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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 23, 2012.

  1. spacee

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    Going back to read the last posts.

    The good news is that Sylvester is home!


    Ok,, just came back to bump this to the top. And then go rest. Nothing really going on here.
    Just practicing spelling those two words Rock mentioned on the last thread :)
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    I guess I have to "reply" to make it go above 106.

    So "Bump" it is.

  3. lilaclover30

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    I haven't done that in so long that it has gone from my mind up ingto space.

    I am too sleepy to iwrite.

  4. Ranigar

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    Rock you'll have to excuse me for not handing in my assignment on Fri.I have already forgotten the subject and had to go back to the previous page to read the question again.I fed a stray milk once and what a mess I had because it didn't agree with him.

    Slacked off and didn't paint basement wall today.Huz made his lunch outing an all day event so I made use of my time by calling my sister I haven't talked to in months and chatted for an hr.

    Were you crying because the noise of the music was to much Linda?I can relate to that.

  5. Mikie

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    For your sweet concern about Sylvester. I just walked next door to pet him. He was lounging around at Jeff's. He is really eating up the loving he's getting. I hope it's enough to keep him around. Just like humans, some cats are lactose intolerent but these two love it. Jeff cannot have dairy so the kitties don't get any from him. We held a vigil last night for him, Sylvester, not Jeff, and lit a votive candle. I was so exhausted from trying to comfort Tweety and deal with my own stress that I was a basket case today. I went into one of my "coma" naps and it felt good to sleep.

    Pam, hope you aren't overding things, especially when experiencing anxiety. Big changes, even good ones, cause anxiety. In CBT, I learned that I was catastrophizing and letting my anxiety take over. I learned how to recognize the first anxious thought and stop it from going to another and another. I would stop and say, "Everything is exactly as it should be." Or, as my Mom used to say, "Oh, Honey, everything will be OK." And, she was aways right.

    Rock, I guess talking about cats and milk are a good segue into diarrhea and phlegm. One of the most often misspelled words is the word, misspelled. Honest! Thank God for spell check although I don't use it here cause we all give each other a pass on spelling and grammar--as it should be. My paper may be late or someone's dog may tear it up :) So sad to see animals die or get killed, especially if their only "sin" is trespassing on the land now claimed by humans.

    Linda, did a song get to you in the store? That happens to me sometimes. I always claim allergies if I don't want anyone to know I'm crying. My doc did tell me that crying is good for the eyes in that it cleanses everything but doesn't help with the oil gland problem--different mechanisms. I finally broke down and cried last night watching Tweety search every square inch in my condo looking for her brother. It was heartbreaking. She had every right to be mad at him when he showed up. I think it's possible he got into someone's car, possibly the guy who delivers the paper. He leaves the door open at each bldg. as he delivers. These cats are too curious and too friendly. Of course they are friendly; everyone in the hood lavishes love on them.

    Barb and I did manage to go out after our coffee on the balcony this morning. We stopped at the animal shelter where I donated the money I had planned to offer for a reward. Then, we went to BB&B to buy K-cups. Finally, we went to Michael's to pick up some yarn for the little round "slices of citrus" we want to knit. I haven't knitted in probably 45 years so am having a bit of trouble getting back into it. This is cotton yarn and isn't tightly twisted. I'm having a hard time getting the needle through the loop without splitting the individual threads. Also, it isn't as pliable as wool. Whine, whine, whine!

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone. I just put several prayer slips into our new birdhouse/prayer box. Hope it works as well for them as it did for bringing Sylvester home.

    Love, Mikie
  6. spacee

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    that Sylvester came home. Yep, he could have just hopped in the car! We can
    laugh now, I guess since he's safe and sound!

    Now on to "me". :) I had the most serious sensory overload I have ever
    had. And it just didn't let up except when lying in a dark room. Continued
    the next day at the airport. Tears flowing there from the noise. The music
    today was not a song I recognized. Loud and Loud is how I would describe it.
    So the tears do not feel a connection to any emotional tie.

    Finally decided tonite that more clonazapam was needed. Klonopin has been
    a subject on the other board. And for some other reason I was reading about
    Cheney and Klonopin, so his info was fresh in my mind. I was taking the
    minimum that he recommends, so have gone up another .5.

