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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Oct 18, 2012.

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    C'mon in and set a spell.

    Love, Mikie
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    Eleven people have popped in and not left a note. I can only suppose they don't know what the Lounge is and feel intimidated. Sooooo, I'll get the ball rolling even though not much has happened since my post on the last Lounge thread. Good news is that I slept in til 4:30 this morning. Hey, it's better than waking at 1:00 or 2:00. I do feel more rested. I just took the last Bactrim ABX and hope it did the trick. I hate UTI's. Still Herxing just a wee bit.

    We are supposed to have drier and a bit cooler weather. Fall has definitely hit SW FL. Another couple of weeks and it'll be wonderful down here. Is anyone else watching "Last Resort?" I am having trouble following the story line as it gets more convoluted. I hate to get invested in these shows only to have them go off after one season. I'm glad "Revenge" is still on. They did one "catch up" episode which was a good idea. Wish all the shows would do that. I could watch "Last Resort" on On Demand. Sometimes, the second time around, it makes more sense. I had to do that with "Game of Thrones." "Boardwalk Empire" can be difficult to follow too.

    Just read that carbs are a factor in dimentia. I have to lose weight and I've decided to count carbs, nothing drastic but something like the Mediterranean Diet. I love fish and greens so it shouldn't be a problem. Neighbor lost 40 lbs. changing her eating habits. She said she read that the new hybrid wheat grown today packs on pounds and is responsible for the increase in Celiac's Disease. When will they quit fooling around with our food supply?

    OK, Gang, that's about it. Sending y'all my best for a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    for some reason I kept getting a message stating that Yahoo could not connect to Pro Health...huh? Then my computer would freeze up! No problem this morning.

    Sorry I haven't been here, but have hardly been out of bed for the last 4 days. Had a darn migraine for 2 days, and wanted to jerk my head off and lay it beside me. Eyeballs wanted to pop out of my head, and couldn't even touch my head to a pillow without being horribly nauseated. Then the winds started again...blowing from 40-53 mph for the next two days, which really does me in. So I'm here now while the pain meds are taking the edge off things.

    I read the last issue of the lounge, and love you all...
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    It's a bad time of yr. for a lot of us isn't it Jole?I don't get migraines but they sound terrible a headache is bad enough.
    I swear every time I try to post the phone rings or someone comes in and starts talking to me.I have little attention span as it is.I usually give up and shut it down.

    Huz got up before 5 this morning and went with his friends.We have to be at his sisters for dinner.i'm thinking with my sinus infection and his long day we'll be social butterflies.Serves them right for not joining the rest of the family last weekend to say good-bye.I know that's not a nice attitude.

    New owners sent word they would like to take possession on Th. so I said sure we'll be out T or W latest anyway.

    Lily snapped at my nieces 10yr. old yesterday.She is always picking her up.I try and keep a close eye out around kids but didn't catch this.The girl was ok Lily has tiny little teeth and Hannah said she didn't get hurt it just scared her.I scolded Lil and Hannahs mom scolded her but I'm going to have to be careful with my GD around.Lily is afraid of her own shadow usually and this little girl is kind of hyper but I don't like biting.

    I feel I'm in slow motion this week.Doing things that have to get done but just barely.Well we're down to 4days after today and I'll do the best I can and we'll get there.I wonder how I'll feel when we lock the door and walk away.I admit the last couple days I've thought is this a mistake and it's to late now.

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    Sorry to hear about the migraine, Jole. I have never had one. By some
    strange kawinkydink, yesterday I made a long list of things I've never done,
    had or experienced. For example, I have never swum with the sharks.

    Or thought outside (or inside) the box. I have, however, worked in a
    cubicle. And I have never visited another continent. Or been incontinent.
    Of course, we never know what the future will hold, so to speak.

    Hope winds die down and the meds take hold.

    That's too bad about Lily and the ten year old, Pam. I think mama should be
    responsible for her daughter. Medium sized brouhaha some decades
    ago when my aunt arranged a big family gathering in a state park. One of
    her sons insisted he was bringing his big dog. Mighta been a St. Bernard.
    Anyway she told him No. Too many toddlers. Too many potential
    accidents. So he took umbrage stayed home. Hope all goes well with the
    final days of packing.

    Oops. Haveta take a break and watch Lucy with Gordon. -//- It was the speech
    lesson episode with Hans Conried. Best known as Uncle Toonouse on
    "Make Room For Daddy".

