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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Guess my "W&P" posts put it over the top.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, we've had some lookie loos but no one posting. Stop in and leave a post.

    I took my 1 mg. of lorazepam last night and OMG! I had slightly labored breathing, nausea, dizzyness and when I closed my eyes, I saw monsters. I had always though if one could take any benzo, one could take any of the others--NOT! I did sleep pretty well for five hours but woke with a hangover. I never have that, nor any of the other side effects from the Clonazepam. I now wish I hadn't asked for 90 pills, a 180 day supply. What I'm wondering is whether these side effects will go away in time. From what I read about this drug, the body builds tolerance to some of the unwanted side effects. Whether or not I try it again tonight will depend on how I feel today. I might consider taking it for a week or so if it will reset my sleep pattern and then go back to the clonazepam. Or, if I feel hung over all day, I may just go back to the clonazepam for good. I'm wondering whether I can mix them. From what I read, if they are mixed, they will work synergystically and both be stronger. I'm thinking if I added just 1/4 of a tablet to the clonazepam, it might work. I need to ask the pharmacist. Or, just try it. The overall dose wouldn't be too high. The labored breathing worries me the most and that is why I would rather stick with the clonazepam or just add a wee bit of the lorazepam to it. All I want to do is reset my sleep pattern until my head injury heals.

    They are selling gemstone jewelry on the Q early this morning. Years ago, I bought two rings on HSN on closeout for $18 and change. They are five large matched stones in 18K gold over sterling. I got one in peridot and one in garnet. I should have picked up the blue topaz and amethyst at that price. The Q has similar rings with only four stones in 14K gold for more than $300 each. Guess I should be happy at the fantastic buy I got. I told my girls that they will be fighting over them when I go Home.

    I'm watching reruns of "Mad Men" because I'm up so eary. I heard the paper hit so guess I'll go read it. The Sunday paper takes major effort to get through. If anyone has any ideas about my benzo problem, please weigh in.

    Love, Mikie
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    11/11/12 6:41 AM Hi Loungers

    Are you all in your lounging pants or PJs? Ha Ha! I haven't worn PJs since I
    was a teen. That was prior to mini skirts (which I never wore), go-go
    boots, tie-dye, and Nehru jackets. Now that I think of it, I have never
    worn any of that stuff. Musta been leading a dull life.

    Yesterday Gordon and I did errands for five hours. Yikes! I was exhaustenated.
    Came home and slept for 6 hours. The worst was the dentist. My dentist for
    the last many years went home to Romania for several months. The new
    dentist is a female from Persia. (That's code for Iran.)

    I had a female dentist from Iran back in the 70s. For one visit. She did a
    root canal and it bothered me intermittently for 30 years. I am not going
    back to this one. I'd give you all the details but it would take a couple
    paragraphs and wear me out and bore you guys so there we are.

    I am still having keyboard troubles. We can't go buy a new one 'cause it
    has to be on a weekend and every weekend we are going to the chiro or
    the dentist or the garage. Lordy. Wouldn't it be fun to be a rich celeb and
    send lackeys to do all this stuff. 'Specially the dentist part.

    Mikie, hope you are recovering from your benzo side effects.

    Bedtime for Benzo

    On benzos can't give you a tip.
    Perhaps you'll settle for a quip.
    Full frontal is the way to go,
    'Cause side effects are a No-No.

    Hugs to all


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    Rock, thanks for the laugh. I moved your post here because when I posted under the Lounger 132 thread, it posted like a new thread. Then, you answered before I could copy my post here and delete it. So, I hope it's OK that I moved your post so we would all be on the same page, metaphorically and in reality. Oh, I fanticize about never having to mess with appts. and all the everyday problems we encounter. Don't we all have enough on our plates without having to deal with daily grinds? I take it that Gordon got the car fixed. I hope so. Sorry about the dentist.

    I had such a time getting the lorazepam and then had the weird side effects. I went out to the balcony and had my coffee. I came in and took my BP pill and hormones and the lorazepam cycled through again with drowsiness, dizzyness and slight nausea. My friend, the nurse, thinks that the clonazepam hadn't cleared my system, because of it's long half-life, before I took the lorazepam so I got a big dose between the two. I guess I'll give the lorazepam another try tonight to see if the same thing happens. Oy! It's always something.

