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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Ranigar, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Ranigar

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    Starting anew!Weather change big time here.temps now 70's with rain coming through over night.Niece and her spouse came over to tear down pool table to take home with them.Anything else I was getting rid of she was happy to take.They don't have much money so I was glad to give her stuff.

    I was scared for this time of yr. to start and sure enough by the time visitors left I was in major pain from back spasms and leg pain.I was bent over in pain waiting for huz to give the dog her treat so I could go upstairs with her.A little of that Nsaid cream made the spasms manageable so I shut off the light to try and sleep.Hit an insomnia stretch here recently that happens from time to time.Any of you get that?I have to much to get done before my body gives out on me yet.

    Mikie are the faces on the trees still up for your friend to see and has she spotted them yet?Love the clock idea.I get up so often I'm always peering around trying to see what time it is from the clock next to huz.

    Made some potato soup this morning that huz was requesting.Will save you some Rock.Little pieces of bacon in it for flavor.Now need a nice hard crust bread to go with it.

    Barry how did the test turn out?

    Linda come out come out where ever you are.

    Leah did huz get back to planting anything else?You said Mums right?I really like those and Gordons Zinnia's too.I can't plant anything now.We're moving and the new house will be 4to 6mos.

  2. rockgor

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    Just got back from the auto shop. Gordon had to take his car in for some
    brake work, so we are postponing my windshield replacement. I bought gas
    on the way. $16 for less than 4 gallons. When I was a teen gas was a quarter
    a gallon. For $16 you got 60 gallons!

    That's nice that you could help your niece, Pam. I have not heard a word from
    my nephew regarding the donation I sent him. It's been 3 weeks. Haven't
    heard from the two institutions I sent a donation to either. Amazing! We live
    in a world of instant communication. SOL

    Never heard of that cream you are using, Pam, but glad you found something
    that helps. Yes, homemade potato soup sounds good. I've made it a couple
    times, but it never turns out very well. Both my parents were wonderful
    cooks, and their soups were better than any I've had since.

    John Paul Getty used to eat a lotta soup. I read it was once a day or
    every meal or something. Anyhoo, a lot.

    Mikie, are you talking about a a bubble maker like Lawrence Welk used
    to have? On a smaller scale? I used to have some wonderful pics I took
    of my son w/ bubbles. He was 3. He was using a hoop about 10 inches in
    diameter. Made giant bubbles.

    Yes, your place does sound magical. Would love to come sit on your balcony.
    Upside down time. Who designed that, I wonder. You know what reversed
    time is? Emit. A reverse tide is edit.

    Ha Ha! is the same either way. Gordon is busy making beef soup. I told
    him for the umpteenth time, "Don't make so much". He said Ok; he'd just
    make a teaspoon full.

    Here's a bit of humor from an Uff-da! Joke Book. A smart Norskie, a
    dumb Norskie and Santa Claus are all reaching for a ten dollar bill. Which one
    gets it?

    The dumb Norskie. The other two are fictional.

    Ha det bra

  3. Mikie

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    Pam, I am so sorry your back is in such pain. That is one of the worst pains we get. Yes, I get insomnia and the only thing which helps me is to turn the TV on low and put on my mask to darken the room. The noise lulls me to sleep. Those nature sounds don't do it for me. It has to be people speaking. It's like when we were kids getting read to sleep at bedtime. Speaking of back pain, a pool table is realllly heavy if it has slate for a top. You're smart not to pay for the extra weight to move if the table isn't that important to you. I'm glad you get pleasure from seeing others enjoy your things. I hope your back gets better. Unfortunately, the clay I used didn't hold up under heavy tropical rains even though I sealed it. The nose was the last thing to fall off. Strangely, there is still a face outline on the tree from where the clay was. I may make another one if I can find a clay which will hold up.

