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  1. freida

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    so come on in, and make some friendly friends. :)

    Check on the second page of the previous Lounge 144,

    for great info and ideas ,
    from Mikie and Granni and katherine,
    and Diane and me.

    great to have you drop in anytime,
    and you could look for your name, in posts on page 2 of that Lounge 144,
    where Mikie and I answered yours.

    Rock, we've all been missing you.

    I'm going to post this re-start of our ongoing conversing and gibber-gabber. ;)

    Leah Freida

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    I had to edit and re-edit and correct and correct again,
    till I finally got those 2 numbers right.
    Who knew it would be so hard to mention the number of this string, 145,
    and the number of the previous one we just finished, 144, that would be....probably! LOL

    And I was once good with math and other school subjects. ;)
    "Once" means a very long time ago, and pre-illness. ;)

    So, let's see, MIKIE,
    it sounds like you have shiny car and shiny teeth, at same time. :)
    No wonder there is a bright light coming from the South. LOL
    And your car could use a filter and so could some of your neighbors, I read. I get that. ;)

    And also, you are right that neighbors are like partners,
    in that sometimes we get tired of them and sometimes we get over that,
    the only difference is that it is much harder to hide from a live-in partner,
    so I advise against it, unless you are very very certain, you've picked one you can tolerate (and can tolerate you) most of the time. LOL

    JOLE, I hope you are feeling a bit better!!

    that is so funny, that the movie about men staring at goats is sortof boring, except with George Clooney in it, it was tolerable. ;)

    I hope you make it to your GS or GGS, the musical....musicals are so uplifting, and fun.

    thinking of you and wondering how you are. :)

    Gorgeous snow again today here.
    It is snowing/blowing sideways and very wet sticky snowflakes,
    so it sticks a vertical white stripe up one side of every dark tree trunk.

    Lots of wild birds ate up when it was coming down softer. Even the small ones fly so well, even in strong winds, it seems to us.

    The bright red cardinals look extra snappy, against the white backdrop. :)

    Take care everyone,
    Leah Freida

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  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hope everyone stops by.Doing ok Freida thanks for asking.Fuzzy thinking though I can't seem to concentrate or focus long.I'll blame it on the weather.BIL is having 5 college buddies fly in from up north for the weekend minus their wives.Hus and I will take showers in our tiny RV bath.Wet down lather up and rinse.Really tight for hus but I am not about to fight for shower time with all those men.Enjoyed reading everyones posts and glad to see new Loungers.Lily got groomed today and they said her itchy skin was from the oak pollen a lot of dogs are coming in with it.The shampoo she used did wonders I haven't t seen her scratch once.Contractor said we should be in our house in May.We figured April or May so good but sure would have hoped for April.I'm tired of camping lop.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Geez, I didn't relize we had gone past post no. 30. Well, the car is shiny but my teeth won't shine til after Mon. Tomorrow I have to show up at my PCP's office just for the fun of it. I'm soooooo excited--I tried to shampoo the old front mats in the Highlander but after almost 11 yrs., they just don't come clean anymore.

    I went online and found real Highlander mats, embroidered with the insignia for only $25 instead of $100 because the vehicle is getting so old that no one is ordering new mats any more. I got such a deal. I can continue to use the ones I have but, since I will keep this car for the rest of my life, I am glad to have new ones for when it's reallllly old, like me :)

    Just had some wine with neighbors and am glad to have them around again. I just needed a break. I looked back at my vehicle history and don't need another oil change til April. So, that's good news. After the teeth cleaning, I don't want to have to go to any appts. for a while. I HATE having to go to appts. I'm a free spirit and like to live my life freely and do things on my own time schedule.

    If I wake up feeling well tomorrow, it will be four days in a row. I'm hoping to make this a habit. Leah, I can no longer do math in my head. I was never a math whiz but had a high IQ. No more. Age and illness have stolen it away. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. I do puzzles and read to try to keep sharp but I ain't what I used to be. But then, who is!

    If this energy keeps up, I should be able to clean up this condo. Honestly, I felt guilty cleaning the car when the condo is a pit. Still, the weather is important in getting a good wax job so I rationaled the whole thing in my mind. I can only say it's sooooo nice to have a shiny, clean car. Maybe I'll move into it :)

    OK, gang, I need to go. As always, I send my love to everyone. Rock, we really miss you and hope you are OK.