    I met him when I was doing post graduate study in Atlanta, Georgia. Well,
    actually I was in Atlanta for adjusting school and we passed each other
    on the sidewalk. He was wearing a grey suit and a cowboy hat. I thought
    he looked familiar. Looked in the paper. He was in town appearing in a

    Glad you're feeling more rested, Mikie. Hope your Bactrim is helpful.
    (Isn't that the name for a two-humped camel?)

    Perhaps y'all would like to make a list of things you have not done. Or,
    on the other hand, of things you would like to do. Or, etc. The
    choice is yours. What got me started on this thing was a news story
    about an incident on a plane. Some guy posted he had never been
    on a plane. Ha! That was the norm when I was young. I never flew
    till I was 27 and came out to CA to see if it was as wonderful as people
    said. Well, in those days it was pretty nice. Not the bankrupt disaster
    it's been turned into now.

    Well, Gordon's ready to go to work, and Zippy will be wanting B-fast.

  6. Mikie

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    Geez, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty about posting. I know how tired, sick and busy we are.

    Jole, I pray the headache goes away. Migraines are so horrible. Wind just makes everything worse. We had that in CO in the wintertime and we all suffered from headaches, migraine and sinus. There are places in the world where the wind blows all the time and the suicide rate is much higher. Saw a special on TV about it. Stay in the dark, if that helps, and rest.

    Pam, I think every time we make big life-changing decisions, we always second guess ourselves. It doesn't help that you are probably exhausted from all the work of packing. I think you'll love living in FL and you'll have a nice new home. Keep your eyes on the prize, Kiddo. I think it can make dogs jumpy when they are in crowds around children. They have no other way to let people know of their fears and discomfort than to growl or nip. Children should be taught not to try to pick up dogs. I'm glad she is OK. Probably a good life lesson. Happy Birthday to you!

    Rock, hmmmmm, I've been on another continent and I've been just a tad incontinent with this UTI. Opps, probably TMI. UTI seems to be over with and I hope it's gone for good. I just finished taking the ABX. I'm wondering whether that was what was keeping me from sleeping well. I've done most everything I ever wanted to except a trip to Italy. I think it's good to still have something to strive for even if I never get to go. We have started a "Pail List" in the hood; a Bucket List is too big. We are just making lists of things some of us might like to do. I want to kayak in one of our rivers or up the intracoastal waters. Only problem is that I might not be physically able to keep up the paddling. I think we are going to go see the Royal Lippesan (sp?) Stallions. I wouldn't mind going horseback riding on a trail. I don't know of anyplace where one can ride along the beach.

    Diane, glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope you find just the right jammies. I am soooo picky about which ones I like. That's too bad about Kevin's losing his doc. I just hate having to start over with a new one. Still, sometimes, the new one is such an improvement. Hope that is the case with him. Happy Birthday to you too.

    Leah, thank you for your good wishes. I do think the ABX has been kicking butt. Whether it is kicking out the UTI remains to be seen. I hope so. Hope you are doing well. I know this time of year is hard for people who can't get out much. We are just coming into our good weather down here. The hard time for me is Aug. and Sept. when the heat just drags on and on.

    I've been soooo tired but it may be because I've not been sleeping well. Yesterday, Bealls had the $10 off a $25 purchase so Barb, Joan and I all went shopping. They had their $24 tee shirts at 50 percent off. Two of them come to $24, $1 short of being able to use the coupon. I bit the bullet and bought three shirts. With tax and the coupon, I got three of them for $27, not too bad. These are really nice scoop-neck tees which are really soft. They can be work casually or dressed up with nice Capris or pants and look great with skirts. They match my new jammies too. We stopped at Hobby Lobby but I couldn't find the beads I was looking for. I did buy some Christmas balls in a beautiful frosted blue. I don't even know whether I'll decorate but if I do, these complete the color pallet.

    On the way home, we stopped for Chinese food. None of us felt it was as good as it used to be. For some reason, we just get a Chinese buffet we like and it goes downhill and goes out of business. I was good and didn't eat any of the Chinese donuts I love so much. No dessert either. I'm finishing up the carbs I have, like bagels. I will have pasta now and then but it will be a treat. Going back to protein and veggies with a bit of fruit now and then. I don't feel well and need to lose weight. As soon as it's a bit cooler, we are going to start walking and/or running in the shallow end of the pool to burn off some fat and get our heart rates going.