    Rock, so, did Gordon say, "Give me a brake?" Yes, gas was a quarter a gallon even when I was first married. My ex and I would stop at a little gas station and fill up and get our milk for fifty cents for a gallon. We had enough left over for treats. I get those Shell $50 gas cards for $40 with a Publix coupon. I buy them up when the coupons are in the ads. Regardless of the price per gallon, I save 20 percent. My neighbors just don't get it. They go to Costco to save a few pennies per gallon. The idea of spending an extra $40 at the grocery store freaks them out. They don't get how nice it is to have $50 worth of gas at the station. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water...

    I am thinking of just getting a small bettery-operated bubble machine for the balcony for our afternoon drink time. We won't use it continually but it will be nice now and then. Barb has a beautiful glass globe which hangs and she wants to hang it in the tree. The tree is getting like a Christmas tree which holds decorations for each of us plus the wind chimes. Everyone is getting into the magic of the place. The downstairs neighbors' son, who came down while his mother is in physical rehab following her fall, has been coming up for morning coffee. He senses the magic of the place. Neighbors' visitors comment on it. We really do have something special here.

    I've always tried to mix up letters in words up to make other words, using all the letters. It's fun and challenging. I give myself one point for the first one and, if I can make other words, I get extra points. I've been doing this since childhood. Can you tell I'm an only child who spent a LOT of time alone? Maybe this is why I'm OK with being alone now. Not that my ideal isn't a long-term loving relationship but that hasn't been in my cards.

    I'm tired and still recouperating from that virus which refuses to leave me alone. I've been using my zapper but I don't think it's working. I need to contact Hulda Clark to see if I can send it in for repair or replacement. I spent yesterday resting and watching Season One of "Boardwalk Empire." Season Two is still fresh in my memory but, like all these series on HBO, it's so convoluted that it helps me to rewatch how it all started. I'm about ready to shower and try to get something done around here. Barb's kids are here with her car so I'm off the hook to drive her. I didn't mind doing it; I'm really glad she's here.

    Still sending up prayers for everyone and especially for Linda. I hope she can post or someone close to her can let us know how she's doing.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Only in the 60's today and looks like cooler weather all week so perhaps summer is gone.My body tells me I didn't get out of the State in time.Moving much slower and more aches and pains.I had an unusually good summer though so I can't complain.

    We got away for the day and I bought a couple pr. of jeans.The two pr. I have are to big and saggy.I hate belts they dig into my stomach.I couldn't find a nice top to tempt me.That trip has me exhausted I'm going to lay down and rest awhile.Appraisers are coming tomorrow.What a process.

    The nose was the last to go!That paints a funny picture.Soup was no good Rock.To bland,I can't figure out what recipe I used that was so yummy.

  5. bct

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    Pam, I feel it coming on here too. This morning we put the heater on for the first time since I don't know when. Well, last spring, anyway. The low in the night was 42 degrees; the days are sunny and in the mid to low 80's.

    The nights here are so clear that I've been staring at the Milky Way. Looks more like flour than milk to me. We get no light pollution here, it's that rural, and far from flight paths. Seldom hear a plane.

    My trip to the big (actually very small) city is done. Had ultra-sound done, and saw the vascular surgeon who said no change so no need for intervention at this time, and see him in a year. Sounds good to me!

    The afore-mentioned trip exhaustified me, and I'm still reeling from walking the floors of Costco. (Where I found black rice and bought it! Yay! Happy!)

    Also ran across a small farmer's market. Bought some strawberries, french green beans, hand-cured mix of olives, and walnut/olive tapenade (a kind of spread). It was interesting to see all the varieties of tomatoes too, from giant yellow blushed pink beefsteaks, to round chocolate ping-pong- sized weirdos. We didn't buy any because we already have too many of our own rather boring Early Girls, and tasty cherry Sungolds.

    All in all a good trip.

    So darned tired now though.

    Pam, I bet you can't wait to move can you? It is the waiting that get's on the nerves, isn't it? I know it would me. I just hope that when you DO move that you won't be too busy to keep us informed of all your activities:) Wishing you the best.

