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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi KIDS

    Can't stick around to post. We are leaving pretty soon. I'm having an ultra sound and an
    MRI. Small world department: the last time I had an ultrasound the technician was from
    Persia. (That's what they say when they don't want to say Iran. I think Persia went out
    of business about 80 years ago.)

    Anyhoo, the fellow had part of his training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester from my cousin.
    Isn't that a hoot!

    We are leaving shortly. I've asked Gordon what time we are going. He's told me twice,
    but I can't remember. (The computer is messing with the font; not I.) Yesterday I had
    spinal X rays. The bones look OK which is good news. The bad news is, that means it must
    be a disc problem. Ya know, we wouldn't have these back problems if we were built more
    along the lines of R2D2.

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI ROCK , et al,

    Hope all your test come out A - OK ! I know you are having pain and I hope they can help that . However, sometimes the cure is not aways the best thing. We have been seeing friends who have had surgeries and it is only temporary or else it causes another problems. Don't want to get you down but hope it isn't anything to radical they think they need to do. Since today is Friday I guess the weekend will be busy for most of us, or al ot of us. Not sure we will be doing much except going out to dinner with some friends. Already did some weeding outside , I put long sleeves nad pants on so as not reinfect myself with whatever is growing out there.. Starting the countdown tonight on my Prednisone. It did help a lot though. Everything is much drier, probably including my bones too :)!! CRACK !!

    Don't forget to read the old volume to pic up on any exciting news? Nothing exciting for me anyway - just a bummer with no trip, poison ivy or whatever it is, and heading off leaky roves at the pass before they go and leak all over the bedroom. Also went to get some new bulbs and fixtures for the garage. Sometime this next week they will hopefully get installed. We have been fooling with stupid garage lights that don't work most of the time and have been fooled with quite often but this is ridiculous. Can't see a thing in the garage when you try and turn on the light and you need something in the freezer in there.

    Hey I turned on the chat and I didn't want to at this time . Hope Barry, Diane, Mikie, Sun, Windy and everyone are doing OK. Please forgive if I forgot someone. Julie is busy with baby kittens as well as everyone and everything else. :)!! LOL

    Hope all is well with everydobby !:)

  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock. You amaze me that you can be funny when you're obviously in a #@&%* of pain. I hope you get a good report on the MRI. I'm going to think positive thoughts for you. When do you get results? Do you have to wait since it's Friday? Doctor got you on pain meds? I've never had disc problems but do have spinal and cervical stenosis along with lots of degeneration, arthritis and osteoporosis.

    Granni. I'm sorry things didn't work out for your trip. Sometimes things just crop up at the wrong time.

    Mikie. I know you were pretty wired yesterday. Probably herxing. I HATE when I feel antsy, can't settle down, but sleep won't come so I just keep pushing myself. Is that normal for Florida to get so much rain in the summer?

    With all that talk lately about kale chips I bought a large bunch of kale to try my hand. Just brought them out of the oven. The small packages at the store are really expensive. Hmmmm...never having them before I don't know if this is what they're supposed to be. Reminds me of Cheetos, how they kinda melt in the mouth and disappear and I took a look in the mirror and like spinach.....bits of green in my teeth! Funny thing, there was a lady next to me choosing a bunch and we both got to talking about kale chips.......that's what she was also making.
  4. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Rock...It's easy to understand why you can't remember your appointment time. Pain is so all consuming; it makes it hard to concentrate and/or remember. I do hope nothing was found that can't be easily repaired. Like Granni, I've heard of good and bad results from having back surgeries. And, if this is your only option, I hope and pray you are one of those with good results. My cousin's DH had back surgery a week ago and was home the next day. It's going to take time for him to heal so he's not in great shape...as yet. All healing takes time.

    Coincidence about your cousin. Small world!!! Funny you mentioning the "Persian". Several years back I saw a neurologist and he was also from "Persia". LOL

    We're all awaiting an update.

    Granni...Still sad for you having to cancel your trip. It just wasn't mean to be. The cousin I mentioned in my note to Rock also had to cancel a trip. They both were going to CA to celebrate 2 GD's birthdays, but had to postpone due to his surgery. She's also disappointed if that's any consolation.

    I hope your garage lighting works out. About 2 years ago, I had Killer replace 2 dim lights in a hallway where my washer/dryer sit. After he installed them, I thought they were far too bright since it was such a major change. Well, now, I think they're absolutely perfect!! I can actually see spots that need to be pretreated...yea!!!

    I hope you don't have a recurrence of your rash!!