    Think I'll have coffee on the balcony and then try to get going. We are all suffering from some kind of malaise. We are getting a lot of guests, human and animal, to the balcony for coffee. So far, though, we haven't been out there in the evenings for drinks. I think when the time changes, we will. The lights I strung in our tree look beautiful at night. Ooh, oooh, I can drink now that I'm off the ABX. Woo Hoo!

    Love, Mikie
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    Huz forgot,DD called and forgot and oldest DS called on my cell while I was on the landline and he remembered!He really rubbed it in to dad and sister.So funny because he never remembers these things.

    Dinner at SIL's last night was as miserable for me as I had feared.Take a cold,rainy evening and throw in a long formal dinner on hard dining chairs with lots of talking going on and recipe for disaster.Other SIL's voice and bragging drove me to frustration.We got out of there and I cried from pain and exhaustion.This was a good thing which huz understands.He knows he can't help and if I am able to release those tears it's the best thing I can do.With pain meds not agreeing with me releasing emotion is something that is a blessing when actual tears will fall.Sjogren's doesn't give me enough moisture for tears very often.It's funny the little things I appreciate now,tears.

    So hard as it was I got through it and it was nice of them but thank goodness the good-byes are over.Second guessing is normal and sis is tempting me with visions of nice weather no air or heat needed once we arrive.


  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry for what you endured. I'm glad you could cry because it does clear everything out, physically and emotionally. I never thought I'd give thanks for drooling.

    I'm glad you will be coming down in time for our best weather. It will take a couple of weeks for it to reach its best but it's already starting to get nice. Fl is different from other places and can take a bit of getting used to but it has so many nice things about it that I am sooooo glad I moved here. Even when it's hot and humid outside, I'd rather have that than shoveling snow in the wintertime. Snowbirds have the best of both worlds. Even so, I, and my year-round friends, manage to enjoy living here in the summer too.

    This leaving and goodbyes has taken forever. I honestly don't know how you've gotten through it all. Rest, my friend. The best is yet to come.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Last time to post until we get settled.RV isn't to stocked up with stuff.We can still move around in it and I stuffed bubble wrap and towels around everything I could so the clinking and clanging doesn't drive me crazy on the ride down.Breakfast with DS and family this morning.

    Huz is mowing one last time for the new owners and to run the gas out of the mower.I swept up more leaves,for the third time.Piled them up but I'm not nice enough to bag them.

    Funny the things you find you are attached to.Mine is silverware of all things!I have more silverware hidden in every nook and crany of that camper then anything else.A chest with good silver that was my grandma's,understandable but I have every bit of my mom's everyday stainless too.Just could not part with it.Huz can't believe it after the hard time I gave him about keeping things.That is what is going to rattle the worst.Lots of bubble wrap and towels.

    Tomorrow the big push to get bedding and empty the fridge along with anything else we didn't get and Tues. the movers haul it out.Thanks for taking this journey with me.Be back when we get settled and can breathe a little bit.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We will all be thinking of you and praying for a safe trip.


    Your Online Family
  11. jole

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    Pam, I hope you get one more peek here before you leave. I'm so sorry I haven't been here the last few days to wish you a Happy Birthday, and tell you goodbye for a few days. I wish you all the best with the move, and know you're going to have some days you'll miss this 'life'. But once you get to see the new home going up I bet everything changes. What a great life ahead of you still!!

    Diane, Happy late Birthday to you, too. Yesterday was also my baby's birthday! Hope you found your pjs....I'm going to have to break down and get a couple pair for this winter too. Who would have thought 10-15 years ago this would be such a priority for us? What a life......

    Rock, there are soo many things I'd hoped to do in my lifetime that won't be accomplished! I wanted to travel so bad and see what the US has to offer, but it didn't happen. Did get to a few states surrounding us, and once to Florida because our son/wife took us, and am happy for that. Right now my "pail list" consists of getting our house decluttered down to the basics, so some day our kids don't have to do it all. I have a lot of 'things'... mostly gifts from our kids...lol.

    Leah, my hubby just planted some peonies for me yesterday. They were his grandmothers years ago, and his mother had transplanted them to her yard. Now they will be in our yard! They live forever, it seems. Wish their flowering time were longer, but I still love the bushes also.

