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    Hi Fellow Loungers

    I started this post with the title of Lounge 169, open to all including lounge lizards. Then I
    thought I'd better check the definition of lounge lizard. Decided I'd better not use that
    term after all.

    Gordon picked up some Ibuprofen for me at Costco yesterday. I now have two bottles: 1000
    pills. I feel almost rich to have a thousand of anything. Apparently Ibuprofen and Advil and
    Motrin are all the same. Doctor told me to take 3 OTC pills; that would equal one Rx pill.

    Got something from the Blue Cross people. My meds have cost $135 so far this year. Blue
    Cross has paid $2 and I have paid the rest. For this I buy insurance? Oy Vey! (Translation:
    Woe! Woe!)

    Barry, never heard of the towhee before. I looked it up. Allegedly it's cry sounds like it's
    name. I don't think so. If you're curious, folks, you can listen to same on Youtube. The bird is
    a sorta sparrow, much larger than an urban sparrow, and orange and black like an oriole
    only with more black. When I was a kid we used to have birds rest on our clothes line in
    the back yard. My mother would always call us kids when it was an unusual bird like
    an oriole, woodpecker, or cardinal.

    I saw one of those plastic owls in a hardware store. It was black and white. I kinda doubt
    other birds would pay much attention. I read most mammals see in black and white, but
    birds can see even more colors than we can.

    SG, love your cattleya painting. Gordon has 100s of same plus lots of others: miltonia,
    phalaenopsis, zygopetalum, vanda, ondicium. The first mentioned look kinda like pansies,
    and the second look like moths. Alas, they are not getting watered enough. I can't do it
    and he's busy with other stuff and his brother is worthless.

    Mike, I hope your infection is withering like our orchids. You are so lucky to have a balcony
    with human and feline visitors. I have only the board, but on the other hand (or paw) all
    the visitors are of the finest variety.

    Time to give Zipper breakfast and finish the dishes. About the only chore I do nowadays.

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    Great Minds...I had started a new Lounge and it's gone. I'm glad you started it for us. Thanks for the good wishes for my UTI. It appears it is clearing up; yesterday was definitely a Herx. Still, I've been fooled before so I'll believe it when I can pee clear for 3 days.

    I think we are all lucky to have found our Online Family here. I am also lucky to have this balcony. It isn't that much, just a normal balcony on the top (2nd) floor of a small condo bldg. Still it's wide enough to accommodate our little folding outside chairs and small end tables. Between Barb and me, we have never run out of seating for our guests. We not only get the cream of the crop of neighbors/friends and felines, but we have the finest of canine visitors as well. We keep treats for all our four-legged friends.

    I am down to one crow. They usually hang out in families (or murders) but this one lone bird keeps trying to steal the food. I haven't been able to spray him yet. He taunts me from the tree but by the time I get over there, he flies away. Still, just the act of chasing him will deter him somewhat. I think if I could get a battery-operated owl with owl hoots and flapping wings, it might scare the crow. It would also probably scare the cats so I don't think I'll spend the money.

    Gonna rest again today because I didn't sleep last night much. I did finish the final "Filthy" book. I gotta say that despite all the sex, which gets boring after a while--same old, same old, there is some excitement in the story and it is a romantic read. I usually don't like plain ole romance unless it has something unique to offer. I'm now reading a Vince Flynn thriller.

    I'm having a problem setting up Skype. I got an account with them but can't get to the place where I add my contacts. It just keeps sending me in a loop to keep signing in. What a pain!

    Well, dear ones, gotta go. Everyone, have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock. You're most definitely writing like you're feeling better. So did anything show up? I know you couldn't do the MRI. I really love it when you post....you lift my spirits and make me laugh but even a little chuckle is good now and then. Insurance companies are the pits and famous for paying as little as they can get away with.

    Glad you like my orchid painting. If I get ambitious I'll clear off my junky/messy studio table so I can get a photo of a painting I did years ago of foxglove that I have hanging on that wall. This is actually two canvas panels that you hang together. Wish I could sell some of my large ones but just have no ambition to search for a gallery.