    Love, Mikie
  5. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    LOL!!! If laughter really was a medicine id be cured just from reading mikies and leahs posts.
    I first read them about 20 minutes ago, ive had a shower and washed up since then and i keep breaking out in bursts of laughter re-picturing what you both described. My neighbour knows i live alone and probably thinks ive finally lost my marbles.

    Im a visual person so it started of with mikie singing in the shower (im guilty as charged with that to) then her battling with a would partner over the remote tug of war style, lol, then came leahs post, yeah i correct my mistakes alot to this typing malarky aint so simple i was rubbish at math unless shopping in the sales then im good with percentages. Then im picturing mikie with her shiny teeth standing by her shiny car "ROFL! " By the end of the post im holding my sides to stop them splitting and picturing where i would hide from would be live in partner it was the laundry basket, honestly girls thank you so much for that, absolute class! Lol....

    Granni your trip sounds exciting felt a little of the green eyed monster come out. I hope you have a great time and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Its gone 11pm im getting ready for bed, watching a bit of tv, but nothings on that has been as entertaining as these posts

    night night


  6. freida

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    These posts truly do give me lots of smiles and laughs, too! :)

    Katherine, Totally Loved your synopsis of our posts, and the imagery , summarizing all of our conditions! ;)

    SO funny, it's great to picture you laughing too, Katherine. What is nicer than SHARING laughter with other friendly people?

    If your neighbors think you have lost your marbles, katherine,
    well, it may or may not be so, considering what neighbors conclude about us when they don't have any idea what is going on with us, (but they assume they know us better than we know ourselves)

    BUT, IF you have lost them (marbles not neighbors)

    we'd like to, but sorry, we cannot help you find them,
    since we all have lost ours,
    (our marbles, and speaking for some of us, our neighbors too)
    and all marbles seem to KNOW where to hide, when THEY are tired of people! ;)

    (If someone hasn't previously concluded I lost my marbles, they might think so now, after reading this post. LOL)

    But the best advice, I got from this thread, is that the laundry basket IS the "perfect" place for me to hide, on those rare occasions that I get tired of my huz! LOL

    Thankfully, that is rare, because though I have lost nearly enough weight while sick, to fit into it,
    it would not be too comfy, on my unpadded parts,
    though it should be soft enough, due to all of the stuff in it waiting to be laundered,

    but not much space left there for a person,
    though plenty of space for marbles there.
    Maybe I should take a look. ;)

    MIkie, your psot was so funny too, plus informative as usual. ;)
    I totally agree with and support all of your rationales for cleaning the car before the home, whether or not, they make sense to anyone else. :)

    And PAM,
    great to see you, and glad we could give you a smile too!
    Gosh, don't go near that house with all of those men, or shall we assume 'boys' for that time.
    Anyway, don't go near it to find out! ;)

    So interesting and good that you found something to help Lily doggie with her skin irritation! Glad to hear that!

    Katherine, waiting to hear about your allergy tests, to see if you will get a dog or not.
    We love our animal companions.
    Well, most of the time, but now when my cat gets wild and mischeivous, and I am in exhausted,overwhelmed mode, I know where to hide fronm her too, thanks to you. ;)

    I wonder if she would find me, probably would start digging in it,
    though huz would never locate me there. LOL

    has your breathing/asthma remained better now that you are back in your bedroom, since getting the mold treated?? I hope so!

    Hello to each one of you!

    Barry , too, and Jole, and MicheleK.

    Leah Freida

    Adding a P.S.
    Diane, you and I were typing at the same time. :)
    I'm glad to read your updates, and that is a good call you made to your dr. I hope he is open to some more relaxed thinking than he's been jumping to conclusions.
    You reminded me of when I did oatmeal baths, when I had a full-body terrible allergic skin reaction to a med I took, years ago. It worked well, for at least 10 minutes. LOL
    I had to just about live in there, but I would do it again, if needed!

    Sounds like fun, playing with Rosie kitten!
    Brings a smile to our day too.

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  7. freida

    freida Active Member

    I know that it is true,
    you are definitely a strong person and a good fighter,
    and you will figure out a good way to deal with this situation,
    and to move forward well,
    after you have your understandable upset feelings from it!

    I left you a longer post, you are worth a lot to me.

    Leah Fr....
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Katherine, glad if we can make you laugh. Laughing is the best medicine, well, that and pot, but it's still illegal in FL. I should move back to CO. I have no marbles left; must have lost them all.

