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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Mikie

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    Just starting a new thread.

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

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    I forgot to tag onto the last 'episode', so can't reply to everyone. This last week since Thanksgiving was horrible for me....BUT for some unknown reason I woke up yesterday feeling like a person. Not normal, but human :)

    After cancelling so many appointments in the past, I was actually able to make it to my eye appt. Found out two things. My BP is definitely high, and can't get my doc to treat it. It's been fairly elevated (166/90) for the past 4 months at least, and I know some days it's even higher. Her reasoning for not treating me is that I'm to see a Rheumatologist on the 19th of Dec. and she wants to see if he changes my meds first.

    The second thing is that I have cataracts on both eyes. Things have been blurry to me for awhile, but some days aren't as bad so thought it was just another sx of this garbage we all carry. He said I could have the surgery next week, or next year.....whenever it affects my ability to drive. Since I quit driving already 6 years ago due to mini seizures, guess it doesn't matter. I want to get my BP regulated first.

    Leah, our weather has been so cold and windy (in the 20s at night), that it really bothers me. Does the weather play a part in how you feel? I know you're a severe case already, and don't need anything else, but was just curious.

    Mikie, isn't it amazing how a healthy person can simply carry on with a cold, and it knocks us flat? Even before being diagnosed, it seems like any virus would totally keep me home from work without a choice at all, and others could work 8 hours and go shopping afterward with a kleenex stuck up their nose (sorry, gross, but I've actually seen it!) But didn't need to add that, did I? Lol.

    Got a letter from my cousin whom I haven't seen in over 7 years. She's doing a geneology update that my uncle started years ago...before computers, and he traveled to different countries, cemeteries, etc. to compile it. Need to call my kids because I can't remember birthdays for the grands. She wants full names, dates of birth/death, city where born. names of spouses and church/city where married. Whew! Then a copy will be placed on a website for all of us. Not sure if I like that idea, but do want the geneology report.

    Okay, bored you all to death I'm sure, and need to do a couple loads of laundry today. Can't believe I feel good enough to even think about it after going yesterday! Almost scary to feel better for a change :) Hugs to all
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    That this makes it to the right board.

    Yes!Started to clear the land yesterday afternoon.Everyone pointed to the other party as to why a delay.Par for the course in construction industry I hear.Anyway project finally started we were getting very discouraged and second guessing ourselves.

    Freida I would love some soup.Craving it lately,any kind will do.Weatherman predicted 76 yesterday but it got up to 65.Never trust Fl. weatherman.I was cold which sounds silly coming from Oh. my blood couldn't have thinned so fast.Huz is having vertigo problems some wacky virus going around I guess.

    Sorry you caught that Mikie I would have chanced the trip to see family too.
    Well see if this goes to the right place.

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    Leah, thanks so much for the offer of the soup. Either sounds delicious. Unfortunately, the cold has moved into the stage where I have no sense of taste nor appetite. Also, it's worse in a completely new way. At least, I have variety. Target had left a message that I have an Rx waiting. I just called to leave a message that it may take a couple of days before I'm able to pick it up. Maybe the silver lining is that I'll lose some weight. Today is the first day since I've been home that it's sunny. I'll send some your way.

    Pam, yes, I think your experience is about par for the course. I also think it's all over but, somehow, FL seems to be worse. Changes in latitudes... Yes, I think when we travel, we all know we will be exposed to some clueless lout with a cold, spreading it all over. On the other hand, if something is going around, what are the chances of not getting it? My whole family is sick so I might have actually gotten it from them. It was worth it to see them.

    Jole, yes, when we get something, it knocks us flat. When I was a child and got sick, I would be out of it, chilling and hallucinating. So, really, I know no other way. This now feels like a sinus infection. If I'm not better tomorrow, I'll call the doc. Yesterday, I thought I was doing better. Even did the laundry and some work around here. Your BP worries me but I understand why your doc may not want to prescribe until your meds from the rhumie are settled. Finding the right BP med can be dicey and not all of them work well with other meds. On the other hand, some people get lucky on the first try; I hope for that for you. Down here, there are so many cataract docs and they do surgery like an assembly line with the patients lined up. Good news is that there are usually no complications. I know the cold weather isn't good for you either. Hope you feel better and can get your issues all taken care of.