    I am happy sleeping in my tee shirt and underwear, or even nude, but I don't think that would fly out on the balcony. We are a pretty tolerant group but we do have our stds. Nobody wants to see that. So, I make sure I have proper jammies when I sit out there. Some days, I never get out of them. Why dress when you don't have to? I expect to feel better now that I've finished the injections so when I get this lorazepam/clonazepam problem settled, I am hoping I'll be up to all kinds of things which require clothing.

    My TV hasn't done that thing with the black stripes across it for more than a week and now it's doing it again after a power failure and reboot. I'm still convinced that Comcast blew it when they were here. Did I mention that when I went to register the extended warranty on the new TV that I discovered the woman who sold it to me never included the warranty? I have to go back to Wal-Mart to see if I can still buy it. I should be able to because it doesn't kick in til the manufacturer's warranty is done after the first year. You just can't count on anyone's doing his or her job any more.

    I'm so excited because HSN finally got their LG touchscreen smartphones with 3G and wi-fi with 1400 hrs. from TracFone. When I activate it, I can keep the same phone number and roll the 800 hrs. I have on this phone to the new one. The one I have now is the one which went through the laundry. It still works but with some others' phones, I have to scream for them to hear me. The phone I just bought was the Today's Special, regularly $149 for $99.99 with free S&H and four easy payments of $24.99. Plus, like with my present phone, I get triple minutes for life. I've been waiting and watching for this ever since I laundered my phone. I've laundered money in my lifetime but laundering my phone was a first. The phone is basically free with the minutes which come with it. With triple minutes, I end up spending about $8 to $18 a month for my phone service. With wi-fi, I can use the smart features, like getting online, without using any of my minutes. Oh, heaven!

    While I'm sitting here doing next to nothing, I'm descaling my K-cup coffeemaker. I own two of them because I thought the old one was broken. All it needed was to be descaled. With this one, I don't wait til it stops working. I have to fill it with vinegar and run a few cups through. Then, I have to leave it on for four hrs. and then run lots of hot water through it to get rid of the vinegar taste. I am not a big fan of vinegar to begin with and smelling the hot vinegar isn't helping with my nausea. Whine, whine, whine!

    Well, kiddies, I had better get going so I can catch a nap. BTW, Rock, there used to be some grafiti on the men's bathroom wall in the infamous "The Sink" bar at the Univ. of Colo. My ex told me what it read: I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a total lobotomy. Someone scribbled, "I'd rather have a bottom in front of me." We howled at that clever addition. Anyway, I think I'll forego the lobotomy because it does have some side effects. Of course, once it's done, one doesn't care, or even know about them. Hmmmm, kinda like I get when I go into a funk from a flare.

    Love to everyone,

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    at the moment.....lol. Glad your dentist appt is behind you. I need to get mine scheduled, as well as an eye checkup. They called me and said it had been 3 years since my last eye exam. How time flies. Actually, I had to cancel one about a year ago, and never made another one. Hate making appts when I don't know if I'll even be able to keep it!

    Mikie, hope you get your meds straightened out. That was my first thought too, that the Clon hadn't left your system yet. Will be anxious to hear. My Xanax definitely isn't working for me anymore. My brain never stops. Actually, if it worked as hard during the day as it does at night, maybe I could remember a few things. I still wake up in the night spelling words, or if I was reading before I go to sleep I'll wake up adding my own version to the story plot. What the heck? Sometimes my version is better than the book even! Ha!

    Don't see grafiti on bathrooms here anymore, but there use to be everything imaginable years ago. Don't think I missed reading any of them either. :) Of course there's no need for grafiti these days. Just text or email or FB everyone...

    Your phone sounds like a great deal, Mikie! If we had better service here I'd sure get one. We still have our landline also; hubby simply won't give it up.

    Leah, hope your day is going well.

    Barry, you totally destroyed my appetite! Lol. My grandparents used everything, but the most I remember is blood sausage and head cheese. I sometimes wonder if the younger generation could survive if there were an actual attack on our country and they had no electricity. We don't stop to think much about the elect. running our entire country, but it does. None of them would know how to preserve their food, and a lot of them wouldn't even know how to plant a garden (if there were any seeds available).

    The best meat I can remember eating was fixed in a pressure cooker, then canned in a jar. My grandma used to do that, and it was wonderful! Not sure how she cooked it before that.