    Mikie, sorry to hear about your recurrent virus. Do you know what it is, like EBV or anything? I know when I took a six month course of Valtrex it seemed to knock a bunch of viruses into submission. I guess I mean remission.

    Bubbles, bubbles. Our little corgwn used to jump and play with these when she was a pup. I bought special non-toxic bubble mix from Germany. Ah, what good times she had with them. I've never tried them with a cat though; make sure, Mikie, that they don't leap off the balcony if you have that bubble-machine going!

    Wishing for the best for all of you,

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, cooler weather sounds like heaven. It's still so hot here that just walking my garbage down to the dumpster, which is not far at all, got me to sweating so that it took half an hour to cool down and stop sweating. Sorry you have aches and pains. Hope the appraisal goes well. Yes, the face on the tree is even eerier than the one I made.

    Barry, I'll have to look for the black rice at Costco. Glad the ultrasound went well. I think this is just an ordinary virus. I used to never get them but now that my immune system is more normalized, I seem to get them. It could be the latent virus, though. It's likely in the Herpes Family, like EBV, CMV or HHV-6. I could try sprinkling a wee bit of Transfer Factor under my tongue. Or, I could take some Acyclovir. The TF is more effective. Both cats seem to know that the edge of the balcony is the limit even as they get excited by birds and the squirrel who has a condo in the palm tree next to the balcony. He runs out and cusses out the cats whenever he sees them.

    We have a falcon who perches in the pine tree outside my lanai. We trimmed the lower branches, including the one he sits on. He came by the other day and kept changing branches. He was like Goldilocks, looking for his old one which was just right. I hope he doesn't decide to find another tree. He's beautiful.

    I'm still exhausted and got no more done than taking down the garbage. I'm still rewatching "Empire Boardwalk." Does anyone watch "Army Wives?" Is tonight's show the season finale or the last show ever? Ads make it sound as though it will be over after tonight. I love that show.

    Gotta go. As always, sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    Quiet day. "A day like all days. Filled with those events that alter
    and illuminate our times. And You Were There."

    Who used to say that?

    We went to the Fish and Chips shop. I should Google to see if
    British chips are the same as our French fries, but I'd probably
    lose my post.

    Mikie, I bet that poor falcon is thinking: Who broke in and rearranged
    my furniture. Oh, that reminds me.

    Couple days ago we had a light sprinkle for a few minutes. I went
    out to check on Zippy. He had moved his blankie to get it closer to the
    house. Alas, the roof does not project enough to shelter him from the rain.

    His blankie is awkward. About 25 square feet. Must weigh a pound
    or two. He is only a little dog (17 lbs.) and blind. But he maneuvered it
    about 30 feet, around a corner and down two step. Pretty good doggie
    engineering, I'd say.

    Where do you find those TV shows? Never heard of 'em. Course I don't
    watch TV. That might have something to do with it.

    Good to hear from you, Barry. In response to your question, Gordon
    uprooted our Sungold plants yesterday. I don't know why.* They were
    still producing. Glad to hear you got a good report from the doc, and
    found an interesting farmers' market. Gordon and I used to go to some
    regularly, but haven't been for a couple years now.

    *Gordon says the leaves were developing mildew; possible due to
    watering from the top.

    What the heck is black rice? Oh, I'm reading a novel w/ recipes at
    the end of every chapter. Lots of exotic stuff you'd probably like:
    quinoa, flaxseed, tahini, and truffle oil. Think I'll stick w/ tuna hot dish.
    Ha Ha!

    Mikie, Gordon did not say, "Give me a brake", but he laughed when I
    passed along your joke. He said you should be commended. Also

    Sorry the soup was not a big success, Pam. I made onion soup a
    couple decades ago. Followed some recipe from a ladies' magazine.
    I think it called for red onions, and first you baked them in the oven.
    Rather time consuming. The results were also bland. The
    best soup I make is split pea, but it is not favorite of mine. But I
    don't do much cooking any more. Too old and feeble.

