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    I'll post this and come back to edit and add on to it so no one else will be starting a new thread at the same time as I.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'll just post a new one. I don't like the screen for editing. It's OK for a little edit but not for an entire post.

    I'm sooooo excited. I'm going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving! I've been watching air fares and today when I checked, I found bargain basement pricing. Woohoooo! Can't wait to see my family. It's just a short stay but will be there for Thanksgiving Day and a couple more days. That's just long enough. I've been feeling just a tad better so hope I'll be OK by then. I see my doc on the 9th and maybe, he can help with the fatigue.

    Went to condo mtg. this morning. We are getting ready to drill a new well for running our sprinkling system. Expensive! We will be repainting the top flat area around the pool and cleaning and sealing the paving stones around the pool deck. Thank God we have good financial planning and have money in reserves for this.

    After the meeting I went shopping by myself. Sometimes, I just get tired of being around the same people and need a break. It's Senior Day at Beall's so I got a tee shirt on sale for $14.99 with the 15 percent discount. Barb had given me a $5 coupon from someone's Entertainment Coupon Book so I used that too. I got a $25 nice tee for $8.21. Gotta love a bargain. Some woman just gave Barb the coupons in the store a while back because she couldn't use them. Barb and I often give our coupons to people in the store when we can't use them. A nice bit of Karma.

    I went to Publix and got some great buys using coupons but didn't spend much. They had a BOGO on Hallmark cards so got birthday cards for both my DD's. Got my LOTTO tickets. I'm ready for a windfall so all I need now is the right numbers :)

    Like most everyone else, I've been watching the hurricane. What a bad storm this is. I am so sorry for everyone who has suffered such losses and have them in my prayers. Hope all our beloved members here are OK. I was impressed with Gov. Christie who put politics aside to reassure people that everything is being done. He came across as very caring. Maybe this is God's way of telling us to put aside petty differences to work together to help one another.

    I'll continue to watch as intently as though it were one of the storms headed our way. This storm is HUGE. The fires in Queens, NY are awful. How sad to lose everything. Again, prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie

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    Well, if I could sing, and if I knew all the lyrics, I'd sing:
    It's a great day for singing a song, And it's a great day
    for movin' along...

    I got 3 things done today, all of which have been nagging at me for
    sometime. All involved mailing something. And then...when I opened
    the door to see if the mailman was handy, there he was! Just across
    the street. Cool beans!

    Mikie, as the reigning coupon queen. you may be interested to know that
    I got a dozen coupons from Ralphs today. "Personally selected" or some
    such. All for stuff I've bought before. Further confirmation that little or
    nothing is private anymore.

    Freida, are you still up a stump because you're in a slump? As another
    song puts it, "Life gets teejus, don't it?" Too bad there's no energy shop
    where we can pick up an erg or two.

    Diane, did the storm reach PA? I saw on the news it was affecting
    Chicago. Did you make your butternut squash. Gordon cooked zucchini
    last night. He won't eat it. That's my job.

    Jole, remember the song "Snowbird"? Big hit for Anne Murray. There is
    also an opera singer named Ann Murray. They're both mezzos. Hugs to all.

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    Still hoping everyone is safe. I didn't mean to imply that God caused this storm to teach us a lesson. What I meant to say is that we might take something positive away from this tragedy. Of course for those who have lost so much, I doubt if there is any silver lining in sight. It does seem as though the govs. are reacting as fast as they can to restore power and take care of those made homeless. I hope FEMA has its act together. Prayers still going up.

    Leah, thanks for your sweet good wishes. Yes, I'm very excited about going up to see my kids. It's only about an hour and a half trip by air so I can tolerate coach that long. When I fly to CO, I usually try to upgrade to business if there is room. As it is, I paid the $6 each way to get an aisle seat in the back. The flight up there only had two open seats. People hop on those fares. Their e-mail said the days I chose were blackouts but it went ahead and ticketed me so I guess they didn't get the blackout dates in their computer. Lucky for me. I got a confirmation code so I'm hoping it's a done deal.