    I was really sick last night with a headache and some coughing. I got up feeling lousy and went back to sleep. Woke up sweaty. AACK! Yesterday, I got my new TracFone activated and today, I got my 1400 hrs. for a total of 2119 with what I had transferred from my old TracFone. I'm not used to the touchscreen on this one. It's totally different than my old one. Only reason I got a new one is that this one has wi-fi so I can get online without using my minutes. With all the goodies HSN throws in, and the 1400 mins. with triple mins. for life, the phone more than pays for itself. Like everything else now, there are no decent instructions. I tried to go online to buy a decent ringtone. All they had were new teenagey songs and Christmas songs. I tried to do a search and nothing happened. Soooooo frustrating! Guess I'll just stick with the ringtone which comes with the phone. Oh well, if this is my worst problem...

    Guess I'll be hanging around the condo today. Didn't even feel like hanging out on the balcony. At least, the condo is fairly clean and the laundry is done. I did manage to get Simon's breakfast out to him and he ate. No wonder he's so big; he also eats at Jeff's.

    Sending my best thoughts for sunshine and feeling well.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Mikie

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    I hope this will be a good day for everyone.

    Jole, I forgot to answer your question about the Kindle Fire. I ordered it online from Amazon. It won't get there until 12/10-12/19. DD has been reading about it and she's thrilled. She'll probably be playing with it while Andy's in school. I think she'll join that club thing at Amazon and she can "borrow" books. Our library "lends" books for Kindles and I'll bet hers does too. As it is, I will probably never be able to get through all the books on mine. I have the three volums of "Filthy Shades of Gray." I doubt I'll even read them. Hadn't planned on it. The neighbor who shared his books has quite an eclectic reading list. I'm pretty sure his wife shares the Kindle. I did get some thrillers and I like those.

    Leah, I know how bad the cold and wind affects us. Even down here in sunny FL, it can get cold with a raw wind ablowin'. I got up feeling just a tad better. I don't know whether or not to call the doc. The gunk in my head is clearer today and that's progress. I think I will go to Target to pick up my Rx. I slept pretty well and that always helps. Mmmmmm, pea soup. I think when I feel better, I'll make some soup. I like cream of brocchli (sp?) with just a taste of curry. Nice thing is that you can buy the brocchli, steam and eat the florets along with the thick stems. You put the stems and any leftover florets in the blender for the soup so nothing goes to waste.

    I put out Simon's food and just as I got inside, I saw Tweety out of the corner of my eye jump up on the stairs. Simon came up the stairs but stopped when he saw me in the door. I shut the inside door and he ate. As much of a diva as Tweety is, I think she does take care of the other cats. She knows she can come in later for her cream and a bit of her private reserve food. I've been wearing my big old fuzzy fleece robe and she loves to climb up on my lap and "make her bread." She's taken to sucking on the end of the belt. I think it takes her back to her kitten days nursing on her mama.

    Got offer of $50 for restaurant gift certificates from our utility if I changed to online billing. My bill comes out of my bank acct. automatically so it doesn't matter to me. Well, I got the e-mail to get my certificate. If one gets a $50 certificate, one must spend $100. I think I'll get two $25 certificates. I'll have to spend $38.50 but that's better. Also, the restaurants are not ones I've heard of. They'll probably go out of business before I can use the certificates. Such a deal--NOT!

    Think I'll go online to see what apps I can buy for the new phone. It's funny, the coin of the realm on TracFone is minutes. A ringtone costs 38 mins., about $2, depending on how much one pays for one's minutes. Hope I can get Angry Birds so I can waste my time doing something other than solitaire on the computer.

    Sending my love to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

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    They worked me in. Then, I had to stop at Target to get the Rx's filled. All in all, it took two hrs. It took everything I had to make it home. Thought for a while there in the store, I was going to throw up or faint. I'm home sipping just a bit of chicken noodle soup with crackers and diet soda. It's about all I can get down. I lost 10 lbs. but they are the 10 lbs. I put on after I fell when I was so inactive.

    Doc didn't know what the small rash in the shape of a circle was but he gave me a salve with steroids. Hope it works. It's not a tic bite nor ringworm so I can stop worrying about those two things.

    Hope none of you get sick. It's just miserable. Whine, whine, whine!

    Love, Mikie
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Hope non of you get sick like Mikie. That is no fun for sure. I know cause I had either 2 bouts of the same thing or two separate things. I am guessing I never completey got rid of the first virus or bacterial URI. I had fever both times and antibiotics but it lasted so long (the low grade fevers) I am guessing perhaps it was viral.

