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    Oh, Sunflower, I'm so glad you learned to upload your painting. It is gorgeous. Such talent. It's so much better to be able to see in a larger format. Thanks for sharing. The color makes my heart sing.

    Diane, geez, that Herxing is going on a long time. My Herxing from the UTI lasted somewhere between 24 and 48 hrs. Seems to be gone but I'm still doing everything I can to get it fully cleared up. Did "Bad Monkey" live up to the hype? I'm still working on the third book of "Filthy Shades of Gray." It's a good book but these people can't keep their hands off one another, nonstop. It's just redundant and tiring so I skip over a lot of it. The story itself isn't bad.

    After our condo mtg. (I coulda stayed home as there were no checks to sign), I went in search of shiny wind spinners. Finally, I found some gold foil stars on stringers which twist in the wind. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to put them up as I'm exhausted and it's soooo hot outside.

    I stopped at Publix for a few things and left with four of my own fabric bags full of things. Meow Mix was a BOGO so had to get that. Granni, I did get the AZO for my UTI symptoms. So far, I think I kicked it but don't want to jinx it by saying so. Got the AZO just in case. The King of The West honeydews are in and I had to get one. They are as sweet as candy. I wait for them all year.

    Got home and saw some kind of dark red juice on my favorite Capri pants. I used several pretreatment products on the stain and it turned my nice blue pants khaki where I treated them. I may just put them by themselves in the washer with bleach to see whether they will turn all khaki. If not, they won't look any worse than they do now. I'll have to see whether I can replace them.

    Gonna take it easy for the rest of the day as I'm still not bright eyed and bushy tailed. It will help with the UTI to finish getting rid of it too. Thank God for TV and soft, comfy beds. Think I'll just cut and paste this last part from the Lounge. Too tired to retype it even though I know people wait with bated breath to read about my exciting life--NOT! Oh well, I'll take boring any day. It beats drama.

    Love, Mikie
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    It's just getting light here so will go out to clean up crow crap. Then, I'll hang the new foil spinners. I'm gonna load my spray bottle with water and vinegar and find the setting where I can squirt long and straight. They don't like being squirted.

    Everyone, have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Forgive me, I can't seem to get a grip on members. If I get you mixed up, this is the reason why.

    The AZO is for coating the bladder and urinary tract to ease the spasms. I was given it for years for many bladder infections. I was pleased when they made it an OTC. Originally, it was "blue", so it all came out "green"...LOL. Now, it's orange...sooo dull...LOL. Mikie...hope your infection is finally clearing up.

    Also, if your standard squirt gun doesn't do the job...get one of those high-powered ones (for swimming pools). They can shoot really far. My GK's love them when playing in the pool

    Someone asked if I was going to have my fallen bladder repaired...nope. It was repaired when I had my hysterectomy years ago (gads, close for 40 yrs. ago), but it didn't take. At one time, I planned to check into the "sling" to hold it in place, but my Dad died and decided I'd wait since my life even busier than it already was. That was in 1999. Now, I see tons lawsuit ads for people who had problems with the sling. All I can say is...phew!! Glad I didn't have it done.

    Isn't Nancy a super artist! I love her works. Glad I'm not alone in my opinion. What amazes me is how rapidly she can do them...and they look terrific. When I was painting, I'd work on one for weeks!!

    Diane...I've never tried Boars Head. Is it also low in nitrites/nitrates? I have to be careful of those ingredients. We have a local market that has started carrying it. Guess I need to get there one of these days to check it out.

    I've made a note adding "Bad Monkey" to my reading list. I'm currently reading "The Messenger" and it's an unusual book. Can't say whether I like it or not. I have several others waiting in the wings.

    Wonder how Rock is doing? Perhaps he's sitting on "The Porch" and I haven't read those posts as yet.

    I've got a good movie playing in the background..."A Good Year" with Russell Crowe.

    My hubby goes in tomorrow for his 2nd cataract surgery.