    I have to do what it takes to get through this wedding!!! I'm sure my doc
    will understand. Right now I don't have the energy to go see him. We are
    going to Jacksonville on Fri-Sun. I will wear my eye things that most ppl
    use to sleep in and take a bit of xanax to sleep in the car.

    Huz was so concerned about the problem at the airport, he said that we would
    never fly again and would trade the car in to get one that I can lie down in.
    Now, I feel sure this can be worked out without going that far.

    It's been 45 mins since I took the 1.5mg and I can tell a difference (I think :)
    in my brain).

    Thank you kids for looking after me.

    Mikie, I can knit but remembering how to cast on (start it to ones who don't
    knit). I think you can google 'how to knit' and there is a site. Oh, of course
    there is! Isn't there a site for everything? haha.

    That coma like sleeping in the day does feel really good. Cheney doesn't like
    for us to drink caffeine. What? How does one stay awake???

    My paper will be late cause our printer is broken, Rock! Bet you haven't heard
    that one before!

    HP lays off 27,000 ppl. I think my friend's husband has worked for them for
    years. So hope it isn't him. I think he is too young to retire. She has CFS
    and can't work.

    Back to Sylvester. It is such a frantic feeling when you can't find something important. A cat is very important.

    On the plane the "Air Mall Magazine" only sold one item for dogs. A crate that
    looked like an end table on top. LOTS of things to hide the kitty litter! haha

    Hugs and Love to All.


  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yep sensory overload and not a sad song made you cry.No one can understand that but us can they?Good luck this weekend again I feel afraid for you already.Such a joyous occasion but so so difficult for us to get through and enjoy.

    This morning the lady painter came to select paint colors and give us an estimate on doing the upstairs in neutral colors.The paint jobs huz and I have done are really sloppy and ugly.She laughed at me because I would not give her any help in color choices.I told her I don't care it's not my house so pick colors other people might not mind.I would say great to whatever she pointed to.I mean really why would I care I don't have to pick out curtains or bedspreads when it's done.

    She may have some gal. of paint she hasn't used on jobs she'll use to save money.I told her if they are neutral use them because I hate that we have to paint in the first place.Still conserving energy today.Mikie you described exactly what I have been doing.Every decision I mull over and change my mind and think of the worst possible scenario.So stressed and I make it worse by doing this.Trying to calm down and go one thing at a time.

    So glad the kitties back that would have been so sad.

  8. jole

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    Short stop for now, but thinking of everyone! Love being here with friends.....so hard to find when rarely able to leave the house. Just haven't been at my best, and family coming this weekend. Trying to cook and get things in the freezer, one dish a day. My big achievements.....lol. Soooo much wind lately!! Not sure why it always knocks me flat, but it does. Maybe the electricity in the air??

    Good to hear I may not be the only one getting an 'F' or 'Incomplete' on Rock's report. Love 'n hugs to all.......Jole
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    For most of us right now. Seems we are all dealing with more problems.

    Linda, it breaks my heart to think that the SO was so bad it made you cry. SO is painful just like physical pain which can make one cry. You are actually protecting your brain by not letting the SO get into runaway mode. I was the one referring to Dr. Cheney's article about this on the other board. My doc had no qualms about prescribing Klonopin after he read the article, especially after reading the report on my sleep study. Even after putting some of it under my tongue, sometimes the noise in stores is unbearable and I'll leave. What is the worst is when employees continually get on the PA system and scream. I pray for you to get through the wedding OK. Do whatever you have to to take care of yourself.

    Pam, I would feel just like you do. I agree that any neutral which would appeal to the largest number of buyers would be fine. I'm sure it will look beautiful when done. I'm glad you have someone else to do it. I don't have another paint job left in me. If I ever sell this place, it will be "as is." All I would do is touch up the paint near the front door where it gets banged up when stuff comes and goes. The door needs a new coat of paint but I put it off too long and now, it's too hot to leave the door open. I can paint the inside of it and leave the rest til next year. Wish we would get more rain. It's all going inland. All we get is the humidity. Try to get through all this with the least amt. of stress possible (I know, easier said than done).

    Jole, so good to see you here. I'm just so happy that I can now see you at all. Hope you can get through the company in good shape. Everyone seems to have a lot on their plates, including you. You are smart to do one thing a day. Hope you can keep it stressless. I agree that it's so good to come here and be with friends. Hardly anyone in our lives can possibly understand what we go through except our friends here.