    Speaking of orchids I was in the neighborhood of a professional orchid nursery sooooooo, of course I had to stop and buy. They had been having a sale and things were fairly picked over but I bought two phals for $20. The maroon speckled one has 11 flowers on it plus 6 buds, and the yellow speckled has 13 with a couple tiny buds. Yes, they can be a whole lot of work. Doesn't Gordon see that they need some water? He's probably so busy with whatever that they've escaped his attention. I also bought a bag of professional sphagnum moss from the orchid grower and am in the middle of repotting an outdoor orchid that's gone crazy. I believe it's a milatonia, blooms once a year with maroon and cream flowers. I've also got an oncidium, about l0 months old, but so far nothing that looks like flowers. Think it's going to go live on the patio also.

    When I first got "crazy" over orchids I turned a small unused bathroom into a greenhouse. Hung lights from the ceiling, put metal shelves in the shower. Then after a couple of months I realized I had overstepped myself and removed them. Putting them on the patio didn't work and I eventually lost all of them. I remember at that time I went out to Cal Poly Pomona to Raymond Burr's collection which he had donated. Their greenhouse looked a lot like my sorry one. I'm sure he was turning over in his grave over that.

    Mikie. So glad to read that the UTI is finally clearing up. That was a long road but you did it on your own without the doctor. Guess the "flock" moved on to better pickings. Maybe this is the scout for a new group? LOL Have you ever read any of Daniel Silva's books? He an undercover Israelie spy (darn if I can think how to spell that word)
    so not only is there lots of action but I learn a heck of a lot of information.
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    Hi fellow loungers, I'm messing around with the "font family", etc.

    So your down to one crow Mikie. That's good. A murder of crows is something you definitely don't want! My only pest at the moment is a fox that has been hissing and staring at us. Not really a pest, but startling sometimes. The same thing happen ed last year. It probably has a den of kits up the ravine. We've seen them before playing in our lane.

    I was wiped out yesterday, ergo bummed out. Not so bad today. I fried some fresh Gypsy and Padron peppers for Richard and self. Olive oil. salt. Good crusty French bread (preferably Levain). Wonderful bruschetta (or nibbles, if you prefer). Now I've just picked another batch of peppers from our four plants. We also ate our first Cherokee Purple tomato yesterday. About the ugliest tomato you can imagine, greyish-purple with a green top! But it is absolutely delicious! I wou
    ld grow it again.

    My dog played being a cow this morning. I had to clean up the regurgitated cud. Hope Zippy is feeling peppy, Rock. Older dogs. I've had a lot of them. One got a herniated disc and became semi-paralysed (back legs), but he sure did love being taken for walks in the wheelbarrow! I do the best for them I can, but never let them suffer...

    Richard has gone off to take our "boarder" Ted to his broken car (Ted's) so he won't have to take a circuitous hitch-hiking route. Good Samaritan.

    I am taking care of the dogs and fixing lunch -- a fruit salad -- cherries, cantaloupe, blueberries, and grapes -- with yoghurt or cottage cheese -- your choice. Last week we got some fresh raspberries. Boy were they good, with plenty of flavour and sweet for once. I've given up on commercial strawberries (insipid) and only get them from the farmer's market (I always eat one first!)

    And now to lunch, some reading, and a nap.
    Love to all,

  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, I was also wondering what your tests turned up.

    Sunfllower, I've not read any of the Silva books. I'm actually reading a lot of books bought by my neighbor when I loaned him my old Kindle. I've bought a few for my Kindle Fire but not had time to read them. He and his wife both read books on the old Kindle so there is a lot of diversity in the library. I had a cream and violet orchid and it bloomed beautifully. After the blooms stopped, I cared for it according to what I had read. I cut the dead stem off and new leaves continued to grow. Then, it fell over and I could see it was rotten inside. I didn't overwater it. I took care of Barb's orchid last year and it did fine. Could have just been a diseased plant but now, I'm afraid of them.

    Barry, I'm drooling over all the fruits and veggies you wrote about. All they all from your garden? I'm glad your fox hisses so you're not taken by surprise. If she has kits, she'll be like a mama bear. We have foxes here but they run away like our coyote did. The raccoons and possums are shy too. It's only the crows and squirrels which have attitude. We cannot have lights in our shade tree because the squirrel, who has a condo in the palm tree, sits in the shade tree and bites the light cords. I should plug it in.