    Diane, so sorry to hear about this rude, arrogant doc. As nice as my own doc is, we had a go-around this morning. I told him about the gluten-free diet because I'm likely allergic to wheat. He said I'm probably not allergic to gluten. He said, "People with gluten alleergies have constipation and diarrhea." I told him that I was just going to mention that I had those symptoms. He said I should just shop for wheat-free food. Wheat is in everything. I told him that if I bought gluten free, I could be sure there was no wheat in it. Obviously the man has never shopped. I picture him after hours in the store, getting tired and dehydrated, going from product to product trying to find things with no wheat. I'm not trying to make this about me and my doc but I thought the visual of his rediculous recommendation might make you laugh.

    This doc has no idea the products which are now available in the Publix supermarket. They have rice bread, little flax balls like wheat bran for breakfast cereal. I mix it with toasted oats. I grew up an old hippie in Boulder, CO and have a recipe for granola. I'm going to make some. I found gluten-free pancake flour as well as all-purpose baking flour. I'm really not suffering with this at all and I feel so much better. This is how I thought I'd feel after the shots. If I can stay upright and stop falling, and I don't get yet another medical condition, I might just make it.

    Diane, please feel free to come here and let off some steam over whatever you want. It'll make you feel better. You don't have to pretend that everything is OK when it's not. On the other hand, if you feel the need for a break, we'll understand. We love you so whatever you need is what we want for you. BTW, a pox on your doc AND his Nurse Ratchet.

    So, to get back to my doc, he wrote all my Rx's and my lab request for May. I like the guy and we didn't fight but it's frustrating to have him argue with me over such a silly thing as shopping. He finally did tell me to just keep on doing what I'm doing. I guess that was his way of saying maybe what I told him did make sense.

    Leah, thanks for your support of my cleaning rationale :) Isn't it funny that we'll do a hard job if the spirit moves us? It would have been easier to stay inside and clean my messy condo but it was just the perfect weather for a wax job. I was married to a man who loved cars. Heck, if he'd loved me like he loved his cars, we'd still be together. Well, maybe not. He liked to drive differnt cars all the time. But, I digress... I learned how to put a shine on a car. Wish you could see how good it looks. Down here, we have BIG birds who leave BIG deposits on our cars. That bird poop will eat into the paint, another good reason to keep the clear coat in good condition.

    While I was in Target, getting my Rx's, I shopped and got my hair coloring on sale and a $5 gift card for buying two of them. Woohoo! I love to save money. I found two little camisoles on sale. I like to go braless but in a pale colored tee, I need something underneath. My neighbor told me old ladies like to go braless to take the wrinkles out of their faces. Ha! Ha! His wife said, "Gee, Mikie, no wonder you don't have any wrinkles." I got a pair of spring, lightweight jammie bottoms for the warmer weather.

    I got groceries at Publix and they had a $2 coupon for the NeoSynephrine nasal spray I occasionally use. They also had a $1 coupon for my Listerine and the manufacturer also had a $1 coupon--another $2 saved. The best part is that they had medium lobster tails on BOGO. That made them only $6 each. I'll make a lobster salad and put some of it in my seafood pasta. I cooked beautiful porkchops for lunch with brocchli and apple sauce. Mmmmmm! A lot of the time, I don't cook but every now and then, the bug bites me.

    BTW, I combed Tweety and Sylvester and only got one live adult flea from each of them. I think the meds are finally working. They are much more active than they were now (the cats, not the fleas :) I'm keeping St. Francis and St. Athony busy watching over them.

    As always, my love and prayers to everyone, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. freida

    freida Active Member

    Please try not to feel foolish, Diane.
    Every one of us has so many ups and downs,
    and it actually is very understandable, with all that you and we deal with.
    I don't think most of our docs or nurses could cope with all of what is usual for us!!

    MIKIE, thanks for that helpful reminder of the bird poop.
    That's important I not forget. LOL
    There is more birds and more bird poop, per square inch , in Florida than in other States. Not official, but my present-day math skills say it is so. ;)

    Coupon math would be your specialty, Mikie.
    You could teach a course on it at a university math department.
    No, they are not smart enough to list the course. ;)

    A grey day here, and I can't remember what I did.
    Oh well, I didn't see any body's marbles around here. At least Mikie figured out she left hers someplace in Colorado.
    Katherine, for your info, Colorado is a very big state, and very far from her present state of Florida. LOL

    At least yours are probably someplace in England.
    Not positive though. ;)

    YOU definitely don't need any to be fine with us here though! :)

    Leah Freida
  10. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Morning its 9.30 am here. I stayed in yesterday fatigue was bad i get tachycardia now and again which makes my fatigue worse so i vegged out in front of the tv. I realise in hindsight the 2 cups of coffee didnt help but i drank them to overcome the fatigue be4 i realised myy heart was causing it. Nevermind.

