'real' summer days of
    Florida. They are kind of like northern winters. You stay inside a lot. Sometimes
    it helps me to think of it that way when its really hot.

    More Orchids! One just cannot have too many!! Well, that is quite a beautiful
    thing to love. Personally, I would like it better than say....postage stamps but
    then a lot of ppl adore those. Mother was one.

    I will admit to a 'melt down' from sound and noise at the end of the shower
    though. There was a grandmother who brought her 3 gkids ages 5, 3 and2.
    They did well outside but when the 30 ppl moved inside, the 'nana' sat on
    a sofa next to my son/bride to watch the gift opening and left the kids
    to bang on the piano.

    One man tried to 'entertain' the 2 yo for about 30 mins right in front of me
    rough housing. I tried going upstairs to escape the noise, then out to the
    back yard (put the music speakers were turned on high), finally I had to
    go sit in the car.

    They are already used to "how I can be" and when all the family went back
    about 6pm without me, nothing was said. So, I was glad about that.

    One thing I have a bid on at Ebay is a pair of earbuds that silences 88% of
    the sound! Cause we had to upgrade to business to avoid the sound of all
    the happy kiddos on the plane who were going to DisneyWorld!!

    As far as eating out, I frequently cannot go to something like the shower and
    eat. Have to use my energy to carry on conversations with a 5 yo about her
    tooth that wiggles. And that if you lose your tooth in the dirt, you do not have
    to worry cause the Tooth Fairy knows that and will visit you anyway.

    She was quite a bright 5 yo. Already bilingual in English and German. And will
    be learning Spanish later. (Her mother speaks all three!).

    Good to be back with each of you!!


  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Remember that song? Survived the weekend in my PJ's doing nothing. I don't know whether the last injection didn't work or worked so well that it caused a big pathogen dieoff and Herx-like reaction. In any case, I haven't felt well since the virus a week before the shot. Fortunately, I have the next one to look forward to. I'll also get the results of my labwork. Hope all is well as I don't need anything else to contend with right now. Today, I have to get out of my PJ's, take a shower, and get moving, even if it's just a little bit.

    Pam, I hope A/C doesn't bother you because down here, it's just about impossible to get through the summer without it. It's not just the heat but the A/C dries out the humid air. That prevents mold. It's important while the house is under construction that no water is allowed to get inside and not get completely dried out. There are always mold spores in the air and all it takes for it to grow inside is for favorable conditions, like too much humidity. Don't mean to scare you as this usually doesn't happen unless there has been a water leak left unaddressed. One unit in our bldg. had a water leak in the bathroom and it intruded into the carpet. A service was called in and big fans dried everything out. There has never been a mold problem even now that it's empty because we've kept the A/C running when the humidity reaches a certain point. It's a really good idea to have a humidistat installed with the A/C.

    Yes, I can see where the tree faces might look a bit scary, especially to a child. While my DD was in the hosp. having Andy, her FIL put a face on one of the big trees in her yard. They really aren't that apparent. As her hormones flucuated after giving birth, one day, she sat out on her deck and cried. As she looked up and saw the tree, she thought, "That tree has a face on it," and it got her out of her funk. Some of the commercial faces have eyes which glow in the dark. Now, that's scary. Hmmmmm, wonder whether I can buy some phosphorous paint for the eyes.

    My memoir isn't for publication. It's just for our family because Mom never wrote anything down. She was a child during WWI and in her 30's during WWII. She was an amazing woman and I want my girls to know as much about her life as possible. They adored her and she adored them. She would have loved Andy. There isn't that much difference between how things were as I was growing up and when my girls grew up but Andy may want to read it and he will find how different things were then compared to how he's growing up now. I'm two years too old to "officially" be a Baby Boomer and the girls are two years too young. So we are on both sides of the Baby Boomer generation.

    Linda, I'm laughing thinking about the potty story. I'm sure if the kids would have realized that the window looked directly into the toilet, they would have been lined up to see people sitting on it. We had a window like that in our upstairs bath and my ex would look out and yell at the neighbor next door on her deck while he sat on the john. She knew what he was doing and it grossed her out. Of course, that was the idea. He could be a devil!

    OMG, that party sounds like hell to me. I'd have had to take Klonopin under my tongue several times and probably would have finally run out yelling, "Just kill me now!" Even small dinner parties are sometimes too much for me, especially if there are loud talkers. In any crowd my age, there are always loud talkers because they are hard of hearing. In addition to screaming, you have to scream back to them. Like I said--hell! Mix in small children and it's another level of hell. I'm not that much of a socializer except for my hours spent on the balcony. Tomorrow, three of us are driving up to Port Charlotte to Anderson's Bead Room for jewelry supplies. We'll stop to eat on the water along the Peace River on the way home. That will take everything I have right now but it will be fun.

    Don't know about all y'all but I've had it with political ads already and the election is months away. It doesn't matter which side one is one, there are horrible ads coming from the PAC's. They have unlimited funds and can run whatever they want without permission from the nominees and, obviously, without regard to the truth. I've been a political junkie all my life but this is beyond the pale. There is just too much money in politics on both sides. I know politics is one of those subjects we are not supposed to discuss but this isn't a partisan post. I'm not arguing for either side; I'm arguing for common sense and a return to treating each other with respect. The politicians could learn a thing or two from our members here. Thanks for letting me vent and I apologize if this offends anyone.

    What I have learned over the years of being ill is that the more peaceful environment I can build around myself, the better I do. I think that is why I love the balcony so much. It is really a lovely place and so restful as long as everyone is getting along. We love our creature comforts outside: Lanterns/bug zappers, wind chimes, butterfly tree (cashia), potted plants and out back, trees with faces. Gotta have a little whimsy in the mix.

    Sending everyone wishes for peace and painless days.