    I just wiped out a whole paragraph so think it's time to go. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Oh, Mikie, better your paragraph was wiped out than you. Ha Ha! I amused myself. I am shocked to
    hear of a squirrel biting electric cords. If he gets a mouthful of electricity he's liable to run away aka bolt.
    My tests: well the x rays showed no abnormality in the upper chest except my something or other
    was located higher than normal. Gall bladder. I forgot. Anyhoo the doc ordered the test because he
    suspected a tumor. He said there was no problem. He didn't tell me before he got the results. Didn't
    want to frighten me. Well, that was considerate.

    I couldn't take the cat scan. The sonogram showed gall stones. If they start to migrate like yours did,
    then surgery will be a possibility. I hope I never have to go to the doc or have another test in my life.
    And don't we all.

    Barry, never heard of a fox hissing. I only saw a wild one once. It was in CA near in the Simi Valley.
    It was just jogging alongside the road. The fur was both red and grey. What color is yours, and do
    you see foxes often? Never heard of the tomato you mentioned, but would love to try it. Some
    ten years or so back, Gordon got a tomato catalog. There were something like 700 different varieties.
    (Took me 4 tries to get that word right.)

    BTW, did you know the wheelbarrow was once high tech? I read it was invented during the construction
    of Notre Dame Cathedral.

    SG, thank you for your kind words. I never knew Raymond Burr grew orchids. Gordon and I have
    been to several orchid shows over the decades. One was a combination koi carp and orchid show. Another
    was at the Los Angeles Arboretum. It was orchids and succulents. Most of the succulents came from
    exotic places like Africa and Australia and did not look anything like the standard cactus. Gordon has
    a couple dozen succulents now. The ones on the front porch have been blooming frequently. Probably
    because they get a lotta water by succulent standards.

    Oops! Better go. Gordon is up. Time for us to watch Lucy and the news. Not simultaneous, of course.
    Be Back Soon as Fagin sings in "Oliver". I read, BTW, that there was a real Fagin who was a friend of

    Ha det bra
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Fellow Loungers,

    Rock, I'm sooooo glad there was no tumor. I'm surprised the doc doesn't want to remove the GB if there are stones. If they do migrate, they can wander into dangerous territory. There is what is called a nuclear test which shows whether the GB is even working. If it isn't, it needs to be gone. After myriad tests, it was this test which gave me the second lowest score the docs had ever seen. I only had the one stone which came out through my chest. That was one strange experience.

    The lights aren't plugged in and by the time I got the extension cord, the little devil would have gone. So, are you saying the squirrel would bolt from the volt? Ha, ha! I have to amuse myself because I live alone. Also, with my Cancer sense of humor, half the people around me don't "get it." I think they would but, unfortunately, many of them don't listen; they are too busy thinking about what they are gonna say. I took a communications class in college and, until then, I never realized how many people do this. It explains why people don't remember being told something.

    I think in one of Ken Follet's books on building cathedrals, he mentioned someone inventing the wheelbarrow. He's one of my favorite authors.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about your vitamin D situation. Is there enough sun for you to sit in it for 15 mins. a day? Even on cloudy days, there are UV's. I've been depressed with this UTI and it sucks. I hope you feel better soon. Good to know about the book. I didn't realize Stephen King had a son who writes. I learn something new every day.

    I'm going to cut and paste this from the Porch as I'm too tired to retype it.

    I th0ught my UTI was cured but sho 'nuff I got up in the middle of the night and my pee was cloudy. Am still working on it at home as the symptoms are mild. I took my zapper apart, put in new batteries, and removed an old chip of plastic from when I dropped it. I don't know whether it's working now or not. What I do know is that I don't have $400 to replace it and don't feel up to checking them all out to find a cheaper one. If I lived closer to my ex, he could fix this one or build one from scratch; the plans are available online.