    I got a text yesterday from my best friend /cousin telling me shes pregnant, i want to be happy for her but i dislike her partner and was hoping, like the rest of the family that they'd break up. He is physically aggressive towards her and doesnt operate on the right side of the law. She has a history of pickin this type of man, god knows why because shes a really nice funny person and decent guys are attracted to her. I tried to get along with him best i could but when his twisting her arm up her back so she has to fall to the floor pleading with him its hard to hold your tongue.

    Ive been honest with her and when she speaks she often discloses her concerns but its like she isnt hearing what shes saying if you know what i mean?
    She makes excuses for him to saying his nigerian and they act differently, and i said physical violence is wrong on any level look at your bruises. Ive refused to visit her now because he threatened me when i was there last. He'd started on her again and i got up and left the room. He said whats your problem katherine i said your behaviors my problem its unacceptable you dont treat women like that. He tjen said to me, You should fesr me to i'll do the same to you. I said No you wont. He said What you going to do about it? I said Ring the police. He said i aint scared of the police. Anyway, he out to the room i was in started telling me to Go away (but in a more explicit way). I just stuck to my guns repeating Your bejaviours unacceptable, keep your hands off women, keep your hand of her.

    Anyway she just sat there like a prize lemon. So i was going out the door. She said He hasnt done it for a long time, i said he shouldnt do it at all. None of my ex's have laid a hand on me neither would i have allowed them. I said you may accept it but i dont.

    Im not the only one to witness it in the family. So as much as it should be good news that shes pregnant i cant help but feel concerned.

    Shes just so different when shes not around him, i mean i just dont get it.

    Caught up with a buddy from my fibromyalgia meeting on wednesday we sat laughing at some of the diabolical things of our prodicament. I suppose its becsuse you both know what the other is on about. Anyway it was nice.

    Anyway, Diane i read you post and please dont feel bad about what you share, crikey life aint all sunshine and laughter in fact most of the time it doesnt let up, if you start feeling unable to be honest about whats going on eith you and how you feel, then so will we and we're lose the whole point of sharing in the first place. Put it this way if one person shares that their having a hard time or whatever you give permission for me to do the same. I kind of imagine us all sitting around in the lounge sharing with (well for me a cup of tea) to hand, but heh this is the lounge so you can have whatever you want, Mikies made some delish cookies would you like one? (lol what am i talking about?) but you get my drift?

    You've made me feel welcome here, ive become use to your name and reading your pist id notice if it disappeared and that wouldnt feel right. Anyway i hope iveade myself clearer than mud.

    So after my shower i decided to give my jair a trim. Ive always cut my own hair after the few times ive been to the hairdressers and come home and cried in my pillow.
    I probably weren't in the right headspace because of the day id had and it was late by this point. Anyway, cut a long story short i am now sporting a hairdo that looks like Jon Bon Jovi.. . In the 80's!

    Lucky its winter because its going to be a hat day for the next two months.

    The moral of this story stay away from scissors and also from past experience eyebrow twizzers when you are emotional or tired, or both.

    Katherine x

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Diane, please never feel you should delete posts written when you are stressed. We are all on your side and hope you can do better with this doc or find a better one. If I had never researched tirelessly (well, not really tirelessly), I would still be bedridden most of the time. We cannot depend on medicine to help us; we have to help ourselves. Medicine simply doesn't know what to do with us and it doesn't help that so many docs have horrible attitudes. They often think they know it all but, in reality, they are lost without their tests. If we don't fit in their preconceived boxes, they simply don't know what to do with us. I was lucky to have found several docs along with way, at critical times, who were willing to look at my research and try new things.

    Our newspaper had a really good article about wheat and gluten allergies. It explained how our wheat has changed, how we are overexposed to eating wheat because it's in everything and how we develop the sensitivity to it. Everything in the article rang true with me. One would think the doc would have been happy I did something good for myself. All he wanted to do is argue and try to look smarter than I. Of course he's smarter; his IQ is off the charts--his EQ, not so much. Oh well, as long as he's willing to write my scripts, I'm happy. Also, he's the one who did the peptide injections which were the big step forward in getting better.

    So, my friend, please do keep in touch here if you can. If you find anything interesting in your research, please share. If it weren't for this board, I'd also probably still be bedridden. We have all helped each other in so many ways. You help us just by being here.