    SFG...Wasn't it Shelly Berman who used to do a comedy routine about spinach in his teeth? Now, it's kale instead. Bet you can't eat just one.;) Honestly, it's very healthy and what a great way to get all those good vitamins and minerals.


    We're supposed to go to my GD's birthday party today at 3:00PM. I'm having a sleepless night, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get in a good nap before we have to leave. I don't want to miss it...she turned 13 (a true teen) last Wednesday. She's such a sweetheart.

    About my sleepless night...I've had colon problems all my life, but when I went gluten-free much of that cleared up. But, I still have difficulties. Walmart had fresh cherries my last visit and they give me problems. I can only eat a few at a time or I end up in pain. Actually, I have to be careful with most fruits. I've often wondered why. If any of you have a clue, I'm all ears.

    Killer had a cataract removed recently and went yesterday for a checkup plus a review for his second surgery. He's scheduled for his 2nd surgery next Thursday. The doc said his 1st eye is still swollen and it'll take another 2 to 3 weeks it to go down. I "told" him I'd be driving to the party today. He'd would never tell me if he can't see well or not...stubborn old coot!!

    Here's hoping "all" have a better day than yesterday,
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry, Rock, I didn't see that you had started a new Lounge. I deleted mine. I hope you get some good news from the tests. That constant pain can really beat a person down. Best of luck and let us know about the results.

    Granni, sorry you are still besieged with that nasty rash. I hope it clears up. Rashes can be the worst. It took forever for my bulls eye fungal rash to go away.

    Sunflower, it may be Herxing--I don't know. I'm trying to shake off this bladder infection. If it isn't better by Mon., I'll have to see the doc. Friend came over and we had coffee on the Balcony, me in my jammies. He doesn't care; he's used to seeing us in all manner of dress, or undress. I read and slept the rest of the day. Got no motivation. Yes, FL gets rain almost every day in the summer and almost none in the winter; however, we don't usually have whole rainy days. It's usually a quick and hard thunderstorm in the afternoons. Now, I'm waking every day to gray skies. It's depressing.

    Windy, I commented on your beautiful painting on the last Lounge. I'm so sorry that painting is so difficult for you now. You have beautiful brushstrokes. Sorry about the colon problems too. Before I went gluten free and dairy free, I suffered a lot. Used to have IBS but long course of ABX seemed to have cleared it up.

    Well, Kids, I don't have anything to say about myself. I've done nothing. I did get my little gadget hooked up to my TV that makes it a Wi-Fi TV so I can watch Netflix. I think I'm going to have to upgrade my Wi-Fi speed, though. Geez, I'm going to be spending more on Comcast than on my food. Think I have finally gotten everything hooked up. I hate getting new TV's and then, having to move them, and their add-ons, and hooking everything up. I do want to watch "House of Cards," the Netflix show which is up for an Emmy. As y'all know, TV is my life. Sad but true.

    BTW, I finished the second of the "Filthy" books and started the third. There is a thriller aspect to them and they are fairly well written so will finish the last one. Will they or will they not end up together?

    Love, Mikie
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick note . Gotta get started doing something, not sure what. My get up and go ( what little I have had) has got up and went as they say.

    Some good news on the Porch if you want to go read.

    Mikie - I am giggling about you and your filthy books (LOL) !! he he

    Gotta run for now. Hope to pop in later.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling better.

    Love you all,:)

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, I'm back from my medical marathon, but it was an ordeal for both me and Gordon. He did
    all the organizing, making appointments and scheduling the trips. and driving through the LA
    traffic and heat.

    Thurs. we went to the doctor. So when we started out my back hurt. When we parked at the
    medical building, my stomach started to churn. When we walked to the building, I felt faint.
    And we got inside I started to hyperventilate and cry. I felt like I might have become a pod
    person from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

    Anyhoo, I told Gordon I needed to lie down. So he asked if we could wait in a room with
    an examining table. The doctor's assistant helped me walk. I told him I felt faint. A
    couple minutes later the doctor burst into the examining room asking "Who fainted? What happened?
    Never seen him move so fast. Turns out his assistant reported I fainted.

    Well, after that little drama, the x-rays showed no problems with the bones. Therefore, it has to
    be the discs, right. So a cat scan was scheduled for the next day along with a sonogram for my
    abdomen. Too make a long story short, (I know) too late for that, the sonogram was murky but
    indicated I probably have a gall stone. I never took the cat scan cause in my old age I have
    become too claustrophobic.