    Yesterday, I had a big fight with the crows and the blue jays they recruited. I took my Windex bottle and sprayed them. They didn't like it and screeched and dive bombed me. I got enough of them that it may deter them. If all else fails, I may have to feed Simon on the balcony and then move the bowl to where both the birds and the cats can eat. I hate the crows and jays because they have driven away the mockingbirds, mourning doves and other smaller birds. They are like bird gangs and I consider them thugs. Crows are a protected species in FL but there is a hunting season for them. If they threaten other wildlife, you can kill them anytime. I don't want to kill them but will continue to try to find ways to get rid of them for my sake and the sake of our smaller bird friends.

    My shoulder continues to hurt even though it is better. No one told me it would take so long to heal. Seems that sleeping on it for a long period of time makes it sore the next day. I need to go out to Comcast. AACK! It's out in the boonies and there is usually a big crowd waiting for service. I need a faster Wi-Fi connecton but need help selecting one which will work with my equipment. My computer is slow and I can't stream videos smoothly. Just what I don't need--another $20 a month. Comcast owns me.

    Love to everyone,

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Been weeks since I've been outta the house. But last night we went to the library and the market.
    Bought a package of pink Oreos. "Berry Burst Ice Cream." They taste vaguely strawberry. I believe
    they are marketed for kids and grown up kids such as I. Maybe in the not too distant future we'll see
    products aimed at an older group that are marijuana flavored. I saw in the news yesterday that
    Uruguay is legalizing same.

    Diane, I read Joe Hill's first book. Is the one you're reading also short stories? I thought he and his
    publisher were idiots. I bet his dad offered to read the manuscript and the kid said, "No, I wanna do
    it myself." Anyhoo, why would you choose the name Joe Hill when it's the name of a labor union
    martyr? There are books and plays and songs about him. See Pete Seeger and others on You tube.

    And the first story is set during WW II and there are several paragraphs dealing with press on
    nails which did not exist until 40 years later. Well, maybe he's improved. If you recommend his latest,
    I'll give it a try.

    Anybody read detective stories by Robert B. Parker? He died a couple years ago. Wrote something like
    70 books. Anyhoo I got 8 or 9 of his paperbacks at the library for ten cents apiece. (I take 'em back
    after I've read 'em.) The amazing thing is these books are 30 to 40 years old and his pristine condition.
    Never been read. Time machine?

    Mikie, my back is about like your shoulder; better but still a problem. Nobody told me old age was such a
    quagmire. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I must have been thinking of what I was going to say.

    With regard to the crows, you may want to consider a 20 gauge spray gun. We used to have one of those
    when I was a kid. The 20 gauge has no kick unlike most shotguns. We used to have lots of pheasants in
    SE Minnesota when I was a kid. Deer and pheasant season were in the fall. Never hunted either. It
    was fairly common to go walking or driving in the country and have a pheasant fly up in front of you.

    Diane, don't know of any melt in your mouth supplements except M&Ms. Ha Ha! Oh wait, yes I do.
    There's one for a vitamin. C or D I think. I saw an ad that said it was better cause it doesn't go
    through the tummy, etc. (It gets absorbed more easily.)

    Well, the computer is being recalcitrant as usual. Tried to look something up, but it wouldn't cooperate.
    Barry, what are you reading? I just got another book by Donna Leon. All her mysteries are set in
    Venice. She's one of those good writers; if you like her, she's prolific.

    Well, time for Lucy again.
  9. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: I believe you're referring to Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. A big favorite of mine and made into a TV movie. I'm sorry the UTI is still there. Have you ever tried taking oil of oregano? It's natural antibacterial. Whenever I feel like something is coming on and also regularly starting late fall, I take 4 drops in 2 tsp. of frozen apple juice concentrate (defrost for 8 sec in microwave) and swish it/gargle it first then swallow. It will burn a little going down for about 30 sec. Do a search on it's healing properties.

    It's ONE of those days for me. UGH. I thought I had this pain issue under control but it's reared it's ugly head. I've been having more head tremors than usual. My mom had these for at least 40 years but I find the head shaking makes me loopy. Personally I think it's related to my neck troubles. I did neck stretches yesterday that the PT gave me (haven't kept up with them for about a month) and NOW I've got neck pain and the bad headaches that go along with it. I was up at 4 a.m. heating up all my rice sock things, getting my ice pack for my head, and making a No No.....caffeinated coffee which helps boost the ibuprofen quicker. I think Rock said it.....it's really hard to get old.