    Again, thanks to everyone for all your support when Sylvester was missing and for your joy at his return. He and Tweety came in early for a quick snack and then, back out to whatever adventures they were involved in. There is another stray in the hood. He is to shy to get close to humans but he hangs out with S and T. We call him, Simon. While Sylvester was missing, Simon walked through the hood calling out in the most mournful tone. Simon eats with S and T and they hang out together. He was scrawny but now looks healthy.

    Well, there's a library book just lying here waiting for me. Gotta go. Sending out prayers for peace and energy for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

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    Our Leah has had a very, very good day!! Maybe a couple with the trip to
    make sure Kitty and the Vet are doing well :) And that mommy has been
    feeding kitty nutritious stuff. Good Job as Americans usually say or Well Done
    as the Brits usually say. Did you know that?

    Loved that you finished your 'writing assignment'. You are one smart cookie!
    But Rock will have to give you your final grade :)

    Huz keeps saying "Something seems different about you". Not in a good way
    but in a way of sort of, kind of accusing. Which makes me want to use
    Mikie's phrase "just kill me now". Just kidding there. It's a family trait of
    his family (of course). They just don't understand sickness. Particularly
    chronic. And I feel it is too late to "teach" them now. Though I have tried
    in years long ago.

    If it were a child, a mother might sit beside he/her, rub her hand across the
    forehead and say "what's wrong, sweetie". Since he never had anyone do
    that, why should he know how?

    So, yes, we are going to Jacksonville tomorrow till Sunday. I am packing
    light. Two sets of pi's. Remember, my suitcase is still there from about a
    month ago. So, not much is needed.

    Got my noise cancellation earbuds in the mail from eBay. Got what I paid
    for in that category. I think you are suppose to hook it into something to
    cause the noise to cancel. Not understanding that, I cut the wires off. Now
    I can still hear the fridge running. Hmm. Ok, I think they work better than
    the foam ones, at least.

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    For just a minute (on the board).

    Boy, Leah, I so understand 'not being able to understand'. And all the effort
    it takes to get out. $85 does seem less than ordinary. And if something wrong.
    Well. Quite a lot!

    I got a call that younger brother had surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma
    INSIDE his nose. Now, he was a lifeguard while a teenager. Was he looking
    up at the sun and thereby got the basal INSIDE. Or maybe he was lying on his
    back getting a tan.

    Google says that it is slow growing. So that is good news.

    I'll miss you all and think about you. Expecting to say in the house and maybe
    in the bed playing UNO :) Oh,the GD will like that game. Just reminded myself.

    Lots of Hugs!!!

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Still tired today. Seems I'm in a bit of a flare. I don't think that last shot worked. Going to talk to doc about it on the 30th. I slept til 6:00, late for me. The kitties came in and played, drank a bit of milk and went out to eat their treats. When I'm ready for them to leave, all I have to do is rattle the treat bag, toss them out the door, the treats, not the cats, on the balcony and watch the kids go after them.

    Leah, so glad your kitty is healthy. Good for you, doing such a good job. Catastrophizing is one that is used in CBT. I thought it was a funny word too but also realized that I was one big catastrophizer. I would work myself into a frenzy of fear and anxiety. Most of what we worry about never happens. But, the answer is realizing when the anxiety starts and stopping it in its tracks. Took a lot of practice but was soooo worth it. I like the idea of a remote. Everything should come with a remote. Of course now, I have five of them just for the TV and all the gizmos connected to it. I haven't forgotten how to knit, I'm just really clumsy at it now and the cotton yarn isn't as easy to work with. I'm thinking it would have been much easier to crochet this project and may buy a crochet needle and do it.

    Linda, hope all goes well with the trip. The earphones I saw which cancel noise were the big ones like we used to wear. Seems they are coming back into style. When I wear my earbuds to listen to music, I have to turn the music down because it's right in the ear. I think the big earphones are healthier. Of course, if you want noise cancelling, it doesn't much matter as long as they keep the noise out. Of all the SO problems, I think noise is the most painful. Yes, I do use the word, painful, because for me, it is. Harsh lighting is the next most painful. Touch is next and then confusion/movement. A combination of all of the above, or some of the above, just about sends me looking for a dark hole to climb into. My Mom did try to understand my illnesses and I think she did. She had a bad flare of FMS but got over it. I think Moms are generally more understanding. Many men are raised to keep a stiff upper lip and play through the pain. This is not a good game plan for understanding illness. Basal cell is curable but they have to get it all which means cutting around a big margin of the lesion. Hope they got it all.