    I wonder if cream would help potato soup? Or would it just add


    Answer: Walter Cronkite. (I have a vague recollection from freshman
    German class that his surname means "sickness" in Deutsch.)
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yes I did use some cream in that soup even used a little bacon.Maybe it was just to early in the yr. for a rich soup.

    Barry that is some good news from the Dr. that doesn't happen very often does it?Our tomatoes are still hanging on too.Not warm enough to ripen though.Green peppers are still coming in.My GS loves bubbles.The little cheap plastic mowers that you attach a bottle of bubbles to keeps him running around for an afternoon.Reminds me I promised to pick some up,he's out.We watch him Th. and that will occupy him until his mom gets back from an appt.

    Oh Mikie I sure am hoping it cools off end of Oct. when we arrive.I know it's dicey.Huz is tiring of cleaning stuff out.Running out of steam.Basement,garage and office.He is going to start pitching stuff out randomly any time now,I say with an evil laugh.No more it's wasteful or someone can use it.I see it coming.

    He complained to a friend over breakfast last week about me giving stuff away and his friend told him it's only stuff you might not want to even buy it again.Funny when a friend tells you that instead of a spouse it makes more sense.

    Yep we didn't get out of Dodge fast enough cooler temps are making the joints stiff.Arthritis I presume.Parents had an old friend always complaining about Old Arthur and we laughed at that expression now I have Aurthur as a companion too and he isn't funny at all.

  9. jole

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    Every time I log in to post, I get thrown into the Health Board! At least it's happened enough times now that I'm expecting it and can back out and start over. Took 3 tries to get this in the right spot.

    Barry, I'm so happy you had a great day out and good news from the doc. Hope you can get rested up soon. Seems like the first two days for me are pretty much spent taking naps and accomplishing nothing else. Third day is a bit better energy wise, but by then the pain has set in. Ahhh the Milky Way. Only one I knew of as a kid was the edible kind. I love picking it out of the sky, and marvel over the fact that it's so clear here too. One of the great advantages of country living.

    Rock, I loved Walter Cronkite. He was a real person, and I remember when JFK was killed, he broke down and cried as he was announcing the news. Wish there were some comparrison between the broadcasters of that era to the ones who 'claim' to be now.

    Pam, it's the same here. I can tell hubby something and am usually wrong...but let a guy say the same thing and gee...they're so smart! Lol. I also love how we wives come up with ideas, only to have them repeat them as their own. Sorry the weather's gotten the best of you. Every time I think of winter I want to cry, 'cause I know what's coming. Glad you have the move to look forward to, and hope you feel much better once settled in Fla.

    Mikie, Wish we could all settle in on your balcony for an evening....that would be such fun!

    Leah, hope you're doing well as possible, and wish Linda were back! This is getting really scarey with her gone so long. I keep trying to think positive thoughts.

    Jam, don't blame you for wanting to keep that gas tank ready to go. I too have a hard time with a lot of the changes in this world. I'm thankful for computers, or I wouldn't know any of my friends here, but would love to see a simpler time for our kids/grands. Sigh.

    We had a great weekend with the DD/family. Those little ones just come flying into our arms, and there's not a feeling like it! The girls and I had a tea party together with juice and cookies, pregnant mommy took a nap, and the guys tried to keep the little one corralled. He will be a year old in a couple weeks, and is on the run constantly. He's trying his best to keep up with the other two, and chased our dog around the yard. Their parents are about to drop from exhaustion....what ever possessed them to think they needed another one?? :)

    Suppose to go to a wake service tonight and funeral tomorrow for hubby's 85 yr. old uncle. Not sure I'm going to make it to both. I'm in Barry's exhaustion mode from the weekend. Will have to pick one, and hope I can do that much. People, I have no dress clothes. Not kidding. One pair of black slacks and that's it. Usually enough since I go no where that I can't wear my comfy clothes, but there are times I wish I had something a bit more acceptable for weddings/funerals.