    Hi to everyone else....nothing going on here. Gonna take a nap.
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    How is your weather? I see that Denver was to get some snow. A Basin has already opened for skiing. Of course, I'm sure they have been making their own snow. When I was in high school, a successful year was one in which we could ski from Thanksgiving to Easter. Success now would likely be being able to make one run from top to bottom :)

    I've been keeping my dental appts. this year after missing them for more than a year. I've never done that but year before this was a rough one. I'm glad to be back on a teeth cleaning schedule. Best surprise is that since my Medicare Advantage plan is a PPO, they will pay out of network for cleanings. I had two small cavities when I started back. They were from sucking on Life Savers at work to keep my mouth from being so dry. Just a related casuality of the Sjogren's.

    I have high pressure, but not Glaucoma, in my eyes so have to have them checked. It was my eye doc who found I had Sjogren's. He's a pretty sharp guy. Knowing that led to my seeking a new doc and finding this one who does the peptide injections. Now, I just need to go in for a skin check. I'm overdue and thing I have a few more cancer spots around my nose. In FL, we are always seeing our dermatologists.

    That lorazepam kept cycling through all day and evening yesterday. I'd feel decent and then, along came disorientation and drowsiness. By evening, I was seeing black bugs crawling on the walls where there were none. I was high all day long and evening too. I hate feeling high. I wasn't even sure I could take my clonazepam last night but decided to and everything was fine. I feel a bit out of it today but nothing like yesterday.

    The Sink, formerly the Sunken Gardens bar at the UofC is an old legendary place which has been around forever. They encourage grafitti and actually preserve it on the walls. We all hung out there, wasting our youth, as well as up the street at Tulagi's, a bar with live music. It's equally infamous.

    My Mom always had a pressure cooker and so did I until mine crapped out a few years ago. I realized I had pretty much only used it for pot roasts so I didn't replace it for lack of space in this condo. If I can work up the energy today, I am going to clean off the chrome shelves along my kitchen half-wall which hold my cookbooks, wine rack and small appliances. I need to clean everything on the shelves and move the whole unit out to clean under it. I have a matching cart which has a woodblock top I can pull out for extra working space. It's great for cutting out cookies. In condos, one has to use every kind of storage imaginable. Of course, perhaps I have too much stuff--naw!

    I slept through all my programs early on last night so will have to catch them on On Demand. I'm just so glad I found that phone that I've been waiting for. Of course, they show the Today's Special all day long and I kept watching them show the functions of the phone. They don't give anyone manuals any more for things. We are just supposed to instinctively know how to use them. Even if I hadn't laundered my present phone, I would have upgraded because the phone is basically free. They have included a ton of apps for the phone and it includes a cover (I chose zebra like what I have now) and the chargers and ear buds. Nothing else to buy. The Balcony is a hot spot so we can use our computers and smart phones, and other wi-fi gadgets out there. My favorite app is the one which shows you which constellations your phone is pointing at when you point it at the heavens. We saw where the Sky Lab was on one phone.

    We may get some rain today--only a 30 percent chance but we are in our dry season so any rain is welcome. There was a fire at a mulch co. south of us but I didn't smell any smoke when I went out to feed Simon and get the paper.

    I am going to ask all my kids to let me know where they want gift cards for their birthdays. I'm not going to send checks any more because they can be used by thieves to clean out one's bank acct. What a shame we have to live like this. If the card is stolen, I'm only out the limit of the card. I write on the envelope not to bend because it contains photos so a thief in the mail system won't steal it for the gift card. I just read about a hacker who got all the personal info on people in a drug study.

    Well, gang, I need to go. Writing another "W&P" has worn me out. Hope y'all have a very, very good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Leah, thanks for thinking of me. Honestly, after all those recycles of symptoms and, finally, the bugs on the wall, I decided I wanted nothing to do with this med. I was even afraid to go back to the clonazepam last night but I did take it late after I felt a bit better. I woke tired but OK. I did take a loooong nap this afternoon. I think my reaction is different than anyone else's may be. Lorazepam may be a fine drug for others but it's definitely not for me. I am laughing at your remark about bugs and FL. Funny thing is that I had more bugs in CO than I have here. The trick down here is quarterly bug spraying all around the outside of the bldg. I don't have them come in to spray but I could if I wanted to. How are your jammies working out?

    I just saw TwoCatsDoctor's post about her mother's death. I think she could use a lot of support right now. I'm sending up prayers for her. I pray for all of us but sometimes, we just need some special prayers.

    I think I'll check out the books my neighbor downloaded from his Kindle to mine. I know you can share a book once but I've never tried it with mine. I should learn how to do it. He's such a prolific reader that I hardly know where to start with what he gave me.