    Mikie, hope that med didn't upset your stomach. Seems antibiotics always did mine. Now I'm down to only one I can take...Doxycycline. Am allergic to everything else, and hope I never need something stronger. Am glad you're feeling a bit better, but sorry to hear about the herx. No fun at all.

    Barry, hope to see you back soon!

    Today I finally feel better. Even made a couple meatloafs. One for us, and one for DD/family. She got her cast on, but the external pins are still causing a lot of pain, plus the plate/screws inside. I had hoped the cast would end the pain, but it hasn't.

    The weather here this weekend is beautiful! In the 70s...guess it's our Indian Summer, cause it sure isn't going to last long. Sat outside for awhile this afternoon enjoying it.

    Better go...had a couple interruptions and don't want to lose this! Hugs to all

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Happy Birthday to your baby. Glad you are doing better. I love Indian Summers, such beautiful days.

    Bactrim is a sulfa drug and isn't as harsh as some of the others. It's the only ABX I can take which clears up UTI's so I hope I don't get resistant. Herxes aren't fun but they mean the ABX is working so they make me sick but happy.

    My peptide injections have taken away all my symptoms but I'm still totally exhausted. I get the last injection on 11/9 so will ask the doc about looking for the cause of the exhaustion. There must be something else wrong. I've told my daughter in Atlanta that I won't be coming for Thanksgiving. She wants to come down by herself to see me. I asked her to give me some time to clean this place up. I've decided that if I do one thing a day, I'll eventually get there.

    Yes, who would have thought that comfortable jammies would become so important to us. The new thermal jammie bottoms I got at Target are sooooo soft. They are much softer than the old ones I got there. I also like it that they have pockets for my Kleenex. I feel better knowing that I'll weather the winter months with new jammies. Even down here, we need something to wear when we get up and sit around with our coffee.

    Sending good wishes for all our Loungers for a great week ahead.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I see you deleted your post so will only answer the question you had for me. I am sorry to say I did not see "Argo." I simply didn't feel up to sitting through a movie. My friends loved it so it must be good.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I will go to the condo mtg. even though I'm tired. I rested all day yesterday but I'm just not well. All the symptoms are gone except this bone-crushing exhaustion. I'll talk to my doc on the 9th when I go in. I see the urology nurse practitioner tomorrow; I think the UTI is gone (knocking on wood here :) DD in Atlanta called and wants to come down. I asked her to wait just a bit until I can get some of this mess under control. Wish I felt up to going up for Thanksgiving.

    I moved my TV into the bedroom to see whether it would act up and it didn't. So, now I believe it's something that was plugged into it that caused the problem, likely the Comcast box. I'm moving it back today and plugging only the Comcast box into it to see what happens. If it acts up again, I'll have to take the box in and swap it out. Comcast's boxes are junk and they are the first ones to admit it. I may return the new TV to Wal-Mart as 42" is awfully big for the bedroom. I got it to replace the one I thought was broken and out of warranty. This alone is enough to make me feel exhausted!

    My friends and I want to vote early but not on the weekend. We'll leave that to the working folks. This time around, there are 11 amendments on the ballot, which is 8 pages long. Oy! I hope people read them and decide before entering the voting booth or we'll be there all day. A lot of the older people down here are the type to wait until the cashier is done to even open their wallets to fish out the cash or start to write a check. I can only imagine how this ballot will affect those who haven't prepared ahead of time. I have nothing but time but I won't last standing in long lines for a long time. Our county is usually pretty good about having plenty of workers and voting booths and I hope this is the case this time.

    Sylvester's and Tweety's legal guardian is looking for a new place to live. He does this every year or so. I hope this is just his usual restlessness. He overestimates what his condo is worth and underestimates what he can buy a house for. I think he needs a yearly dose of reality. If he moves the cats, it will kill me and I don't think they will take well to it. Outdoor kitties don't like to move. He's a ranger at the local wildlife refuge and every wall in his condo is lined with fish tanks. I cannot even imagine moving them all. Also, he has put in a ton of plants, some say far too many, around his bldg. and I don't think he would abandon them to someone else to care for. I'm praying he stays put.

    Well, dear ones, I am hoping for a wonderful day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  15. jole

    jole Member

    Wonder if it's the time of year? It's really bad here too, and I hate it. We went to town to get groceries yesterday (totally out of bread and milk, plus meat)and today I can barely walk. Just no energy. Of course, I watched the debate last night too.......hummm....maybe that's the reason...lol.