    Back to bed for awhile. Hugs to all....

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I wrote a whole "W&P" post yesterday and Explorer deleted it. It gave some kind of lame message about modifying the page. I just didn't have the heart to redo it. I should have been copying it as I went along so I could, at least, try to reserect it. I'll try to hit the salient points from memory.

    Rock, Krankheit is German for illness. It almost brought a tear to my eye thinking about an old blind dog hauling his blankie out of the rain. Let's hear it-- Hip, hip for Zip! Tell Gordon that if I were ever commited, they'd return me.

    Pam, it's funny how we get less choosy about what we will keep as we get deep into our stuff. What was a treasure becomes something to donate. I try to keep cleaning stuff out but it's an ongoing struggle. Yes, I hope things cool down by Halloween. It's been very humid and in the low 90's.

    Jole, I wish we could all gather on the balcony too. In the early morning, when the sun is coming up, we look out on what I call, fairy tale, story book clouds. They are the tall billowing cumulus clouds with just a tinge of peach against a blue sky. I have a few dressier pieces if I need them but don't like to have to dress up. It's so casual down here that one can get by with a long dark skirt and top with sandals.

    Jam, that's a horrible price for gas. We are at about $3.89 here. I buy the $50 Shell gas cards at Publix when they have a coupon for them at $40. Regardless of the price, at least, I'm saving 20 percent. My friends and neighbors just don't get it. They go to Costco just to save a few cents per gallon. I think it's either that they don't like using the cards or that they don't like spending an extra $40 at the grocery store.

    Today is 9/11 and they showed on TV the lighted fountains in what were the foundations of the WTC towers. At the same time, they mentioned that a drone took out five Al Queda terrorists in Yemen.

    Well, I had better pretend to do something. The transfer factor I took kicked in last night and I had swollen lymph nodes. I had to massage them to get the gunk flowing. I don't think my zapper is working any more and a new one costs more than $400 at Hulda Clark. I think I paid $99 for my first one. This one is "new and improved" and she sells some that are smaller Rife machines. I've depended on my zapper for so long. Think I'll try to e-mail her to see whether mine can be fixed.

    Today is condo mtg. day and I suppose I'll go because I need to run to the store. I'm tempted to go to Costco for the black rice. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I hope the acupuncture helps you too.

    I'm not through the peptide treatment yet and the fall set things back. This Herpes-Family Virus will never go away. It will always try to reactivate when I get run down or injured. I don't expect miracles; I just hope to feel better than I did when the Sjogren's hit. It was what pushed me over the line. I am better already but with the fall, and now the virus, I'm not doing a jig. In fact, I decided to stay home today and rest. I think it was a wise decision.

    I pray for all of us every day because we all face some of the same problems and we each have unique problems as well. It seems as though we are fighting an ongoing war with our illnesses. Sometimes, it's very difficult to stay ahead in this fight. I think financial problems are second in severity for so many of us. For others, it's the toll on relationships. I think we all should be very proud just to survive under such daunting circumstances.

    Let us know how the acupuncture goes.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My DD in Atlanta had her torn cartlige in her knee repaired today. Her Dad called me to say she was in a lot of pain. Neither he nor I had pain like that, even when he had his knee replaced. Just got an e-mail from her and she's taking pain meds and icing the knee. She said she can put weight on it on Fri. I don't get it; I walked out of the surgical center without crutches or a cane. Again, I was lucky with my ortho doc. Guess my DGS thinks her crutches are "cool." He was down here when I had my knee done and had crutches around. I didn't use them around the house but did when we took him to a live Thomas The Train stage show the next day after surgery. The seat in front of me was empty so I could elevate my leg. I had one of those ice bags you crack and it gets cold. I was driving after a few days because it didn't hurt to use my foot for the gas and I used my left foot for the brake. I had some ongoing pain down the road so got the Synvisc injections and they did the trick. I try to take good care of my knees because the last thing I want to ever have done is a replacement. My ex had to have one done over. My uncle's came apart and did so much damage that they couldn't fix it. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thank-goodness my knees don't seem to bother me.BIL has bad knees and it's painful just to watch him try and move around.He's considering surgery but getting shots in the meantime.All of you had knee replacements then at one time or another?