    99cent store had those purple black little tomatoes last week but I passed on buying them because of all the tomatoes I still have. Next time I see them I'm gonna try them.

    The last 3 nights when I turned on the TV we couldn't get several stations so last night husband called direct TV. The guy walked him thru doing a scan and asked if any trees were blocking the dish. Nope.....then I decided to check while he was still on the phone. OMG....my giant sunflowers were the problem. A huge head was directly in front of the dish on our roof. So my husband went out and bent the stem/trunk way down and problem solved. I'm hoping the seeds will still mature even though the trunk is bent.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, geez, the idea of pink Oreos is making me queasy. AACK! You are one adventurous man! They quit making my favorite Oreos--coffee flavored cream. Can't find them anywhere but now, with my allergy to wheat, it's a moot point. I once had a boss who was not Mensa material and he always said something was a mute point. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh at him and disturb his pompous demeanor. I once worked with a manager who was always wanting to take a "quantrum leap." I'm no snob and try not to be judgmental but I can barely stand to watch "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. The man loves the sound of his own voice and barely allows his guests to speak. The worst part is that he thinks he's intelligent, which he may be, but he slaughters the English language. Heaven help him when he decides to use foreign names and phrases. I watch because it's an otherwise good show with good guests but he too often is horribly rude to guests who are not in his political corner. I like "Morning Joe" because he has good discussions and guests from both sides of the aisle. Like Matthews, though, he is a bit of a gasbag. I cannot imagine that you weren't listening. I remember listening to older folks talking about their aches and pains but I simply could not relate to that. Now, I know what they were talking about (forgive ending my sentence with a preposition :)

    Diane, glad you like the gummy vitamins. I look for them whenever I can because they make taking supps so much easier. Only problem is that if one buys a large bottle of them, they can turn strange tasting. I think I get my vitamin D while outside chasing the birds. Have you been on HSN lately? I have pretty much stopped watching because I'm on an austerity regimen and don't want to buy anything. My docs really didn't believe me when I told them it was my GB. They made me get an endoscope and decided I had acid reflux because my stomach was inflamed. Of course it was--from my GB. I insisted on the nuclear test which finally revealed the GB wasn't working. Had I not insisted, the docs would have likely put me on meds for acid reflux and the GB would have continued to make me sick.

    Sunflower, I'm laughing about the sunflower blocking the dish. We can't have dish here so we have to pay big bucks for Comcast. Prism is two years away but I cannot imagine telephone landlines being as fast as Comcast. I'll be cutting and pasting about my experience with Comcast yesterday. I visited the Porch and just don't have the NRG to retype it. Haven't tried oil of oregano but will keep it in mind. I use colloidal silver which kills all pathogens. It is the AZO which is keeping the urine clear (clear but orange :) I am not having pain so will continue to use several things before I break down and see the doc. It's sooooo stressful to have to drink a lot of water and pee on command. I am so sorry for your pain and tremors. Yes, it was "Pillars of The Earth." I can never think of the title; I always want to say, "Salt of The Earth." I saw the miniseries. There was a followup book but, of course, I cannot remember the name of that one either. In fact, it may have been written by someone else. Since fighting my UTI, I have no memory nor cognitive function.

    Rock, you have an interesting thread on favorite movies if anyone wants to chime in.

    Sunflower, your enlarged painting over on the Porch is so beautiful. Y'all go over to pay a visit and see it.

    Yesterday, I drove all the way out to Comcast, exchanged my old remotes for ones which actually work, and upgraded my Wi-Fi. I've pulled the power on my modem and router three times to boot them up and my internet service is slower than ever. Seems I remember something about it taking up to 24 hrs. for upgrades to be effective. I'll have to call them later when C/S is open. I couldn't find one of those little digital boxes we now have to use if we don't use HD boxes. I still have a couple of old TV's I watch but I have an extra I'm paying $1.99 a mo. for. It wasn't worth it to tear my walk-in apart to find it. My front office and walk-in are the last two places I need to go through. Actually, I did clean up the walk-in but can't find a darned thing in there. I need to make a diagram for myself.