    I know what you mean about putting things away. There is very little storage in these condos. I am lucky that I have an extra closet and it is jammed to the hilt. In fact, I need to get rid of some things. I've been holding on to my Mom's collectible plates because she loved them so much. Problem is that there is no market for them any more. They go for next to nothing on eBay. I just need to find time to check with a couple of antique and collectibles shops to see whether they will buy them. Otherwise, I'll donate them to a thrift shop.

    Yes, it is always hard to find things after we put them away. Every time I clean out storage, I swear I'm going to make a list or map of what is where. I never do. George Carlin had a whole routine based on how much stuff we have and can't find. He said how rediculous it is to say that it's always in the last place we look. The man had an eye for the obvious and then, he put a humorous slant on it. Sending prayers and wishes for some energy for you too.

    Rock, yes, it would be great if we had a store to get an erg or two. Ergo, we would have some energy. Oh, I'm killin' myself here. Thanks for handing me a line for a pun. A good pun at that, even if I do say so myself. At Publix here, they don't use store cards nor do they have store credit cards. So, I never get personalized coupons from them. They do a big ad every Wed. with all their good deals and BOGO's. Klondike bars are BOGO's this week. That always brings in the Seniors. Older people love their ice cream and ice cream treats. I remember shopping at Ralph's when I visited my kids when they lived in LA.

    I have a Target credit card that saves 5 percent on every buy. I like it that they give a lot of money to different causes. With my receipt, I get coupons for products competing with what I buy. I also get e-mails with deals and coupons. I tried to print the coupons and it wouldn't do it without downloading a file with a ".exe" extension. One should never download files with that extension. They are execute files which can change the computer's operating software. So, no coupons for me. Their website for ordering online or managing one's account is horrible. I doubt they know how much business they lose because of such a bad website.

    I don't have a Beall's credit card but I gave them my e-address so they send me all the coupons they put in their newspaper ads. I send my paper to Barb when I'm through with it and I leave the coupons for her and print them out for me from my e-mail. When the neighbors downstairs come down, all three of us read my one paper. My rule is that the newspaper has to pay for itself in coupons or sales ads. It has always paid for itself many, many times over. I've been reading the newspaper since I was a child and I can't imagine not holding it when I have my morning coffee. If all newspapers go electronic, it'll be a HUGE adjustment for people in my age group. Some things are sacred to us.

    We had strong winds from the storm yesterday even though it was up in NJ. The outer bands are disturbing weather all along the coast. Also, a cold front is pushing down. It's been in the 50's in the mornings and in the 70's during the day. Y'all would laugh at us dressing warmly. We turn into wusses after living down here for a while. The windy weather reminded me of windy days in CO. I guess my next trip will be there. I can redeem my reward points and get this trip free but it's so inexpensive that I may save my points for another time.

    Just ordered several bargain books from Amazon for my Kindle, all $3.99 or less. The kids of the elderly neighbors I helped when she fell gave me a $50 gift card to Amazon. It'll help me pay for GS's Kindle Fire I'm buying him for Christmas. Santa is bringing him a Wii so I will take the game "Where The Wild Things Are" with me to Atlanta and leave it with my DD for him. I have the worst time playing games on the Wii. Too many controllers and buttons. I get Max killed every time I play. It's just frustrating! He'll probably play it with ease. Ah, the young. No need for ergs for them.

    OK, gang. I've written "W&P" here so better wrap it up. It's kinda raw outside and I'm tired with a dry cough which is probably still from the Red Tide or from the wind. In any case, I'm vegging. I fell asleep early last night so think I'll catch up with On Demand. Hope everyone is safe and has a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I think it was you who wondered why they choose the name, Kindle, for the electronic readers. In addition to pertaining to fires, kindle also means to inspire or arrouse feelings for something or someone. As in, going to the art museum kindled a love of modern art. Or, reading mysteries kindled my love of thrillers.

    It's actually explained on the main page of the reader itself when it's turned off. Duh! I should read my reader.

    Love, Mikie
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    So good to see your post. I've been hogging the Lounge today. I have a bit more energy but feel like I'm coming down with something. I hope not as I have my last injection on the 9th. So, I'm chewing vitamin C, taking zinc and ecanecia (I always misspell that one) and drinking hot tea. My throat is a bit scratchy. I was out in the wind yesterday so that might account for it. I probably already mentioned that in "W&P." Also, on Mon., we were crammed into the voting waiting room like sardines in a tin. My neighbor is very sick with bronchitis. Barb has been taking care of her and taking her to the doc. I hope she's better.