    I spent all day yesterday lying around, reading, watching TV and sleeping. My lymph nodes were swollen and I'm feeling hot today. Hope I'm not coming down with something. Just got over something. I have so much which needs doing but I'm feeling like I want a repeat of yesterday. I got my Himalayan Sea Salt from Dr. Mercola. I didn't realize how BIG the jars of it are. The S&H for one was the same as for three so I decided to get three. Well, I now have a lifetime supply of the stuff. I have been using natural sea salt from France but decided to give this a try. Perhaps I'll put them in my will :)

    If there are any quantum physics geeks out there, like me, there is a good show I catch On Demand called, "Through The Worm Hole." It is excellent at explaining all the theories out there for how our Universe works but none, so far, has been able to fully explain it. They are in search of the One Theory which combines Newtonian Physics and quantum physics and works for both the very large and very small worlds. Of course, String Theory is always part of the debate. ST just blows my mind and I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. Oh well, most days, I can't wrap my mind around much. It nees to be challenged now and then. There are more physics geeks out there than I ever realized but many are afraid to come out of the closet. Finally, it's chic to be geek. My GS is destined to be a STEMMIE based on his test scores at school. Wish I had taken more math in school. I was afraid of it until I discovered, in my 40's when I went back to college, that math could serve me well. But, I digress...

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Ohh dear,I wrote a long post yesterday chatting away but toward the end I got really tired so I quickly ended but pushed a wrong button,hit a wrong key who knows and poof it was gone.I shut it down and fell asleep.

    Today is the family reunion thingy.I hope it's not to hot and there is a breeze.I must be doing alright because normally I would be stressing the whole thing.

    I went and had the stylist use one color on my hair yesterday.No more expensive highlights.It was $30 cheaper to huz delight.He was starting to make plenty of comments about that expense after yrs. of indifference.I didn't want the maintenance anymore anyway.So the color is ?.Huz says kind of blonde still I think red.Not sure I like it but it's a change to get used to.

    Painter came to see the upstairs and choose paint colors.She laughed when I wouldn't commit to colors she chose.She said you really don't care do you.It's not going to be my house as long as they are neutral I don't care.The god awful blues and burgundy up there with crooked lines from both of our lack of painting skills has to be fixed though.

    Realtor is coming Tues. to give us an idea on price and how much fixing up we should do.Planning on listing beginning of Aug. unless he wants to bring in private showings before then.DS should get a closing date next week so cleaning out can begin.I feel calmer.Paperwork was signed and sent yesterday to Fl. contractor with no starting date until this sells.So things are moving.

    Can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already.DS asked about a cookout but I haven't thought that far in advance.Take care everyone.Hope you all get a nice boost of energy to enjoy the holiday weekend.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just wanted to wish everyone a pain free weekend. I've never been one to get too excited over holidays, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas when the kids were little. For anyone with plans, hope they go well and no one overdoes things. For those, like me, who are not feeling that great, I send prayers for relief from symptoms.

    Every now and then, my old e-coli problem sees to rear its ugly head. My doc said that might happen. I've been having pain in the pancreas and liver areas and I'm swollen up around the middle like the Michelin Man. Guess I have had a virus and other viruses and bacteria like to kick us when we are down. They don't play fair. This will pass and tests showed there was no permanent damage to my organs. So, I am thankful for that. This too shall pass.

    We got some much needed rain this everning, complete with thunder and lightening, my favorite kind of storm. Tweety came by after the storm for a treat. She always does that like she thinks she deserves a reward for making it through the scary storm. It's getting to the point that I can pretty much read her habits and needs. Sylvester comes around in the morning but not every day. He's pretty much content to hang out at Jeff's. We figure he got in someone's car, like the newspaper guy, and whoever it was brought him home. Thank God!

