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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Rock asked someone to start the new Lounge so here goes.

    Rock, I'm so sorry the chiro visit was so painful. I hope the next one is better and the pain just keeps on trucking out the door.

    Granni, my DD#1 and my DSIL could not get pregnant. They saw all the big fertility doctors to the stars in LA and had all the tests. The next step would be in vitro and they decided not to do that after watching so many couples crying in the waiting room when it had failed. They decided to let nature take its course and if they ended up childless, they would just enjoy each other and be best friends for life. They have no children and I admire their decision. I do feel so bad, however, for those who so desperately want children and can't have them. Miscarriages are so hard and so sad. I pray your kids find a wonderful baby who needs and loves them. BTW, hope everyone is having the genetic testing.

    Sunflower, I'm going to have to go to #169 and reread your post because my poor pea brain can't remember anything. Be back soon. I'm so glad your plan worked out. I also have a Nov. baby, a Scorpio like her Dad. I miscarried my first pregnancy and so did this daughter. It's so much more common than most people think. Still, it doesn't make it less painful. Sometimes, it's only after one has a child that the impact of the lost child, or children, really hits home.

    I've had this UTI for several weeks. It keeps clearing up and then, coming back. If it's not better by tomorrow, I'll call the doc.

    I think I'm going to have to take my computer to a geek to have it cleaned up. It's slow, even with my supposedly fast internet connection. I also have to call Comcast because it isn't that fast. My Netflix has to rebuffer now and then. One of their techies tells me that it doesn't matter how many people are online in our cable box outside. Another tells me that each one depletes the broadband a little more. I'm not sure anyone there knows for sure. Maybe the geek will know.

    We got a lovely rainfall last evening. I have to force myself to shower and go shopping for groceries. I still have no appetite but have a $10 coupon from Publix if I spend $50. Heck, it takes nothing anymore to spend $50. I can always buy things like Hefty bags, Zip Loc bags, paper plates, etc. My car needs to get out and go so I may drive out to Hobby Lobby. I have a 40 percent off coupon. They have such good prices on home accents and candles. BTW, my little beach vignette in my sitting/guest room looks great. Very India Hicks!

    I have a 40 percent off coupon at Michael's too so may look for a cheap poster with a beachy feel to it to replace the one I have with a tree in the snow. I painted two very simple matching abstract canvasses for my high dining room wall. Everyone loves them. They aren't landscapes, just two colors, beige and blue, which remind me of sand and blue skies. Everyone loves them. So simple.

    Y'all have a great day.

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    Hi Folks, Just woke up. usually I wake around 1 or 2 AM but today I slept till 5 AM.
    Anyway, Zippy will be expecting me to bring him in and fix him a "midnight" snack. I'm just
    waiting for the spots in front of my eyes to go away. These are
    the "flashes of light" spots, not the dark ones.

    Julie and Diane and Mikie, I hope Shantell sees your posts.

    Looked up India Hicks, Mikie. She sounds like the kind of teenager that gives parents grey hairs.
    Wikipedia said she was 679th in line for succession to the British throne. Guess she doesn't have to worry
    about being bumped off by an aspiring relative. Maybe that number is outta date with the new baby.

    Say, have you got a coupon for a bargain on a new back? Two for one or something.

    Talk atcha later as Mr Dad used to say.

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    Hi Mikie, Rock, et al,

    Mikie - You are so right with everything you said about not being able to have a child. It is a terrible hard thing if they are wanted badly. My DIL and DS are like kids themselves and are so good with them and real people people, if you know what I mean.

    They are going through Spaulding I think and they also deal with Foster children but they decided not to do the Foster to adopt as they don't want to have a child and then have it ripped away from them as you see in some of these horrible cases. May children have had drug problems through the mother already, neglect, abuse, etc. So we do not know who or what they will get till they get closer. It most likely will be an infant. I think they are hoping like for a 2 - 4 or 6 year old at most. Not sure about how they do the choice thing. I they get to look at children and histories ( which is good first) the then get to chose. Not sure how many choices. After they have made the choice they are in the home for either 6 mo or more ( I forget) and if they still want to adopt they do it. It is not easy these days to adopt a child either.