    I like the idea of an energy store. I saw a movie where you could buy time, like days, to live. When your time was up, you died. It wasn't the best movie but I was intrigued by the concept. It kindled my curiosity :)

    We are in the middle of condo assn. budget time and, for the first time in years, will have to raise our fees. We are going to have to schedule a workshop to figure out how much we need. We've had an empty unit in foreclosure for three years now and we've been getting no fees from that one. I've been looking at the numbers but am not up to tackling it by myself. I need our mgr's. input. We will have a teleconference mtg. with the other two board members up in MA.

    I decided to pay bills while I'm just sitting here. For some reason, the computer is very sloooooow. I think I'll register the new TV extended warranty as long as I'm doing disagreeable tasks. Also need to call dentist's office to see wether they received my insurance co. payment. I hope when we get to Heaven, we have energy and don't have to mess around with irritating tasks.

    OK, I'm outta here. Everyone, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    So glad you got new jams. I live in mine too unless I have to go out. The new thermal ones at Target are much softer than the old ones I got there. The old ones are not gonna last much longer. I also hate it when they fall apart just as we have them broken in and soft from laundering. I'm glad I was wearing one of the old pair when I fell and had to throw them out. I probably could have soaked them and washed the blood out but there was soooo much blood and I just couldn't face it. Tending to the wounds on my legs was quite enough.

    Target has some Gilligan and O'Mally jams which are some kind of microfibre and are silky smooth. They cost a bit more. I do own one of their nighties and a cardigan which can be worn with jammies or regular clothes.

    I'm having to reread my posts because I'm using the wrong words. I typed "feel" for "fell" and I typed "word" instead of "worn." Oh, oh, it's going to be one of those cognitive impaired days for me.

    When I went to register the extended warranty on the new TV, I discovered that, even though the clerk put my stuff in a warranty folder, she never actually sold me one. Now, I have to go back to Wal-Mart to see what can be done. I hope I can still buy one. It's on the manufacturer's warranty now. This is twice in a couple of weeks that people haven't been doing their jobs and I end up having to deal with it. Seems everyone is so preoccupied and stressed. I think that weather, the economy and politics are taking their toll on us.

    The last mistake was when they put regular oil in my car instead of synthetic oil. Once you go to synthetic, you're not supposed to go back to the regular stuff. I guess I'll just have to pay more attention to things and not assume others are doing things right. When I returned a faulty TV cable box to Comcast and picked up another one for the new TV, they gave me a remote with no back on it to cover the batteries. I called and they UPSed a new one to me. Guess what--the new one is faulty and the back on it won't fit the back on the original one. Oy! This is getting rediculous. So, the one in the bedroom has no back and it's clumsy to use that way. Also, if the batteries ever leak, it could make a mess. I'll have to call them once again. They are gonna think I'm nuts although, several employees of Comcast have told me the equipment is junk.

    Oh well, things could always be worse. As I watched the displaced people on TV last night, it was heart breaking and certainly put my whining in perspective. Thing is that many of the neighborhoods destroyed were old ones where many people had lived for generations. They lost everything. Gov. Christie gave thanks that the loss of life was less than it might have been and said what was lost could be replaced. That's true but having had to leave my beloved home after my divorce, I understand how hard it is to lose one's home. It's even harder to lose loved ones. My heart and prayers go out to all in this horrible storm's way.

    Not sure what today holds. I need to take a shower but fear if I do, that will be all I have strength for today. Oh well, I'll look lovely vegging out :) I'm still trying to clean and get ahead on this awful condo. As much as I saved on those paper products at Target, I got some coupons in the mail which could save me a bundle so I may go back and get another package of TP and paper towels. Heaven only knows where I'll put them in here. There's a $5 coupon for the makeup I wear. Then, there's an extra 5 percent off, in addition to the 5 percent I save when I use my Target card. I can also use the $5 gift card I got last time I bought this stuff (I'll get another one when I buy two more packages of the paper goods). Geez, I am turning into a coupon queen. Well, I'm not nearly as good as the coupon queens on TV. I guess I'm a coupon princess or coupon lady in waiting. Most of those women have garages with shelves of things they'll never use. Some of them donate the products and I think that's nice.