    My life is so exciting...NOT!!!
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    Windy - Hope all goes well with your DH's cataract surgery tomorrow. I go to the chiro tomorrow for the first time tomorrow and will see eventually if he can do anything for me at all. I have so many problems plus age is not a a good thing either. Worth a try anyway. The chiro had a special on tests and evaluation so we will see. I know others have had a lot of luck with them. Just hope RX's and manipulations are not to expensive.

    Mikie - I so sorry to hear about your pants. I hate that when you ruin a pair of good paints or top that you like. Let us know if the bleach works or not. Yes, I do love that AZO but it surely does stain sometimes. Sure helps the pain for me or it did.

    Julie s busy and I've been out and about so the Porch may even be lost in space :)!!!

    Sun - your new pic is just gorgeous !!! A painter I am not at all ):!!

    Gotta run for now but wanted to check in. No time for Diane's games this week . To much going on and Sat is that meeting with our daughter and some of the siblings. I am afraid of some of what may come out. Hope they will let her stay while she continues to look for a job. We can give her some $ but not that much.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    thanks Granni.......everyone seems to go thru family troubles. Life just doesn't seem to be a Donna Reed Show or anything like those early family sitcoms. I have a HUGE amount of stress constantly that never seems to let up. I hope you have a good outcome with the family meeting.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Windy, I think when AZO was an Rx, I took it for a bladder infection. My toilet is a colorful bowl, what with the blue tidy bowl type additive and my orange pee: Abstract art! Yes, pinning up bladders often doesn't work and I've also seen those ads. I never take or try anything new. I wait to see whether there are lawsuits ensuing (ha ha! I wasn't trying to make a pun. It's like I said, I've been around Rock so long that the puns just make themselves now.). I have one of those big squirt guns stowed away. I should fill it up and blast those crows.

    Granni, I don't have to worry about the stains from the AZO. When I worked at Publix, I had to wear black pants or shorts so I just started wearing black boy short style undies and now, unless I'm wearing white, I just stick to my black ones. They are soooo comfy, especially the newest ones. The cotton is so fine and cool. The ones I get are from Hanes and sooooo much cheaper than ones from Bali and Maidenform. I wear more expensive bras because of the amazing sales at Bealls but the Hanes are just as good and a fraction of the price. The boy shorts are hipster style and my friends won't wear anything which doesn't come to the waist. A lot of my capri pants are hipsters too but I like that fit.

    I'm gonna cut and paste what I posted over on the Porch. It's slowed down over there so haven't seen anything from Rock in a day or so.

    Our Simon cat, the homeless one which will not let anyone get close to him, often sleeps in my chair out on the Balcony or at the top of the stairs. I think it means a lot to him to have a space which is the closest thing to a home that he has. He still heads down to the stair landing as soon as I open the storm door and waits for me to put his breakfast down and go inside again. For the last two days, he has spoken to me. One little meow is such a big step for him. The other two came in yesterday. They like the milk I put out on their little kitty placemat in the kitchen. Then, they play and "attack" each other until they are ready to go outside again. I love having them around.

    Yesterday morning, I took down the useless nylon wind spinners, cleaned off the crow crap and put up foil spinners with big foil stars which flip around with the slightest breeze. I call it "My Star War Initiative." No crows have been around for three days. I hope this keeps them away but I have a feeling I'll have to hit them a few times with a spray to keep them away. I took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster. Just working out there in the heat and humidity did me in. I came in and slept.

    I've been watching "House of Cards" on Netflix but fell asleep and had to rerun part of one episode. It's a very good program. I didn't like "Network" on HBO but decided to give it another chance this season. It's so much better and I'm watching it too. Want to be sure to catch the last episode of "Breaking Bad." Is it apparent that TV is my life. Well, that and the kitties.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  7. Windytalker

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    Granni...I also hope your visit with the chiropractor goes well. I've never had good luck with them, but then there aren't many to chose from in my area of the world. I truly hope this works for you.

    Mikie...Busted up about your toilet bowl.:) It was good to read you've had 3 crow-free days. I'm sure they're messy birds. It's also good to know you have another weapon waiting in the wings (the long range squirt gun).

    It's nice you take care of Simon (I absolutely love the Simon the Cat website...bet that's where you got his name). I was chuckling yesterday...our neighbor's cat has been sleeping on our deck. They've had company for about 2 weeks and the cat is "hiding out" waiting for them to leave.