    I know a gal whose husband worked with my DH and at least one of their daughters adopted more than one children. It might have been through Catholic Charities or something like that, not sure, it has been way to long. They apparently didn't have to much trouble in getting babies then. A dear friend of mine's sister's daughter adopted from over seas, I forget where. However, that cost LOTS of money. Nowadays also there is a lot more red tape involved and some of the countries don't want to do it any more or make it to take their needy children from their orphanages. Also, many unwed mothers or mom's without the fathers are now opting for keeping the babies, some even when they have little ways to support them. In some cases it is a good thing but single family households with children are not easy for anyone, including the dear children.

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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    I have a friend who heard from someone else about a young mother wanting to give up her baby, that was 38 years ago so different than now. She raised that little girl along with her other two, they were wonderful parents. This girl got PG at age l4 so suddenly she now has another baby to raise. Make a long story short the adopted daughter and my friend had giant conflicts, didn't talk for over 2 years. The new baby is now 21 and my friend also had problems with her......she would move to her mom's house then when mom put her foot down about something she would move back to grandma's house. It hasn't been an easy road. And her two biological children apparently resent this adopted daughter and also her daughter. Confused? I get so that way also. Maybe God knows best.

    I lost a baby before I finally gave birth to my first. I always think about the miscarriage though.
  5. rockgor

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    I've read about adopted children. They tend to fantasize about their real parents, run away from
    home to find them, etc. Of course I was reading novels rather than books on sociology, so my info
    my not be totally accurate.

    I've also read in the last couple decades that studies show couples without children are the happiest.

    This is all a totally different world than when I was young. Whenever they had an audience participation
    show on the radio, the audience clapped loudest for the biggest family. And folks did have big families
    back then. And divorces were extremely rare. I only met one divorced person. And there was no such thing
    as juvenile delinquency. Teenagers were expected to behave themselves, and most of them did.

    In our high school class one girl got pregnant, and the young couple promptly married. The whole time
    I went to school only two girls got pregnant, there was no drug use, and no one was in trouble with
    the law. (Although I did get a ticket for speeding.) We didn't have a cop in our village 'cause we had
    no crime.

    I get the home town paper (comes out once a week) from the village my brother lives in back in
    SE Minnesota. It prints news from 7 villages all close to each other. Crime is still almost non existent.
    There is no graffitti or public drunkeness; no homeless people; no vandalism or bad neighborhoods.

    I expect people under 50 would think they were in another century. "UFF-DA" Days is this
    week. There will be a parade, my brother will play in the town band, there will be a volley ball
    game, a tractor pull, a picnic. Could be a century ago except the tractors were pretty primitive back

    Oops! I see I'm off on another old person rant. Amazing the changes in just a single lifetime. Perhaps
    the most amazing change of all is that the world's greatest military and economic power now appears
    to be on its last legs. I hope to get off the bus before the big crash.

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  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    As to the adopted children wanting to connect to their birth mother, my friend's adopted child did just that and it hurt my friend so much. The girl wanted to live with this birth mother. It was an awful time they went thru. So very common.
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, India Hicks is from the Mountbatten side of Prince Phillip's family. Lord Louis Mountbatten was Prince Charle's great uncle and more of a father to him than his own. The Irish blew him up with a bomb. Just recently, Queen Elizabeth forgave the bomber and shook his hand. India Hicks was one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids. She was a model and is still beautiful. She lives in the Bahamas and has a store on whichever island she lives on. She sells her things on QVC. Her bedding isn't expensive when on sale but some of her things seem a bit pricey. Since I'm the Queen of Doing Things On The Cheap, I take ideas from different decorators I like and find cheaper versions. I, like many Cancers, don't like change and don't move my furniture around nor like to replace it. I've updated my kitchen and baths on the cheap and did the work myself. I've had the same furniture for years. I like classic casual so it doesn't go out of style but is always comfortable. I like antiques and distressed wood so I can mistreat everything. Fabrics are all cotton so everything can be washed.

