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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by freida, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. freida

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    Yes, as we were saying, on the last lounge thread,

    We need to do both ...complain, vent, share and grumble....
    AND, ...count our small special blessings...
    so we don't forget we have some.

    Both are important to do, and doing them together is best! :)

    Thanks so much, Jole,
    and Mikie and Pam, and all,
    for your special understanding of how I live, I appreciate all of your comments so much, in each one of those posts!

    Yes, sometimes I am able to feel very thankful for others doing activities, and sometimes I feel badly about how little of what I like, can I do. And it's a long haul now, with no end in sight. Well, I hope it's just out of sight. ;)

    But, it's been so long now, for me, that I prefer to adjust and accept, the way things are for now, and try not to get frustrated, hoping for recoveries, that get tiring to hope for. I'll have time to raise the roof, if I ever do recover some stamina!!
    And you all will be the first to hear!

    Mikie, that was a beautiful scene you described, complete with your mood and thoughts during it. :)

    For some reason, it reminded me of playing alone, as a young child, and enjoying my own inner imaginery world. That was my favorite place.
    It was filled with imaginery animal friends. :)

    Things are suddenly and quickly shifting to autumn, around here, ...out my windows, that is. :)
    My present world.
    Leaves fall off branches, and waft in the breezes, every day, now.
    Daylight leaves early, and mornings are still dark.

    Potatoes and carrots from our veggie plots...organic apples and winter squash from farmers market.

    The mums...lilac, yellow and white....so bright, and the morning glory vine, up the pole, still has its purple blooms every day.
    But many of the plants are slowing down and dying back. Winter is coming.

    Haven't seen any hummingbird, for a few days, and we are wondering if we've seen the last of them...watch for them coming to your areas soon! ;)

    So sad about Rich...that was a shock, this morning.

    Warm thoughts, to each of you!

    Leah Freida
  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    My throat is inflamed and painful.DS was sick on his Wedding day and GD from Fl. had a runny nose.I'm staying on the sofa or bed no choice anyway.

    DS went to Pigeon Forge in Tenn. for his honeymoon.Seems to be a popular place.I've never been.They headed home a day early to catch up on chores at home.I had to decline babysitting on Sat. while they go back to work.Just no way I could do it.I feel guilty but he was nice about it and I hope he can find someone.

    The leaves are really changing color here to and I chuckle with glee at the thought that we will not be raking all those leaves up all this fall.Whoopee!

    My oldest DS is undergoing a test this morning to try and find a tumor in his small intestine.We'll go from there.Stressful day waiting to see but only the first step in a process.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for starting a new Lounge. I tacked my little blessed moment on the last one because it kinda fit in with what we were discussing. Your description of fall is very dear because I no longer get to experience fall. It is fall in SW FL but you'd never know it. I've lived here long enough to notice subtle changes so I know winter is on its way. Down here, we live for the beautiful winter weather.

    It's still sooooo humid that I am drenched in sweat if I do anything outside. That's why I decided to finish up my cleaning out on the balcony and get if over with. I should clean inside today but I'm off my meds and not sleeping well so don't know whether I will. I took Simon's breakfast down for him and it was so nice looking at our clean balcony. I noticed that KS and OK were getting some rain. I hope Jole gets some of it. I hope Pam gets some rest.

    Leah, I think you have an excellent outlook. Accepting doesn't mean giving up but it does mean one doesn't dwell on what is lost. That means one can appreciate what one has. You certainly enjoy what is in your world. Your description of the leaves, flowers, etc. was beautiful. BTW, we had one lemon ripen on one of our trees. More are turning yellow. Barb took the first one and I'll take the next. She hadn't used it yet but it smelled good. So, we're now officially FL citrus growers :)

    Yes, I'm still stunned and saddened by the death of Rich. We had a young family friend die suddenly recently and that is still tender in my heart. One of the things which occured to me as I sat under the tree yesterday is that we truly never know how long we have and we need to try, within our ability, to use our time in the best ways we can. Sometimes, the best way is just to enjoy the beauty around us. I think enjoying animals is important too. I'm so thankful for these cats. Finally, I think we need to enjoy family, friends and loved ones, no matter how hard they make it for us :)

    Love, Mikie
  4. freida

    freida Active Member

    I do hope things go as well as possibly possible,
    for your DS, who is having the test on his intestinal problem.