    Had an appt. with the doc last week. My BP has been up the last 3 visits, plus the time I had my EGD. She blamed it on White Coat Syndrome. I'm positive it's not......I was a nurse, for pete's sake, plus it's never been elevated until the past year, and keeps going higher. Took it at Wal Mart and it was even higher. But I have no idea how accurate their machine is. I know a lot of people who have their own BP machines but none of them are very accurate. It would sure be nice to be able to monitor it myself *sigh*

    I haven't heard of Comcast before. Don't think it's available here, and maybe I'm glad it isn't?!?

    Nothing new going on here. I've seen the cranes go over, come back, and go over again. This weather is confusing everyone. In the 80s one day and 40s the next. I'm freezing already, and dreading winter. Wish I were a snowbird...
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Diane, a few months ago, Comcast e-mailed me and robo called me to inform me I HAD to get a new modem, either by buying it or renting it from them. I went out and bought one to the tune of about $100. Then, I found my old router wasn't compatible so I had to go out and spend another $100 for a new router. My internet speed is even slower because they tapped into our box to run cable to the pool house to put wi-fi in for our pool area. At least, it did correct the intermittent loss of signal for our computers. I suppose I will now have to spend more to upgrade the speed of my internet service. Comcast is my largest bill next to my mortgage.

    Yesterday, I took the bad cable box out to the Comcast office, way out in the boonies to get a new one. I ended up getting two. I've decided to keep the new TV for my bedroom as I watch TV in there so much. I want to be able to get HBO and the rest of the channels. It's only another $10 a month. I'll have to get used to such a big TV in there after the 19" one I've been watching. I'll install both boxes when I get home from the doc's office to have my urine checked. I think the UTI is gone.

    Jole, I've been using a very accurate BP machine for years. The thing to do is take it to the doc's office and calibrate it to theirs. This assumes, of course, that the person at the doc's office knows how to accurately take BP measurements. I've had some lulus who haven't a clue how to take it. I follow the American Heart Assn. directions. My friends who use the machines have calibrated theirs too and they are very accurate. I also have a manual cuff and it is always the same as the automated cuff so I feel assured that mine is accurate. I also have WC syndrome and my BP often reads 150/90 at the doc's office. It is almost always in the 120's/70's at home when I'm at rest. I keep a journal, including taking it when I'm active.

    One of my fondest memories is when my Mom took my DD and me to the park in North Platte to see all the sand cranes and listen to them. It was quite a thing to see and hear. We have a lot of beautiful birds here in FL but those cranes were as magnificent as anything we see down here. My family in NE were very tuned in to nature and appreciated everything natural. In the old days, they shot and ate some of the birds, ducks, pheasants, etc. I'd rather just look at them.

    Think I'll stop in to Costco on my way home from the doc's to get some of that excellent shrimp salad. I think my rice cooker needs to be replaced so I'll look for a new steamer. I have used mine for rice and veggies forever. It's leaking water. If they don't have one, I'll have to check BB&B so I can use my coupon. Can't live without a good steamer.

    Hope everyone has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Heavy rain and some thunderstorms the last two days. I think it will be enough to start the creek running again and for our well to recover. Touch wood.

    Jole, I went to town a few days ago and it beat me up. And I just 'went for the ride'. Still haven't recovered. A few days before that I saw the doc. and my BP was up again, so my BP meds were increased (Norvasc) which I swear makes me more fatigued then normal. I guess I'll start self-monitoring with a bp cuff. It seems, Jole, that we have some of the same experiences with fatigue! Maybe we are distant cousins! My dad was raised in Texas near Grand Saline. Many siblings and a farm life. Know anyone down that way?:)

    Running out of milk. We keep a small carton in the freezer for dire emergency. Also we keep a couple of cans of evapo milk in case of more emergency! And there's always a packet of ciabatta buns in the freezer too.... Country living!

    Mikie, I'm worried about Sylvester and Tweety too. Can't you (the condo) adopt them as condo cats? I know cats don't move well, especially outdoor cats. Surely your cat-man knows this. Maybe he will decide not to move. I hope so!

    Leah, how are you doing? I have some daffodils to plant soon. They are a variety called Golden Ducat and are a double yellow. I don't usually care for doubles, but that's what they had, so..... that's what I've got. Hope to get some tulips soon. I love them as cut flowers.......one stem in a bud vase is a piece of heaven and peace. They make me feel good. My first crocuses are in bloom, a small white species called C. ochroleucus. They've been growing on the rock-garden for thirty years! I can hardly believe it!

