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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I'm so sorry you're in that slump. Seems all of us are suffering allergies and exhaustion. I hope you feel better soon. It gives me comfort to know that you have such great coping abilities during times like this. Sending warm hugs.

    Diane, I also have to keep the doors and windows closed a lot of the time due to allergies. It's only when we get our really nice winter weather that I can open up the condo. Geez, I feel for that neighbor but he definitely bit off more than he can chew. I feel for you too with all that noise. Yikes! Warm hugs to you too.

    I have cut down on my BP meds to 2 Clonidine a day instead of three. My BP has been excellent with only 2. I have to tell the doc. When I was taking 3, I could barely get off the sofa. I just took my BP for my journal and it was 118/72 with mild activity and a pulse of 92. I also take Cozaar at bedtime but it has no side effects. Unfortunately, it is not enough by itself to keep my BP down. It works with the Clonidine and reduces the incidence of strokes and heart attacks 16 percent in studies.

    We are getting the blow-by from Hurricane Sandy. Mostly gray skies and wind. I wish we would get some rain. It's hot and humid today. I finally got some energy and cleaned out part of the kitchen. I made four trips to the trash with garbage and recyclables. It took one trip just to take the box from the new TV down to recycle. Tweety went with me. She is so happy just to be around people. I ran into Jeff but he didn't say anything about moving. I hope he's over it.

    Barb and I went shopping at the mall. I got a rice steamer that goes with my cookware on sale at Macy's for $20. I'm returning the $50 one I got for $40 at BB&B. Barb found some bras on sale so we both got good deals. I'm hoping this slight increase in energy keeps up; I have so much to do. The TV in the livingroom is acting up again so I'm running my crude diagnostics to try to narrow down the problem before I call the repairman. At this point, it's either the TV or a defective HDMI cable. Hope it's the cable.

    I am feeling a bit tired so may go watch TV in bed. I feel tired by not totally exhausted like I have been feeling. Could it be progress? I hope so. I also hope everyone else starts to feel better. We deserve to feel well.

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

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    Leah, I've sure been feeling like you lately. This past week I've made it out of bed, but spend most of the day in the recliner. Don't remember feeling this exhausted in years. And yes, it gets us down, when we feel like a vegetable
    :( I'm not sure if it's my BP or the weather changes. It was down to 25 last night, and we've been having lots of foggy weather with 40 degrees daytime.

    I want to get a good heart exam to find out if something else is wrong, but it's nearly impossible to get in with a specialist without a doc recommending it, and mine continues to tell me 'I don't hear anything wrong, and your BP isn't that high." I get exhausted, headaches, eyes blurry, etc. Mine has always been 118/70 and is now 156/90 the last several times I've had it taken. Where do you guys get your home BP units? I'd sure like to keep track of it and take in the readings so maybe she would listen to me. She's convinced it's 'white coat syndrome'. But I know it's not.

    I'm suppose to go stay with my DD for a few days tomorrow. Will be a couch potato, but she knows that. We're going to scrapbook the pics from my sister's get-together to give to her. She's getting worse, is now falling with her ankles giving out on her, and is nearly as exhausted as I am. Needs 2 naps a day now, and she was always such a goer and doer! Makes me feel terrible to complain knowing what's ahead for her...

    I managed to pack my clothes this morning, then headed back to bed. Some days I think the bed is my friend, other days I feel like it's a ball and chain! Will eat some lunch and see if I can get a bit of energy back. Anyway, probably won't be here to visit for a few days, so hope you all have some good days ahead! Hugs to all......

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sending up prayers for you. I am in the same boat right now with the exhaustion so know how you feel. Hope we all feel better here at the Lounge. I know your sis will love the scrapbook.

    Love, Mikie
  4. freida

    freida Active Member

    ...slump, slump, slump....
    I'm in this difficult slump, as Mikie named it for me. :)

    Just slumping along...
    slump-slump-slumping a-longngngngngng.

    Isn't there a song, like that?

    SOMEthing like that? LOL
    Slumpthing like that? ;)

    And needing to emotionally prepare for the big storm too....
    I wish it would simmer itself down and away...seems like it will be a slow-mover ,
    and it or its effects, might be with huz and me,
    for days.
    but we'll be okay.

    I've thought of you people, each of you.

    Hope you are doing alright.

    Wanted to say hi...
    Leah Freida

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    On the thread about the storm but I want to reiterate that I'm praying for everyone in the storm's path. As though we don't have enough on our plates as it is, preparing for a major storm can really sap one's strength. There's the physical effort required and then, the stress factor. It's just too much.

    Yes, I'm slumping and slogging along. Yesterday, Barb and I had lunch and then drove down to a shopping center to go to Belk's Dept. Store (my DD in Atlanta calls it, "Bilks)" I wasn't impressed as it's a small store and almost exactly the same as a Macy's. I did get a couple of thermal tumblers which are great and a lot less expensive than Tervis Tumblers. They were on sale for $5.50 each. Deal!!! They have tubes inside which screw into the lids so one can put fruit into them to infuse the water. Putting frozen fruit might be a nice way to go.

    The mall was having Trick or Treat and we enjoyed seeing the kids' costumes. They were so cute. We get one or two, at most, here in the hood. Think I'll go back to sleep for an hour before I have to get ready to go vote.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Barb and I and another friend rode together to vote early. We timed it pretty well. We got there after most of the working people had voted and left and just before the retired bunch came to vote. We got seats inside and didn't have to wait long. At one point, the computers went down and that was a scare but they got them back up and running quickly. By the time we left, there was a long line outside as all the seats inside were taken. I'm glad to have it done. I've done everything I can so now, all I have to do is wait til election day. I just hope the hurricane doesn't interfer with voters. What a mess.

    I am so tired that I just drove us home. I had to go to Target for an Rx so decided to just go by myself. I returned the rice cooker I bought at BB&B. I got some groceries at Target so I'm pretty well set. I just wanted to be by myself. It was too much being with other people after two days of it. I like my friends but there are times it becomes just too much. I was starting to get freaked out sitting in the waiting area with no arm room and a big guy hogging all the space. One of my sensory overload issues is touch. It was tighter in there than coach on a cheap flight.

    As y'all know, I'm a paper hoarder, not in the sense that I have paper products all over the condo (I put them away), but in the sense that I always stock up when I can get TP for 25 cents a roll or less and paper towels for less than 75 cents a roll. Target had both on sale and I got a $5 gift card for buying one of each. On top of that, I use my Target card and save another 5 percent. I always feel more secure when I have paper products stored and know I won't have to pay a bunch if I were to run out. Geez, if I ever had to pay full retail, I'd probably have a stroke.

    Once, my life was more than just making sure I save money on paper products. Of course, I do have TV so it isn't a total loss. And, of course, I have my Online Family to spend time with, one of my favorite things.

    Stay safe, Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  7. freida

    freida Active Member

    See my update on the storm thread...
    we ourselves are fine,
    but the storm was much worse than I'd expected.

    I'm glad it did not head straight across Florida,
    or it would have been one of the worse ones, there, Mikie and others there.

    I'm so surprised we have our power.

    Awful what many people in N.Y. and other States, are going through.

    I guess I can't think of anything else to say.
    I meant to just say hi, here on the Lounge.

    Leah Freida