    And I'll be thinking of you,
    because we know how hard these things are,
    on a mom!

    Hope your own throat, etc, problem clears up soon too.
    For myself, I've always gotten bad sore throat and viral symptoms, simply from overdo, during the years of this illness, ever since it got serious. I know you probably caught something, but the overdo (and the fall molds) could not have helped either.

    Mikie, thanks for your words....I agree...it takes time to realize,
    that acceptance is NOT giving up, is NOT a sign of weakness or failure or any character flaw.
    Acceptance is acceptance of how things are at present. It takes a lot of bravery and strength to do it. I had to work at this belief and attitude, and it took years, for me to shift, to think more this way.
    Limitless Fighting with my illness and life conditions, which I did many times, would have been worthwile, if it had only helped me to beat it, or to improve. But when it doesn't, then it just wears one down further, and depressed me, each time something I tried and beleived in, didn't make me well.

    I had to make some change in my thinking, or I'd just be even more discouraged.

    I had to start noticing the silver linings to my life, as it is, no matter how much I've lost and how limited my options seem at this point.
    And focus on those blessings and on coping, for now, and on anything positive.

    That is a big challenge.
    I keep working on it.

    Thanks for understanding, and supporting, where I am at.

    I'll be happy to change, if I get any bit well, or find some new way to "fight" that helps me instead of hinders me. Accepting how things are now, does not mean I can't change my mind at any time, and take another path, if it is a better one for me.

    I'm not throwing in the towel. ;)
    I just need to live today, as today is.
    The best I can.
    It goes with what you said about how fragile life is, as well. Whether we are sick or well, we each have only so much time, we don't know how much.
    I don't want to waste today, feeling only sorrow and frustration and focussing solely on my illness, and on fighting with it, instead of noticing that I am alive today, one precious day, to appreciate in some way.

    Sorry for the rambling... ;)

    I'm not up to doing anything else, today. LOL
    I wasn't even up to rambling, for hours, this morning. So the day is improving. ;)

    I fixed my own breakfast. I talked with huz. I fed my kitty.

    I'm so thankful for my windows.
    I can see how huz divided and tended,
    my treasured large bearded irises, into the new part of the flower bed he is working on lately.
    I can see the season gradually , magically changeing, from one to the next.
    I watch the sky sunset, each evening.

    I don't like to see the tree branches becoming bare,
    but the plus sides are that more of the magnificent sky becomes visible, with bigger sunsets,
    and also, the tv reception improves. LOL

    Sharing a smile with you all,
    Leah Freida
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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, despite everything, I'd venture to guess that your life is more fulfilling than so many who take everything for granted and appreciate nothing. So many times, I've tried new things and they haven't helped. Or, they helped for a while and then, I got so sick again. I swore that I wouldn't let disappointment keep me from giving up but, like you, I accepted where I was. Over the last 12 yrs., I've found some things which have helped and work synergystically with other things. Even now, with the injections, I've had some steps forward and slid backward again. The fall didn't help. I am hoping, though, that over the long haul, the shots will help me enough. I'll never be where I was 12 years ago when I became bedridden but if I can function enough to do what needs doing most of the time, I'll be happy. When my symptoms recur, like you, I look for those silver linings because they keep the stress down.

    People talk about "the patience of Job." Well, I read about Job in the Bible and he complained nonstop to God about his problems. I don't do that. I've never asked, "Why me." It's useless to whine but, as you know, I do vent from time to time. Venting is healthy. Then, we can get back on the gratitude path. Sometimes, the best we can do is manage. When you think about it, it's a big job managing our energy levels and symptoms. My shrink once told me that there's no shame in just surviving. Survival is good. I think you are an excellent manager and example to us all.

    Pam, hope things are going smoothly.

    Jole, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Rock, my pun buddy, I hope you are doing well.

    Barry, hope you are doing well too.

    Linda, if you get to the boards, know we miss you.

    Oh, Lord, I hope I didn't forget anyone. As tired as I am, the memory fails me on a daily basis. Love to you all.

    Love, Mikie
  6. freida

    freida Active Member

    That is all very supportive.
    I appreciate it, very very much!!