    Diane and Leah - I'll take whatever you make. I love lentil, green pea , chicken noodle and whatever else you can probably think of. I don't think that I could cook soup all day or most of it and then not eat it. DH is always tasting as I make, whatever it is for dinner. I hope you both are taking orders for soups :)!!

    This weather is so stupid. Chilly in the morning and then getting warm in the afternoon or late morning. Keep putting on and taking off sweaters all day.

    Jole - you should be all worn out my dear. I don't know how you did it with all your Thanksgiving company. We finally ate the last of the turkey that we didn't stick in the freezer yet. We had a really big bird and there were only 5 of us and one kid didnt eat much of anything it was like forcing or bribing him to if he wanted dessert. They even kept him off his add/adhd meds so he would eat something. Poor kid has quite a few syndromes.

    Sorry , I am not attached to the volume so I can't remember what everyone is saynig either.

    Hi to everydobby I didn't mention.

    Love to awl,
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    You all know how we love our pets...well, our Jessi (Ausssie) has a spot on her side, and keeps scratching the hair off her nose until it bleeds. She's never been in a vehicle before, and hubby took her to the vet today. She's also never been trained with a leash, since we live in the country. I cried when she was loaded in the carrier to go. She was so scared! Don't know how we'd act if something really bad happened to her.

    He'd already left when I got on here and was reading about the ringworm, etc. That's what I'm worried about with her, and hope that's not it.

    Diane, I didn't know they made medicine for pets with ringworm. I looked it up awhile back on the internet, and they said you had to dunk cats daily for 3 weeks in a medicated water....yeah, right! Lol....how does a person do that with cats???

    Mikie, sounds like you really let that cold or flu bug bite hard!~ Hope the med works and you're feeling better soon. I know how miserable that is, and how drug out we get. Hope the spot goes away with the med also!

    Leah, pea soup with ham is wonderful! But my hubby doesn't like peas so guess it's out for us :( even if I did add my own ham. I do love making extra food and freezing extra. So nice to grab something already made and toss it into the microwave.

    Yes, Diane..I love potato soup...and tomato soup! With a grilled cheese sandwich is even better...

    Pam, wish we were all there to watch the progress on your home, even if it is clearing and prep work. Love hearing about it.

    Granni, good to see you here. Sorry you've been sick also. I sure understand about your GS. I have one with ADD also, on meds, and his appetite is horrible. I feel so sorry for him. He eats a good breakfast, and that's pretty much it. They're having to watch his weight 'cause he's so thin.

    Whoops! Hubby's here with our doggy, so will go see what he found out.

    Barry, Rock...miss ya! Hugs to all
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I took my Bactrim, rubbed some cream on my little circle and went to bed. I slept like the dead. I'm up and feeling better already. The rash thing is much less red. Doc said it wasn't a tic bite nor ringworm. I finished the soup and it tasted good. Decided to download a ringtone or two. Decided on "Doo Wah Diddy." Also got "Daydream Believer." Once saw the Monkees in concert.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about the Lupus. I didn't know you could get it from a med. The rash I have is only one circle and I'm pretty sure something bit me. I haven't taken any new med except 1 mg. of lorazepam a couple of weeks ago; I stopped it because it made me hallucinate. Thanks so much for your concern. I may be stopping my auto ship on Adrienne's platinum capsules. I have so much skin care that I need to use it up.

    Granni, we are having the same weather. My jacket's been off and on until I got home and got into the tub with Epsom Salts for my aches and pains. I don't think this cold/hot/cold weather is helping us. I got better and then, got worse. Everyone at the doc's office is sick. He had to leave this afternoon for a rehearsal for his daughter's wedding. Yes, this was viral until it turned to sinusitis; then, I knew it was time for the ABX. Also, that ring thing on my face worried me.

    Jole, I hope Jessi is OK. Let us know what the vet had to say. It's so hard when our fur babies are sick. They can't tell us what is wrong. Have you had varmits lately killing small critters? We've had bears coming around houses. Gators, we're used to but bears?

    Jam, good to see you here.

    Pam, Rock, Barry, thinking of you.

    Love, Mikie

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - what did you suppose the circle is that you have? Where did you say it was located? When I was much younger I had lots of ringworm on my arms. It would drive me crazy and was very sitchy. DH seems to have gotten some of that too on his thigh lately.