    Just taking it easy this evening and watching TV. I have to get some cleaning done in here because I leave for Atlanta in a week. I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. Hoping this drug reaction is behind me and I can start cleaning tomorrow. Think I'll stay home from the condo mtg. The notice of our fees increase has gone out and so far, I haven't gotten any grief over it. I did a cover letter and I hope it helped explain why we had to do it. It's a heavy responsibility trying to make sure we stay in the black down here in Hurricane Country.

    As always, I send my love, hugs and prayers for everyone, my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
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    Glad to hear you're off the med, Mikie. It's amazing how our bodies change with these DDs. There are even some supps. I can't take any more, plus only one antibiotic that I'm not allergic to. Any sleep meds hype me up something horrible. Xanax quit working, so I'm basically down to nothing now. I loved Neurontin, and it helped, but was the hardest med I've ever stopped taking. I have fears of being 'killed' in an ER some day...lol.

    Has anyone ever gotten their eye glass prescription filled at WalMart for the cheaper frames? My DD gets hers and her DDs there, and says it's so much cheaper. I'm not sold on that idea yet, but am curious. I've never even looked at their frames......not that it matters. When I pick out frames I have to have them tell me which ones look best, because I see nothing without my glasses. Really dislike the last pair they chose for me in the opt. office.

    Nothing new here. I cleaned the shower yesterday, and it really increased the pain. Using my arms causes the muscles in my upper back to spasm. Glad it's done though. Our hard water isn't easy on anything. Do keep up with the sinks and faucets though.

    No snow, other than a small flurry that barely whitened the ground a few weeks ago. But the other night, there was a chance of snow. DD had quarter-sized hail at her house! It was 23 degrees when we got up yesterday morning. Brrrr...the wind sends it right through you! I'm going to catch a ride with the next gaggle of geese that fly by...... Hugs
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    Posted yesterday but I have no idea where it went.The lanai is noisy and I can't focus very long but I'll try again.Sorry the Xanax caused such bad results.I take it at night with Ambien.Trying to wean off because who knows if a new Doc will prescribe here.I still can't get a good nights sleep with both of them.

    DD and DS have bought glasses at WalMart and were happy enough.I never have either for no good reason.They haven't started to clear the land yet,the guy who said he would do it is going on Thanksgiving vacation until after the holiday.If this is a sign of how things are going to go huz and I are not happy.We have a meeting Th. to express our concerns.

    I don't think we need to be alarmed but I picked this contracting firm.Lily is settling down and I hope to get her used to riding in the car so we don't have to leave her alone to much.

    I'll see if this goes through and check back with you.Still reading though.

  10. Mikie

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    So good to see my Online Family here.

    Diane, so sorry about the Ambien. I guess I never thought that one would cause problems. I guess anything can with us. I thought that because I was on one benzo that I could switch to another--NOT! You certainly have a more diverse palate than I. My Mom was from NE and our meals were always meat and potatos with a veggie and salad. No organ meats. I think we tend to eat what we grew up with. Wish I were more adventuresome. I've eaten snails and that's about as exotic as I've gotten.

    Jole, I know that neurontin and the benzos take a loooooong time to withdraw from. I'm down to only Doxycycline and Bactrim for ABX. I saw a show about eyeglasses. The ones from Wal-Mart and Costco are as good as any of the "designer" glasses. I honestly love my Joy Mangano glasses from HSN. I have her set of reading glasses and her bifocal sunglasses. They are so well made at a cost of about $7 or $8 a pair. I need +3.5 correction for reading and most places that sell OTC glasses don't go much past +2.5.

    Pam, you're saying, "lanai," just like a Floridian :) Before I moved here, it was a patio or balcony. In FL, it's a lanai. Working with builders down here can be frustrating. It's better to get start dates in writing. In fact, get everything you can in writing. I'm sure it will all work out for you but I know how frustrating it can be. Hope Lily gets used to the car. I know this is hard on all of you.

    Leah, that gratitude thing can sneak up on a person when least expected. You practice gratitude so it's no mystery that it surrounds you. And, you share it with us and that makes it stronger. There is science behind this. Neurons which fire together, wire together. The neurons one uses to get into a state of gratitude become used to working together and it gets easier and easier to live a life of gratitude. You continue to be an inspiration to us all.