    Enjoy your new jammies. I actually send up prayers of thanks when I snuggle up in my soft, warm jammies in my soft, warm bed.

    Love, Mikie
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    Diane, so glad you stopped in so we know you are OK. I hope you like Target as much as I do. I think it's a step above Wal-Mart and K-Mart. Prices are a tad higher but not as high as dept. stores. As I mentioned, Target has always donated part of their profits to good causes. I may not have the energy to decorate for Christmas this year but I can't wait until they get the Halloween stuff off the shelves and stock the Christmas decorations. Last year, after Christmas, I got some beautiful things really cheap. Instead of balls, I got some glass ornaments which look like mercury glass in brown, silver and gold, shaped like different kinds of leaves. They look beautiful with frosted dark maroon balls with gold on them and brown balls with gold. Also, they look good when dark frosty teal is added. Even if all I do is put up a swag or two with some white lights, I can hang the decorations and it will cheer me up.

    Leah, I'm like you; fleece is too hot for me. I used to sleep naked under flannel sheets in CO during the coldest months but it never gets that cold here. I like a high cotton count too. I hope you are not getting sick. I've been nursing this sore throat since yesterday. I went back to bed after my last post. Of course, one of my pals from the hood pounded on my kitchen window (oh, we're so classy :) to come out and have coffee. It was cold outside--too cold to sit out just to chew the fat. I put a sign on my storm door to please not ring my bell, that I was resting. Every time I try to take a day to rest and sleep, the world comes to my door.

    While I was standing in my doorway, the cats came running in. Sylvester, especially, loves his cream. Not long after, both cats came running out with Tweety nipping at Sylvester's tail end. He looked so funny as he tried to tuck his rear end in as he ran from her. Finally, she just tackled him and they had a rumble on the balcony. This windy, cold weather dials up the cats' friskiness. Wish it did the same for me. I'm getting my last shot on the 9th so can't afford to get sick. I'm taking the supplements I mentioned earlier to try to stave off illness. I did get in a nice deep sleep. I'm going to go back to try to get more sleep as soon as I finish this post. TV lulls me to sleep and if that doesn't do it, I just turn on the Kindle and read a few pages...ZONK! Out like a light!

    Hope everyone is well and able to get some rest. Diane, let us know what you think of Target. Between it and Bealls, I'm pretty much covered. I get my Rx's at Target's pharmacy and if I need groceries, I can pick up things in the Target food side of the store. If they only sold gas and LOTTO tickets, I could probably just shop there. I guess I'd miss the Publix BOGO's, though. I don't want to miss the local news at 6:00 today because they are showing how to get more groceries for less.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Mikie

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    I'm so sorry you continue to be sick with an old illness. For so long that is what I went through so I understand it. I don't seem to do that relapse/remission thing any more. I am still trying to improve my energy; some days, it's better than other days. I'd like to shower and get out to take care of the TV warranty and get to Target.

    I did catch the 6:00 p.m. news to see how the local woman saves on groceries. Well, she is doing nothing more than what I do. I shop the Publix BOBO's and use both store and manufacturers' coupons with them. She does go one step further and hunts online to find more coupons for the BOGO's. I usually just use the ones I find in the newspaper. Publix will honor competitors' coupons but you can only use one store coupon and one manufacturer's coupon on each product. I use Corcidin HBP allergy tablets which are never a BOGO; however, I found coupons for $3, $2 and $1 for each box. That's really good so I got a few extra boxes of them. The injections have really helped my allergies but I still get sinus headaches from dust (there's plenty of that in here :) Red Tide, and mold spores in the air.

    I didn't put the sign on my door until after my buddy banged on the window. If my kitchen blinds are closed, Barb won't knock or ring the bell. My sweet newspaper guy saw the sign early one morning and the next day when I was out feeding Simon, he asked if I were better. He takes great care to deliver the papers in just the right spots. I always give gift cards to the paper person and our mail woman. She's a jewel too. Been on our route for years. The cats run down to greet her when she stops at our mail box center. She knows to watch out for the cats in her Jeep. The cats also go the mail boxes when anyone goes for mail. Bless their hears; they love people.