    Friends called yesterday for a late lunch and I was scrubbing out drawers and cabinets.I decided I could use a break and was hungry.I was able to taste the breakfast for a change and it was so good.Of course we didn't get back to work when we returned.Kind of stuck right now until after the Wedding and family visit.Huz still has lots to do that I can't help him with or I would.

    Making baked chicken for supper.Have to start cooking to use up the food in the freezer.Not a lot there but we need to use it up and I need the calories.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, so glad the food tasted good. I've been on Acyclovir and then Transfer Factors and it affects how I enjoy food and my appetite. Ugh! Scrubbing out drawers and cabinets; what a chore. Moving isn't for the faint of heart. I'll bet you'll be soooo glad when you're all settled in the new home. I'm still sweating out the TF immune response and I don't feel totally well.

    I've had surgery on both knees but it was only arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartlige and to clean up the OA in the joints. I've had the Synvisc injections in both knees at one time or another and they really helped. I'm doing everything I can to avoid ever having to have full replacements. So far, so good. I'm just concerned that if I ever get well enough to ski or play tennis, I could reinjure my knees. Doc said to wear braces on them. My DD had the exact same surgery and I just don't understand the pain and having to be off the leg. I guess it's just the difference in how docs see things.

    Just got back from Costco to shop and return their chewable vitamin C. It is so acidic that it literally burned my mouth. I have bought chewable vitamin C for years and never had it burn like that. It's the Kirkland brand. I went to buy biscotti on sale only to find that the sale starts tomorrow. I may have to go back. I bought a HUGE pumpkin pie for $5.99. One pie half that size goes for $7.99 at Publix.

    Also went to Bed Bath & Beyond to return my alarm clock that displays the time on the ceiling. You have to turn the clock face to the wall in order to have the ceiling projection right side up. I was willing to live with that but the outside temperature sensor (yes, it displays the inside and outside temps) had a stripped screw and I couldn't insert the batteries. So, I bought the less expensive one which only displays the time. It's also Homedics so I'll probably have to turn it around too. What a dumb design! Still, I like to be able to look at the ceiling to see the time in soft blue instead of the glaring green on the clock I have now.

    The attack on our embassy in Libya is so distressing. I pray every day for peace in the world, beginning with our own neighborhood. Our assn. is getting along and I'm so thankful for that but not everyone in the hood is getting along. I hate these fueds. It's so useless. We haven't been out on the balcony because Barb is getting bitten by something which isn't biting anyone else. Could be no see ems. We have lotion to repell them, a bug zapper and a citronella candle but she's still being bit.

    She went with me to the stores. As soon as we hit the road, she whipped out her cell phone and made a call to her doc. They put her on hold so she hung up. I mentioned to her that I usually ask people not to make calls when I'm driving because it makes it more difficult for me to drive as people usually talk louder on their cell phones without realizing it. Is it just me or is it rude to make phone calls when riding in someone else's car? One of our other friends is apalled by how several of our group think it's fine to do this. I actually had two people screaming into their phones at once on one trip. Some of us think it's just plain rude. One in our group is like a teenager. She is addicted to her iPhone. She can't sit still two minutes without reading e-mails, surfing or turning on music without asking anyone else whether we'd like any music. It's just too much. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No I'm with you on that.It is rude.I know people who can't hold a conversation without their phone out and texting the entire time.I don't get it.
    I sure like that clock on the ceiling concept.Mine doesn't light up and the one next to huz is turned so that last night I twisted around like a pretzel after getting up during the night and looked for the time.It was only 5.

    I've been doing things in little spurts today.Huz is feeling the same as me.Add it all up and we did accomplish things just a lot of breaks.I put the air back on so could be the humidity taking all the energy.

