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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    While I've been vegging out, I've been watching HGTV's "Love It or List It." It's always fun to watch renovations. Gives me ideas. I know this show and "House Hunters" are not truly reality. The producers manipulate them. Same with "Flip This House."

    I've done a lot of things to my condo. Most of it's been paint and decorating without spending a lot of money. I just realized that I love my little condo. The energy in here is so good and it's "me." Good thing because I have to spend a lot of time in here.

    I have a wonderful gift in that I'm happy with my home and very thankful for it. In fact, I'm happy with my life, with one exception--like so many of us, I just don't have the energy to enjoy it. At least, I have a comfortable place to recouperate. It's easy for me to live in gratitude. I feel truly blessed. I've been thinking of all those people who lost everything in the storm. It would be hard enough on healthy people but what do people like us do? My prayers go out to them.

    Love, Mikie
  2. freida

    freida Active Member

    Well, Diane, dear friend, you surely did not upset me,

    I AM glad you said so, since you thought so,
    (and that you left your post, AND added the p.s. for me too!)....
    Sometimes written things are so easily misunderstood,
    since they have no tone or facial expression, with them.
    ANd we need to tell eachother when we take something someway, so we can straighten it out. :)

    I was mostly wording it in a humorous and brief way,
    that I do know how those kind of dr appts (and how drs) often are,
    that are too over-stimulating, overwhelming or pressured-feeling even, confusing and not-totally-on-target.
    I was exxagerrating about the bp going up from the dr...
    though it isn't out of the question. ;)

    I actually meant it all to sound, and to be, very understanding and supportive.

    Gee, Mikie , you can speak for me. LOL
    As long as I retain my right to make corrections, if need be. ;)

    So funny.... :)

    Mikie, you made me laugh so much, that "like other men" Simon the cat...need their newspaper, etc....
    Even feline ones. ;)
    And of course, not all men do either...just so funny.
    The image of Simon in his robe, reading the paper on the table and sipping his coffee. :)

    Love that idea of putting out a trail of food for him to follow, too.
    Try that while you're home, PLEASE,
    so you can tell us what happenned! :)

    I need to post and then, review and edit or continue,
    since my computer is getting on and off of online, with a mind of its own!

    Leah Freida

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  3. freida

    freida Active Member

    Now I've re-read my own last post,
    and I see what Diane might have misunderstood about my wording there.

    the sentence with... "sends me into anguish......"

    I meant that , I personally, crash after my drs appts.

    I did NOT mean that I crashed after reading your post!

    Well, amyway, no upset intended in either direction, that's for sure!

    Hope you get to feeling better, Diane!

    Barry, great to see you did drop in!

    Leah Freida

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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    How upset I used to be after my appts. with "Nurse Ratchett" at my last PCP's office. The doc was just not up to date on things, especially meds, and she had a God Complex. Or, would that be a Goddess Comples. In any case, it upset me horribly and I started looking around for a new doc. That's when I found the one I have now who does the injections. At least, she did find a combination of BP meds I could tolerate and which keep my BP in check. So, it wasn't a total loss.

    I'm upset because Amex says they got my payment one day late and charged me $25 in a late fee. I use online banking and they say they only need two days to transfer funds. Well, clearly they need four! I'm already bleeding money this time of year so it's $25 I hate to lose, especially for a late fee. Oh well, I guess none of us gets through life without some losses. $25 isn't much compared to what people just lost in the storm. In fact, it's nothing. There, I feel better but still sad for those displaced souls.

    I could never leave a pet in peril. I'd rather evacuate with my pet and sleep in my car than just leave the pet to fend for itself. A little girl was on TV; she was only 12. Her parents made her leave her very small kitten. Miracle of miracles, the kitten was found and returned to her. That made me happy. We now have shelters here where people can bring their pets during a hurricane. I like that.

    I finally took a shower and that's all I have energy for today. I had been sweating out whatever virus I had and today, diarrhea hit. I guess it could have been a Herx-like reaction to the AV I've been taking. That would explain my headaches too.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Have a good evening and don't let the time change get to y'all.

    Love, Mikie

  5. freida

    freida Active Member

    SOME places that charge late fees,

    I have found,

    if you call and explain and plead your reason/the situation with them, and if you have not missed other times,

    some will drop the charge.

    It does take enrgy and will, but you might want to give it a try.
    Up to you, just thought I'd mention it sometimes does work to just clearly request that they drop that charge.

    I'm just dropping by.
    I'm thinking of each one of you!

    Pam, hope you come by, soon.

    Jole, thinking of you,,,come when you can.

    Rock, bring us your unique perspectives. :)

    Barry, thinking of you too.

    And Diane, I hope you feel better, (instead of worse)
    after your sleep, today.

    Leah Freida
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  6. freida

    freida Active Member

    It's another day....

    I'm wondering how Diane
    and Mikie
    are doing with their additional illness, this days.

    I'm still fluey-fluey-fluey,
    but it isn't an additional illness,
    even when it seems like it,
    it's my same-old-sameold-sameold....

    I could go on and on, with that,
    and on and on. LOL

    I hand-washed one more of my new jammies parts.

    Little by little, I can wear them. :)

    I hardly recognize myself,
    and you wouldn't recognize me either, LOL
    in new duds. ;)

    Leah Freida

  7. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Just thought I'd jump in feet first and say hello to all! Please excuse me if I can't remember detail's of everyone's post's. It's kinda late and I'm very tired. I know you all can relate!