    I was so tired that I forgot to stop and mail a registered packet to my ins. co. We get credit for our condo and bldg. ins. if we have wind mitigation inspections. Our bldg. has a lot of things which make us eligible for credits. I'll have to drive to the little post office down the street. I'm going to stop in at Lowe's, also close by, and see whether I can find something else to deter the crows. If not, I'll feed Simon and then, move the bowl down the balcony just around the corner from one resident who never cleans outside her door. I don't get it--she is clean and her condo is clean but outside her door, it's covered with cobwebs and dead insects. She complained about ants coming in and I told her that she is, in effect, setting up a buffet for them by not cleaning. She is young and single and there is no reason for her to live like this. I wouldn't want to come home to such filth around my front door. It's bad Feng Shui. She is very religious and is always praying and going to church. Has no one ever told her that cleanliness is next to Godliness? If Barb, who is in her low 80's, and I, who have sketchy health, can keep our side of the bldg., and the middle clean, surely this woman could do the same. I'm just glad her door is around the corner on the balcony so we don't have to look at it. If the end unit ever gets through foreclosure and goes up for sale, I'll clean up down there so we attract decent tenants.

    It's always something. Until I find another deterrent for the crows, I'm going to bring the bowl inside before the crows' usual feeding frenzy. The cats aren't very active in this heat and they can get by without food for a few hours until Daddy Jeff gets home from work. BTW, did anyone see the video of the raccoon who was stealing three cats' food. He just walked up to their bowl as they gave him dirty looks, scooped up food in both is front paws, and ran off on his hind feet, erect like a human. It was weird looking. A raccoon at one of our beaches here stole a woman's hot pink metallic wallet. She chased it until it dropped the wallet. Guess he just wanted some bling.

    As always, my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hi everyone
    I still visit when I can.Getting settled in the new house and finally have proper internet service.Working with the builders to get what we paid for and making progress as they restructure.Need landscaping yet.Went into a flare which was just a matter of time but managing as best I can.I had a terrible time getting back on here with all the changes but again internet on my laptop helped.I'll try and get back later.Blinds installed has taken 3 attempts to get all of them installed.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Pam,

    Glad you found your way back here. Yes, it can be confusing plus with all the stuff you have to do in a new place. Sorry you had to go into a flare. To much happening with you and new house, I suspect. Come back when you can. I can imagine how busy you are. Hope you finally get all your blinds up !!!!

    Rock - did you say pink Oreos. That is a new one on me . I do love the color pink but not sure about Oreos. It might be kinda of sweet for me.

    Diane - Missing seeing you around . I didn't notice today if you were still doing the games. Hope you are feeling better.

    Mikie - Hope you finally get rid of that UTI it is awful. I used to get them one after the other . Don't know what I would have done without the AZO and other meds now that are OTC. I used to have to go in for culture and antibiotics so many times for years.

    Went to the chiro today for my consultation after testsxz. I knew he would find lots wrong and that it would be expensive. I really want to do it but it is not cheap for sure. DH is alaready moaning and groaning about all the bills.

    Everyone have a great weekend. I hope to see you all later, maybe this weekend or Monday . You never know how busy the Porch or Lounge will be on the weekend. Usually rather slow.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    PAM! OMG, it's sooooo good to see you posting. Sorry for your flare. I know how much time and effort it takes to get a new home up, decorated and running. Please, don't be a stranger. We miss you.

    Granni, thanks again for all your sweet good wishes for my UTI. It's not completely gone and I'm still so tired but I'd rather clear it up myself if I can. I have to get back to PT for my shoulder at home. It's still not where it should be and it's too painful. I have full use of it but not without the pain. Even sleeping is painful. Whine, whine, whine!

    I finally got my higher-speed Wi-Fi up and working. It's faster but not as fast as I'd like. Think I may have to move the modem and router closer to where I use my laptop and TV. It's been raining most of the afternoon so I've been catching up on TV series with Netflix. I think it's a bit better than it was there for a while. I love their new series, "House of Cards," which is up for an Emmy or Emmy's. Kevin Spacey is delightfully evil in his political role.

    Going to dig in for the night. Hope y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Granni, you're right about the pink Oreos. They are super sweet. I don't think a person would wanna
    eat more than 5 or 6 at a time. LOL They have a serious engineering flaw though. The filling does not
    hold them together. You wouldn't want to serve them at a kids' birthday party. The floor would be
    littered with chocolate wafers.