    More bombing.What a world we live in now.It's not safe anywhere.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, I can't do anything when it's humid, inside or out. I came home and just vegged out. Going to two stores is enough for one day. I'm still sweating out the transfer factor. What a pleasure it is to have a nice soft blue projection of the time on the ceiling. It's off to the side too so I'm not looking at it all the time unless I want to. Of course, it wouldn't be a Homedics clock if it didn't have spa nature sounds and a radio. I'll never use it for an alarm clock because I have alarms in my cell phone. Still, it might be nice to wake up to the sound of a rainforest or the ocean. I wake up early so an alarm usually isn't an issue. What I do like is that this clock doesn't need to be set. As soon as it's plugged in, it shows the correct time. All I had to do was turn on DST to boost it an hour. That first one was a real pain to set.

    Leah, so good to see you posting. I'm sorry you've been so sick but glad things are looking up. Seems when we've been down and out, recovery is sooooooo sloooooow. Still, any improvement is welcomed. I am only getting one or two things done each day but, eventually, things get done. I hate having to return things to stores so getting two things returned was a big deal today. I had bought some chewable vitamin C at Costco and they burned my mouth so bad I couldn't chew them. Then, I returned the first alarm clock to Bed Bath & Beyond and got this one I like better. Check my reply to you, Granni and Diane on the other thread. I've got a little story about Tweety. Gotta love those cats.

    Sending hugs to everyone, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Where are our Loungers? I hope eveyone is doing well. I woke at 3:30 this morning. I know because it's projected on my ceiling. I do like the new projection clock, though. After lying there for another half hour, I just got up. I'll probably grab a nap sometime this morning. I took another transfer factor last night to try to wrap up the "Whatever Virus." I think my immune system has changed since I started the peptide injections. The TF's still cause an immune reaction but not as severe. Just feeling as though I have a light cold and then, sweating it out. Could be the new TF's aren't as potent too. My stomach has been really upset and I wonder whether it's the TF. I'll be taking more probiotics.

    I had HSN on last night to try to get away from all this anti-American uprising in Egypt and Lybia. As y'all probably know, I adore Joy Mangano. She's a wizard! They are always having specials on her wonderful inventions. Last night, they had her little steamer for $19.99, $8 less than it usually costs. A person could get rid of the iron and ironing board with this. It's nice for people who work to keep their clothing wrinkle free. I don't need it but am just amazed at her products and the low prices.

    I had already bought her reading glasses set, seven pairs in different colored frames, including one pair of sunglasses for $35. Last night, I bought four pair of bifocal sunglasses for $19.99 plus S&H and tax. It came to $32. That's only $8 a pair, cheaper than I can buy them on sale for just sunglasses. Because I need +3.5 magnification, her glasses are the only ones I can buy OTC. I'm so excited because when I wear sunglasses, unless I have contacts in, I can't read anything. I can't wait to get the glasses.

    Well, that's about it for excitment around here. I don't expect much in the way of excitment today between the TF and waking so early. I took Simon's breakfast down for him and he was on it like white on rice. He must have been waiting for me. Tweety came in and had some food and cream. She had a new collar on. We can't keep collars on her. Jeff wants to be sure no one thinks these cats are homeless, hence the collars. We find Tweety's collars all over the place and hang them on Jeff's doorknob. Sylvester doesn't seem to mind his and he never loses it. Tweety is a feminist and doesn't want anyone dictating what she will do.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm hitting the like button on Tweety being a feminist.I don't use it on FB because it seems silly.Now I have to get that clock!I hate trying to set new clocks.Forgot where you got it so I'll go back to check.

    Watching the GS while his mom goes to a meeting for work.Even though there isn't anything to occupy him with here it's not until supper time so that will keep him busy.

    Huz and I were going over details of wedding and move.We have cars to switch to pick up DD,GD and babies.RV to get to our house for overflow people to sleep.Just an endless list of stuff to do.I'm not stressed it will get worked out.We've known it was coming and now it's here already.

