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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Not in Florida. It's so hot, you get a tan walking to your car. Unless you have on
    sunscreen. As you should here.

    When I read the symptoms of FM as opposed to Myofascial Pain, I fall in the FM
    category. I know everyone was waiting for that assessment.

    Took one pain pill today. Mostly cause I forgot and went to the hair appt without.
    Time to stop them.

    HairStylist just opened a pot of gold. She opened her own shop south of town and
    across the street from an Elementary School. You should see the kiddies coming in
    to sit in the "car" (she bought to do kids hair in) and drive while she does hair cuts.

    Then their mommies come and their grandmommies come. I mentioned that she was
    going to be doing ALOT of business, as she was filling out my appts for the next 6 months.
    She was doing that without me asking.

    Sorry the post is revolving around my pain and my hair but that's about all I got going
    this week.

    I feel for you, Pam, cleaning out the hall closet. Know you will enjoy the tile. There is a
    mop at QVC that Huz loves on our tile :) You throw the mopping part in the washing
    machine. Voila, a clean one for the next time.

    Later Gators. Hope Victoria is feeling better!

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    There was an autistic man about age 50 at the Salon. He was selling toys he
    had made to buy gas so that he could go make more toys.

    He asked me my birthdate. I told him month and day. He wanted to know the
    year. Reluctantly I told him. He then said "Oh, you were born on a Sunday".

    Wow. Amazing.


  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I do need the faux tan. Otherwise, my pasty Irish skin glows in the dark! Because of the Sjogren's, I'm not supposed to go out in the sun; it increases auto-antibodies. Also, all my tanning in my youth is coming back to haunt me in the form of skin cancer on my face and chest. AACK! I use a bit of the lotion just to give me some color.

    You are soooo right about living in FL with our blazing sun. A lot of my neighbors loll in the sun all day and their skin looks like old, dried-up leather, which, I guess basically it is. I would actually like to sit in the car to get my hair cut. I'm always envious of the little ones riding in the supermarket carts, the ones which look like cars. My store had some which looked like space shuttles. How Florida!

    Love, Mikie
  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Nope no tanning for me.Pasty white is the new color for me.With Sjogren's I get really sick if I don't stay in the shade.

    Pain levels are through the roof the last few days but today seems better.

    I can't wait til next week when the Royal Wedding is over!

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Since I heard that Obama was born in Hawaii before it became a state. (Just kidding).

    I could be out in the sun in my 40's, maybe even 50's for a sporting event. Now, if I am
    fully clothed (right mind is questionable) and under an umbrella, in 30 minutes I feel
    like I am being poisoned. It isn't a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Oh, we are giving in here since the GD's are arriving tomorrow. We will watch the part
    where she arrives in the carriage in her gown and goes in. And we will have cupcakes!

    Yes, Mikie, the leather skin look is popular around here. Wonder how much worse I would
    have looked if I had been well. Yikes!!

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    There are some silver linings with what ails us. Our skin looks good because we are too sick to go out in the sun. Sometimes, I have to really dig deep for those silver linings :)

    What fun with the GD to celebrate the wedding with cupcakes. I'll probably drag my sorry ass out of bed about 5:00 to catch the wedding. Enjoy your royal wedding party and the GD's.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Cupcakes?Can I come?You know my weakness for cupcakes,I'll watch anything for cupcakes.

    It's been several days of service people coming by.I call him the bug guy he sprays for spiders and such,a guy checked roof for a leak around a vent pipe and today will be tile.

    Our house needs updating so bad.It's 90's and needs refreshed.

    I waited all that time for flowering bushes and plants and what happens but high winds whip all the color off.Better that then the poor people going through tornadoes.High winds were scary enough.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Lots of my relatives live in those parts. None hurt. One nephew had damage to his
    house...some roof and a large tree fell on it. The mother of one of his friends was
    killed. Very, very sad. I think the friend was in his 30's.

    Our son/fam missed the Atlanta connection by 45 minutes. No room on other flights
    to Orlando, so Delta put them up in a hotel. They must have been exhausted..about
    midnight their time.

    So, I got to wash my hair! And get a few more things done. Important things like
    getting my meds in those weekly containers.

    So sorry about your flowery plants, Pam!!

    Yep, Mikie....we really have to look for those silverly linings!!

    I might not be online for a week.

    Stay safe as you can!! We need each other!

    Oh, wanted to mention to you Pam, and your 90's house. Some years ago we
    had a house built. It wasn't two years before there was so much work to do on it.
    We found a retired man who like to do that kind of stuff. He said that our house
    was a handyman's dream. They don't make them like the did in the 50's!!!