    Fall colour is here with red dogwood, and a Chinese barberry that I grew from seed many yrs. ago is beautiful and crimson now. The little crab-apples from the Chinese crab-apple (Malus sargentii) are being gobbled up by the hermit thrushes, varied thrushes, and robins. Lots of food for them! Too bad the c-apples are only pea-sized.

    Ravens have been pecking at the golden delicious apples and knocking them out of the tree. My dog, Phoebe, brings back an apple a day and eats most of it. I pick up the less-bruised ones and eat them myself. Very good!

    I must plead exhaustion now,
    So love to all,

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm sorry you are so fatigued. For you and Jole--all of us down here who take BP meds are tired on them. Barb complained to the doc and he said, "That's the way we want you so you're more relaxed and not getting your BP up." That's idiotic! In any case, on the days when I do not take my meds prior to my peptide injections, I have a lot more energy. I take mine because I've seen the consequences of letting BP get out of control. It isn't just the really high BP which is a problem; most strokes and heart attacks occure in people with only moderately high BP. My sleeping habits have changed and I'm waking during the night off and on. Once about 3:30 rolls around, I can't get back to sleep. This morning, I woke at 3:30 with a sinus headache and aching in my legs. I got up and took my allergy pill and two acetaminophen and I soaked in Epsom Salts. I am having my coffee and starting to feel half-way decent. I ran down and fed Simon. I think this will be a lazy day on the balcony for coffee and chat.

    I wish Jeff would leave the cats if he moves but he loves them so much, just as I do. They have, in effect, become the neighborhood condo cats as everyone loves them, lets them in, feeds them, etc. If Jeff moved and left them, I think they would be devastated and feel abandoned, even with everyone else who loves them. They greet Jeff when he comes home from work and hang out with him in the yard while he works on the landscaping. My fear is that if he moves them, they will try to get back home and be out on the streets. Since he is their legal guardian, there is nothing I can do if he decides to move. I left a letter "from" Sylvester and Tweety asking him not to move them. I'm sure he knows who did it. I hope this is just another wild hair talking and that he will settle back down soon.

    It sounds so lovely to hear you describe your fall weather and colors. I'm glad you got some rain. Our rainy season is over but we may still get a little rain. Hurricane Sandy may give the East Coast some rain but we will likely not see anything from it but some breezes.

    I saw the nurse practitioner yesterday morning and my UTI appears to be cleared up but I'm still having a few symptoms. I pray it's gone. Every time I go in, it's a $40 co-pay, which I'm glad to pay as I pay no monthly premium for my Medicare Advantage Plan but after a few visits, it adds up. Love the nurse who works there. The whole practice is a nice place. Her Mom is 102 and has been seeing my PCP for years. Glad to know my doc is highly thought of. I came home sooooo tired that I didn't know whether to go to bed or not. I decided to go out and get a new rice cooker as my old one crapped out. I don't like the new ones and don't know whether or not I'll keep it. At least, I have the option. I could just use my pots and steam my veggies and cook my rice the old fashioned way.

    When I got home, I was really pooped because I also stopped at the store to use the $2 coupon for the meat dept. at Publix. They had ribeye steaks on sale so the coupon made them even more affordable. When I got home, I sat down and decided to try to hook up the new cable boxes and install the new TV in my bedroom. Everything went pretty well except the back battery cover was missing from one of the remotes. I couldn't get On Demand and the lower, non-HD channels weren't filling the screen. I had to call but got a really nice young woman who helped me remember how to change the aspect ratio of the picture, agreed to send out a new remote, and "pinged" my cable boxes so I can get On Demand. I even got the remotes to sync to my TV's on the first try. The angels were watching over me. Guess they figured I could use some help (they were right).