    Thank you,
    Leah Freida

    (That example of Job made me smile...you're right, he DID complain, and was still good. :)
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Trying to gauge where I'm at and that might be a little on the hopeful side but thinking I might get there at times during today.Anyway up and about more is the game plan.
    SIL and DS 4yr. old is sick with this virus too so DS takes the blame.What could he do call off the Wedding?

    Huz is working nonstop in the basement and if I get that far I'll check it out.Closing moved up for buyers to either yesterday or Mon. latest.Doesn't change anything for us we can't leave any sooner.Anyway I am hoping cooler temps and Love bugs will be won't be a problem.

    Oldest DS is waiting on test results from hosp. so I'm not borrowing trouble as they used to say.Sis is staying with her DD in neighboring town planning on riding back to Fl. with us unless her grands drive her to crazy and she flys back before.

    Leah you have a good outlook.Was it a long process to get there?Some days just are overwhelming but it would be hard not to be bitter I think.Fighting against it makes it harder I see that but acceptance takes greater strength of caricature.

    Hope this injection works and eliminates all the fallout from your injury Mikie.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Well, my life is just wretched, and I thought I'd write a few thousand
    words on that subject, but what would that accomplish? Be boring to
    read, would wear me out, and wouldn't be all that therapeutic anyhoo.

    Here's one tiny example. I just opened a can of dog food for Zippy
    and the grey cat. Turned out to be a can of chicken rice soup. And
    we have no canned food for the animals even thought we were at the
    Kroger store last night. I just can't keep up with what we need and
    what I already have too much of.

    But I was cheered up by the post from Diana. I forgot her user name.
    Is it Confused in PA? I'd look, but then I might lose my post. The post is re: Alice Bee and the world's greatest father.

    Pam, I remember raking leaves in the fall. You get a big pile. Then you
    jump in them. Then you do it some more. Finally you burn them Saw
    exotic punkins at the market last night. White flattened ones at $6 @.
    Bigger flattened ones that were a muted orange for ten bucks @! I
    don't how what's left of the middle class can afford anything anymore.

    I hope son's medical problem turns out to be a false alarm. Or at least
    is something fixable.

    Mikie, all the seasons are my favorite except winter. That's in Minnesota.
    Here in CA it's all pretty much one season although the winter is rainier
    and the summer is hotter but no startling differences. Pretty much like Florida?

    I found another "pass away" joke on the net. Old Sailors never die. They
    just get a little dingy. And here are 2 that came to me as I was drifting
    into my nap.

    Old Sailors never die. They just drift away. And, they just wave goodbye.

    Freida, your TV reception improves when the leaves fall? What are the
    leaves made of. Aluminum foil? Ha Ha! Did you know Napoleon had a set
    of aluminum dishes? Cost more than the gold or silver sets.

    Yes, it's hard to keep struggling when one doesn't get anywhere. Kinda like
    our old friend Sisyphus. We made a list of things to be grateful for in the
    12 step program. I put down a buncha things like:
    Car (old and dented)
    House (old and problems with roof, plumbing, etc.)
    Job (part time and doesn't pay much).

    Then I thought about it and went back; crossed out all the qualifiers.
    Some people don't have any of those things. So an attitude of gratitude is
    a good thing to cultivate.

    Better go before this goes poof!

  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Yesterday while at Trader Joe's I found a great Birthday Card with this saying on the front...I love TJ's cards...

    Anyway, thought of my friend who will be 91 next month and she's pretty remarkable...has had her losses, lost a daughter at age 50something to cancer for one thing...lost spouses, etc...but her Sense of Humor keeps her going....

    We are forever talking about all the frustrations of living in our beautiful city by the sea, which was a quiet lovely little town and now a bustling crazy place for us older folks and probably a frustration of youngins too, but they can handle it better....

    Anyway, lots of frustrations and pain but a lot of GOODNESS too, so this card was a good reminder of it all. jam
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Shucks a rooty! Did I derail the train? Remember Bill Grogan's goat? He
    coughed up the shirts and flagged the train.

    Just got back from the garage. Left Gordon's car for some investigative work.
    Seems to be a problem with the carburetor only I don't think modern cards
    have carburetors.

    Am perusing a book of personal ads from some London magazine. Some of
    them are funny. Some seem to be designed to ward of responses:

    Man, looking for woman. Don't reply. You'll only regret it.