    What are you using for it? You siad it was helping. Was it a antifungal cream? That is what I used and what he is using. It is over the counter, what they use for jock itch and "Athlete's Foot". No gators around here but we did have them when we lived in La. years ago.

    Jole - Hope Jessi is doing better. What did the doc say?. That is such a cute name. DH's cousin's son's dog is also named Jessi. Don't think she is to young either. They travel everywhere with her in their motorhome.

    Well, I am popping out for now as DH needs the puter.

    Love to awl,
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I wish I'd been at your house for turkey, Granni. Course I'd
    also have to wish I had enough teeth to eat it. Ha Ha! I also used to
    like smoked turkey even though I've read you should not eat things
    that are smoked or pickled.

    What do you mean about gators in La? You had them in Louisiana or in
    Los Angeles. We did have a gator here 3 years ago. He lived in a
    city park lake. His name was Reggie and though sighted every now
    and then, he eluded capture for 3 years. He grew to be almost 9 feet
    long. Was eventually captured and taken to the LA zoo.

    Mikie, sorry to hear you have a circle on your face. Any weddings
    coming up. You could be the ring bearer. We also have bears in
    the foothills. A bear has showed up 3 times in Glendale which is
    just N of LA near Burbank and Pasadena. He visits a garage that has
    a freezer. He can open the freezer. His favorite treat is cooked and
    frozen meatballs from Costco.

    He was caught and moved several miles away. Showed up again in
    a week or two. Couldn't bear to leave his home, I guess.

    Jole, is Jessi back home or staying at the vet. We used to have two
    judges here; both with the first name Jesse. I found it very confusing;
    one was M and one was F. Tried a case in front of F Jesse. Won; her
    verdict stood up on appeal too.

    Home made soup is the bestest. Gordon made broccoli soup a couple
    weeks ago. He won't eat it so I was forced to eat it all myself. Ha Ha.
    The only soup I can make that turns out well is split pea, but I don't
    really care for it much. Been a decade or two since I made any soup.

    The last few days have been wretched. "Scattered showers" for 3 days
    and 3 more to come. The problem is what to do with Zippy. At his
    advanced age it's not a good idea to leave him in the house. He's
    determined to be outside even though he doesn't like to get wet. He
    doesn't want to be on either porch. One is covered and one is enclosed.
    Since I'm usually awake all night and nap in the daytime I can't keep
    checking to see if the rain has started again.

    I'll be so glad when we are back to our monotonous sunny weather.

    Running out of vaporized H2O here. Well, try to come back later.
    Big hugs to all.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, doc said it was not ringworm. Cream seemed to help but today, it's still there. I may end up seeing the dermatologist. It's way past time for my usual checkup anyway. There was a gator found in NYC in a lake. Stupid people think they make cute pets when they are babies. Well, duh, guess what--they grow...and grow...and grow. In the everglades, there is a horrible problem with pythons--again stupid people buying them for pets and when they get too big, releasing them into the glades. They are eating everything in sight. One tried to swallow a gator and split open. Along came another gator who feasted on the snake. There were pics in the newspaper and on nat'l news. Such gore I've never seen. AACK!!!

    Rock, I once had lunch at a somewhat famous 50's style diner in either Glendale or Burbank. Seems that a lot of stars stopped by so I'm thinking Burbank. That was back in the 80's. I only have one circle on my face and it's low on one cheek near the jawline. I can cover it with makeup so it's not a biggie. Just wish it would go away. Hmmm, I'm taking colloidal silver for my sinusitis so perhaps, I'll just dab some on the circle. I saw where y'all are getting all that rain. Hope mudslides aren't a hazard for you. Poor Zippy, hope the weather improves for him too.

    I slept well last night but don't know whether the Nyquil was the main reason--probably. Doc wanted me to take Delsum but I tried it and wasn't impressed. It contains the same amt. of DXM at twice the price. Plus, Nyquil has an antihistamine. It's like a shot of cherry Jeagermeister--win, win! Still having a head full of dark phlegm (sorry to gross y'all out) this morning. Hope it's cleared up today. I'm soooo tired. Don't need to go to the store cause I still have no appetite. I have to do my least favorite, actually, most hated, chore. I have to pay bills. UGH! Hate it, hate it, hate it! This is an expensive time of the year.