    I'm starting to think about what I'm going to wear up to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I usually wear mostly black but I get sick of that. I like to be comfortable and not have to take a lot with me. Bless my daughter; she keeps spa-like robes and big bottles of contact solution so I don't have to take it on the plane. I do the same here.

    It's early here; I'm just waiting for the newspaper. I'm watching "Way Too Early" on MSNBC before "Morning Joe." I love that show because they have pols from both sides of the aisle and discuss pertinent and interesting things. They read headlines and columns from all the major newspapers.

    People are starting to panic and get an apolalypse (sp?) mentality in some areas hard hit by the storm. In some areas, the National Guard is just now getting deliveries of food and water to people. I don't understand why so many of them didn't lay in supplies; they had plenty of warning. I guess it's just because they are not used to hurricanes in that neck of the woods. Many who were told to evacuate didn't do it.

    There are miles of lines for gas. People have been waiting in lines or driving around for more than two hrs. for gas. Is it just me or does that seem illogical to burn gas trying to find gas? If we have a storm coming, I always fill my car and during hurricane season, it never gets below half full. I try to always have half a tank so it never gets down into the sludge at the bottom of the gas tank, especially now that I just had the induction system cleaned. I also carry a case of emergency water in the back of the car.

    Even down here, we have people totally unprepared for big storms. Fortunately, they are getting better about it. Our hospitals and Publix stores all have generators to run in case of loss of power. Most gas stations need electricity to run their pumps so one has to act before the power goes out. Most gas stations do not have generators. How weird is that since they have the gas to keep a generator running.

    I think this storm was worse because it hit older buildings, many of them right on the shore. Over the years, our bldg. codes have improved so that newer bldgs. are stronger against the storms. Storm surge is the worst element of these storms and the surge will move a large bldg. right off its foundation. We are inland enough so that it would take a 100-yr. storm to threaten us with surge but we are close enough to the beaches that it's convenient. We carry flood ins. to completely replace our bldg. but our hurricane deductible is $35,000. Yikes! That's the only way ins. co's can afford to insure us. When I moved down here, I didn't even know what surge was. In the last few years, there has been an increased effort to educate the public about these storms. We are getting more of them and they are more intense.

    Geez, "W&P" again. Sorry, just ignore my ramblings. I find it therapeutic to post. I've started my memoires for my family and I should be working on that. I wish I could have gotten my Mom to do one. Most of her memories are gone except for the few things she told us. So much changed during her lifetime from WWI until she died in 2002. So much has changed in my own lifetime and I want my DGS to know how life was for me when I was growing up. Even my own girls probably don't really know just what it was like except for what they see in movies. My GS has never known a time when everyone didn't have his or her own personal cell phone. I'm making a scrapbook and want to find pics of all the different kinds of phones over the years. I had a pink princess phone in my room when I was a teen. It was the envy of all my friends.

    OK, it's waaaaay past time to end this post. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    It's good to be back with my lounge friends, even though I had a great (mostly) time away!

    Mikie, it's so wonderful that you're going to get some time away with your DD. I'm sure the trip and it's consequences are worrisome, but you'll sure not regret it. Time with family is so precious! Seems moreso as time goes on...but gosh, being a part of their busy lives is so draining physically and emotionally!

    Leah, I wish you had better days. I think of you when I'm so exhausted getting out of bed is a problem, and know that's how most of your days are. We sure didn't know how good it was years ago when we couldn't even imagine life being like this, did we? Throwing in a load of clothes in the middle of a million other things going on wasn't even given a thought. Now, throwing in a load of clothes may be our entire achievement of the day :(

    Rock, good to see you with a good day, and your great sense of humor! Yes, I remember Anne Murray's "Snowbird"...I loved it even then. And Cool Beans! Haven't heard that for years.....thanks for the reminder! Your posts always bring back good memories that I've forgotten, and I really appreciate you!!

    Diane, homemade pizza and pumpkin custard sounds wonderful! And I share your cuppa coffee and a trip to the lounger board as many mornings as possible. Hope to be here tomorrow morning......whatever time my morning turns out to be...lol.

    My visit with DD/family was good. After years of this slow pace, it was actually mind boggling to see how busy they are, and remember it was that way for me once upon a time too. I'd honestly gotten into this of-a-neccessity slow life for so long I'd forgotten what the earlier years of my life was like.