    This ad is not an attempt to find a partner. It is an attempt to get into the
    Guiness Book of Records for most rejections.

    Medication-free after all these years. Am anxious, somewhat overweight,
    flute player; Female, 42. Write me and we'll have a drink; maybe several.

    Didn't have much energy last week. Poor Zippy missed 4 walks. I took him on
    a make-up walk this morning. Lovely weather altho supposed to go up to
    almost 90 this afternoon. An overpass on the San Diego fwy is shut down this
    weekend. Gordon will have to take an alternate route to go pickup his new

    Hope you're all doin' your bestest.
  11. freida

    freida Active Member

    HI, each one of you! :)

    YES, it took a VERY long time, and many other viewpoints tried, for me to develop this viewpoint.
    The first more than 10-15 years of being ill, was nothing like this.
    I'm still not at peace at all with it...and I still don't believe, as some people do, that what I've learned is worth being ill like this for half my life...and I still get discouraged...
    but compared to before this different sort of acceptance, this is a better place for me.

    Thanks, Rock, for your input, too.

    I like your comments about what to be thankful for...and removing the qualifiers...it is very useful info.
    Thank you for that good idea!

    It SEEMS like our tv reception improves once all the trees are bare, (except for the evergreens, I Do allow myself some qualifiers!)
    Or, perhaps, it is that our tv reception is much much worse, when the trees are fully leafed out, ;)

    because, we theorize,
    that the type of antenna we have,
    works best with fewer things in the space, blocking, between it and the things sending the signals, whatever those things are called. ;)

    We live in a tiny apartment (not our own house that we could buy a nice or better roof antenna for)
    and we have our own small mobile antenna, at our window. It does pick up more channels than without it. It includes amplifiers that amplify the signals, too. Lots more stations.

    BUT I HOPE, that we will find some stations have better reception, after the leaves fall. Not totally sure. Will let you know in several weeks from now. :)

    that was a good post. :)

    Mikie, wondering how you are, if you got your injection, what was said, etc....

    And thinking of each one of you others...
    Jole, Barry, Linda.

    Leah Freida
  12. jole

    jole Member

    I am greatful for so many things
    A roof over our head and all the necessities
    Hubby and kids that believe me
    Hearing the birds sing again....they were gone during the heat of summer
    Our doggie, who has assigned herself as my protector

    And the fact that I'm having a 'good' day today. I always feel bad for having a 'good' day on Sunday. That doesn't make sense, but I believe Sunday is the day of rest, yet when a more normal day decides to make it's appearance on a Sunday I take advantage of it :) Scrubbed my kitchen sinks and counter down well, did a load of laundry, and have supper going.Hubby will be happy to have a meal for a change!

    Fall is definitely here. In the 70s during the day, and the 40s at night. Good sleeping weather for most, but already I feel the pain more in the middle of the night.

    Today was beautiful out, and I really wanted to sit on the porch and read my Kindle. But unfortunately it quit a week ago, and I'm trying to decide which one I want to get now. Think I'll get the cheapest one. I have the Kindle with a keyboard now(that just quit after 1 1/2 years), but it seems none of the e-readers last much over a year or so, and can't justify the difference in price.

    Hubby is planting (drilling) wheat, and we're praying it rains soon. Other than that, no excitement going on (not that that's exciting...lol).

    It's good to hear what you've all been up to. Leah, I remember several years ago when we only got 4 channels on our tv. Our satelite Dish is wonderful (although more expensive than I'd like). Actually, I could do without the tv IF I had my Kindle back...

    Rock, good to see you and your wit again! Enough energy to take a walk is enough to make you smile all day, isn't it? I'm sure Zippy was smiling too.

    Pam, hope your over your sore throat and feeling better. There's already a lot of things going around here...Upper respiratory infections, stomach flu, etc. What seemed like just winter stuff when we were kids is now a year-round occurrence it seems.

    Mikie, hope you're getting a bit of your energy back again. I love hearing about your outings with friends :) Even if it is just on the balcony.

    Jam, I hear a lot of people talk about Trader Joe's, but we have none in our area. Is it more than a large grocery store?

    Barry, Linda....miss ya! Hugs to all.....