    I have no plans this weekend but that's OK. I have plenty to do around the condo. I feel a tad better so am hoping I can get something done. I did get the garbage hauled down with the recycle stuff and I picked up my mail. Sometimes, that takes all I have. This was one of those days. Glad my needs are simple.

    Pam, sounds like things are moving along. I'm amused by your lack of interest in the paint colors but I get it, unlike the paint lady. It'll be good when it's done.

    Leah, I know you haven't been feeling well and I hope you are better. Thinking of you.

    I'm thinking of everyone else too. Sending hugs, love and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Pam, I'm sorry you lost your post. I've been trying to post for some time.
    Last week I read the post and made notes, but never got nuthin' posted.
    Did the same thing a couple weeks ago. ARRGHH!! Makes me so mad.
    Except when it makes me depressed. And then, of course, there's
    ANGRY! Ratbane! What can we do but struggle on?

    You know, Mikie, all this time I've been reading about Sylvester and Tweety
    and it wasn't until yesterday that I suddenly realized. Warner Bros.!!! What
    a dunderhead!

    I read about string theory and worm holes a few years back. Made no
    sense to my small brain whatsoever.

    Linda, I'm sure your brother didn't put basil in his nose. You use your
    nose to sniff basil. You put it (the basil) in pesto, or tomatoey things.
    Anyhoo I hope the problem soon blows over.

    Have a good trip to Jax. The eye shades and Xanax outta be a big help.
    I took Xanax for a while till I found out what it was for. I dunno why
    the dr. prescribed it. I didn't have anxiety. I had Depression!

    Freida, you get a grade of EA. E for effort and A for quality. I bet you
    got lots of As back in the good old school days.

    I shoulda been a college teacher in a small city. Here's the grading
    system I woulda used. D if you show up. C if you do the assign-
    ment. B if it's more or less pertinent. A if it's pretty good.

    Yes, Linda, I would accept an excuse like, "My dog ate the printer".
    But only the first 2 or 3 times.

    Jole, how is the cooking going? Are you cooking big dishes to divide
    or little dishes that will get eaten up sooner? Taking stuff with you?

    Pam, how far away was that sister you talked to for an hour? Or
    doesn't distance matter with the new phones? I never feel com-
    fortable talking long distance. When I was a kid my mother would
    stand by the phone and whisper, "Hurry up! It's long distance."

    Joan, to "Bump", you just type bump for the title and the message.
    Then click send or post or whatever. But one doesn't really need to
    know how to bump if you can still grind.

    Madja grin, huh? Hope so.

    Hugs, you guys. Rock
  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That made me grin alright Rock.I know long distance phone calls of old.I use my cell for the lengthy talks with sister who lives in Fl. well actually both sisters live there.I have minutes on a phone plan I can use and since I rarely call anyone I don't go over my min.I guess that's what people do these days.I never use the land line for long distance.When we move we'll probably not use a land line anymore.

    The party was great yesterday.I enjoyed seeing everyone.Sometimes back pain would hit with a vengeance and I would park myself in a chair and stay quiet but it would ease up with pain reliever.My huz and three brothers had a dispute on who had the biggest belly.Thank goodness huz did not win.He didn't come in last either unfortunately.I had a glass of homemade wine and I swear I feel like I have a hangover today.I abstained from the Pink Panty Dropper drink the girls were passing around.Raspberry vodka,beer and pink lemonade,doesn't even sound good does it?

    I planted a few flowers out back and am so glad I only bought six.I crawled on hands and knees to do it.That will do it for me today.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Could see Sylvester, you would know why he was named that. He looks just like the Puddy Tat in the cartoons. Of course, once Jeff named him that, he had to name his sister, Tweety. Most of the neighbors call her, Sweetie. Both of them came up this morning and when I looked out, Simon was sitting outside in front of my door. He ran when I looked out at him. I made comforting cat sounds and threw down some treats just for him. Poor fella.

    Sat on the balcony with Barb and had coffee. She's leaving in two weeks so wants to make the most of things while she's still here. The second week, her son and one of her daughters will be here doing things around her condo before they drive her and her car up to Boston. I'll miss her.

    Looks as though we may get rain any of the next five days or so. We got almost an inch of rain yesterday. I was too ambitious in my thinking. I'm still tired as heck and now have a bit of a cough. I shoveled down some zinc, vitamin C and eccinacea. Don't want to be sick again when it's time to get my inj. on Wed.