    Dear, Leah, the same holds true with you. We all love your posts, especially about the weather, flora and fauna. There used to be a woman who wrote a column in a ladies' magazine in the 50's. It was "Ladies' "Home Companion," I believe. C'mon, someone, help me out here. Our mothers never missed her column. She lived in the country and wrote about the miracle of life all around her throughout the change of seasons. You remind me of her. And, yes, your math skills are nothing short of amazing. When I worked at Publix, I would sometimes come out to the parking lot to see that a whole flock had bombarded the cars. It isn't just the number of birds, it's the size of them. Big birds leave huge deposits--SPLAT! To be hit by one bird bomb is a traumatizing event.

    Katherine, our new friend, we are so glad you have joined us from across the pond. I am so sorry about your cousin. Men who are abusive get worse after kids come along because it just gives them one more way to control their women. These men don't get better without counseling; they, unfortunately, get worse. Who knows why women choose these men and stay with them. At the end, it's usually because they fear for their safety if they leave. It's useless to talk any sense into them. There is something deep inside which gets them into these relationships in the first place. A little prayer going up for her.

    I also cut my hair and usually do a good job but now and then--OOPS! I need a neck trim and will soon need to trim it all over. Right now, it's at the optimum length and style. I have found the TIGI Cat Walk products very helpful in styling. Also, an ion hair dryer is wonderful. If all else fails, you are right, hats will cover a bad haircut.

    To all our friends here, I send my best. Jole, looks as though you're finally getting some snow. Hope it chases the drought away. It'll soon be summer with everything in the midwest baking. Summer is our rainy season and if we don't get enough, we have a very dry winter with wild fires. Yes, I couldn't believe it; the jungle will burn. It looks so green but, evidently, there is a whole jungle floor layer of dead material. It goes up like a BBQ pit.

    Love, Mikie
  12. freida

    freida Active Member

    Here it is, another month, so says the calendar, that most of you use.

    It doesn't seem to be different here, and I will not fool myself into thinking that Spring is near.
    it isn't, at least not here, and I heard they might fire the groundhog who predicted an early Spring.

    Well, it's not his fault, it is the people who drag him out of hibernation , who are to blame, IMO.

    Katherine, I loved your writing about our sharing here, and all your posts,
    and you are much clearer than mud! ;)

    SO sorry about that woman you care for, but it seems there is no way to help someone out of a situation like hers unless they become ready to make a big change, themselves.
    I know it's a hard rut for a person to get out of, but it can be changed, if only SHE would want to, but I don't want you to upset yourself when it will not do her any good. xo to you. I know it's sad, and difficult to watch.

    Mikie, thanks to you too, for your words of encouragement to me, I can always use them.
    I didn't remember that magazine title, but my huz remembers it, I asked him about the title, but of course he knew nothing about the specific column or the writer who I might remind you of. LOL

    That's nice that I do, though. :)

    (I'm not the same person though. LOL)

    Diane, I'm glad you are a wee bit better, but remember we don't mind if tomorrow you are not, the same as you would not mind when we are not!
    Katherine really explained that well.

    PAM, thinking of you!
    And JOLE.

    Granni, I hope you've made the trip okay, and can enjoy seeing your family and the play.
    And come back soon, of course. :)

    MICHELE K, drop by and leave us a few sentences about anything. We'd all be glad to see you. :)

    We made some chicken patties for the freezer, today. I helped. I am bushed!

    Take care, everyone.

    Leah Freida
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To live gluten free. First, my doc didn't think I'm allergic to gluten, only wheat. If there were ever a doubt, there no longer is. I had a couple of Brach's Maple Nut Goodies and started to have an allergic reaction like to hay fever. Nothing on the list of ingredients stated gluten. I went online and, lo and behold, they add gluten to these candies. Through trial and error, I have found that I am allergic to wheat AND gluten, despit the doubting Thomas of a doc I see. Of course, docs think Lyme is almost nonexistent (my doc calls it a "made-up disease). I told him they are doing studies of peptide injections for Lyme. Well, since he is so big in the peptide treatment, he can no longer hold his bias. This guy is a genius so imagine the average, run-of-the-mill docs' opinions. I'm tellin' ya, we are on our own. We have to educate ourselves and then, educate our docs if they will let us.

    So, one more thing I can no longer eat but don't really need anyway and probably shouldn't be eating in the first place. I'll give up almost anything to continue to feel well. I had a great day, staying in my jammies til 11:00, out on the Balcony with my friends. This evening, we all gathered downstairs to eat and drink and be merry. I took a shrimp ring down and it was delicious. I got it out of my freezer from when Publix had a BOGO on them. There were a couple of shrimp left and when I came upstairs, Tweety and Sylvester were begging so I gave them each a shrimp. They were in heaven!