    Hat de bra! Have it good!!

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Waiting on a price for entry tile.Ours is cracked and loose and cheaply installed but we got 17yrs out of it anyway.Huz loves this remodeling thing and has decided we'll do the demolition part to save money.We who is what I say.I have to remind him this could get to be a real money pit so we need to weigh each project against what will be the return value for resale.This is not our retirement home it's to big for two of us.

    The roof has about 2yrs. before needing replaced so he wants to do it now.He's hoping to get 3yrs. more in at his job but that's dicey.It's hard to know what to do.We should have sold before the housing market crashed I think.

    All this makes me nervous and anxious to have projects going on so I'm nagging him to go slowly.I'm ready for a small little place in a nice warm State with little upkeep.
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Me too, Pam! We are ending up living in our old house. Too big for us really, needs a lot of remodeling to update. LOL it still has a harvest gold tile & avocado green bathtubs! There's no way I want to put $$$ into that tho.

    I did as much as I could when we moved in 23 years ago, and happy to report that remodeling has held up in great room since I chose white & beige. Sounds bland, but, it's a busy room with doors & windows & kitchen, so I find it calming. The only thing I regret is the dusty pink marble-ized tile in master, sigh. I got carried away somehow, must've been because of having little kids at the time?

    So... yes, we did buy that small house, we are in turn selling it to daughter. I think I said that before? Not sure. Anyway, it's better for her, closer to work, and more realistic for her. I'm not sure what we'll do ultimately. Life is more complicated than we bargained for.

    I too don't go out in the sun... found that following the MP I did feel better not going out, tho I don't seem to have Sjogrens. There is something to all of this avoidance with many, imho.

    Linda, I thought it was you who was stranded in Atlanta! Now I realize it was your son & family.

    Son is wanting to start a garden to grow food... I wish him luck. Lots of bermuda grass, I remember it overcoming anything I tried to plant. What it didn't get, the bugs did. While the heat got me in dead of summer, LOL. I never could go out to weed anyway when it was still 88 at 9 pm in July & same by 7 AM.

    C'est la vie... that's what the people say...


  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Dusty pink tub gave me a chuckle.I've seen it though.We have fiberglass tub enclosures in two baths but forget that.Not taking them out.

    Roof came in at a good price and they start next week.Floor tile estimate shocked me by coming in at what huz planned on and they start in two weeks.Business must still be slow to get it scheduled so quick.We couldn't do much around here with FIL living here so he could get around.Been saving for it a long time because these projects have to get done.Tiles are just popping off the floor.

    My space is about to get invaded and dog will bark nonstop but it will be nice to finally have it out of the way.Next is wood flooring huz will do himself slowly over time.

    Gosh Victoria I can't keep up with who lives in what house at what time with your family.It sounds exhausting all the moving,looking,driving and planning you've gone through these last few months.And it's still up in the air sounds like.You need to plant yourself and rest.

  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    or at least up in the air... yes, we are. Truly not what I expected. But it is what it is, is my attitude. Not that I have any control anyway, really.

    So is work about to begin, Pam? Or already started? Hope they don't come too early in the AM (unless you're a morning person?) - that's one of the hardest things for me is dealing with things at 8 AM. I've always been a night person, tho the few times I've been up at dawn I have to say I enjoy the peace at that time of day (at least in the summer - winter I'm just cold lol)

    Hope Linda's having fun, Mikie had fun watching the wedding, Barry's enjoying the garden, Rock is continuing with his witticisms, Jole is warming up and missing a few others I know, and also thinking about a few I haven't seen in a while I think? Butterflydreams? and others? Has Fight been seen anywhere?

    Re about the royal wedding... loved those crazy hats & "fascinators", tho I think the crazy bow "fascinator" worn by one of Fergie's daughters was really ugly....

    Weather's been great here, love springtime in the south! Honeysuckle has been scenting the air. For about 10 years I started to dread it because 2 days later I'd get an allergic reaction to something that apparently bloomed then. For some reason, the allergy went away. Very strange! But wonderful!

    hasta la pasta,

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't have the energy to post much. My energy started slipping away
    around 1980. Been downhill ever since.

    Spent today in bed. I was supposed to write a check, do the laundry, and
    walk Zippy. So far I've done part of the laundry and that's all. Big sigh.

    Good ta see ya back, Victoria.

    I'm just so lustless. I mean listless.

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's all you can do when you feel like that isn't it Rock.Take care.

    Nobody showed up yesterday and today it's pouring out.Plumber is coming to move some pipes around in half bath today but huz will stop in to handle that.That's the worst part is never knowing when or if workers will turn up and what time.Tile install next week and looks like they will run into roofers at this rate.