    So we went to another branch of the imaging empire to see another machine which was supposed
    to be congenial to claustrophobics, but actually wasn't. Cat scan finito.

    I also argued with the clerk at the imaging store because they charge me big bucks ($300),

    get even more money from Medicare, and then bill me for the balance. I think
    their agreement with Medicare prohibits this. (I still owe them $800 from the last
    visit. My doctor says, "Oh, don't worry about that. Their billing company just made a
    mistake." So far it's a mistake in their favor.)

    In summary, modern medical care if wonderful if you can afford it and are healthy enough to
    survive it. I think I'll go lie down with a cool towel on my forehead. I'll have my valet fan
    me gently.

    Back later, gators
    Rock (aka Patient number 11X0643)
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OH..... I'm so very sorry, poor patient 11x0643. If it's any consolation I totally understand how you felt. When I had an MRI in March on my neck, I was a basket case, had to take a Xanax an hr. before I left, and still was in tears and shaking. I managed to get thru it by putting myself in a different place in my head. Having an MRI is really an ordeal for a lot of people. I had a poor neighbor who tried 3 separate times to go thru the "tunnel" but just couldn't. Our nerves do awful things to us. And it might not be discs either. Did your chiropractor take any xrays?

    Try to do a bit of meditation to calm yourself. I hope it's not gall stones......just stomach upsets from your nerves and pain.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - so sorry you had a to go through so much to get everything done. Hope you don't have to wait to much longer to find out the cause of your pain. Hope they take care of the pain real soon. I have never had an MRI or CAT scan but not to sure how much I will lie them either,
    I too am afraid of the cost of any of these scans. Can't afford em !!

    Sun - Sorry also you had problems when having an MRI !! What everyone has to go through is sad for out health or supposed health :)! HMMM

    TTYA probably tomorrow or will try to after church, etc.

    Hugz to awl,
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni, I'll pop over to the Porch to check things out.

    Rock, I'm so very sorry you had such an ordeal at the doc's. A gall stone might be better news than something with the spine. My gall stone came out through an abscess in my upper stomach area. I didn't know what it was but kept feeling sick so had the tests. It wasn't until the last test, the nuclear test, that we discovered my GB wasn't working at all. I had it removed with the laproscopic procedure and got well. I can eat anything now without getting sick, except the dreaded wheat and dairy. Do you feel worse after eating anything greasy? That's one of the symptoms of GB problems. I hope they find out what's wrong and get it fixed for you.

    When you can, or have Gordon do it, find out what's going on with your Medicare and supplement. I know CA has several of the Medicare Advantage plans which you only pay for when you use it--no premiums. It can be expensive if you need surgery, though. My shoulder will end up costing me about $1,000 in co-pays for everyone. Still, I would pay that in premiums for a supplement for a year and then some. When I don't use it much, it's cheap. I can't imagine your owing so much with M/C and a supp. Something isn't right. Every time you have something done, you should get EOB's (explanations of benefit) from your insurance company and M/C.

    I slept the day away again yesterday. Got up at 2:30 this morning with a flaming UTI. I immediately slugged down some water, chewed up some vitamin C tablets and put some colloidal silver under my tongue. Almost no symptoms now. Seems it gets worse at night. I'll call the doc in the morning. Ugh! It'll require at least two office visits at $35 a throw for my co-pay and an Rx. Still, it's worth it to get over this. My git up 'n go done got up 'n left too.

    Wanted to clean floors this weekend. Oh well, the best laid plans...

    Love and hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Rock...Even if it does turn out to be your gall bladder, in the meantime, they can cause a lot of problems including pain. My Mom suffered something awful until she had hers removed. Back then, they had to make the larger incisions. But, I've heard of many who've had the latest method (like Mikie) and recovery was swift. I "sort of" chuckle...my Sister developed aggressive colon cancer (not funny!), but when they did her surgery, they went ahead and removed her gall bladder (found stones) and her appendix. Heck, 3 surgeries for the price of one.:) (She's now cancer free...hurray!).

    Please let us know if (and when) you get a more defined answer. In the meantime, tests don't mean a relief from pain. I'm sure your days aren't easy ones. I'm so glad you get such great support from Gordin!

    Mikie...Bladder infections are such a drag!! Yep, keep those liquids flowing. I know the cramping is soooo uncomfortable. Along with cranberry (I know you're drinking that), I've read OJ is also good. They both help change the acidity in the bladder to squash those nasty buds. I used to suffer from them frequently, but (oddly enough) now that my bladder is down to my knees, I seldom get them any more. Go figure...