    One night my DD/hubby went out to celebrate their anniversary so the little ones and I had a slumber party! Played 'Cars' dominoes, candyland, and Duck, Duck, Goose. What a sight! We sat on the floor, and I explained I couldn't get up to run around the circle. They said, "that's okay, we won't make you a goose!" So the two of them (ages 3 and 5) picked each other over and over, until right at the end, when my GS tapped me on the head. Had to try it, but knew my balance wasn't going to let me, so I 'ran' around the circle on my hands and knees...lol. They were rolling on the floor laughing, which was a good time to end the game. I fixed some popcorn, we watched a short cartoon movie, jammies and bed. Was the highlight of my visit!

    Next two days there were sheer exhaustion, but I got to take pictures of them in their Halloween costumes, and wish them luck as they walked out the door. Mom and dad don't give the kids candy, so they were in heaven when they all came back home. They each had 2 peices and were ready for bed.....but too wired up from that small amount of candy to sleep...lol. They also had been given individual boxes of cereal (a great idea), and couldn't wait for morning so they could eat it!

    Stopped at a little park on the road home so we could all get out to stretch a bit, and watched the kids play awhile. The day was beautiful...70 degrees! And I sat on a bench with my jacket on and a huge, silly smile on my face (they thought it was because they were so cute...it was actually because of the sunshine).

    Today I couldn't get out of bed until 11, and was back in bed at 1. No brain activity until about 5...lol. Tomorrow will be worse I'm sure, but will never forget that slumber party!! It seems the 2nd day out is my worst pain day, so know tomorrow won't be pretty. Will do some laundry (hopefully).

    Been watching the news also of Sandy, and praying for all the people there. I know people (a cousin) who lost homes to tornadoes, and understand how devistating it is. I just don't understand how an area that big has to wait so long for FEMA, etc. to get there! And to have all those generators, water, food, and porta-potties sitting there for the marathon when all these people were so desperate is beyond my imagination!

    Well, if I don't post, I'll be in trouble, so will try to visit in the morning, coffee in hand. Hugs to all.......
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thank you so very much for posting all about your visit. It was like I was there, enjoying it right along with you. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I was laughing just thinking about the Duck, Duck, Goose game with your part as the Goose done on hands and knees. I can just imagine the kids in stitches watching it. What is so much fun being around the kids is the silliness they bring back to us. We need more silliness in our lives.

    Yes, it seems impossible that I ever fixed three square meals a day for my family when the kids were small. My house was clean, the laundry was done and so was the ironing, yes, ironing. Now, I buy things which don't need ironing and if they are a bit wrinkled, I toss them into the dryer a bit. Once I start the laundry, I usually manage to do all the loads but that's all I get done for the day. The only multitasking I can manage is to fold the laundry while watching TV.

    I think (hope) that whatever virus was threatening me is leaving. The sweating seems to be over with. I'm taking Acyclovir just to help it move along. I need to shower after I read the paper. That may be all I'm capable of today. I am soooo thankful that I got the new TV for my bedroom. Some days, I'm so tired that even reading is too much. I need the comfort of my bed. I'm in that mode where no matter how much I sleep, it doesn't help. This is the only symptom left that the injections haven't gotten rid of. I'm really starting to think there is another problem going on. If there is, I hope we can find it and heal it. I am thankful to be rid of those other symptoms but like the rest of us here, I would love to have some energy. I still fanticize about that store where we can buy some.

    Hope everyone has a great day. I've put out Simon's food and the newspaper should be here. Time to start the day. Ugh! I'd rather go back to bed.

    Love, Mikie

  12. jole

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    You know the kind...can't stand to be up, but hurts too bad to lie down. Be back when I can. Hugs to all....
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Just letting you all know I am v tired w much confusion from last weeks doc visit but will get back to normal soon. Eat well, my friends!

    Love to All,
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jole, so sorry you are in that place we all know so well and hate so bad. Hope you are better soon. It's such a shame we have to pay such a heavy price for trying to enjoy our families.