    Diane, lean on us here when you need to. Heaven knows you do your share to bolster us when we need it. Caves are fine for the short term but not a good place to live. I usually only stay in mine for a day.

    Leah, I'm so happy someone remembers that column. My Mom, who grew up on a farm, loved it so much. She taught me the value of simple pleasures in life, especially in nature. Every day, something reminds me of what an amazing person my Mom was/is. You also have that special ability to enjoy and value the beautiful things in nature. Spring will be here before we know it. Just hang in there.

    I'm a bit tipsy so forgive my typos. I just hope I'm making some sense. When I'm feeling better, I remember how wonderful it is to enjoy life. Barb and I are going to the Naples Philharmonic Symphony next Sat. night. I'm so excited. I have been to the symphony in years. There is an antique airplane show this weekend and a fine arts show. We may take in one or both. There is a special showing at the Naples museum through the middle of May. A master sculpturer is having a showing. He uses mirrors and glass fused into sculpture. Mom and I went to a Dale Chahuli show there and it was fantastic. I don't need to drown in culture but a little now and then is such a gift.

    OK, going to bed to watch TV. I'm actually doing a little housework in between "playing" with the neighbors. Wish I could send some energy to everyone. I'm not going to worry about whether this will last. I've been let down too many times in the past. I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

    As always, my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As y'all know, I've been trying a gluten-free diet. I ate some Brach's Maple Nut Goodies and they made me sick. Nowhere did the list of ingredients state that they contained gluten. I now know that emulsifiers used in products can be wheat, soy or any of a number of things. Also, I had missed the statement that the candy was produced in a plant which also processes wheat. So, I don't know whether the emulsifier was wheat or whether it was cross contamination from other products with wheat.

    Russel Stover uses soy as an emulsifer and states it on the label. I found a website which states which candy is gluten free. I now realize that, unless a product states it is gluten free, I have to read the lables more carefully. I have an allergy to wheat but not soy so I can eat food with gluten provided that they do not contain wheat. Oy! Who knew this was gonna get so involved.

    This morning, I woke with breathing problems and had to use my nebulizer. It eventually went into asthma so I had to get on my inhaler. It could be the Red Tide, which is horrible here, and have nothing to do with what I ate. We have dead fish washing ashore. AACK!

    It's too cold here to go to the airshow or the outdoor art fest so am staying in. I'm doing a bit of laundry. Asthma always leaves me exhausted.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sorry to hear about your problems but glad you are starting to get a handle on what your digestive problems are anyway. I know people who are also very sensitive to all kinds of stuff in foods which makes it very difficult to go out to eat let along making your own food or snacks. Good luck and also sorry about the Red Tude causing your asthma attack ! That can be scary but glad you have your inhaler at hand.

    Hugz to you and all. Tomorrow is church, then in the afternoon we have a ground breaking . Monday I try and get read for our trip to the shore (just a few days) and hpe I'm all done getting ready by monday night as I have a choral practice at that time. We leave early the next day with three other couples.

    Bye for now.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good grief, I'm tired just reading about all you are doing. I'm so glad you can do fun and interesting things.

    Barb and I are going to the symphony next Sat. night. Several of us are going out to lunch on Thurs. We were going to go to Joe's Crab Shack but there is a shell festival over on Sanibel Island. I'm going to suggest we go to that and eat at Jerry's on the island. Or, we could go and still hit the Crab Shack on the way home. Sanibel has world-class shelling.

    My doc, the genius who doesn't always live up to his IQ, told me my inhaler is no longer available and inhalers now cost around $250. Well, I just checked my ins. formulary and it is still available, possibly in a new formula, and my co-pay would be around $125. That's steep but when astham attacks, one doesn't care about the cost. Normally, I wouldn't worry about it as I need the inhaler so seldomly but with my recent asthma attack, I want to have another one on hand. I like to have one in my purse and in my dresser drawer in the bedroom. Even good, and smart, docs can be a real pain. I get my labwork done in May so will ask him for the Rx when I go in for followup from the labwork.

    It obviously rained all night last night. I'm sure it's because I hand watered things yesterday. We now have some baby lemons on our trees and lots of blooms so I had fertilized and it needs to be well watered into the soil. Barb's purple orchid is about to bloom on two stalks with lots of blooms. It's soooo pretty. My orchid is still in bloom; the blooms last forever. I picked up a gardenia plant at Publix for only $10 and it is sitting in a cute little copper bucket on my lanai. When it gets too big, it'll go outside.