    Rock, I call my rants, Old Fart Rants :) I grew up in a small, but not tiny, college town with very little crime. Maybe a gruesome murder every ten years or so but no drugs. Girls got PG in high school but not that many. The mother and father usually got married and later divorced. Today, it's no big deal. We've seen tremendous change in our lifetimes. When I was small, the ice man still delivered to those with true ice boxes. He let us ride on the back of his wagon in the summer on hot days. We'd suck on ice chips. We rode the bus all over town by ourselves and hung out at the kids' fishing hole which the city stocked with rainbow trout. Mmmmm!

    Today, Moms have to shuttle the kids everywhere and worry about some scumbag giving them drugs or kidnapping them. I agree that our country is going to hell in a handbasket but I don't see things improving until Washington can get its act together. It may never happen and the corporations and wealthy will run things. That is what scares me when I go to sleep. Well, that and terrorists. I don't have that many years but my DGS does, I hope. I want a better, safer world for him.

    Granni, I'll pray the adoption goes well. If it were me, I'd want to know everything about the birth parents. Not to scare anyone, but my neighbor took a child at about four whose mother was an alcoholic. My guess is that he had the fetal alcohol syndrome. He was always in trouble and broke my friend's heart. She wished she had never adopted him. She and her husband did everything for him but he ended up in jail. Some of the babies coming from Eastern Bloc countries have some kind of mental problems and display rage from an early age. I don't know about people without kids being happier. How would they know? There were some very trying years raising our girls but I'm so glad we have them now. On the other hand, my childless kids seem to be happy because they've accepted their path and made the most of it. That's all any of us can do.

    Sunflower Girl, it's so sad for your friend and her family. I know a lot of adoptions work out great but it's so sad when loving parents try so hard and have problem children, adopted and natural. Read what I wrote to Granni too. So sad.

    I did manage to shower and clean my nasty self up. I went shopping and stopped in a several places to see about cleaning up my computer. One would put it back to where it was when it came out of the factory for $129. Well, hell, I can do that. Best Buy's Geek Squad wants $70 just to diagnose and if they do anything, it's $200. The guy seemed proud that they guarantee this work for a couple of years. Also, they have that superior attitude which keeps me away from Best Buy. I wish it were Circuit City that had survived instead of BB. I may have to back up my stuff and erase the C drive and reinstall Windows 7 and Windows Office. The rest of my desktop can be reinstalled after.

    I came home to find a Trojan Horse had crashed my computer. I took out the battery and restarted it in safe mode and reset it back to mid-July, before it was infected. Of course, that was before I had downloaded Skype so will have to go through the agony of reinstalling it. At least now, I know how it's done (I hope).

    Got a great beach pic. It's in a lovely frame with glass and was on sale for half price--$19.99. I'm going to alternate it with my tree in the snow pic. Too bad I didn't decide to go beachy until Aug. By Sept., it will be time to put out my fall accessories. Of course, down here, beachy is always in style. We have lighted reindeer for our yards at Christmas but we also have pink lighted flamingos too. Kitchy or White Trash? You decide. Barb and I are getting too old to even decorate much at Christmas any more. All the bldgs. in here used to decorate but as we've all grown older, the decorating has fallen off.

    Oh, and I got a BOSU ball with a coupon at Sports Athority. It was a 30 percent off coupon but still expensive. I figure it's an investment in my safety. I need to improve my balance to stop falling off of things or tripping over them. I'll let y'all know how it works out, pun intended--working out--get it? Oh, Rock, thy love of puns and word play is infectious.

    Through all our everyday chores, aches and pains, we have each other. Through our tragedies, we have each other. The good news is that through our joys, we share happiness with one another. I wish you all much joy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rita, if you see this, I sent a private e-mail to you. Don't know whether you get an e-mail when someone privately e-mails you or not. Look at the top of the page to see whether there is a little red box with a number right above your inbox. You can access my e-mail there.

    I just stomped on my inflator to blow up the Bosu Ball. I think that's my workout for the day. I stood on it with no problems so am hoping it will help my balance. I'll be really careful, doing only beginning things to start. It's supposed to strengthen the core which helps with back pain. I hope so. If it works, it'll be worth the money and effort.

    Am feeling a bit better today and hope to get things done around here. Need to take my garbage and recyclables down before it gets so darned hot out. I can't take it. It's a beautiful summer morning but by afternoon, it'll be unbearable.

    Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi EVERYDOBBY, I'm used to using that term from the PORCH way back when !!!.

    Mikie - let me know about that ball if it is worth it. Gee, you have to blow it up too? That in itself is a workout but you only need to do that one time if storage is not an issue. DH is one for clutter - it really bugs him. I could hide it upstairs in the storage closet if needed (;!! LOL Hope your UTI has gone away. Those sales you got sound really good, that food too.

    Yes, I know a lot of horror stories that could be with adopted children and I think they get the whole history ( that they know about) before placement or adoption. My son and DIL are so very patient and loving and not being able to have their own has been been very hard for them. If anyone can help a child with problems they can.

    Diabe - Hope you are doing better. Haven't seen you posting other than the games. Just know I am thinking of you and hope all is well. So sorry again to hear about your sick neighbor ):!! Miss hearing from you. Love your posts.

    Gotta get ready to go out with DH. I won a lunch at our club months ago and we are finally going to use it today.

    Love to all and everyone else not mentioned,
    Granni :)
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    BOSU stands for both sides up. You can turn the thing upside down and do pushups hanging onto the sold bottom--yeah, like I'll be doing that. I'm leaving mine inflated because it's still as big as the round solid bottom (wish my bottom were round and solid). But, I digress...

    I got on it and just stood. It is not designed for one to ever be able to stand without wobbling. It's that wobbling and recovery which builds the core. I did some slight squats and some of my shoulder therapy while trying to stay on it. It's a challenge but I'm pretty sure that if one keeps at it, it will really help with balance. As it is, I wobble on solid ground and have to recover my balance. It came with two DVD's but they look a bit advanced at this point. It can be used for step exercise with the extra challenge of the wobble.

    I don't know why it's so expensive but it is well made. They had one at the physical therapy place so it must have some kind of value. I have two of those balance balls and I've enjoyed bouncing on the big one and using the smaller one between my legs to do leg lifts. My health care includes a health club membership but it's such a pain to go. I used to love to go to the gym and work out but these days, I want to do things at my leisure at home. A reclusive like, with a few exceptions, seems to suit me.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ALL,

    Diane - glad to see you started this thread or was it ROCK??? . Thanks for the kind words as well as starting up these neat threads. I have been bad about reading threads myself and writing as I want to. My brain is not to great right now - duh !

    Mikie - Will try and check out the BOSU ball but I doubt if I will be standing on it without support of some kind. We have balls in our guym but not sure if they are the right size. If I can sit on one without killing myself that is a good start for me. DD #1 has a big ball not sure if that is the right size or not, I agree with you about doing it at home but DH doesn't want to and we don't have a treat mill which os one of the big things I do there, him too.

    Rock, Sun at all, I have not started chiro yet, maybe someone else did. I start Monday.

    See you later alligators :)!!!!

    Love to everyone,
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey there! Just got back from the chiro. Gordon got an adjustment. I got an adjust. Just half.
    Kinda like Mikie's BOSU ball. Or my brain in its current state. Gordon went off to do errands including
    going to a Mexican store to buy a tortilla press for his sister. While he's there he'll get another one for
    another sister. (Well, tortilla press is like mongoose. The plural is awkward.)

    Wow! The Ice Man Commeth. Eugene O'Neill. Far as I know, Mikie, we never had an ice man
    in our village. We did have milk delivery at one time though. I remember in the winter the milk
    would freeze and push the paper cap off the bottle. (No milk cartons or aluminum beverage cans
    in those days.)

    Granni, "Everydobby" comes from John Lennon's first book. It came out about the time I was
    graduated from college and the Beatles came to America. The opening sentence was something like,
    "Sly down in the leg chair and open your gorble wide."

    I hope your chiropractor is as good as the one I've been seeing for about 15 years. Today when I
    came out of his office, there were 4 young (20s) people in the waiting room. One of them was
    a stunning Asian girl with gold shoes, the kind you might see on a Las Vegas stage. I waved my
    cane at them and said, "I'm cured! I can walk again." They looked a little started and then smiled.

    I said to the gal w/ the shoes, "Nice shoes. Can I borrow them sometime." None of them said a word.
    Maybe they don't appreciate subtle and sophisticated humor unless they get it on their phone.

    Diane, when I was in the accident business, I read thousands of medical reports and records. Drs
    constantly prescribed Flexeril and Motrin. Now it's my turn to take them. I take the Flexeril at
    bedtime so I don't really notice if it's doing anything. The Motrin helps with the pain. The dr. said
    it's the same as OTC Ibuprofen only 3 times stronger.

    Ya know what? If you have a cane, we could get together and have a sword fight. I've got two
    of 'em. I think they were originally used by Gordon's mother. (See there. There's a small child
    lurking in quite a few adults.)

    SG, did you see my two verses on the movie thread? I crave your opinion. Or maybe "beg
    your indulgence" would be more apt. Anyhoo, what are you up to this fine day? Are you painting
    or is that something you do now and then?

    Too bad I can't post a pic of the b-day card I made for Gordon. It's roses and ferns in a vase. In
    my mind's eye, it looked sorta like something Van Gogh might have rendered. In reality, it looks
    like something from Achievement Night, 3rd grade.

    All for now, Kids
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: that chiro visit really has helped you.....the zingers keep coming! love this one: " In reality, it looks
    like something from Achievement Night, 3rd grade." I'm sure Gordon was appreciative. Are you going out for dinner or are YOU cooking something? Or maybe surprise him with some new take out or delivery.

    Someone told me that you can only take 1 motrin as opposed to 3 ibuprofen. I'm cheap so just buy a l,000 count bottle of CVS ibuprofen. At one time I was up to over 2400 mg a day and I KNOW that's way to much but you have to cut the pain some way.

    I loved your finishing of the man from Nantucket and was hoping to add to it, but darn my brain just doesn't work that way and after checking everything that could rhyme with bucket the only thing is Nantucket and ducat! I give up......poems are not my talent. Great idea on that word.....whooda thought.

    Sometimes I've had the best conversations with people gathered around produce in the supermarket or wherever. Young people just don't get us older folks! Too bad, they're missing something.

    A few months ago I was shopping with my daughter and 5 year old granddaughter. We were in the shoe dept. and I was shocked/amazed at the strange styles of shoes that are being sold (pawned off on fashion conscious young women). 7" heels, straps like you wouldn't believe, sequins everywhere. My granddaughter and I were having the best time trying to outdo each other on finding the wildest shoes....laughing hysterically (my straight laced daughter was not amused)

    That reminds me, when I was 10 I used to "lady sit" at a small old people's home around the corner from us. That's what it used to be called back in the 50s. All I had to do was make sure none of the ladies burnt the house down basically. One elderly lady, age 95, would sit with me and tell me all about her wild days. She went on strike and refused to wear the black stockings then enlisted her girlfriends to do the same thing. I always loved being around the older people, they're so full of wisdom (well, most of them).

    I've been wearing my ice pack around my waist and around my neck the last couple of days, but hope to paint a little today as it helps me forget my miseries. I've hit the ibuprofen and caffeine already to help cut the pain.

    Mikie: I hope the bosu ball helps with your balance. I know as we get older if we're not careful we end up losing our balance. I've slipped and fallen in the past also, one time spraining both ankles badly and had to ride my office chair around the house. I have to think carefully whatever I do now. I went for PT for a couple of months and have thought about checking into joining a gym again just to use the machines. I would have to drive about 6 miles to the closest though and probably it's full of nothing but the younger people.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Loungers, hope y'all are well.

    Granni, I have two of those balls. I use the larger one to sit at the desk in my little office where I store my workout stuff. It's comfortable and is a healthier way to sit at a desk. The smaller one is used for other workout moves. I do my sit-ups on the larger ball, much more comfy than doing them on the floor. Bouncing is supposed to be good for us, loosens up the lymph fluid. It's fun to just sit and bounce now and then. Think I'll check out which gym I have a free membership to, courtesy of my insurance.

    Rock, tell Gordon Happy Birthday from the Lounge. I'm sure the card was lovely. I have no talent and is why I paint abstracts. The abstract crowd would disagree that one doesn't need talent to pain them. Well, they're right but it's a different set of abilities. I don't know whether I am talented or not but I don't care. Abstract artists paint for themselves. The most difficult part is to know when one is done.

    Sunflower Girl, I think younger people, especially girls, are shy around older people. I mean, we must seem ancient to them. Probably what makes us laugh is not what is funny to them. I'll bet more of them get injured falling off their shoes than we do falling off our BOSU balls. I now have only one pair of high heels. They are not all that high but do have a stiletto heel. I walk carefully in them. I only need them for the rare occasions when even my dressiest flip-flops just won't do. Being the social recluse that I've become, I don't wear them much. I do clean up nicely, though. If you go to the gym, it's better to go during the day when the youngsters are in school or working. Down here, Seniors are common and no one cares. I can no longer do heavy lifting. I work for more endurance with reps instead. That head injury scared me and that is what inspired the BOSU. Also, I have osteopenia in my hips and don't want to break one. People often break them when they lose their balance on the way down and not when they hit the ground. Toned muscles can make up for poor bones and joints, to a point.

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nit much time to post now but wanted to say HI to all.

    Mikie - Thanks for the continued info on the famous BOSU ball. I think my eledest daughter has one, it is pretty big. Actually it is pretty huge for me :)!! Sorry you have osteopenia. I have osteoporosis bad in some spots.

    Sunflower - Nice to read your posts. Funny and smart !! Speaking of shoes falling off or falling down from wearing very hi healed shoes one of the cantors at our church is a lovely pretty young lady with a beautiful voice and she wears these very high and skinny heels. I feel one of these days she will fall off the lecturn . No kidding they are that high.

    Diane - Hope you are doing better. I know you have been busy Googling and bringing us back in time along with ROCK.:)!

    Mofre later, busy day and have to get dressed for chiro.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Old Pals

    Nothing going on here. Yesterday Gordon's sisters came for a visit. They made Chinese dumplings.
    He gave each of them a tortilla press. Unfortunately they (the presses, not the sisters) were defective.
    So he had to schlepp them back to the store in the San Gabriel Valley and get a refund.

    I agree about stiletto heels. I never wear mine. Can anyone explain the mystic of shoes and why
    women seem to crave them? Does their DNA contain an extra gene or something. Mikie, I loved
    your line "my dressiest flip-flops". I suspect that's an oxymoron.

    Granni, you have cantors in your church? I thought cantors were Jewish. Some American opera
    singers (Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce, and Richard Tucker) made recordings of cantor music. They
    were all Jewish. Tucker's name was originally something like Reuben Tickler.

    SG, the mental picture of you riding your office chair around the house reminded me of a
    workers' compensation claim I handled decades ago. Some jerk at work (Hey! that rhymes)
    was feeling playful. He came up behind a secretary, grabbed her chair, and pushed her around
    the office, out the door and into the parking lot. Regretfully she jumped off the chair and fell
    sustaining minor injuries. I kinda wondered if the playboy was terminated, but my file was
    silent on that point.

    I don't see anything cheap about buying a big bottle of Ibuprofen. I am a firm believer in
    practicing good ek-ah-nomy. My younger brother is now at the age where he's getting aches and
    pains. He also uses ice packs and finds them helpful.

    I mixed up a package of stuffing yesterday. Too salty. I wonder if the birds would eat it.
    Yesterday morning there were 7 Samuari, I mean seven sparrows in our backyard. I couldn't see
    anything that they could eat.

    Granni, hope the chiro helped. Stop by when you can, Barry.

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni, I'll be thinking about you at the chiro today. I really hope everything will be OK. I went in the past and found that some days things were fine afterwards and others....well.......

    I'm waiting to see one of those actresses in skyscraper heels fall in front of 20,000 people at an awards ceremony! Or maybe some of them to vocally come out against the lunacy of it all. They're ruining their spines. I was NEVER a shoe person. As long as I had some black ones of varying degrees of heels or straps I was happy. You should see my daughter's shoe closet ....OMG OMG. I was there a few weeks ago in her closet and just stared in amazement.

    Rock...some people at offices have such a darn good time that they forget they're in a professional atmosphere and they're supposed to act accordingly. I DO hope that guy was fired. Do you remember about what she would have been paid? That's too bad Gordon didn't check out the tortilla presses before he bought them, but I'm sure you all still had a good time cooking and eating.

    I'm really **&%#@* today, actually the whole weekend when I discovered mealy bugs on the two new orchids I purchased from a grower less than 2 weeks ago. I immediately isolated them from my other 4 I own and will have to keep a close eye on them. Took rubbing alcohol on a Qtip to the offending ones and plan on going back this morning with them demanding a refund.

    And I told my husband to plan on him removing the kingsize mattresses off the bed when he gets home so he can THOUROUGHLY vacuum the carpet under the bed. I developed asthma last year with lots of wheezing, especially in the mornings. I refuse so far to use steroid inhalers. Was reading this morning that pet dander and dust is one of the biggest culprits and the cats scoot under there to hide. From now on the bedroom door will be closed to them. Looks like I also need to do a weekly dusting with a damp cloth to the plantation shutters next to the bed. That's such a chore.

    Julie: Your rebar work sounds grueling. I realize your husband needs help though. I hope you don't get a huge backlash from all that heavy work. What are you building?

    In my younger days in my 40s and 50s I was also known to be able to swing a pick ax when needed, carry heavy bricks (I mainly made my used brick walkway in my front garden) BUT have lived to regret all of that work. We never had $ to spend on hired help so I just learned to do things myself. I now have a handy man to do the odds and ends around the house and have hired another man to do heavier repairs.

    Yesterday I spent cleaning/purging my studio of art that didn't turn out. An instructor told me years ago to NEVER let anything get out with your name on it unless you really were happy. I was deciding if I should have a ceremonial burning but decided I could just do the old "rip and tear" so that's what I did yesterday, and into the recycling bin.
    The used watercolor paper I will gesso over and I can use it again.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, my friends. Just got back from doc and Target to pick up my Rx. She could find no bacteria in my urine but sent it to be cultured. Found out that, even though I pee like a racehorse, I don't empty my bladder. It feels like I do and I always push out the last of it but it seems some kind of pelvic spasm keeps me from emptying. She did an exam and, fortunately, there is no prolapse. Also, my pelvic muscles are in excellent shape. So, I'm on Bactrim until the culture comes back. I should find out Wed.

    Granni, is the large ball of which you speak one of those completely round balls or a BOSU, which is only the size of about 1/3 of one of those loose balls. The BOSU is like a small mound, 10" tall, on the floor. Today, I was able to do some step exercises, one where I step up on it with only one foot and let my arms fly up and out. I never though I'd be doing something like this already. I am also already feeling the benefits. I'm much more sure footed (knocking on wood here :) I use the BOSU barefoot. I think there is less chance of catching one's sneaker if one is barefoot and I think there is a much better sensation through the feet.

    Rock, not every woman I know craves shoes but many of us certainly love them. Actually, down here in FL, "dressiest flip flops" isn't an oxymoron. Because we dress so casually, we have everyday shorts, capri pants and tees; however, we also have dressier pants and tops which require flip flops in metalics or with some bling on them. It is perfectly permissible to dress up and wear dressy flip flops. These are light years away from the rubber ones one wears to the beach. It's sooooo hot that we love to have our feet airy and not crammed in full shoes. I'm tellin' y'all, FL is like no other place I've ever seen. A lot of what we do seems strange but a lot of it is actually just acclimating to the heat and humidity. That, and living in God's waiting room.

    Sunflower Girl, seems to me that when I turned 60, things really started to go to hell in a hand basket. Despite having been sick for so long, I still was strong and could do short spurts of heavy work. I just can't do it anymore. Also, I've seen what can happen to joints and I don't want any more trouble with mine.

    Well, I'm tired. I tool my pill and am going to lie down and read. It's soooo hot out that there is almost no one at the doc's or in Target. Almost no cars on the roads either. My A/C is running constantly and I have it set at 79. I hope this turns out to be just an infection in my bladder. If it is, the Bactrim will clear it up pronto.

    Oh, BTW, I used my $5 gift card from my last purchase at Target and got another one for buying two bottles of gummy vitamin C which were on sale. I'll use it next time. I always feel good when I save money. Also BTW, Rock, if you buy the house generic brand of ibuprofen in the really huge bottle, it is usually so much cheaper than buying a brand name. The active ingredient is the same. I buy mine at Publix or Target. The drug chains also sell them.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Fl is like TX with the flip flops and dressing casually. It is very causal here. Now in Houston or Dallas some might dress up some but that is the people who have to dress up for work. The others are running around mostly is shorts. When I have to go somewhere to the store , chiro or wherever I dress a lot in capris of the good old pedal pushers from the 50- remember those, I do. Loved them even in NY many moons ago. You sound like me about saving money. I grew up that was and did the same with my kids too. You are so right about the generics of store brand rather than the BRAND name , same thing but so much cheaper. The Bactrim is an older drug and not as potent but that is OK and probably better for you in the long run with less side effects. I have been on it myself too but not recently. Good luck with the UTI. You sound like me. I never empty my bladder fully when I go and could go sometimes 5 minutes or ten later after going. They also have spasms. I could have taken drugs for it which I did for awhile but no more.

    Have to check out the balls one of these day. Right now to busy and no time to shop. This week is terrible with stuff to do. I have already changed my chiro apt to Friday and now will probably have to change again due to our old pastor dying who retired sometime ago.

    Hi to Diane, Rock, Sun Flower and everydobby else I might have missed. Have to go start supper. Chorale practice starts again tonight - ugh almost forgot about it.

    Love to everydobby,
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    You are one busy little bee. I admire all you do. I just sent up a prayer for your pastor and his family. Do check out the balls when you have time. If the BOSU isn't right for you, consider one of the large balls which you can sit on. Even if you only bounce on it, it's good for what ails ya. Most of these things come with DVD's on how to use them. Not only is my balance better but my legs feel stronger without feeling the burn or after-exertion aches.

    The doc (actually a PA Nurse Practitioner) said Bactrim is the ideal ABX for my bladder infection. Since I can't take any of the fluorquinolones, like Cipro, our choices are limited. Even if I were not allergic to them, I wouldn't take them. They can damage tendons. People with FMS usually have damaged soft tissue in the body, including tendons.

    What you described is exactly what is happening to me. I can pee a lot and ten minutes later, I can pee a lot again. I think I'll cut down on my water intake but not too much because of the Bactrim. I think they will grow out a bacteria in the culture. I feel better already, having just taken one Bactrim last night. I'll have to double my probiotics intake.

    I loooove that gummy vitamin C that I bought. They look like little orange slices and taste yummy. Of course, off- brand chewable vitamin C is cheaper but it's so tart and sticks to my teeth. I think everything should be in gummy form. I have found that vitamin C helps with the bladder. This happens soooo often; I pick up an Rx and when I get home, I get the robo call that I have Rx's at the pharmacy. Yep! I looked and it's time for my refills. So, off I go today to Target for my usual Rx's. I think I'll pick up two more jars of the gummy vitamin C and get another gift card. I can use the one I got yesterday to help pay for them. Ain't this a great country or what!

    That may be all I get done today as I'm still worn out. This has been going on too long. I'm not going to the condo mtg. this morning. I just looked out to see a little squirrel eating a pinecone from the slash pine which grows just outside my lanai. The pinecone was almost as big as the squirrel. There are two youngsters who run around that tree. The squirrel in our front tree is a jerk. At the last mtg., people were complaining about the squirrels' tudes. The one out front doesn't like the cats and he taunts them and screeches at them. I've squirted him with my water bottle

    Both cats came in yesterday morning and had milk, food, and catnip from their little mousies. I had refilled them. They have cavities in their stomachs (the mousies, not the cats) with Velcro which allows me to keep the catnip fresh. They played and wrestled with much drama and yowling. I can't find their grooming tools. Sylvester's belly is a dirty matted mess. In the heat, he sleeps under parked cars so he can elevate his deformed paw on the concrete rail.

    Well, kids, hope y'all have a very blessed day.

    Love, Mikie

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