    And, yes, AZO used to be a prescription. No longer...which is great.

    What disturbs me about HBO, Starz, et all is they are now making series programs...just like the old days of network TV. Lately, finding a decent movie to watch is getting more and more difficult. And, I refuse to watch any series that's politically skewed (like Network). But, I did get hooked on Downton Abbey and Pillars Of The Earth. Excellent.

    Dianne...Thank you; hubby's surgery went well and we go back today for a follow-up. He and I are both anxious to find out how much his vision has improved. He's wearing a plastic eye patch and won't know until it's off and both eyes have completely healed (another 2-3 weeks).

    Also, I never thought to look up Boar's Head on the internet. I went to the site and they have a wide selection...I just have to check to see what my local market carries. Along with avoiding nitrites/nitrates, I have to watch out for "natural flavoring or natural seasoning"...it's a hidden form of MSG and my body hates it (causes me to have sleepless nights and restless leg syndrome). I'll have to read the labels. Hopefully, it's not an ingredient.

    We've had a few problems with Robins and where they nest here, too. But, I've found if they're disturbed too much, they abandon the nest. I had one build a nest on a window ledge and thought it would be fun to watch (from the inside) how the eggs/babies progressed. But, dumb me, I had the gutters on the house cleaned forgetting about the nest. They abandoned it. Another built one in another bad spot...they gave up at that location, too.

    I hope everyone does well today (including those I haven't mentioned)...I'll get the hang of it in time.:D
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    Hi, y'all. Just a quick post. I left a quickie on the Porch as I've not been online much. My antiviral software just did a big job of blocking malware. I'm so sick of these hackers who wreak havoc on us and endanger our information and computers.

    Diane, I'm so sorry your fight with yeast is causing such Herxing. I was Herxing yesterday with the usual headache and horrible stomach aches. Last night, I felt so nauseated. Today feels better. Glad you have more NRG; that usually follows Herxing. Robins can be savage when protecting their nests and babies. I remember when my cat caught one of them years ago and all the robins dive bombed her until she had to retreat. I felt bad about the baby bird she caught. Of course, it died. Thanks for your kind words about Simon. I know he appreciates what I do for him because he gives me love looks and now meows a "thank you" when I feed him. Still, he keeps his distance. That's OK; it's what keeps him out of harm's way.

    Windy, it was Jeff, the kitties' legal guardian (I call him their Daddy) who named Simon because he mistakenly thought Simon was a "Simonese" instead of a Siamese. That cracked me up but the name does seen to suit him. Almost everyone in our little hood loves the cats. You usually have to get up early or be out late to see Simon but, now and then, he's out during the daytime. Tweety and Sylvester are like little ambassadors to the hood. They go out and greet people and dogs. If I go to get my mail, I can count on seeing them. If they know I'm outside, they come to be let in to play and get some milk. The premium cable channels usually have some good series. After a time, one can watch the older episodes on Netflix or on another cable channel. "House of Cards" is the first series that Netflix has done. It's up for Emmys or an Emmy, can't remember which. I'm all caught up on it til next season. I agree that "Downton Abbey" is excellent.

    I desperately need to shower and think I'll run to Bealls because they have a $10 coupon for $25 spent. Of course, they price all the Capri pants at $24.99. I want to try to replace the blue ones I ruined. Then, I'll stop at Publix for some food. I didn't eat right while I was sick with the UTI (which isn't gone but is better). I may end up at the doc's office yet. I can't seem to get on their website to see the weekly ad. I'll just check it out when I get there. I keep hoping they will have their deal on Shell gas cards again. It's too good to pass up. Today is the last day to use my $2 coupon in the fresh fish dept. I hope they have some salmon on sale.

    Have a great day, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Folks

    Don't have the energy to post much. I did the dishes today. that was my only accomplishment.
    Came across the following brief anecdote. I believe it's meant to teach us a valuable lesson.
    Make the best of a bad situation. Of course, it might teach us other things as well. Such as:
    Hire a competent mechanic.

    My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

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    (by the way.....I didn't type the way it's come out on the board?)