    Thanks for liking my painting. It was done so long ago and I was never satisfied how the kitten turned out. Looked like an older cat instead. But, my friend enjoyed it and that's all that mattered to me.

    Granni...I'll trek from the lounge to the porch to see you news when I'm finished here.

    SFG...We all handle MRI's, etc., differently. I remember how stressed you were at the time of your test. But, it certainly gave you the answer you needed (not that you got fast action at the time). I'm so glad you had it done.


    As for MRI's...I always closed my eyes and pretended all that drumming was a band that just plain couldn't get their act together. I've had several along with cat/pet scans. What I hate the most are scans where they inject contrast meds...I've learned to totally hate needles. Now days, I can't even watch when they're drawing blood.

    Take good care,
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks Woke up around 7: 45 PM. Couldn't figure out why Gordon wasn't at work. Couldn't understand
    how Windy's post could be posted today at 8:06 AM. After half an hour I came to the realization that
    it's PM now, not AM. And it's Sunday; not Monday. I am pretty much confusiated all the time now.
    SOL (Smiling out loud.)

    You're right, Windy. Tests don't relieve pain. Remember those X-ray-TB trailers back in the 1950s?
    The joke was: one lady reported that she went through the test 11 times and felt so much better.
    Have no idea if that was really true.

    Is your painting posted by your name? Can't see it on my screen. Can't even see a grin from
    a Cheshire cat.

    Mikie, if I actually have a gallstone, maybe it's removal will be a stepping stone to better health.
    Ha Ha! Actually I think I'm too old to fix.

    "Wanted to clean floors this weekend. Oh well, the best laid plans..."
    You guys notice Mikie's sly pun? Floors are "laid".

    Granni, if you ever need an MRI you may be able to find a facility that has an "open" machine.
    You don't have to be enclosed in a tunnel. I had one about 8 years ago. The test was no
    problem, but finding the right location was. Yes, the cost of modern medicine is outrageous. What
    good are scientific marvels if one can't afford them? I remember when a doctor visit cost $3
    and if you were laid up in bed, the doc would come to your house.

    SG, your pic of the fountain mit doggy ist Wunderbar! Maybe your could post another one?
    I have no idea how to post a picture. Don't even know if my computer has the right kind of
    electrons to do it.

    I salute you for your enterprise and willingness to try new things. Hard to imagine that kale
    chips are like Cheetos. I hadn't had a Cheetos for decades. Gordon brought some home recently.
    Gobbled down a few and wound up with orange paste stuck to my teeth. Either my teeth or
    the Cheetos have changed over the decades.

    Diane, Barry, come, come see us when you can. Makes me think of that old song, "Come to the Fair."

    The sun is a-rising
    To welcome the day.
    Come to the fair!
    The folk are a-singing
    So cheerful and gay.
    Come to the fair!

    It's such a cheerful song, I'll have to go to Youtube and hear it again. Oh, Oh, Something's
    gone wrong. Hope I can get this posted.

    Well, I "lost the post", but I cut and save it first, so I guess it's OK. Land O Goshen!
  13. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    No, I didn't post my painting as my avatar. I wanted to try out the "Upload a File" button and it worked easily. My painting is in the previous thread (#167). It was done several years ago.

    Yes, I remember those x-ray trailers. We live rural and it hasn't been that long ago they finally did away with them here. Our local hospital has decided to go "modern". With all the upgrading, you would think they'd do a better job of keeping their patients alive. Most people with serious problems go to Joplin (smart move)! I won't go into details, but if my Mom hadn't been sent there, she'd probably be alive today.

    If that woman went through that x-ray trailer 11 times, I wonder if she glowed in the dark?;) We used to kid around about not wanting to get caught in a traffic jam near San Onofre(sp?). We'd all end up glowing...

    How's the pain level these days? Do you have a follow-up appointment with your doctor?

    I do hope Mikie's bladder infection has eased up. Generally, when we feel the worst, it's the weekend and there's no one to call.

    Killer and I didn't do much today (or rather yesterday)...kicked back. We were both worn out from our grand-daughter's birthday party (Saturday). But, I'm having (yet another) sleepless night. This past week has not been good...I can't remember if this is my 4th night this past week or not. Usually I can figure out the "why", but not lately. Oh, well...I'm off to try to get a nap.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, my friends.