    Sending joyful wishes everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie
  13. jole

    jole Member

    Mikie, sure thought about you with your 'spot'. Was also going to ask you about the colloidal silver. Know you've talked about it before.

    Jessi did wonderfully well at the vet, hubby said. He was so proud of her. She is now on an antibiotic and steroids that we put inside part of a hot dog for her. Know of no other way to get her to take it, and was vet's suggestion. Her diagnosis? He doesn't know (and he's the best vet within 50 miles. He also said it's not ringworm on her side, and the nose issue has him confused. He thinks she has an immune system that is stuck on high......oh my gosh! She was sooo happy to get back home, and I stood outside petting her and playing 'fetch' for 15 minutes. Such a wonderful dog!

    Jam, I'll look at your post for the supps. I'm not a believer in testimonials for meds/supps, but like you, I don't want surgery if there's a way out. I know the cataract surgery is very simple these days, but yes, always a chance of complications.

    Rock, so good to see your wit here with us :) Miss you when you aren't around! You always make me smile...sorry about the rainy weather. I'm sure Zippy is uncomfortable if she has arthritis, but most dogs love the weather changes.

    Hi everyone else....be back later. Just a quick update on Jessi. Immune system....for a minute it really took my breath away, with a quick "Did I give her something" moment. Hugs.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but wanted to check in. Have a busy day and then out to eat at a nice resstaurant for an earaly 51st wedding anniversary tonight. It is actually tomorrow. I'm looking forwards to that.

    Jole - what did the doctor think your rash was? Did he guess or tell you anything and what are you putting on it now? Hope something works for you soon. I know sometimes they can drive you crazy.

    Glad Jessi came up ok with no major problems.

    More sometime later. I need to go get dressed and try and get something done, put up a few more Christmas things maybe. I donpt think we will do the tree this year. No one is coming here for Christmas. It will be at our sons ! They decided they are going to do a Cajun Christmas - very interesting. We do enjoy cajun foos as we lived in La. for a couple of years and really got into their food. Of course to eat some of it you have to have a tummy with no problems and can take spices.

    Hugz to everydobby !


  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, I love Cajun food. I make a mean seafood gumbo. New Orleans has always been my favorite place to visit but haven't been there since Katrina. I know the French Quarter was spared but the shock and sadness seemed to have taken over the place for a while. I also make a delicious praline but not very often. Can't take the sugar. My second-favorite place to visit is San Francisco but I haven't been there in years either. I need to get out more. All the old ladies around here want to do is go on cruises which holds little appeal for me. I'm sure I'd enjoy one if I went. Barb is going on three in a row and close together all, I think, to the Caribbean.

    Jole, I'm so glad that Jessi, and DH, did well at the vet's. I hope the meds work for her. Sylvester took a trip to the vet to have a cut on his paw closed. He's now decked out in a sock. He's such a laid back cool cat that he doesn't even mind.

    Talked to DD, the nurse. She correctly diagnosed my spot as an erythma. I looked it up and, sho nuff, there it was. It can be cause by taking a new med, especially an anitseizure drug (Maybe like lorazepam), Herpes Simplex or mycoplasma infections. Well, golly gee, it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFIDS/ME full blown. I used to get cold sores but haven't had them in years. Still, I'm taking Acyclovir for six weeks. When I finish the Bactrim for my sinus infection, I'll ask the doc for six week's worth of Doxycycline. I suppose, considering the horrible reaction I had, that the lorazepan might have caused it. For all I know it was caused by the sinus infection.

    I am using colloidal silver directly on the spot and am taking it under my tongue. I want to get rid of this thing. If it's erythma multiform minor, it will likely be the only spot I get. If it's major, it could come back all over the place. There is another type of erythmas which can lead to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and death in 5 to 15 percent of cases. Yikes! Think I'll make an appt. with the dermatologist just to make sure. The article said the lesion should be biopsied.

    Today is a nice lazy Sunday for me. I'm up early, Simon is eating his breakfast (I put a few kitty treats on top), I will read the big newspaper, and, maybe hang out on the balcony with a cup of joe. I have such bad bed head that I need to get into the shower. Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good to see you post. Wow, chores. What are those :) Actually, I cleaned up the condo before I went to Atlanta but there is always something needing doing. I've been holed up resting and it is helping, along with the ABX. Thanks for letting me know about your spots. Mine just seems to be doing nothing but I do think it's less red. From what I read online, cortisone cream is the std. treatment. I figure the colloidal silver doesn't hurt either. There was a pic of a poor kid with spots all over his torso and arms. Of course, they always dig up the scariest pics.