    BTW, about chiros. Mine says it does no good to have frequent adjustments. There should be a
    minimum of 3 days between adjustments, even if the back is badly aligned. Gordon and I have been
    going to him for a long time; maybe 20 years. He still charges us the old price of $35. We are his
    oldest customers. We've both been in the condition where we couldn't walk, and he got us going again.
    But this time, even though I can walk, I still have painful twinges when I move. The constant pain is
    gone tho.

    Mikie, I can't follow all that high tech stuff you post. You young kids are just too electronically
    advanced for my small brain. Do folks still drink cranberry juice for urinary problems? I was in
    the hospital a couple decades ago. Both of my roommates had prostate surgery. They drank
    cranberry juice all day long.

    Pam, great to see you back. Good luck with the new house. To bad my dad
    isn't here to help you with landscaping. He was a traveling tree salesmen. Traveled around NE Iowa
    and sold trees and shrubs and rose bushes, mostly to farmers. Sometimes to schools, etc. Before that he
    had his own restaurant. Went from cooking plants to growing plants. His idea of a classy customer
    was one who'd buy red maple trees.

    What kinda blinds are you getting? I think it was Mikie who told me about the blinds with the lever in the
    center, but I forget the name. It's a terrible thing to lose your mind.

    Glad to hear Kevin has been OK since his surgery, Diane. Never heard of a nuclear test. A BLT sounds
    great, but I can't chew them thar things anymore. I remember a couple decades ago Gordon and I
    were growing tomatoes. I told my secretary who was very health conscious that I was going to make
    a BLT when I got home. She said, "Bacon? People still eat that stuff?

    SG, never saw any little purple black tomatoes. Sometimes they have exotic tomatoes at the market, but
    I never buy any. They are way too expensive. If I knew they were really good, that would be different.
    Oh yeah, been meaning to tell you we have sunflowers in bloom too. At our old place we had a white
    wooden fence in front and big sunflowers just behind them. We don't have so many here, but they
    look great. Very cheerful, and a wall of the neighbor's morning glories behind them.

    Barry, what's this about a boarder? Is Ted a person or a collie? Haha! Mr Fox been around?
    You sure have lots of interesting fauna and flora. BTW, is Richard a fan of Flora Robson? She had
    a commanding presence, didn't she?

    Better go before my post does.
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've had to swear off sugar, wine and caffeine (do you think I'm a happy camper?) Seems like everything I love I've had to drop because of reactive hypoglycemia. About 3 weeks ago I ate l/3 package of those peanut butter filled oreos around 9 PM. OMG.....next morning was awful. I've been doing pretty good, including reading labels as to how much hidden sugar. So definitely the strawberry oreos would send me over the top.

    Mikie, I agree with Rock, electronic gadgets I really don't understand. I would be LOST if my husband didn't muddle thru them. Around here it's like the blind leading the blind but I'm definitely at the bottom. When he gives me instructions on the computer workings, he has to write it down step by step.....such as....#l left click, bring down menu, right click....blah blah blah. I lose patience at my age and feel soooo stupid.

    Rock. Interesting that your dad owned a restaurant. Were you around to work in it or was that before your time? When we first moved to this house we went from $200 a mo. house payment to $800. That's a joke now though, but at that time we were strapped for cash, so I called a local Round Table Pizza and asked for a job. They were thrilled to get an older lady who knew how to cook. I actually enjoyed it, making soup, doing the prep (I always worked the morning hours) putting the salad bar together, and making the pizzas. Hey.....I also learned not to eat at a salad bar. Let's just leave it at that. LOL I worked 3 months then I had it so quit.

    And something about seeing sunflowers blooming.......so cheerful. They must look beautiful against the morning glories. This is the first year ever I've had success growing them. Do you save your seeds or do the birds get to them before you?

    Granni. I do wish you much success with your chiropractor treatments. Many people find that they get help, but it all depends on the skill and knowledge of the one you're going to.