    Love, Mikie

    Ooh, and BTW, Michael's has directions for making pot holders which look like slices of citrus in green, orange and yellow in their newsletter today. What's better than a homemade pot holder? Of course, now and then I use my OvGlove but for everyday, I love the ones my ex made for me. I just bought four inexpensive melamine salad plates which look like orange slices. Don't see whey one couldn't enlarge the potholder patter to make place mats. So many ideas, so little energy :)
  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think Mikie lives the life of at least 3 of us (energy wise) but I do LOVE to
    hear about it!!! Keep it up, girlfriend :)

    I so agree with the humidity problem. When I lived on Okinawa and there was
    no a/c, all my shoes mildewed. Clothes did better cause they were washed
    and hung in the hot sun to dry. (no dryers there). Of course, 'all' my shoes
    may have been 3 pairs at most.

    I had a good nap today and now feel more "back to life". Huz brought me a
    fish sandwich from McD's and he did some grocery shopping.

    Yep, the PAC things are 'enough already' for me. Will say if we didn't have
    Personal Injury Attorneys advertising during daytime TV, we might not have
    daytime TV shows. It's amazing. Could live without those too.

    And in North Carolina a pair of capris and a 'dressy' top, does NOT mean the
    same thing as in Florida. Mikie is right, we do like our bling. And our blonde

    The first thing the MIL said to me was "you cut your hair shorter". Heck, I could
    not tell you what length it was in Thanksgiving. I know I frequently say "take
    an inch off" and probably my hair hasn't grown an inch...so it gets shorter.
    I should have said "and yours is the same!" But I am not as quick as I used
    to be.

    My dil who met the soon to be MIL of DS described her as "intense". I like
    her but I would not want to have to interact often, I don't think. Could be
    wrong. Parts of Charlotte are very pretty. The city could really grow on me.

    I think that is all that is going on here. Saw a gaggle of sandhill cranes (4).
    So beautiful. Still watching the wrongly fertilized plants wither and die. Huz
    has already forgotten about the wrong use of the fertilizer and says "they
    are just not getting enough water". As he waters them twice a day.

    Ok, Kids, Love you, Sleep well. Tomorrow is another day.
    Thanks for checking in Leah!! And sharing your love on the sick board! :)

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, hope you are feeling better.

    Linda, if only I were more active. I always have a lot of irons in the fire in terms of things I want to do but haven't been able to do as much lately. I'll be glad to get my next injection on the 30th. Still, it helps me to have things which I will eventually get done. I usually do but get siderailed when my energy level is low. I didn't sleep well last night. Only thing I can think is that I've added krill oil instead of fish oil and it might be jazzing me up too much. I need to take it earlier in the day. I've tried adding fish oil to the cats' food but they won't eat it. Their coats are dry. I combed Tweety this morning and got lots of hair. Another neighbor takes care of Sylverster's brushing (he is long haired). He is looking good but his hair is dry too. They love cream and I may try adding the oil to it.

    After the condo mtg. today, three of us will go up to the bead store. I'm tired but not too tired to make the trip. I can rest when I get home. Last evening, Barb and I sat out on the shady part of the balcony, which I call, "Balcony North," and had a drink. Two neighbors stopped by with their dogs. Tweety was passed out in the shade on the balcony and paid no attention to them. We always offer drinks to the people and treats to the dogs. Of course, Tweety and Sylverster get their share of cat treats. What a blessing those cats have been.

    We are getting ready to take out some old bushes and add some new ones in front of our bldg. We will be looking for a couple of windowbox-style planters which hook over a railing. We want to put some red geraniums in them for a little color on the landing of our outside stairwell landing. I would like to get the bushes planted before rainy season starts in earnest. Our pond out back is full again from the little rain we've had and the fountain is running. I love our fountain. It's lit at night and is beautiful. It has a rainbow in it in the afternoon. The noise helps dampen the traffic noise from the street on one side of our little village. The fountain also helps keep the pond healthy by aerating it. We will be buying some kind of float which keeps the water level full next winter so we can continue to use the fountain. I guess if there's a fire, the fire dept. likes to use these retention ponds for water. To me, it's just a pretty little place for the otters, ducks and other birds who stop by to fish for their dinner.

    Condo still needs cleaning but it'll wait. I consider it a milestone in my personal development that I can live with this. Either that or I've turned into a slob :)

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yesterday we took the day off from chores and went shopping.A little outdoor Mall that has a little boutique that has clothes I like.I was on the hunt for tank tops.I have Tshirts but when it's hot I need sleeveless.I parked huz outside on some nice padded furniture and got to work browsing the isles for cute stuff.I was really enjoying that.I bought quite a few and we headed to lunch.I was so off balance and hips and legs hurt so bad so we left after eating.It was to much I guess but worth it for the few moments of pleasure I got.

    A farmer friend told us it was birds eating those strawberries not chipmunks guess that makes sense.
    I love fountains Mikie.The sound is so soothing and the water running over is so peaceful.Next best thing to a lake,ocean or stream.

    Linda you sure had a time last weekend.I had to laugh about the bathroom window.It sounds exactly like a situation I could have found myself in.And all those people to cope being around yikes.

    Leah hope you get a good day soon.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sylvester hasn't been home since Sun. night. If he could get home, he would have. I hope someone took him in but he has a collar and is obviously someone's cat. Tweety is so sad and mewing softly as though she's given up and is mourning. It's breaking my heart.

    We went to the bead store, had lunch and stopped at Hobby Lobby. I found a small birdhouse which has angel's wings around the bird hole. It reads, "God Answers Prayers." I put it in our shade tree by the balcony. We can write down our prayers on a small piece of paper and place them in the birdhouse. I already put in a prayer to find Sylvester.

    Love to everyone and thanks for any prayers.

    Love, Mikie