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry to have been MIA for a few days. Fri., I had a horrible headache, probably from not having had my BP meds for three days and having had to fast before and a bit after the injection. I was OK til yesterday when I had to go back on my meds. I don't know what happened, or even whether it was related to my meds, but something hit me out of the blue. I slept a LOT yesterday and missed some TV shows I wanted to watch last night because I couldn't stay awake. Got up early with what felt for all the world like a bladder infection. I'm drinking lemon water and hope it goes away. What is it they call that? Magical thinking? Anyhoo, I'm up early, took Simon's breakfast down for him. I think Tweety ate the little treats I put on top for him. Then, it started to sprinkle and Tweety cried to come in. It quit raining and I put her out.

    I've kinda read the posts I've missed. We all surely have our ups and downs and our long, drawn-out rough times. So glad we have this place where everyone understands. I hope everyone is doing better.

    Don't know whether I mentioned that I'm giving my DGS a Kindle Fire for Xmas. He is 7 and has been using my DD's iPhone for years so I think he's old enough. The girls next door have tablets and he knows how to take care of them. He doesn't like to read books but loves reading off of an electronic device. We're hoping this will help him read more. He's getting a Wii from Santa. Maybe he can show me how to place some of my Wii games. Maybe I'm too old, too sick and too slow. I'm trying to hang on by playing the games but it doesn't seem to be working. My old Kindle has about had it but it's still working. I may get myself the Kindle Fire HD.

    I had thought I'd be buying a new TV. I ran my own diagnostics, trying to narrow it down to something and it seemed to be the TV. The only thing left was the outlet and the surge protector. I noticed the red light on the surge protector was not steady. I switched it out and, so far, the TV is fine. It had appeared that the power supply was broken. If it was just the surge protector, it's cheap to fix. I put one from another outlet on it and will pick up a new one. I have to start my austerity program the first of the year. So, think I'll just bit the bullet and get my new Kindle now.

    Wi-fi has been very slow. Comcast told me that the more users on the broadband, the slower the wi-fi. Well, they just put free wi-fi at the pool and ran the cable off of our cable box outside. I think another bldg. next to the pool is using it. I have my own modem and router that are encrypted but still, they are all running off the same broadband. I tried to watch Netflix yesterday and it was so slooooow to load and even had to rebuffer from time to time. I may have to upgread to a faster speed, especially if the Snowbirds are all over at the pool using their wi-fi devices. I'm going to try it again today to see whether it was just because it was the weekend with more people online. Not complaining or qualifying. Just trying to figure out the problems with my system. It ain't easy for a non-techie.

    I'll definitely be on the sofa or in bed today. I did take a bath and changed jammies so, at least, I'm clean. That always helps me feel better. Every day, I am grateful for hot baths/showers, plumbing which works, my TV and computer, and my old car. It's life's basic things which are important to me. If nothing else, my illnesses have made me prioritize my needs and wants. Remember the old saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff?" Someone went on to write a book: "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff And Most of It Is Small Stuff."

    Good to be back. As always, I send warm, healing hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sore throat is gone but so exhausted and cold symptoms coming and going.An aha moment when I realized it's allergy season!Poor Lily has them too.She's digging clumps of fur out because her skin is so itchy.

    TV reception is a dilemma we are waiting to deal with when we move.The RV gets three or four channels in sis side lot and getting an expensive dish for a few months is silly.No TV isn't acceptable either so we'll have to see what our options are.

    Rock I bet Zippy would be very surprised to dig into a meal of rice and chic.I've had dogs that it wouldn't have made a difference to though.I've read about the road closure you were talking about and remember the last time.Poor stores who can't recover from the loss of customers while the highway construction takes place not to mention the traffic nightmare that is bad there to begin with.

    Freida I bet you're getting a pretty view out your window with Fall in full swing.I jinxed myself gloating about not raking this yr.The leaves were flying from the trees yesterday like rain drops falling.The back porch is covered.

    Waiting to hear from DS Dr. today on test results.I would think they won't tell him much on the phone.Probably need an appt. unless it's news they didn't find a tumor.

    Niece and her huz came yesterday and helped get a lot of the stuff out of the basement and garage.All the wood that is so dear to huz was carried up so he can get it into his truck bed and bring it down.