    Talked to our neighbors and they are sad to see us go but they are retired too and think we are selling at the right time to get out of the neighborhood.Lots of new people here and houses being built.Some people that seem to like drama and getting things stirred up.Our nice quiet hood is not the same.

    A local builder built his house here and his father,a builder and now his sister is building.He likes to call the Police on his neighbors for everything.They live around the Loop from our house so we don't see them.Lots of problems and his family will be taking over the neighborhood soon.It was never like this.Funny my DD babysat him as a kid and it only took two times before she refused to anymore.


  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, I would hit the "like" button on Tweety if she had one. Instead, I just give her lotsa love. She's one independent little kitty. Still, she watches out for her little critter buddies and is sooooo loving.

    Wow! You guys have so much on your plates. I pray that everything goes well and you feel well too. I hate when nasty people move into a hood and stir up trouble. We had some of that here and it's so stressful. We still have a few trouble stirers but we know who they are and just don't get into their games. Sounds as though your troublemakers are on a whole other level. Calling the cops? That's what that Zimmerman guy, who shot the kid, was doing all the time. Of course, he was part of the neighborhood watch but we aren't always calling them over every little thing. I sure hope you like your new hood in FL. Our mgmt. co. rep says that she hates some of the hoods they manage. It's just like Del Boca Vista on Seinfeld. We are pretty mellow here. We've had guests from fancier hoods visit and say they aren't friendly like ours is. We take care of one another.

    I did get back to sleep on the sofa after breakfast. Been watching TV in my jammies since. I'm kinda Herxing from that TF. So, it is doing something good for me. I spent some time praying for peace. Things seem awfully volitile right now.

    Think I'll go read on my Kindle. I'm reading the fourth in a series of thriller/gory murder books. They are hard to put down. Only problem is staying awake when I read, no matter how thrilling the books. My brain just gets tired and off I go. Oh well, a nap would be good too.

    Sending love to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  20. jole

    jole Member

    As soon as I hit the reply button, I get thrown to the Health Board. Sometimes type in an entire reply before I notice. So frustrating!

    Pam, I need to do all that clearing out.....and then stay here..lol. Doubt we'll be moving ever, but a clutter-free home sounds wonderful. I've told the kids to stop getting me pictures, statues, wall hangings, etc. but they seem to always find the 'one more perfect one'..lol. It's so hard to get rid of anything the kids/grands give us, but half of them now are sitting on shelves in boxes, and for what?

    I think your friend is right. It sounds like the perfect time to move and get away from the oncoming problems in the area.

    Mikie, what the heck are no-see-ums? It's strange how something would bit only one person, but my one DD is that way too. Yes, I've been watching some of the world upheval too. Such changes in the world were'nt even imaginable 30 years ago. Or maybe it's just that we can watch it all unfold now in so many different countries.

    Leah, good to see you back, and I always love your perspective on things. Not sure how you stay so upbeat! My last few days have been mostly in bed also, with the biggest accomplishment of running the dishwasher. I know your days are hard, but yet you seem to always find something to be upbeat about.

    Hubby went to the wake Mon. night and funeral Tue. for his uncle. I tried going. Got my shower, and blow dried my hair. My energy was totally drained before I got to the dressing and curling part, and was back in bed. It's so hard to try to be caring and concerned for others when we can barely manage our own life. Prayers and sending 'thinking of you' cards seems to be the extent of my "helping others" anymore. Some days I feel so utterly useless.

    Something is taking our kittens. We're down to 6 (from 11). Our dog has been going crazy barking in the middle of the night, so last night I got up to check. I could see nothing out there, but she sure could. I'm not happy about wild critters slinking around in the darkness! It's getting too cool for me to go outdoors in the night when I can't sleep, and I really miss that. It's been in the 50s at night now, and the high so far today is 60! Sooo not ready for winter! Wish I were a snowbird......