    K-Mart has a carpet shampooer on sale and it's just like my old one but at a much, much better price. I'm going to check Bed Bath & Beyond for the same one because I have 20 percent off coupons for them. My carpet is dirty and my old cleaner broke.

    Well, that's about the extent of excitement down here in Retirementville. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

    Love to everyone,
  17. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Its 4.53pm here in england, its been a beutiful sunny day although ive spent half of it in bed and i havent been out since tuesday. Im in a hell of alot of pain that its actually making me nauseous. Its my shoulder blades and neck mainly in excruiating spasm and the pain feels like someones taken my skin off with a potatoe peeler and rubbed salt and vinegar into my muscles.

    I am so tired i ache from holding the weight of my arms, i keep expecting to look down and see to ten ton weights instead of hands.

    Ontop of which ive been denied my benefits so i am now tiptoeing through paperwork which has become my new floor covering. Im so tired and tempted to go (duvet dive we call it) which if were an olympic event id get gold. But that only puts this off and causes more stress. I am so good at the art of procratinating that when i do something the relief feels so good i think why didnt i do that in the first place. Its one thing i continue to fail to learn by.

    Raginar 5 men in a shower sounds like heaven to me at the moment lol, it sounds like and alternative joke to how many men does it take to fit a lightbulb.

    Reading you posts Diane and your relationship with your kitties makes me wonder if id be better off having a cat than a dog because their more self caring if you know what i mean. But are still good company. Ive had both in the past. And yes those receptionists at doctors can be very rude, i think a few of mine actually think they are doctors. There like a barricade to get to see you own doctor, madness.

    Yes Leah after reading your posts id consider marbles lost too lol. Yes my calendar also says its a different month lol. We have signs that spring is on its way, buds on the trees and the daffodils are out, weather forecast predicts milder weather this week Hooray!

    Mikie, lol laughter AND pot is the best medicine, very good. Pots illegal here to although doesnt stop you from being able to buy it. Im considering it today i tell ya, have you tried it, infact has anyone tried it for pain relief, be good to know, any suggestions welcome im getting desperate.

    So mikie are you looking forward to "shiny teeth" tommorrow? Ive been telephoned to book a check up but i dont have the energy to get out the house. Sounds like you had a fun tipsy evening. I think you should write children stories about the adventures of tweety an silvester. Retirementville also sounds like a good name for a film or book lol. Yep can always guarantee it will rain after you've put in the effort to water your garden.

    I have asthma too, dont your nebuliser contain steroids? I get confused. Im on inhalers ventolon and seretide. Crikey, i nearly fell through the floor at the price of yours.

    Right better go, my hair is a little flatter, less jon bon jovi thank goodness still going to adorn a hat. Better get myself to docs sort out this benefit malarky and pain. Dont get on with my doctor he exudes an aura of arrogance which is diificult to deal with. I dont think he believes in fibro or cfs. He's only good if you have a chest infection or something like that.

    Hope your trip goes well Granni,

    take care to one and all

    katherine x
  18. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    This is the 2nd time ive posted, the first one didnt appear after i typed the thing out. I have no idea where it went maybe theres a bermuda type triangle on this board.

    Im in alot of pain making me feel nauseous. Weathers been sunny today but spent half the day in bed. My skin feels like its been peeled back and salt and vinegar rubbed into my muscles, thats how the pain feels. Its driving me to distraction. Im also desperately tired havent been out since last tuesday because of it. Ache all over keep looking down expecting to see ton weights for hands. Had a letter through turning my claim for benefits down, that means ive got to go to tribunal. If i dont succeed i face losing the money i get and the roof over my head so im stressed. I have paperwork where i once had flooring and im having to tiptoe over it. I know the arguement ive got to make but im just to tired. Better book to see my doctor, who im not the greatest fan of as he's arrogant.

    Ragniger 5 men in a shower sounds like heaven to me right now, lol.

    Reading your posts diane has made me question whether id be better off with a cat than a dog, there less dependent but are still good company ive had both in the past. I know what you mean about doctor receptionists being rude.

    Leah, reading your posts, please consider marbles lost also lol. Theres signs of spring here days getting longer, buds on the trees, weather is milder, and the daffodils are out.