    We've had beautiful weather every day now. Too bad I'm spending them lying around. My bed head is sooooo bad but until I'm going to be up, I'm not doing anything about it. Appetite is slooooowly picking up but I don't really feel hungry. Trying to give up carbs but do have a piece of pumpkin swirl bread now and then. My new austerity program is going well since I have not needed to buy groceries. I do need to make a run to Costco for K-cups. I hate to go there when the Snowbirds are here and they are here in droves. Our streets are loaded. Tourism adds so much to our economy that I'm always glad to see them. We even did well this summer with tourists.

    Don't think I'm gonna decorate this year. It's already Dec. I did put a beautiful wreath on my door and I think that's it. Barb will be gone most of Dec. on cruises and she and I are the only ones who do it. Andy's gift is on its way so my shopping is done (one gift :)

    Hoping everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been reading your posts. Can't find the energy to respond.
    Today is the last of our 6 days of rain. Supposed to be only a 20%
    chance of rain. Then gonna dry out and warm up for the rest of the week.

    My brother sent me a blonde joke which I am passing on to you in a
    somewhat condensed form. Ventriloquist is telling a series of blonde
    jokes when an irrate blonde in the audience stands up and tells him off.

    "You should be ashamed of yourself. Your remarks are demeaning, etc.
    etc." Ventriloquist starts to apologize. She says, "You shut up. I'm
    talking to that idiot in your lap."

    Mikie, I wonder if that restaurant you went to in Burbank was The
    Smoke House. Never been inside, but I drove by it to and from work
    for about 5 years. It's in the same neighborhood as Warner Bros., Disney,
    NBC, etc.

    Oh yeah, news on the pun front. Did you see the story on the news about
    the e mail SNAFU at some college. Thousands of e mails flying back and
    forth. Some of them were silly like the one that asked, "Would you rather
    fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?" This led to lots
    of posts re: ducks and horses.

    So I posted: Could you afford a horse-sized duck? Comes w/ a very large
    bill. Got over4400 thumbs up and over 100 responses. One of the last
    responses was: Why all this ado? It's hardly the funniest thing in the

    Which was exactly what I had been thinking.

    Hope to be back later.
    Hugs all
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Freida and all who wished us a happy 51st anniversary. I appreciate it very much. I have not been able to attach to the volume so I rely on my stinky Didn't do anything yesterday . We just had mostly veggies on the grill ( sort of stir fry) with some scalops that we had had in the freezer that we needed to use up somehow.

    BTW, our team won also. Hope they can keep it up. It's like about time for those Texans. Congrats. Diane and also your team Frieda. I was wondering if Diane and Kevin were hiding someplace too. Hope they both are feeling OK and not ill at all.

    Making an early dinner. DH is going to church tonight and need to stay home and wash my hair for the show we are doing tomorrow at alocal church senior group.

    Gotta run for now but hoping all is well for everydobby.


  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hus is still bothered with vertigo.Some days really bad but no other symptoms so we are just waiting it out.They brought in extra dirt and leveled out the land marking out the layout with stakes.Looking at it we thought the house looks small.So hard to see a house yet but exciting all the same.3400 sq. Ft with garage and pool area.The. Fl. Home layouts are so different then up North.We are taking a tape measure tomorrow to get a better idea of actual size.Reading everyones posts and hope to get better Internet at DD this weekend.Hus is going to Oh. Sun until Wed to drive the truck back and I will be at DD playing with GD.My thoughts are with you.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Do you have a good recipe for seafood gumbo? You can post it at any time you have the time and NRG. Not a cheap or easy dish to make a nd you need time I know. I have seen lots of recipes but many didn't turn me on for one reason or another. Of course having little NRG didn't have much to do with it either :)!!! I do love it though. Seafood of chicken and sausage. That is a great dish for a cold day. Not to cold right now but I would eat it anway.

    Hope you get rit of your erythma very soon. Hmm, I hadn't heard of that one, very interesting.

    I think could eat almost any kind of soup !!! Love to Rock, Frieda, Diane, Jole and anyone else I forgot, or pops in latr on.

    TTYAL !