    I slept all day yesterday. Never did I think that would happen. I took my usual Clonazepam last night and woke up feeling about as normal as I ever feel. Hope today I can actually get something done. When I woke, it was without grogginess and I felt rested, like in the old days. I'm going to leave a note off for my doc that I can't abide the Loarazepam and need to got back to the Clonazepam. I still have an active Rx for it but just put it on hold at Target. I'll stop and tell them to stop the Lorazepam and take the old off of the Clonazepam. That happens all the time. It should not be a problem. I'm just very thankful that I appear to be OK. My head injury is healing and my sleep will eventually return to normal. It's already better.

    Nothing else to report. I've been inside for days. I need to trim my hair and get into the shower today. I've set a goal of getting these floors cleaned up before I leave for Atlanta for Turkey Day. Geez, glad I wasn't hallucinating and trying to get there from the med.

    Did I mention that HSN finally got the TracFone which is a smartphone, touchscreen with wi-fi? If I've already mentioned this, please excuse me. The Lorazepam cleared a few bites of memory in my pea brain. Anyway, with the minutes they put on the phone when activated, the phone itself is basically free. Also, they throw in more than $200 worth of apps, ear buds and power charging cords. I can roll over the minutes on my present phone to the new one and keep my number. This is a major upgrade in the phone but it's because I put this one through the washing machine that I need a new one. The microphone on this one is iffy. Sometimes, I have to yell to be heard. Yikes!

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

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    Just a note because I'm soooo excited. I cut my hair and it came out well. I showered and sat out on the balcony for coffee with friends. Then, I came in and started cleaning my bathrooms. One is done and one is half done. I'm just happy to be upright and able to do anything.

    Love, Mikie
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    Glad to hear Mikie and Frieda are getting some things done.My post went through yesterday I see.Posted today but computer restarted so lost it.Try try again.Wish DS were here to hook me up to get reception in RV tin can and all.I miss not being able to browse the web at leisure.

    I colored my hair today and it turned out good.Not orange or red like it used to with home color.Saved me time and money.A hair cut is all I have to fool with now.Unlike Mikie I know cutting my own wouldn't work as well.Chopping off Lily's has proven I don't have that skill.

    I have led a sheltered life when it comes to food.All these strange veg. and organ meats some of you discussed.I watch the travel channel chefs eat that stuff for entertainment.Look what I've been missing.

    Yes lanai not a porch and a new one sister told me is ghost ants never heard of those.

    Lily got her first hair cut here and she was shaking.They were super nice and did a great job.Maybe she won't mind next time.


  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I know it's hard for her. I'm sure you're right; she probably won't mind next time. Soon, she'll be settled into her new life. I always used Nice 'n Easy to color my hair and got red tones. Barb told me about L'Oreal and I love it--no red. All this time, I thought it was my Irish roots (pun intended) coming through.

    Barb and I are taking another neighbor to the airport today and then, we'll go to Hobby Lobby and Publix. I don't know whether I'll get anything done around here or not. Probably not. I still have plenty of time before I leave for Atlanta. I'm tracking my TracFone (ha, another pun) and it should be here tomorrow. I'm excited to get it. I got a zebra cover for it like the one I have now. Don't know what it is about zebra but I like it. It's easy to see. I have a zebra cover for my Kindle too.

    I slept soooo well last night. I know that if I take my clonazepam at 10:00, I sleep so much better. I can catch any shows I miss on On Demand. Lately, my cable box for HD has been shutting down at 6:00 every morning. Another call to Comcast. It's impossible to get through because Snowbirds are arriving early and in record numbers. Roads are getting crowded.

    It's time for coffee on the balcony. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  14. jole

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    Thanks for the input on getting glasses from other places. We're definitely going to check out Wal Mart. Would rather it were Sears, I think, but the closest Sears is 90 miles from here.

    Went and got groceries yesterday. Always a huge relief! But I never sleep after we get home. My legs spasm up so bad I walk the floor more than I'm in bed. Makes for a loooonngg night. Did get a couple loads of laundry done today. My girls laugh with me at my accomplishments....in a good way. Cleaned the fridge the other day, and felt like I'd climbed Mt. Everest when I finished. Took as many breaks as climbers do, too :) Good feeling though.