    I watched "Survivor" in the bedroom on the new TV. It is so beautiful in HD because they show a lot of animals and landscape on the islands where they film. Both the livingroom and bedroom TV's are the same size and about the same distance away but I'm not used to the big screen in the bedroom. I had the same adjustment when I got the larger screen in the livingroom. These TV's are not huge by any means but my condo isn't large. Like Goldilocks, I like this size because it's just right :)

    Think I mentioned that a bunch of us are voting early next week. The voting place is next to Bealls so I'm thinking we might kill two birds with one stone. Actually, I'd rather get stoned but I digress...Actually, more and more, I'm hearing about some states wanting to decriminalize the use of small amts. of MJ, not just for medicinal use but recreational use too. It would free up DEA personnel and get some of the nonviolent prisoners out of the costly prison system. If the sale of MJ were taxed, it would help us cut our debt. As far as I can see, there is a lot to like about this. Of course some underage kids would get their hands on it but they already are, as well as alcohol and Rx meds. I have COPD so I'd have to bake some Alice B. Toklas brownies. I already have high pressure in my eyes so I'd likely qualify for medicinal MJ were it legal. IMHO, prohibition didn't work; it just created a new class of criminal. The war on drugs is doing the same thing. I wouldn't do anything illegal and don't recommend it but I think it's time we re-evaluated the whole drug war thing.

    OK, off my soapbox rant du jour. Hope y'all have a wonderful day. As always, I pray for healing for all of us.

    Love, Mikie

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I'm so sorry you're in that slump. Seems all of us are suffering allergies and exhaustion. I hope you feel better soon. It gives me comfort to know that you have such great coping abilities during times like this. Sending warm hugs.

    Diane, I also have to keep the doors and windows closed a lot of the time due to allergies. It's only when we get our really nice winter weather that I can open up the condo. Geez, I feel for that neighbor but he definitely bit off more than he can chew. I feel for you too with all that noise. Yikes! Warm hugs to you too.

    I have cut down on my BP meds to 2 Clonidine a day instead of three. My BP has been excellent with only 2. I have to tell the doc. When I was taking 3, I could barely get off the sofa. I just took my BP for my journal and it was 118/72 with mild activity and a pulse of 92. I also take Cozaar at bedtime but it has no side effects. Unfortunately, it is not enough by itself to keep my BP down. It works with the Clonidine and reduces the incidence of strokes and heart attacks 16 percent in studies.

    We are getting the blow-by from Hurricane Sandy. Mostly gray skies and wind. I wish we would get some rain. It's hot and humid today. I finally got some energy and cleaned out part of the kitchen. I made four trips to the trash with garbage and recyclables. It took one trip just to take the box from the new TV down to recycle. Tweety went with me. She is so happy just to be around people. I ran into Jeff but he didn't say anything about moving. I hope he's over it.

    Barb and I went shopping at the mall. I got a rice steamer that goes with my cookware on sale at Macy's for $20. I'm returning the $50 one I got for $40 at BB&B. Barb found some bras on sale so we both got good deals. I'm hoping this slight increase in energy keeps up; I have so much to do. The TV in the livingroom is acting up again so I'm running my crude diagnostics to try to narrow down the problem before I call the repairman. At this point, it's either the TV or a defective HDMI cable. Hope it's the cable.

    I am feeling a bit tired so may go watch TV in bed. I feel tired by not totally exhausted like I have been feeling. Could it be progress? I hope so. I also hope everyone else starts to feel better. We deserve to feel well.

    Love, Mikie
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Leah, I've sure been feeling like you lately. This past week I've made it out of bed, but spend most of the day in the recliner. Don't remember feeling this exhausted in years. And yes, it gets us down, when we feel like a vegetable
    :( I'm not sure if it's my BP or the weather changes. It was down to 25 last night, and we've been having lots of foggy weather with 40 degrees daytime.

    I want to get a good heart exam to find out if something else is wrong, but it's nearly impossible to get in with a specialist without a doc recommending it, and mine continues to tell me 'I don't hear anything wrong, and your BP isn't that high." I get exhausted, headaches, eyes blurry, etc. Mine has always been 118/70 and is now 156/90 the last several times I've had it taken. Where do you guys get your home BP units? I'd sure like to keep track of it and take in the readings so maybe she would listen to me. She's convinced it's 'white coat syndrome'. But I know it's not.

    I'm suppose to go stay with my DD for a few days tomorrow. Will be a couch potato, but she knows that. We're going to scrapbook the pics from my sister's get-together to give to her. She's getting worse, is now falling with her ankles giving out on her, and is nearly as exhausted as I am. Needs 2 naps a day now, and she was always such a goer and doer! Makes me feel terrible to complain knowing what's ahead for her...

    I managed to pack my clothes this morning, then headed back to bed. Some days I think the bed is my friend, other days I feel like it's a ball and chain! Will eat some lunch and see if I can get a bit of energy back. Anyway, probably won't be here to visit for a few days, so hope you all have some good days ahead! Hugs to all......