    I'm reading a library book on "Happiness." The author has been through a lot in her life, including Polio with paralysis. She uses different disiplines, like religion and philosophy, to try to define happiness and how we get it. Only problem is that it reads like a college thesis and certainly isn't a page turner. So much of it is stuff we already know but, because of our illnesses, perhaps we are at the top of the class in this earthly school. She does separate pleasure from happiness in that happiness is more of a built-in attribute we have. Some of it seems to be genetic but we can also nurture it. Pleasure, on the other hand, is fleeting. Pleasure can contribute to happiness but isn't happiness itself. I agree with that. We may feel happy when we get a new car but that doesn't last. Some pursue happiness through pleasure but they can get caught up in a spiral where enough is never enough. I've known people like that.

    To me, happiness involves dealing with life in creative and grateful ways. It's being happy with what we have, no matter how little. Of course, we all have baseline needs and if they are not met, it's difficult to feel happy. I think of Maslow's Heierarchy. I can't stop to feel happy if my life and safety are in peril. Still, if my basic needs for shelter and nutrition are met and I have a safe, soft and warm place to lay my head, I can say I'm happy. That doesn't mean I don't pursue things to surround myself with which I enjoy. I like to create, whether through painting, assembling jewelry, decorating, etc. That creative drive is part of who I am.

    I noticed the theme of balance in the pursuit of happiness. We don't need to have the latest of everything, especially if we can't afford it. We have to balance our needs against our security. Finally, there is an aspect of generosity involved in happiness. I'm not sure I can specifically define happiness but it's like they say about porn; I know it when I feel it. To me, it's more like well-being which lasts and not moments of feeling ecstatic. I'd be interested in what y'all think about this unless, of course, you don't want to chime in. I think we are more challenged when it comes to having a sense of well-being so we may be able to contribute to everyone's well-being with our ideas about it and how to achieve it.

    So, I'm wishing everyone happiness and well-being.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    First things first. Mikie, since Lupus and SA (though you are doing quite well
    with your shots), I thought I would mention that a Rheumy at Johns Hopkinds
    noticed that every Lupus patient admitted by her was taking ecchenaisia (that was
    a stab at the spelling). I used to take it and loved it for my sinuses but
    gave it up when I read that. Take it or leave it!

    3DS called and said he need his Social Security card for a marriage license.
    Yep, I keep all the important papers till it looks like they might settle some
    where for a very long time.

    Since it is Mem. Day, I found where they had to register for the Selective
    Service (I think?). It's what you do if you are a male just in case the govt
    wants to reinstitute the Draft.

    Which, btw, Rock, Barry were you ever drafted. Or the other Huz's. Huz saw
    it breathing down his neck, so he enlisted in the Army instead of going to
    Viet Nam, they sent him to Okinawa because they DID NOT need anyone
    there. That was kinda the Army's way of thinking back then. He was where
    he was not needed for 15 months.

    Rock, gonna have the red panties drink? Or have you had it already. (just kidding). Doesn't sound good to me either.

    How was the weekend. Fine as it goes for us. They have moved away from
    stores. So no shopping. They have moved away from good restaurants. So
    no eating out except tacos for lunch. So, I brought a frozen dish for Fri nite,
    and Taco soup with ground turkey already cooked, for Sat nite. Did the dishes
    and bathed the kids. Did a lot of sleeping too.

    Son needs a new computer. Theirs died. Wanted to know how much I would
    be able to contribute to it. These kids crack me up. I think he is missing his
    online games. Cause his iPad does about everything else. He reminded me
    that he had a birthday coming up. I had forgotten....really.

    We can't figure out who the 1 yo GS looks like. I guess it is between Huz and
    me since we have blonde on both sides. But he just looks different. He can
    pucker his lips and touch his nose. How would you grade that, Rock?

    Rock, you would have been a wonderful prof in a small town with students
    who would have talked about this teacher who changed my life forever! You
    would have been greatly loved.

    Pam. you planted 6 plants??? Wow! we had 6 plants that died for lack of
    planting. :(

    I'm not sure what happiness is to me but contentment is my meds and a
    good bed.

    Alright, My dear sweet ones.....

    Tomorrow is Monday and Mikie is going to do some more figuring out of the
    universe and Leah might write us another beautiful ditty and Barry might
    drop in to tell us about his fauna and flora :)

    Love you all!!