    For those of you who know of my new cat's, (which I think most of you have heard about them repeatedly with the same stories) I am happy to say we picked two of the sweetest ever. So confused trying to think of clever name's. Been in a lot of pain since Friday. For now, I call the boy Buddy. It come's natural. My dad alway's called our son this or Bud when he was younger. He doesn't look like a cat who would want to be named anything else! LOL As for our 'girl' I think her name is Hattie. We love the OBX and shortened this for Hatteras.

    Been in so much pain. Actually sobbed for two day's. Don't know if it was a combo of my arthritis and fibro deciding to flare, plus sciatica, BUT, it has been a doozy!

    I've been praying for all who were affected by Sandy. A very good friend of mine lost everything. House is still standing which is good, but is a mess. You can see a water line on wall's over 5 feet. She sent me picture's and the devastation is bad. And they weren't hit quite as hard as other area's of NJ or NY. What strong survivor's all of these people are!

    I've complained about Indiana weather since I came to this board in 2003! Like to keep some thing's consistent! LOL Decided today that Jim and I are renting a condo, for a month, in Perdido Key, FL. Basically, Pensecola area. If I don't get a break from this weather, there will be a mushroom cloud so large... Jim and I will drive down. He'll stay a week, fly home; fly back for last week and drive back with me. I have a girlfriend who want's to come down for a long weekend, as well as my daughter, SIL and my two darling grandchildren for a long weekend.

    Some of my family member's are concerned about the time I'll be 'alone'! Don't want to tell them.. I CAN'T WAIT!!! LOL This is a big step for me since I started with the Fibro/CFS. I used to travel all over. I don't need to be entertained 24/7. I am very personable, but have always loved reading, movie's, solitare, you name it. And of course I will have my laptop which bring's all of you, with me! Not to mention, beach, pool, and hopefully, a LOT of SUN!

    Thank you to my friend's who encouraged me to visit the lounge. Next time I will read all post's and try to remember something from each.. Also, thank you for reading my 'Me, me and more me' post.

    Gentle hug's and healing thoughts to all..


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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I'm going to look into that late fee charge. I think I can find out when the bank actually got the payment to them. Amex is good about things like that. I can try. So glad you like your jammies. I've been spending a lot of time in mine since whatever this is came along. Neighbor has been really sick. Barb takes care of her but I worry Barb will get sick. I think she has bacterial bronchitis. Whatever is making me sick seems to be viral in nature. I'm still taking the AV but still feeling hot, even though I'm not running a temp. I know well the flu, but not flu, which comes with our illnesses. Someone once asked me what it's like having CFIDS/ME and I said, "Imagine that you are constantly sick with the flu. It's like that." People are horrified when they learn what we go through.

    Kim, so glad to have you with us. Your kitties sound adorable. I'm so sorry for all your pain. I hope the FL sunshine will make you feel better. I'm like you; I enjoy having my own time alone. I love family and friends but alone time is when I can really relax and enjoy reading and TV. I also spend time with Tweety Cat. Sylvester doesn't come by as often anymore. Neither of them enjoys playing with their toys as much now that they are adults. Tweety is so needy to sit on my lap and fall asleep. If I wait until she's really out, I can move her to the loveseat and she will sleep deeply for hours on end. I've started feeding Simon up on the balcony and I think I'll keep doing it that way. Barb is feeding him when I go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and I don't want her having to go downstairs to the bushes to feed him. He'll come up as long as no one is out there.

    Despite feeling lousy, I managed to clean out the fridge yesterday. Today, I plan to pull out the chrome shelves to clean them and under them. If I can do that, I'll be able to clean the floors, finally! I even cleaned my new toaster oven inside. It doesn't take long to get burned-on goo stuck on the bottom. I didn't realize I'd use it this much. I read an article that stated that toaster ovens are making a big comeback. My neighbor cooks roasts in hers. I did find that everything cooks faster so I have to watch not to burn things. I haven't fixed Grands bisquits for ages because I don't want to heat up my big oven. They bake in no time, four at a time, in the toaster oven.

    Don't know whether or not I'll go to the condo mtg. this morning. I have a budget workshop at the mgmt. co. tomorrow morning so if I have any checks to sign, I can do it then. I just read about sleep and time changes. There is a website you can go to to take a sleep quiz. I'm going to do it and if it's not a commercial website and I think it's worth it, I'll post the URL for y'all.

    In the meantime, I think I'll go out on the balcony to drink my coffee. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  9. freida

    freida Active Member

    Welcome to you, here, Kim! :0)

    Nice to see you here, today.

    We all write some very me-me-me posts.
    That is the topic, we know the most about. LOL

    It's totally fine, we DO understand,
    sometimes we each cannot read the others posts,
    or we do,
    and then cannot remember what they said or what we wanted to answer.

    It's fine...whatever you write...really. :)

    I actually thought about it, overnight,
    and had decided to tell you that I really like the name Hattie,
    and now I read that you don't need me to say that. ;)

    Hattie is a sweet old-fashioned girls name. I like it.

    Not that you need ME to like the name you pick for your kittie. LOL

    But it helps, doesn't it ???? ;)

    SO great to see PAM post!!
    GREAT to hear from you again, Pam!!

    I've thought of renting for a month down South too...
    probably will not do it, but still thinking....
    probably too long a trip for us.....
    It would take a crane to move (convince) huz...
    but i will think about renting one...
    a crane, that is. :)

    ANyway, I think it's a great idea!!!!

    Right now, he is cleaning heaters....I will not interrupt that! ;)

    Thinking of each of you!!

    Leah Freida

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