    Barry, I love reading about all the wildlife where you live. In the past there has been sightings of a mountain lion in our area, having come down from the foothills. A notice was sent out to residents that in case you encounter one you are to make yourself look larger than you are, meaning raise your arms way up and move them around. Oh yes, don't run either. Years ago there was a brown bear that had trapped my UPS driver in the back part of her truck 105 plus temps outside. She was locked in for over an hr. until someone came along and reported the bear. Can you imagine how hot it was inside?
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    No time or NRG to post much but just wanted to wish everyone a great day. BTW, I'm no techie. I've had to learn to fend for myself so when I have a technical problem, I just dig in and try to fix it. Risky business.

    UTI is better but not cured. Evidently, it causes loss of appetite. Combined with eliminating wheat, I have lost 12 lbs. Not that one would notice but I'm having a hard time holding up my pants. Not the same thing as having a hard time keeping one's pants on.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    How-dee! Shades of Minnie Pearl. Remember Minnie? I first heard of her when I was a teen. I went
    to a Methodist Church Conference in St. Paul. And there was Minnie; on stage. Dressed like a farm wife
    in everyday clothes with a silly hat that had a price tag dangling from it.

    She couldn't sing, but she was on the Grand Ole Opry for half a century. I read her autobiography decades
    ago. She had a deep, dark secret that she was afraid would get out and ruin her career. She was a
    college graduate.

    I am having shrimp stir fry for breakfast. Gordon has gone to the Chinese market. Later we are going
    to Food 4 Less. He asked if I was up to going. I said, "I am now. Who knows half an hour from now."
    He said, "Wear your red bra. It will help support your back."

    Hope what you've got is soon over, Diane. Maybe just a cold rather than the flu? Do you have
    a good book to read?

    Mikie, I liked your discussion of pants, etc. I can tell you are a real logophile. I saw that right away
    when I noticed how you wood shop around for the precise term. Nothing stumped you.

    I'll bet Round Table was glad to get you, SG. A person with some maturity and skills and work ethic.
    What a find! Especially today. I didn't work in my Dad's cafe as I was too young. One time, when I
    was 9 or 10, he was short two waitresses so I took care of the customers in the one big booth we had.
    They were pretty rude to me. Left a tip all in pennies. 20 cents or something. When I was at the
    cafe, which wasn't often, I would carry empty pop bottles (no cans in those days) to the basement.
    That was about it. Just think. In those days (the 40s) a cup of coffee was a nickle and came w/ free
    refills. A meal was 35 - 50 cents.

    We have bears here too. In the suburbs where the houses are expensive and the foothills are right
    next to the houses. We've had one cougar so far this year. The animals usually wander back to their
    territory. Occasionally a bear will be tranquillized and moved a couple hundred miles away. They
    generally return in a month or two.

    Better get ready to go to the market.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, everyone,

    I'm still Herxing so not a "W&P" post. Diane, I hope you get over that bug.

    Sending my love to everyone. I don't think I can keep up with the Porch any more. I can't even keep up with the Lounge.

    Hope everyone has a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  19. RitaF

    RitaF Member

    hi Mikie, i've been trying to find out how to email you privately. of course i'm finding the new system hard for me to figure out.

    i have some personal experience with peptide treatments but wanted to "talk" to someone who knows a lot about it.
    so sorry that you are herxing once again but if you by chance read this and can figure out how to find me that would be great.

    one of the members "tooks" ? has been trying to help me but my computer must be different than hers.

    i'll probably keep trying and maybe by dumb luck i'll make a connection. thanks for your help. RitaF also earlier known as rfg958 but i think that was long, long ago.
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh Diane. I'm so very sorry to read this about your neighbor. I can understand his decision not to go thru chemo if he's already done it once. I will pray for him and also his family, that he has an easy time with the cancer. And miracles do happen all the time.

    Many expert doctors in the cancer field report that chemo ends up NOT working as it should and just makes the patient very, very ill from the drugs. I'm sorry that you're already mourning your friend.....I get very sad when I hear of someone who is suffering and prognosis isn't good, so I understand how you're feeling. We all die, eventually, one way or another. I'm a Christian and I believe that God has a purpose for everything although it's hard to figure out why we must suffer! But I try hard to put my trust in God....... remembering that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I believe we are all given time on this earth to learn lessons and then we move on.