    Windy, I am laughing at your bladder remark. Are you planning on having it pinned back in place? Everything in me and on me is sagging. Oy! Today, I am Herxing so all the things I did might have just worked to kill off the offending bacteria. I've been drinking a LOT of water and juice. One of my favorites is cranberry with a slice of lemon in it. I've also been chomping down vitamin C and taking extra probiotics. If they add good bacteria to the digestive tract, why not to the urinary tract as well. Urine is clear with no discomfort. Keeping my fingers crossed that this has done it. Doc is a last resort.

    Rock, if you click on Windy's little cat pic, it will fill your screen and you can see her talent more clearly. Actually, I wasn't conscious of making a pun. Guess I've just been hanging around you for so long that they come naturally to me. I don't know that they removed gall stones any more. I think once the GB starts to produce stones, they remove it. Stones can break free of the GB and travel in the body causing all kinds of havoc. I was lucky mine came out through the skin. Some people have to watch their diet once the GB is removed but I can eat whatever I want in the greasy area. Just wish I could eat wheat and dairy. At least, with dairy, I can take a Lactaid tablet and have it. The Lactaid milk is good and I've been using that; even the cats like it.

    Since I've been inside, mostly in bed, the crows have taken advantage and been eating and crapping all over the Balcony. When I'm up, I hear them caw but when I'm in bed, I don't. I guess they've figured out that the wind spinners won't harm them. One last plan: I'm going to a party store to look for those foil wind spinners to see whether something shiny will deter them. I feel well enough to go shopping today. I need to stop at Publix. I get their vitamin C chewables. I have a $2 coupon to use in their fresh fish dept. Every now and then, they put $5 coupons in. My rule of thumb is that notice of sales and coupons in the paper must make the paper pay for itself. It does--in spades.

    I didn't want to sleep all day yesterday so I decided to do a "spa" day. I cut my hair and it came out great. I had a nice manicure and pedicure. I did my toenails in a beautiful frosted raspberry color and my fingernails in clear. I love to use color on my fingernails but it just doesn't last long cause when I feel better, I'm a doer. A little personal landscaping completed my beauty regimen. At least, the day wasn't a complete loss. Actually, when I have to take to my bed, I don't consider it a loss; it's a respite so my body can rest and heal. I thank God for my warm, safe and cozy bed. It's more than a lot of people in the world have.

    Guess I had better go online to Publix's website to see what's on sale and check out their virtual coupons. I am hoping they have their Shell gas cards on sale, $40 for a $50 gas card. They haven't had those in a while. Oh, to shop; perchance to save...

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone, especially our MIA's. Where are y'all?

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, et al !!

    Sorry to hear about your UTI flare. They are absolutely not fun and I have been in awful pain with that when I have gotten man you those awful attacks.
    SUGGESTION : I keep hand the OTC urinary tract meds. that usually helps me at least temporarily. One of the brands I think is called AZO or something like that but thee are others. Sometimes it ets rid of it with lots of water and other times just a hold over till you can call the doc. More later.

    DH needs the puter and needs to show me something.

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie.....I'm sorry your UTI is taking it's time clearing up. I've only had a few and they WERE awful. That's a nice thing, getting a $l0 off gas card. And can is say those $&^%* crows for moving into your territory when you're unable to shoo them off. Have you thought about one of those demand feeders for cats. My cats eat only dry so I keep a bowl for them in the house but it's a bit of trouble when I'm watching my daughter's dog. Then it has to go into my studio behind a rolling easel and the dog can't get to it. The wafting cat food smells drive her crazy though. LOL The cats know they're getting a visitor when I shake the bowl and move it to the studio. I'm sure they're saying...."Oh NO, not again"

    Rock. You haven't said how the back pain is. A tad better I hope? I changed my avatar. This was done when I was "obsessed" with orchids, about l0 years ago. This was easy to take off the bedroom wall and photograph. Around that time I also got into painting large ones. The biggest I painted was a 4 x 5'. I bought the framed canvas at a yard sale for a buck and hung it on my studio wall. Got a stepladder and had a lot of fun. I was in a local gallery at the time and she arranged for me to have my own "show" at a nearby restaurant. It was exciting to me to drive by the restaurant at night after they had closed and see a light shining on it. I painted a dutch still life of mainly tulips and some other flowers against a very dark background. I sold that one, thanks to the showing.

    Can't do large ones anymore because of my bad neck/back. But then as we get older we seem to lose the ability to do many things that we once were able to.
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All, I feel like crap. It was 1oo degrees yesterday; fortunately today will be cooler.