    Lol Mikie, laughter and pot is good medicine. Im tempted to try the latter. Has anyone here? Its illegal in britain but that dont stop availability. So shiny teeth day tommorrow? Ive been told im due for a check up. Your tipsy evening sounded nice. I have asthma to, i dont have nebuliser i have in halers seretide and ventolin, i nearly fell through the floor at price of your. You should wite a book about tweety an
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Diane, I'm only allergic to wheat and not all gluten. Gluten can come from wheat if used as an emulsifier. Otherwise, it can be soy, eggs, etc. It's only the wheat which bothers me. Some products will list the emulsifier as soy. Other times, it may only list "emulsifier." Then, I'm on my own. Also, if it states that the product is processed in the same facility as wheat, nuts, soy, etc., I'm on my own. It's possible that cross contamination with wheat may have occured. It can get complicated but I think I have a handle on it.

    Barb and I just ate at a BBQ place and I had a rack of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, slaw and french fries. I also had a gin and tonic. As you can see, I'm not missing out on much. We often go out on adventures together and where we end up is where we end up. We usually find someplace good to eat.

    Katherine, that heavy feeling in the limbs is common with us. That usually occurs when we get soooooo fatigued and exhausted. I hope you are feeling better. Yes, I loved sleeping under the duvets in Europe and I do own one here. Only problem is that it's so hot here that a thin quilt serves me better. In the US, pot is only legal for medicinal purposes and only in a few states, except for Colorado where it's legal for everyone over 21. Only problem is that, even though the states have made it legal, it is still illegal under federal law. The feds can close down the pot shops. MJ is so different from what was available when I was young that if it ever became legal here, I'd have to get used to it. Also, I have COPD so the only way I could use it is baked in brownies (and, they'd have to be gluten-free brownies :)

    Barb and I first went to K-Mart where a new carpet shampooer was on sale. I even got a $5 gift card for buying it. Woohoo! My old, old shampooer started to leak and I had to get rid of it. My carpets desperately need cleaning so this was kismet! Then, we took our $10 off a $25 purchase Bealls coupons out to the Bealls further out of town. I bought two bras on sale for 40 percent off and another $10 off with the coupon. I'm getting rid of my old ones which look like they've been through the war and replacing them with new, more comfortable ones. I think I'll stop at the Bealls down the street tomorrow after the dentist and get two of the sports-type knitted bras. Then, I'll be done and can get rid of the icky old ones. I also returned the swim top which didn't fit and bought the style I really wanted. Have to try it on, though. It was also 40 percent off with another $10 off with the coupon.

    The sun is finally out but the wind is cold. Too cold for sitting on the Balcony. It'll only get into the 60's today. That's OK but most of the day will be in the 50's with a very cold wind. Simon has taken to sleeping on the cushions on my Balcony chair. He leaves as soon as he eats his breakfast. Today, he cleaned out the entire bowl. He didn't show up the other day so he must have caught a mouse or rat. Mmmmm, rat! A nice warm meal. We also have baby squirrels and bunnies so I'm sure he makes a meal of one of them now and then. I'd rather he just eats here but it's what outside cats do.

    On TV this morning, they showed a dog rescue effort in the Everglades. People have abandoned unwanted dogs in the Everglades and most are not neutured. Those that survive mate and produce a lot of pups, most of which are eaten by the gators. They have some dog ambulances to take the sickest dogs directly to the hospital. They showed some of these poor dogs so happy to see someone coming to save them. I just don't get it. Why would anyone dump a family pet in such a cruel way when they can take the animals to the shelter.

    Bless these earth angel rescuers who are doing such great work. This is Southern Redneck Country and there is dog fighting. When a poor old mother dog just can't give birth to another litter, she is dumped and her pups are used for fighting. I don't believe in hell but if I did, I think people who do these things would be there. Sorry to upset anyone. Geez, the whole neighborhood here watches out for each others' pets and we all worry about, and take care of, Simon, Tweety and Sylvester.

    Hope everyone else is having a good day. I'm going to loaf the rest of the day. Shopping is an endurance sport and I'm tired.

    Love, Mikie

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Glad you had a fun time with your friend. You need to do that once in awhile and that is good therapy and so is a gin and tonic or wine or whtever you like. We usually have wine :)!!

    Gotta go and wash my hair in prep for our trip on Tuesday. Not sure if I will get to go to chorale practice or not tomorrow night. So much to do to get ready for a couple of days trip - groan .

    Hope to have some time to chat tomorrow. If not, I will visit when I get home from out trip.

    Thinking of everyone. No time to mention everyone's names.