    Another party scheduled by our dear neighbors.One that moved away just left a very nice message on the answering machine wishing us well.just three weekends left but I'm out of panic mode all the resting while being sick has helped.Haven't heard if the buyers closed Th. or Fri.Maybe it's today but we'll be getting a call tomorrow to sign our paperwork any day now.I think the new buyers are driving by about every day bless their hearts.I'm excited for them and their little daughter to live here.

    Hope you get better Mikie.Your holding up all the porch party fun.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, Pam, I am a bit better this evening. Praying your DS gets good news from doc. Yes, it's allergy season down here too. Those sore throats, runny noses, and sinus headaches are a pain.

    Well, I got excited prematurely. The TV worked beautifully all day yesterday but this morning, it started with the black lines across the screen. It has to be the power supply. If it is, eventually, it will do it all the time. I need to go dig through my receipts to see whether it's on an extended warantee. I usually don't take them unless it's an expensive appliance or electronic thingy.

    I waded through my mail which I've neglected. I look through it and if there is a bill I need to pay, I pull that out and stash the rest if there's nothing else I need to attend to. It piles up and I just got it all into the recycle sack. I black out my name and address on each piece to avoid stolen ID.

    Haven't been out on the balcony in two days. My bladder is better but the symptoms are not completely gone. I hope everyone else is having a better day. I've been catching up on TV that I missed last night while I fell asleep. Sending wishes for a nice evening for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I woke to pouring rain early this morning. We need the rain despite all the rain we've had. Our aquafiers are not full up. We are going to have to drill another well to water our landscape. We have a general area in which to drill but no one knows where we'll hit water. Our two old wells have some water but not enough to carry all the watering we have to do in the winter. I'm glad to see the rain because I don't feel up to watering the new flower boxes and my pot of new flowers. Mother Nature washed my car last week and now, she's watering my flowers.

    I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm wondering whether it's a virus of some kind. Felt like a bladder infection yesterday but that part is better. Now, I just feel dragged out. I feel depressed and that is usually one of the symptoms which goes along with a bladder infection for me. So, I'm basically vegging out in front of the TV, the TV which isn't working right.

    Our wi-fi isn't working very fast since they put a cable off of our cable box to run wi-fi to the pool. So, now I may have to upgrade the wi-fi speed here at home. I have streaming Netflix and it's taking forever to load movies and then, it sometimes has to rebuffer. Bummer!

    Now, these are not big problems by most stds., so I'm basically whining here. I'll feel better when I take the bull by the horns and do something about them. In the meantime, I'll just sit here and sulk :) Hope everyone has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    bladder infections, depression.. both related to thyroid..didn't you go off thyroid meds? Just a thought...jam
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    All the women in my family feel depressed when we have bladder infections. Otherwise, I don't have it. My complete thyroid panel is normal. Once the injections healed the hypothyroidism, I started having tachycardia from the Synthroid. Once I stopped taking it, my heart rhythm returned to normal.

    I've had bladder infections in the past, once following bronchitis. Both were caused by Klebsiella. I think this is just another case of something infecting the bladder and it will likely clear up once I get it treated. I just hate to call the pee doc. Does GSE help clear up bladder infections?

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    New buyers are waiting to close on the house til next week when it was scheduled.They found out doing it early wouldn't get them in any sooner.Doesn't change anything for us.

    DS test did not find a tumor for which I am very happy about.His urine collection test is being sent to Mayo Clinic so something was not right but no dx until they look at the results.

    Huz is making progress still sifting through his tools and such.The kids have threatened to send a camera crew from Hoarders TV show.He says everything is valuable and I said that is exactly what the people on the show say to which he has no reply.I'm leaving it to him to decide.I'm all set for household goods.

    One set back after another for you Mikie.Hope everything can get cleared up and you can get to feeling your best.

  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    about the IC's (bladder infections) and that is sulphur and how sulfa drugs have been prescribed for these infections...Well, I've been taking MSM for some yrs now, higher doses, to reduce pain....

    So I picked up my book The Miracle of MSM and low and behold there were at least 4 pages on these IC's and the value of MSM in eliminating them. One women gave a testimonial on how she was plagued with these after the birth of her child and had taken drugs, etc...and finally got on MSM and these IC's were history.

    So, I'm thinking this is probably another reason why I never get them....I take MSM religiously.....jam