    Diane, I'm sorry your BP isn't responding better. Sometimes, the docs will simply add another BP med and the two work better together than increasing one by itself. I'm not trying to speak for Leah but I've known her long enough to know that you didn't upset her. The way I read it was that we all have had doc visits like yours and it's enough to raise anyone's BP. IMHO, he should have addressed your illness. A fever usually means infection and, as much as we hate to take them, ABX may be needed to get rid of it. I hope you are feeling better soon. There's a lot of bronchitis going around. What I have seems to be a virus trying to make me sick but I hope I've gotten ahead of it. Viruses and bacteria are nasty, and tricky, little devils.

    Barry, so very sorry that you're sick too. We all seem to be struggling with exhaustion. Thanks so much for stopping in. We all care and it helps to know our Loungers are around.

    Leah, you crack me up. Yes, like any man, Simon needs the newspaper to read when he's on the toilet :) Barb will put out his food on the balcony while I'm in Atlanta. He knows to come up here when the bowl isn't down there. I think I'll start two days ahead and leave a trail of dry food coming up the stairs to his bowl, if that ornery Tweety doesn't eat it all. She watches out for him but she can be a real pain around the male cats if she get jealous. I know well the best made plans and how they fly out the window, depending on our energy. I haven't even dressed again today. I just felt I needed another day of vegging while trying to clear up whatever virus is attacking me.

    Yes, we are a family here and a very caring and supportive family that I'm proud to be a member of. I know no one will judge me for ending sentences with prepositions :) I do it a lot. On bad days, it's all I can do to type the right words. It's like aphasia of the fingertips. It's a different "type" of aphasia. Yuk! Yuk! Ah, the bad pun is alive and well.

    For some reason, my wi-fi went down and I had to reboot it. Thank God, that did the trick. Sending my prayers that everyone will feel better soon.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    While I've been vegging out, I've been watching HGTV's "Love It or List It." It's always fun to watch renovations. Gives me ideas. I know this show and "House Hunters" are not truly reality. The producers manipulate them. Same with "Flip This House."

    I've done a lot of things to my condo. Most of it's been paint and decorating without spending a lot of money. I just realized that I love my little condo. The energy in here is so good and it's "me." Good thing because I have to spend a lot of time in here.

    I have a wonderful gift in that I'm happy with my home and very thankful for it. In fact, I'm happy with my life, with one exception--like so many of us, I just don't have the energy to enjoy it. At least, I have a comfortable place to recouperate. It's easy for me to live in gratitude. I feel truly blessed. I've been thinking of all those people who lost everything in the storm. It would be hard enough on healthy people but what do people like us do? My prayers go out to them.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    How upset I used to be after my appts. with "Nurse Ratchett" at my last PCP's office. The doc was just not up to date on things, especially meds, and she had a God Complex. Or, would that be a Goddess Comples. In any case, it upset me horribly and I started looking around for a new doc. That's when I found the one I have now who does the injections. At least, she did find a combination of BP meds I could tolerate and which keep my BP in check. So, it wasn't a total loss.

    I'm upset because Amex says they got my payment one day late and charged me $25 in a late fee. I use online banking and they say they only need two days to transfer funds. Well, clearly they need four! I'm already bleeding money this time of year so it's $25 I hate to lose, especially for a late fee. Oh well, I guess none of us gets through life without some losses. $25 isn't much compared to what people just lost in the storm. In fact, it's nothing. There, I feel better but still sad for those displaced souls.

    I could never leave a pet in peril. I'd rather evacuate with my pet and sleep in my car than just leave the pet to fend for itself. A little girl was on TV; she was only 12. Her parents made her leave her very small kitten. Miracle of miracles, the kitten was found and returned to her. That made me happy. We now have shelters here where people can bring their pets during a hurricane. I like that.

    I finally took a shower and that's all I have energy for today. I had been sweating out whatever virus I had and today, diarrhea hit. I guess it could have been a Herx-like reaction to the AV I've been taking. That would explain my headaches too.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Have a good evening and don't let the time change get to y'all.

    Love, Mikie

  17. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Just thought I'd jump in feet first and say hello to all! Please excuse me if I can't remember detail's of everyone's post's. It's kinda late and I'm very tired. I know you all can relate!