  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I love your idea of leaving the troubles "outside" of yourself. That's where they belong. I think we learn an awful lot from the troubles and tragedies we go through but we can't let them define who we are. I think we can pick and choose what we want to incorporate from our experiences to help us grow. You always offer words of wisdom and encouragement. BTW, I have plants all over the place which need to be replanted downstairs and yet, here they sit and here I sit. Oy!

    Linda, thanks for the heads up on the eccinacea. I know it's only to be take for a few days and not routinely. I also have been chomping down orange gummy vitamin C and some zinc. I don't think any of this will interfere with the inj. If I'm not better by tomorrow, I'll have to call off the inj. I don't want to have to do that but I don't want another shot which doesn't seem to work.

    Men usually have an easier time getting drivers licenses and marriage licenses because they typically don't change their names. We women, on the other hand, may have had multiple name changes. Remember a couple of years ago when I was tearing my hair out trying to get mine? I finally renewed my passport and kept my fingers crossed until it came. A passport trumps everything else and I sailed through the DMV. Phew! GS can pucker his lips and touch his nose? I'd say he's Mensa material. We both mentioned our beds as making us feel content. I've always been grateful for my bed, even before I got sick.

    I don't know why I torment myself trying to figure out the mysteries of the Universe or what happiness is and how to get it. In the end, the author didn't find these things out either. At best, she could only say she examined the subject from various perspectives. I think most of us here could write a better book. Hmmmm, maybe that could be Rock's assignment for us :) Yes, when I picture Rock, I see a teacher living in a historic environment, rich with character.

    I see all of us living in gardens which we tend with love and homes filled with loved ones. Puppies and kittens stop by our gardens to play with all the children. These are very healing thoughts to me. I hope they are for all y'all too. I once witnessed pure joy when Tweety came upon a dried air plant which looked like a ball of twigs. She snagged it with her paw, lifted it in the air and did a cat ballet with it. I wish I could capture that joy but it gives me so much pleasure to remember it. I feel a bit of that joy when I hear "Indian Lake" on the radio and I just have to get up and dance. Of course, my dance isn't as lovely as Tweety's but I do feel some joy.

    I'm sitting here with an ice bag on my head. Fortunately, I can take acetaminophen for my headache. As long as I nip this thing in the bud, I'l be happy. I've been using my zapper in both manual mode and auto mode. Last night, I started to have a dry cough. My neighbor, Jeff, the kitties daddy, has been sick with pneumonia which he can't seem to shake. Of course, when Sylvester was missing, I talked with him. He's kind of a private guy who is very sweet and generous. He called me the other night to thank me for helping out with finding Sylvester. He was so amazed that everyone in the hood was helping to look for him. Despite the occasional neighbor who upsets the tranquility of the hood, this is a good place with good people. I am sure it contributes to my sense of well-being and happiness. That's why I take so much pleasure in taking care of our landscaping and garden areas and the balcony. We keep adding creature comforts to the balcony. Everyone feels what a special place it is.

    OK, I'm now on to Independent swing voters in the other book I got. Independents outnumber registered voters in each of the two main parites. They decide elections. The challenge for the Dems and Reps is how to appeal to them. It is a very interesting book. I hadn't planned on taking these books out but when I returned my other books, I couldn't resist a walk around the new book shelves. I don't pick out books; they pick me out. This time, I'm going to take these books back and not look at any new ones. I have a Kindle full of books. It's time I read some fiction.

    I don't know what I'd do without TV and something to read when I'm sick. Sometimes, when the body isn't well, I can, at least, improve my mind. Sometimes, the mind won't cooperate either and I just use TV to get me through it. You guys help me every day and I appreciate it. I look forward to coming here to see what everyone is doing. This is like a virtual balcony.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I won't even bother telling you what I've been up to today.Too much and I know better.The Realtor is coming tomorrow and huz reminded me we are interviewing him not the other way around.I asked huz to straighten up the basement rec area so you can get an idea of what it's function is.He spent the entire morning down there and when I took a peek I could have cried.He had been straightening up his tools in the shop area!

    Well he's back on track now I think and if not I'm to tired to care.DS is in charge of dinner tonight he just doesn't know it yet.


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