    To bed for awhile.....hugs to all!
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, it really is Publix, a regional grocery chain started in the 40's in the middle of the state. It's family and employee owned. We have no Safeways nor Kroegers and Publix is about the nicest grocery. It's not expensive if one shops the sales and BOGO's. I never made it there as I ran outta steam while we were out. Hobby Lobby is a real name and so is Piggly Wiggly. We don't have a PW here but there was one, an old one, in Denver. I am pacing myself and that is why I skipped the store. I HAVE to go today. I'm outta food.

    Diane, I'm laughing at Faithy running from Kevin. Cats are a laugh a minute except when they cause us to strain our backs. I hope you feel better soon. I never liked the way muscle relaxants make me feel either but, sometimes, we just have to take that stuff. Tweety jumped up on the lap of a friend out on the balcony, turned around to look at her, realized it wasn't me, and jumped right down in a huff. She only gets on my lap. Lucky me with all the white cat hair all over myself.

    Jole, from what I saw on TV, the glasses are as good at one store as another. It's just a matter of selection. I love the ones I have but most shops don't carry them. I've never had such comfortable glasses and they look good on me because they have no rims so it's almost like I'm not wearing any. I really need to get back to wearing my contacts more often. I love them too. If it weren't for the peptide injections' getting rid of the Sjogren's symptoms, my eyes would be too dry to wear them.

    I woke a bit tired today. I think I'll go to the store and come home to do laundry. It's stacked up and I don't like that. I'm behind on everything. My new TracFone should get here today. It always stresses me out to get the phones activated. Once activated, though, they are no trouble at all. It's supposed to come loaded with apps. Can't wait to see which ones. Only problem with electronics today is that they have next to nothing in terms of manuals or instructions. Guess they think we are born with intuition on how to use things.

    Our weather here is beautiful. Been in the 80's with cool mornings and evenings. Sending y'all best wishes for a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Piggley Wiggley is a real store, honest! I just got back from Publix. They had Chinet paper plates on a BOGO. I got four packages. They are so good for nuking food. They can be recycled too. Got my LOTTO tickets. I used a $5 Sweetbay coupon as Publix honors competitors' coupons.

    Whenever I notice something nice, I say a little prayer of thanksgiving. I looooove my HD TV. Because TV is my life, my TV gives me so much pleasure and I am grateful for it. I pray when it's beautiful out, when I have the cat on my lap. I pray all the time. It's, as you say, practice. Our brains change when we experience pleasure or gratitude. Stress makes us sicker. Pleasure and gratitude help us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    It's gray and rainy, and cool, out today. No one is on the balcony and that's a good thing. Now and then, I have to take a break from friends and neighbors. Too much time spent together isn't good for friendships. We need a break from one another. I'm a loner and need my me time.

    My bathrooms are sparkling clean except for the floors. I need to do some cleaning in the kitchen before I tackle the floors. I just don't feel like it. I have that "lazy" feeling we get even though we're not lazy. I call it the malaise. I may have for just force myself to deal with it.

    Just went out and it's even colder. I can't believe this cold spell. It's supposed to be in the 80's. This feels just like winter in CO. Brrrrrrrr! Sending warm wishes to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Not so terribly cold, in the 40s, but with the wind at 30-35 mph it really bites. Our house is old, and a bit on the drafty side, even though we've replaced most of the windows over the years. If it were anywhere but Kansas, it would be fine :)

    We're suppose to go to our GS Musical tonight, but not sure if I'll be able to. I hate that. Missed out on so much, and as much as they try to understand, it must be impossible for a teen with all that energy to grasp what it's like. I pray none of them ever have to find out.

    Mikie, great to hear you're getting your house clean! I have a lot to go yet. Hubby suprised me yesterday and ran the swiffer in the basement, so that's done. I clean it every time the kids leave, but it does get dusty in between. Will do bathrooms the day they come, and kitchen floor the day before that. Meanwhile I'm resting with my Kindle and pain meds. So exciting!

    Diane, Leah, hope your day is as good as can be! Hugs to all..
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jole, CO and KS gets those cold winds blowin' through and it gets right into one's bones. Down here, we have little breezes with a cold edge on them. With all our normal warm weather, we turn into wusses and can't take cooler weather. It's funny, though, when I go to Atlanta or Denver, it can be as cold as it gets and it doesn't bother me. I'm starting to think it's all in my mind. Hmmmmm, pain meds and a Kindle--sounds good to me. Only problem is that if I'm on a med, I usually fall asleep before I can read much. Y'all know that I fear and loathe clowns. Well, I'm reading a Dean Koonz novel and it starts out with a deranged clown killing people. Yikes! See, I knew I was right about clowns.