    For those of you who know of my new cat's, (which I think most of you have heard about them repeatedly with the same stories) I am happy to say we picked two of the sweetest ever. So confused trying to think of clever name's. Been in a lot of pain since Friday. For now, I call the boy Buddy. It come's natural. My dad alway's called our son this or Bud when he was younger. He doesn't look like a cat who would want to be named anything else! LOL As for our 'girl' I think her name is Hattie. We love the OBX and shortened this for Hatteras.

    Been in so much pain. Actually sobbed for two day's. Don't know if it was a combo of my arthritis and fibro deciding to flare, plus sciatica, BUT, it has been a doozy!

    I've been praying for all who were affected by Sandy. A very good friend of mine lost everything. House is still standing which is good, but is a mess. You can see a water line on wall's over 5 feet. She sent me picture's and the devastation is bad. And they weren't hit quite as hard as other area's of NJ or NY. What strong survivor's all of these people are!

    I've complained about Indiana weather since I came to this board in 2003! Like to keep some thing's consistent! LOL Decided today that Jim and I are renting a condo, for a month, in Perdido Key, FL. Basically, Pensecola area. If I don't get a break from this weather, there will be a mushroom cloud so large... Jim and I will drive down. He'll stay a week, fly home; fly back for last week and drive back with me. I have a girlfriend who want's to come down for a long weekend, as well as my daughter, SIL and my two darling grandchildren for a long weekend.

    Some of my family member's are concerned about the time I'll be 'alone'! Don't want to tell them.. I CAN'T WAIT!!! LOL This is a big step for me since I started with the Fibro/CFS. I used to travel all over. I don't need to be entertained 24/7. I am very personable, but have always loved reading, movie's, solitare, you name it. And of course I will have my laptop which bring's all of you, with me! Not to mention, beach, pool, and hopefully, a LOT of SUN!

    Thank you to my friend's who encouraged me to visit the lounge. Next time I will read all post's and try to remember something from each.. Also, thank you for reading my 'Me, me and more me' post.

    Gentle hug's and healing thoughts to all..


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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I'm going to look into that late fee charge. I think I can find out when the bank actually got the payment to them. Amex is good about things like that. I can try. So glad you like your jammies. I've been spending a lot of time in mine since whatever this is came along. Neighbor has been really sick. Barb takes care of her but I worry Barb will get sick. I think she has bacterial bronchitis. Whatever is making me sick seems to be viral in nature. I'm still taking the AV but still feeling hot, even though I'm not running a temp. I know well the flu, but not flu, which comes with our illnesses. Someone once asked me what it's like having CFIDS/ME and I said, "Imagine that you are constantly sick with the flu. It's like that." People are horrified when they learn what we go through.

    Kim, so glad to have you with us. Your kitties sound adorable. I'm so sorry for all your pain. I hope the FL sunshine will make you feel better. I'm like you; I enjoy having my own time alone. I love family and friends but alone time is when I can really relax and enjoy reading and TV. I also spend time with Tweety Cat. Sylvester doesn't come by as often anymore. Neither of them enjoys playing with their toys as much now that they are adults. Tweety is so needy to sit on my lap and fall asleep. If I wait until she's really out, I can move her to the loveseat and she will sleep deeply for hours on end. I've started feeding Simon up on the balcony and I think I'll keep doing it that way. Barb is feeding him when I go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and I don't want her having to go downstairs to the bushes to feed him. He'll come up as long as no one is out there.

    Despite feeling lousy, I managed to clean out the fridge yesterday. Today, I plan to pull out the chrome shelves to clean them and under them. If I can do that, I'll be able to clean the floors, finally! I even cleaned my new toaster oven inside. It doesn't take long to get burned-on goo stuck on the bottom. I didn't realize I'd use it this much. I read an article that stated that toaster ovens are making a big comeback. My neighbor cooks roasts in hers. I did find that everything cooks faster so I have to watch not to burn things. I haven't fixed Grands bisquits for ages because I don't want to heat up my big oven. They bake in no time, four at a time, in the toaster oven.

    Don't know whether or not I'll go to the condo mtg. this morning. I have a budget workshop at the mgmt. co. tomorrow morning so if I have any checks to sign, I can do it then. I just read about sleep and time changes. There is a website you can go to to take a sleep quiz. I'm going to do it and if it's not a commercial website and I think it's worth it, I'll post the URL for y'all.

    In the meantime, I think I'll go out on the balcony to drink my coffee. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie