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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    In the Middle of the Night, I go walking in my Sleep. It's 4:30, been awake since
    3:30. Third night in a row. 1st two nights, said to myself "ok, I can do this". Tonite
    grumbling about it :)

    Decided to start a new thread since we are at 37 on #72. But we have a general
    chat going on men's shorts for women and breast shortening. New thought's

    Noticed that Birmingham Al. was listed as a city where you might not want to live.
    Why? Tornados, crime and obesity. Hmmm. Never have heard not to move some
    place cause of tornados. Blizzards seem equally deadly (mho). Crime. Have only
    witnessed one armed robbery. Learn to stay away from that section of town.
    Obesity. Really? I guess it is contagious. What about fairly mild weather, beautiful
    azaeles and flowering trees, great health care? Things have shifted in priority.
    Several cities were undesirable because of the same three things.

    Huz got a pay cut. It's cause they overpaid him last year. These are CPA's. (rolling
    my eyes). The head guy makes all the decisions about such things. Usually to his

    That's the cheery news..what is going on it your neck of the world?

    Sugs, Spacee
  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Who ever heard of such an argument.We paid you to much last yr. so a pay cut this yr.That's ridiculous.What can you do?Times are a changin.

    Not so foggy headed today.The veil has started to lift,that's what it feels like.I wanted Mickey D's for lunch yesterday for my meal of the day.Didn't trust myself to drive safely so I had a can of Ravioli.Yuck!! I used to eat that stuff! Terrible.Huz bought a box of it at Sam's and DS has taken it to work for meals.

    Anyone with big Easter plans?I had none.Son at home wanted to go to a buffet like when my parents were alive but balked when he saw prices of $24 per person.Gs is coming up from Georgia with wife we haven't met yet.He wants us to come to Indiana to my DS's.That's probably what we'll do even though huz and I wouldn't mind staying home alone.I want to see him though.

    As soon as I'm sure FIL isn't really coming back I want the front room cleaned out.Waiting on Medicaid to come through.Over $5000 a week folks that's what it costs.He'll be out of money very shortly.How can you plan for that sort of thing?Anyway come Spring I would like a lot of this stuff we've accumulated hauled off.I can't keep up with clutter anymore and nobody seems to have any interest in helping me out with cleaning up around all this stuff so out it goes.DS better not be around he haul it back in behind me.

    That's my thoughts for the day.
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Cuts in pay because of being paid too much by accident? That sounds really flimsy or just too stupid. Sure hope their clients don't find out.

    There have been huge layoffs in small city gov'ts here... and the police force was cut in pay by 25%! Probably others too. I know people who have had to give up their houses because of this.

    And $5K/week for nursing home? that is so sad. I really don't want to live that long, I know the care is not great when MedicAid is paying. Even in the mid 90s my FIL was not kept overnight at hospital with only Medicare and almost died because of flu (he actually had add'l insurance but thought they'd "take advantage of him" if they knew!).

    I don't know there's any way out of some of these costs, tho some controls on what US citizens pay might help like others do. We are still the only country whose gov't didn't negotiate with drug companies on prices for MediCare drug plans.

    Pam, where in Georgia does your GS live? Just curious... Hope you have a nice visit with him and his new wife in Indiana, and hope the weather is decent as well!

    I've not been around much as I've been overcome by too many stupid details, things that others have done that I have to correct. Sometimes it seems like a never-ending ordeal. Trying to get something corrected on credit report that was incorrect to begin with, the correction is still incorrect on my DH and/but they want me to prove I'm me. Aiyiyi, more & more letters....

    Well, my DD is worrying about being furloughed when gov't ends tonight... nobody knows who is essential, nobody knows at her work site if anyone is or nobody-- or whether or not they'll get a paycheck for this week that is not paid til next week normally. What a mess.

    I'm mad at all the politicians, and still think the word politic comes from Greek, poly= many + ticks= small, annoying bloodsuckers.... and Ambrose Bierce's definition OF politics as:
    -The conduct of public affairs for private advantage

    So we might be leaving to get our stuff in about a week, supposed to close next Friday on a small house. LOL, we'll see............... we're afraid to leave and let our daughter do it, as we had trouble selling something else without a specific POA for it for our DD to use. Whatever happened to the paperless society!?

    Otherwise, I'm neither here nor there physically or mentally or ornamentally. I'm just in the state of "being" I think....

    I am enjoying spring, the wysteria bloomed very profusely everywhere. Absolutely gorgeous! There are parent ducks in the marsh (sounds better than swamp;) and beavers occasionally seen... they have built so many dams along the creek now, there are a lot of small ponds/marshes for all sorts of wildlife; and the turtles have been sunning themselves in profusion along the pond sides.

    Take care everybody; I did read the last thread, but now I can't remember much, sorry, just know I've been trying to keep up with y'all.

    hasta pasta...
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Now THAT should be unlawful for the poly ticks to do that. I remember it 15 years ago that it
    happened but much escapes me.

    I heard on the news that by the child is 2 it has a digital footprint on the internet. (makes me
    think of you, Vic, and you incorrectness of your credit report). One man's daughter's SSN# had been used 6 times by different ppl to claim her as their dependent. When he claims her, it
    gets thrown out by the IRS. He worries what her credit report will be like when she is 18.
    Yep, always problems to deal with.

    Turtles!! I miss the ones we had for a few years. Lake went down and they went somewhere

    I hope the Medicaid kicks in for FIL and I hope things work out for your move, Victoria.

    The new grandson arrived. His 2 yo sister was upset that he didn't want to eat any of his
    bday cake. I said "wait til she sees how he drinks his milk (mommy's milk). The parents
    have some splaining to do. Then she will go be explaining it to everyone they are around.
    She has gotten very good with words. jeje.

    Bed time........

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Nice day today.To early for planting or anything green to sprout up but sunny out.

    Congratulations Linda on the new GS.Love to hear the stuff kids say at this age now that they're not mine.

    GS lives in Dublin which is closer to Macon I see on the map.He said it's about 45min. from Rt.75 on our way to Fl. trips.Good luck on your paperwork and house.Huz is upstairs getting together Medicaid paperwork for a meeting the 18th.
    FIL introduced us to his roomie yesterday by saying.This is my son and DIL I lived with before I got the boot and ended up here.To funny.You never know what he will say and can't take offense.

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    has Sprung. In the 90's here. All our hodgepodge of flowers have survived our
    care. I'm happy.

    Odd thing about the birth of the GS. First delivery took 48 hours. This one, she was
    saying on the way to hospital "hurry! he's coming!". Aside from the fact that he could have
    been born in the car or on the hospital lawn....that was such a wonderful surprise to
    have an easy one.

    Ok, kids. I have switched beds to see if that helps the back pain. Hoping it does. I see
    some positive signs but was still up 2 times waiting an hour for the pain meds to kick in.
    Humans adapt though, I am noticing. It may not be our 1st choice of how to live but
    we make do.

    I wore shorts to the grocery store today. No, not the men's this time. My one pair of
    womens. Wiped some bronzer on my lily white legs. I'm gonna look like I actually
    belong in Florida this year. I guess.

    Had to call Directv for them to do something to our tv to help it work. I asked the
    little girl on the phone if she was from the south. 'Yes, mam, you can tell". Yes, I
    could. Instead of saying 'whole'. She left the 'le' off. Instead of 'whole house", it
    was "ho house". As in "Click on where it says 'Ho house'. I couldn't bring myself
    to tell her that.

    See you kids tomorrow!


  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Slept through the nite. I don't know that I ever would have without a softer
    mattress. Whew!

    Just wanted to FYI you kids, before you posted that you hope I feel better!!

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm laughing at your using the bronzer in a bottle; I do the same. I can't tolerate the sun any more and I'm lily white. I probably glow in the dark. Oh well, fewer wrinkles :)

    Love, Mikie
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Bronzer stuff is the way to go! Ever try any of the self-tanners? They used to be so orange... I'm pretty fair, not sure still how well they work now LOL.

    congrats on your new GS Linda! kids certainly are fun, but, I agree at this point I like to enjoy at a distance...

    I've been through Dublin, and in Georgia (never been to Ireland lol). Can't say I remember much, but, I thought it had a town square. Lots of the older small towns do, I still think it adds something to the flavor of the town. Too much concrete otherwise.

    The squares in all Mexican towns really make a difference in ambience... what I like is that they use them more I think than the small towns & cities do here. Possibly because the surrounding sidewalks usually have colonnades so you have protection from sun/rain - definitely makes things more walkable!

    Glad you finally slept better Linda. What kind of mattress? I've been using a memory foam topper, 2", I think I'll buy one more. I've been using an airbed, which is comfortable (at least til it starts leaking one day), albeit not traditional.

    Geee our ho' house doesn't have satellite TV these days, LOL, but we used to have DirecTV like y'all... (don't know if we'll sign up again tho). That is too funny.

    I had a naturalized rock garden... except the last one died. Maybe I shouldn't have tried it in the creek? ;) corny joke I know...

    So spring means 90s in Florida? It has been hot in Georgia, unseasonably hot - high 80s. That's unusual for April.

    Oh well, it is what it is...

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Over the years have tried liquid, spray on and powder. They seem to work about the
    same on me...not too well! But oh, well. Better than nothing.

    I read recently that the gov't in Mexico has tried to set up outdoor markets exactly
    like the "peoples" markets, but the citizens won't use the govt. "markets". Good
    for the people!!

    We use "The Original Mattress Factory". They make them in locations mainly in the
    South, I think, and skip the middle man. We had to upgrade some older mattresses
    and went with twins, one firm and one that's a lot softer. (forget the name). I love
    sleeping on the softer one. Men might like the firmer one. One brother and one son
    do. We have a few air mattresses. No one complains about them.

    No, 90 means that Spring is over. To me anyway. Cute rock joke!!

    Ready for some shut eye!!

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's me!I know they've come a long way since orange tans but I know I can't manage even coverage to begin with and don't want to keep up with it anyway.

    Love the ho house!Yeah you've been to Dublin then Victoria?GS was living with his mom in Fl. and met this girl from there.Funny where everyone ends up living.

    Hey Rock I came across a word I haven't heard in a while in a book I was reading.Something was put in cattywampus.Kittycorner,cattycorner and now cattywampus.I love these words.

    I didn't go to Chicago with huz for the week.I'm glad.Still working on a strategy for being able to travel with him and not causing flares because of it.

    DD bloodwork came back neg. and MRI showed bulging disks. So sensitive pressure points point to Fibro.Next stop is PT and a Rheumy.
  12. jole

    jole Member

    Love those words too, and remember them well from my childhood. Haven't heard them ussed much in years though. Or ho house for that matter....

    Spring here, too. Saturday was 88, Sunday 68. Did I ever say I hate the wind?? Chicago may be the windy city, but KS has got to be the windiest state! Sat. was 45 mph, and when it gets to 25 mph we call it a 'breeze'.

    Nothing new to report. Went to GDs B-day party, and took 3 days mostly in bed to recover. Kids home for a weekend took a week.... things seem to be getting worse for some of us, and I wish we knew why. Every night I tell myself tomorrow will be a better day, every morning another joke has been played on me. Bet I'm not alone though, right?

    Getting a new dishwasher. Ordered it last week...still waiting, and they said it should be ready to pick up last Fri or Sat. Also got a new monitor for my computer...the cheapest I could find, since I really want a laptop but refuse to get one as long as this monster is still running. Can't believe how much space I have on my little desk now though. Unfortunately, it's much brighter and doesn't allow me to stay on very long without a headache.

    We now have a trash bin and they come pick up the trash every 2 weeks....and my hoarder hubby is cleaning out the sheds! I'm soooo excited about that! It's really hard for him to do, and it makes me proud. Now if I could just dust my furniture......lol
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Love it!

    Jole will have a *ho* new house before she is done! I was almost your next door neighbor.
    Cept you live on a farm. Dad, when employed in New Orleans, was given by the US Govt.
    the choice of living in Kansas or Birmingham. He picked Kansas.....and they gave him
    Birmingham. Not sure why. Maybe there was a rush to get to Kansas from New O.

    Something is wrong with me. I have mentioned this before. I can't get over the new me.
    Hot. No more flannel pj's year round. There is going to be a learning curve to this, I can

    Glad for the relief of headaches, Jole...that is a plus!! No, you hubby is NOT cleaning out
    the sheds. That I cannot believe. I have known too many hoarders. That's a brave step!

    Not going to mention my back except to say it is again waking me up at night. And this
    is driving me nuts. I actually went to exercise class....why not? It hurts when I don't go.
    Might as well go.

    Taco Soup nite. I'm cleaning out the freezer.

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I love Taco soup.Yours isn't spicy is it?Everyone likes spicy but me I think..

    Jole I can so relate.It's the most frustrating and confusing part of this illness.Everytime I blame myself and vow to try and take my visit a little slower or get more rest or go to bed a little earlier but I spend days after a trip in misery just from a nice visit with loved ones.Easter is coming and I know I'll pay but I want to spend time with family so I'll take the chance.If there's any good tips I haven't learned them yet.

    Backaches are the worst especially when trying to sleep.The only thing that comforts me is a hot tub or warm pool but I have neither.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, your DD has been on my mind today. She is so young to be sick. Victoria's kids are too.
    I hope the researchers figure out something before too much longer. So much sickness
    with these 'invisible' illnesses.

    Our grocery store has started carrying jalopeno peppers in very small containers...6 containers
    to a pack. Huz loves spicy so he is able to add as much spice as he likes that way. We put
    sharp grated cheese and sour cream on top. I would say it is flavorful but not spicy.

    Ok, to the doc's in the am. Have to leave at 9:30 am. If you never hear from me again..
    you will know why. I'll take 2 ritalin. Actually, if I wake up at 7:30, I will drive on over
    and nap in the car til its time. Not thinking there is much he can do but have to explain
    why I'm taking all the pain meds.

    Is your mama a llama?

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    2 opinions, of course. One thinks bursitis. Other wants a full body bone scan to see
    if there are any hot spots. Monday is the day.

    Guessing since most of the snow birds are gone, they need me to use their machine
    to help pay for it.

    Oh, yes, a couple of weeks of physical therapy. Oh joy.

    Quite weekend at home and here, I think.


  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Seems there are always more tests in our future whenever we go to the Dr. isn't there?You don't like PT?I had a good experience with it myself.I just hated having to go so often each week.I've been kind of wishing for it to get my posture fixed.I'm folding in again causing pain.Weak muscles.Especially water therapy and that nice big heating pad they put on my back.

    3yr. old has taken to sign language.Little wild boys at preschool drive her crazy but she's to timid to speak up.Now with sign she tells them very forcefully to go away!Love it.

    Rain and storms are due again.April showers and all that.

    DS and I will take the dog over to see FIL tomorrow.He loves to see her so much and likes the attention of everyone wanting to come in and see her while she hides in his lap.It's sweet.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon just walked by. He's getting ready to go to work.
    I told him I was posting to you guys. He said, "Invite 'em
    over for a barn dance."

    He has a real gift for being inappropriate. One day I was
    lamenting my current dental difficulties. He said, "I know
    what will cheer you up. I'll buy you that new red bra you've
    been wanting."

    We both went to the dentist this week. He got cleaning. I
    got impressionated. I asked the dentist if he was going to
    do both jaws. He said (in his Rumanian accent). "Three.
    I do three impressions. Upper, lower and Humphrey Bogart.

    Pam, your mention of April showers reminded me of a girl
    in our village who used to do an Al Jolson impression singing
    "April Showers". She was very good too. Gee, haven't
    thought of that for many decades.

    What is this sign language the three y/o is using? It is
    American Sign Language or something she made up?

    Haven't thought of a tan in a bottle for decades either. Like
    so many things in the modern world, it was new when I was
    young. Yes, orange it was it made one; not tan.

    Linda, why4 u ask, Is your mama a llama? Reminds me
    of the famous verse by Ogden Nash.

    The one-l lama,
    He's a priest.
    The two-l llama,
    He's a beast.
    And I will bet
    A silk pajama
    There isn't any
    Three-l lllama.*

    Somebody pointed out that a certain kind of fire is a three alarmer. Odgen
    said, "Pooh!"

    Having computer problems. Have to come back later.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ran into trouble w/ my fontz on the previous post.

    Wasn't that a character on "Happy Days"?

    Saw Henry Winkler on TV recently. Boy, he looks old!
    Come to think of it, so do....

    Mikie, are you lily white, but want to be tan? Or would you
    rather be colorful like a star gazer lily? If you go to Youtube
    you can hear a charming old song called "Lilly (2 "Ls") Dale"
    sung by Tom Roush. He records lots of Americana.

    Sorry to hear your rock garden died, Victoria. Did you plant
    it on a hill and it rolled away? Gordon and I went to a
    succulent and bonsai show at the Arboretium years ago. Some
    of the succulents were from Africa. They looked like brown
    rocks was a bit of vine growing from them.

    Pam and Jole, haven't heard catty wampus for decades.
    My mother used to say it when things were outta whack.
    I used to go two thrift stores that were catty or kitty corner
    from each other. Don't do that any more since I no longer buy
    used records and I can buy used paperbacks at the library

    Well, I've already done the dishes and fed Zippy. I hope to
    make it to the library today. All of my ambitions have become
    very small. Ha det bra.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I hope you get it, Rock. I think it would spice up anyone's underwear draw :)
    I don't have a red one but I do have pink panties with brown polka dots. I
    bought them because they were my size. I'd like to meet the designer who
    thought that was a good combo.

    You know just went you think it is safe to wear your fushia panties to the doc's,
    nope....something medical comes up and the panties get seen. Glad I didn't
    realize it til I got home. I mean that has happened in yoga class...I need
    different underwear. I like loud colors though.

    Rock, you too funnie...up to your regular witizisms. Is your Mama a Llama is a
    book on my computer desk.

    Pam, it's so hard to strengthen muscles. I have no willpower to do exercise on my
    own. I have to go to a class. The Curves is made for older women. My twin kept
    emailing me that I probly pulled a muscle at Curves. The machines are made in
    such a way to accomodate that I don't think it could be possible.

    The PT is a heck of a drive away, three times a week, the bone scan and the kids
    coming....just too much. We use to have a great place with a warm pool. It was wonderful.
    The owner sold out and the Clinic took out the pool. Sigh...probably cause of the

    I'm interested in the sign language too. My son's might have liked that, they were
    slow talkers.

    I listened to a utube talk by a pediatrician on why the world is obese. It was 1.5 hours
    long. Very technical but I made it though. It's all about fructose. Invented in the 70's.
    Now is in just about everything. He talked about how it effected the brain and body.
    We will never get rid of it because America exports so much food made with it. He
    allows his patients to only have white milk and water to drink. No sugary drinks. He
    treats only obese children.

    Ok, I will say this. In the end, a can of coke is processed by the liver exactly like a
    can of beer. So everytime a man, woman or child is drinking coke...they are hurting
    their liver. Oh, that is scary. He didn't say about diet.

    Now that I have cheered everyone up...I'll go have a drink of water....

    Ha det bra....translated. have the bra.

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