    Rock, I hope your back problems get worked out. Or your gall bladder. I'm confused. I'm sorry the trip and the tests were too much for you. I sympathize. I need a bunch of stuff done too, but keep putting it off. Guess I WILL make my eye appt. because my left eye is going funny. I hope it's just a cataract....

    Mikie, people around here keep obnoxious birds away by putting up an artificial owl or hawk. Some are solar-powered to make them swivel their heads every now and then. Most amusing, I should think.

    I am happy ( still feel like crap!) because I saw some brown towhees feeding at the feeder today. the first I've seen in two years. The population plummeted, I am hoping they are making a return. We live at the northern-most part of their range. Meanwhile, baby juncos are everywhere, as are the black-headed grosbeaks, steller's jays and scrub jays. Hummingbirds everywhere darning the air and fighting. My mother (English) was quite terrified by them.

    SFGirl- loved your painting (I presume it is yours). It looks like a Cattleya. I also like your your former Avatar, with the dog and fountain -- love the colour! Oh yeah, fess up: did you make the kale chips?:).

    I've got to read now,
    love to all,

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry......yes, I DID make the kale chips, thanks to you. Couldn't bring myself to paying over $6 for a 4 oz. pkg. My daughter was quite interested UNTIL I told her about lots of greens in her teeth!

    I'm sorry you're not feeling good. We suffer, but come summer we seem to have it worse than others.

    I love watching the birds too. For the first time ever I've managed to grow some mammoth sunflowers. Probably in a couple of weeks I'll have lots of birds up there feasting. I say up there, because I planted them in a tall 3' planter area and they're now about the height of the roof line. I'll have to stand at a distance to watch them. Blue bird population had plummeted waaaay down but at a local park I've noticed a few. I saw a few because last year there were at least 8. A few months ago several large pine trees were trimmed drastically and I'm thinking that's where the birds were nesting. BYW....have you ever caught the special about hummingbirds on PBS....it's really wonderful and quite informative.

    Yes, it is a cattaleya. And I gave the dog painting to my son in law yesterday for his BD. I think he liked it though he felt I made his dog a tad fatter than she is. He's very sensitive about her weight!
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone. Just got back from the Porch. The folks over there are great too. They post more than we do here and it can be a real challenge to keep up. These days, just keeping up with anything can be a challenge for me. Speaking of which, Rock, I hope you are better with whatever they decide is giving you this pain.

    Granni, I had planned to go out and get one of those OTC meds but never got enough NRG to go out yesterday. So far, I think the extra vitamin C, probiotics and water are doing the trick. Hope so. I won't call the doc unless it flares up again.

    Sunflower, another beautiful painting. If you can upload your picture file, we can click on it and it will be enlarged so we can really enjoy it. Give it a try. What could go wrong, go wrong, go wrong... From what I can see, this is beautiful. Did you ever use an easel? I have one and it makes painting so much easier. I have one finished abstract painting over my sofa, two unfinished abstracts and one unfinished landscape. I have six smaller canvasses over my bed with the background done. I just have to paint the branches of a tree and blossoms on it. I opted for these rather than a headboard.

    Barry, I'm so sorry you are feeling "like crap." That term perfectly describes how we sometimes feel. The lady at the Dollar Store told me that the owls only work for a short time. She said hanging up shiny pie tins is better. Crows don't like the shiny stuff and they can see themselves in the pie tins. Well, the powers that be in our condo assn. would have a cow if I hung up pie tins. So, if I'm up to it today, I'll go to the party store to try to find shiny wind spinners. I have to scrub crow crap off our balcony and steps.

    I have to go over to the condo mtg. I have at least one check I have to sign for our flood ins. So, as long as I'm up, dressed, coifed and have my makeup on, I might as well do my shopping. I never got to feeling up to it yesterday. I think the extra day of rest was important to my getting over this UTI. So far, so good. There's nothing good on TV. It's in between seasons. BTW, did anyone see the first installment of "Breaking Bad" on AMC July 15th? I missed it. The final segment is to be shown, I think, on Aug. 11th. Netflix doesn't have it.

    I hope everyone is keeping cool if it's hot where you are and keeping dry if it's raining. We are lucky enough to have both the heat and rain. I looked at the full moon last night through the slash pine branches and again this morning when it was setting over the tennis court. I had gone out to see whether Simon was here for his breakfast but he wasn't. I always worry when he doesn't show up but he does this from time to time. He's looking healthier.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    4721 re.jpg

    well, I learned something new today....I looked everywhere for "up load file" and ta da....there it was on the bottom of my screen for posting. Maybe I'll start a new game until Diane returns.
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