    Diane, my new TracFone hasn't arrived yet. This is about the third TracFone i've had. I always buy them on the Today's Special on HSN. They put together special deals. With TracFone, you can get a monthly deal but I just buy minutes which are good for a year. I don't use my cell phone, even though it's the only phone I have. This has saved me a bundle. I put my current phone through the laundry. I immediately put it in rice after taking it apart and removing the cards. It works but some people, not all, have difficulty hearing me. My current phone is a touchscreen smartphone but it doesn't have wi-fi so I don't use the smart features. The new one has wi-fi capability so I won't have to use minutes when I get on the web. Wal-Mart also has some similar phones and plans. I spend from $6 to about $18 a month with the minutes I use. I get unlimited texts and each one costs me 1/3 of a minute or about 2 cents.

    I did get my kitchen shelves cleaned and was able to run my floor machine over the tiles. They sparkle. So, baths and tile floors are clean. I also cleaned and turned my bed. I was tired and sore last night so soaked in Epsom Salts and climbed into my nice clean bed. I'm starting to sleep better and have a bit more energy now. I'm pacing myself. Today, I pick up things and run the vacuum. I still have things which need doing but, at least, my condo won't look like a hoarder's nest. Yesterday, I washed darks and I already have a load of colors in the washer. I'll finish the wash today. Love my front loaders but OMG does it take forever to do a load of wash.

    I moved the cat food bowl up onto the balcony and it's working out well. I looked out to see whether the paper had arrived yesterday and Simon was having his breakfast. When I first moved it, I left a train of food from the old spot up the stairs to the balcony. Bless his heart, I'm glad he figured out where I had moved the bowl. Tweety is the love of my life but she is ornery. She is jealous of the other cats so when the bowl was down in the bushes, she would eat what she wanted and cover up the rest with mulch so the other cats couldn't get any. She and Sylvester walk down to the mailboxes with me and I petted Sylvester and rubbed his tummy for him. Tweety turned her back on me and walked away. Silly cat. With this cooler weather, these cats have been revved up too. They are racing around the yard like little remote-controlled cars. The dogs all have an extra bounce in their steps too, especially the one who was neutered. I guess he feels lighter without having to haul that extra weight around with him :)

    I'm getting anxious to see my kids. DD wants us to go to Ikea. I've never been to one. I'll buy DGS's Kindle Fire at a store there so if there's a problem, DD can return it. I'm looking forward to the visit but am glad it's a short one. I don't do long visits well. When I get back, we will be decorating the balcony for Christmas. By Jan., the rest of our Snowbird neighbors will be here. That's when the social season begins in the hood.

    Sending y'all love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Lost yesterdays post again.I know I hit submit and checked to see if it posted and it did but no sign of it now.What the heck?Hope you all have a nice dinner and take it easy.Driving an hr. away to DD and then back.Hope the traffic is light.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, your warm thoughts are always welcomed. I'm trying to think cool thoughts to stop the sweating. I've been cleaning. Fri., I overdid it so I slept all day yesterday. Today, I finished everything so I'm taking a well-earned rest. Nothing to do but print out my boarding pass later.

    Pam, hope the traffic is light and you enjoy dinner. Wish my DD were an hour away. Well, she's only 1 1/2 hrs. by air but, of course, there's all the packing, getting there early, sitting around, security, etc. I hate flying.

    It's in the 70's here and beautiful but the mornings are cool. We sit out on the balcony freezing our tushes off but it's the principle of the thing so we endure it. I'm still waiting for my TracFone. I think it'll either arrive by UPS this afternoon or by snail mail tomorrow. Otherwise, Barb will have to take it in when it comes. This has been unusually slow for HSN.

    Barb will be feeding the cats. Poor Tweety will wonder where I am. She sits on my kitchen windowsill and yowls. It drives everyone on the balcony nuts. My friends laugh at me because I did laundry and I mentioned that the cats' linens were clean. Tweety has her own little towel for when she gets wet in the rain or runs through the bushes after the sprinklers have been on. She likes to be towel dried. I keep a little beige place mat with little black paw marks on it under their bowls. I can't believe how clean it gets even when they slurp fatty cream on it.

    Well, gang, I figured out what may be a problem with posting. I allowed my cursor over to the right where the advertising is and it posted my response before I was ready. This board is possessed! I likely won't be on for a bit so am wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. I may get on the kids' computer but I may not have time.

    Love, Mikie