    We'll probably let as much landscape work as we can go this yr. with all the inside work going on.I'll miss the color but need to save energy.Need to empty FIL's room and replace carpet or something.

    I sent off a message to long lost cousin saying sorry no picnic and couldn't get together.No message back but I had to do it.

  15. jole

    jole Member

    On your end, not mine. Funny thought...you all probably aren't as busy as it sounds, considering I'm reading several week's worth of posts in one day..lol. Just makes it sound as though everyone has had one heck of a busy DAY instead of weeks.

    We really need to update this house too...a lot. Started a few weeks ago and tore off the DUSTY ROSE laminate around the tub that had peeled to practically nothing...haha. What's with that color, Vic?? I wish we could afford to hire the work done because right now the new sheetrock is up and the first coat of mud is on. It's been at this stage for a week now. I'm thinking it may get sanded and finished for me to paint after the next big rain, whenever that will be.

    Going to put up the fiberglass around the tub that you were talking about Pam, 'cause we can manage to do that ourselves, and it's much cheaper than tiles, although there are gorgeous tiles these days! Love the glass ones.......but then some day someone would look at them and wonder "What were they thinking?" So in the end, if we're happy now that's all that matters I guess. Whatever works, cheap, and energy effecient (our energy...lol).

    Hubby and I will be making another trip to the ortho specialist for him tomorrow. He has tingling in hands/fingers with numbness and can't grip so is dropping things on a fairly regular basis now. MRI shows 3 bulging discs in his neck with probable entrapment. Just had the rod implant in his lower back in November. He will soon be the bionic man. So glad we never fly!

    Rock, hate to hear you're lustless! Not fun......although I know that feeling well...hahaha.

    Linda, loved the story about the guy in the beauty salon. Very uplifting to hear about others that keep doing good things.

    Mikie, I'm of the bottle tan variety also. I don't leave home often, but sure don't want to blind people. Seems once the temp gets warm enough to wear 'warm weather' clothes it's too warm to be out long enough to color. Even if we go to the lake, I sit in the shade. But that's my favorite place to be..out by the water. I seem to feel better outside.

    Bet Barry's out with his flowers 'n pre-cooked food. Talk to you all later....Jole

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  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Several of us are doing home improvement projects.Fiberglass isn't bad unless it's in bad shape like mine.I once thought the drain was plugged and poured drain cleaner in it.It wouldn't go down and ate at the fiberglass.Noticed later the nozzle was down to plug it.Lifted it up and felt sick at my stupidity.
    DS put up a shaving mirror with radio that sticks on the tub.It fell off leaving dents and permanent marks on the other tub.

    GD is coming over today with baby and her dog.She's staying until Sat.I can't say much about bringing the dog.Huz isn't happy but I know we bring ours whenever we can.Hope he's small.

    No workers yet for any project.I'll spend the month getting up and dressed waiting around I guess.I get up early anyway but can't get moving for a couple hrs.
  17. jole

    jole Member

    the getting up early and waiting on people to show up! I do get up early...'cause I can't sleep. But by 9 or so I'm back in bed for a few more hours. There should be a law that they have to notify you the night before they come.......I'll vote for it!

    My SIL always shaves in the shower also....at his house. He hates that we don't have a mirror in our shower. Hubby never did that.

    Speaking of hubby.....he is now set up for a nerve conduction study of his arms and hands. Then will know whether it will be neck surgery or carpal tunnel surgery.

    Nothing new here. Weather is wonderful...86 today. I want to plant my two tomato plants this evening. My big garden for the year. I remember the days of a HUGE garden with lots of canning. Now I'll probably have to write myself a note to remember to water my tomatoes. Jole
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    or about to be....it sounds around here for some of you. We did some of that last year but
    no bathrooms. My Twin has a dusty pink bathtub. Mine is a brighter pink but same vintage.
    I don't know how many more years it will last.

    Odd thing. I decided to take my meds one hour earlier. Woke up two hours earlier. Even more
    than that the first day since I was up for the wedding. Course then I need a nap during my
    window for an appt. Oh, I'm so glad I have this group who understand this angst.

    Down here, Jole, you have have your entire cervical neck bones replaced...just like they
    do hips and knees. They think one time is the charm. Ppl come from all over South America,
    Carrabean, Central America. I just found that out today.

    Sorry no to the big garden, Jole. Huz planted some minature rose bushes that like the
    draught (?). They seem to be thriving on neglect. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Good to be back. PEM is here but we know how that goes.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    My house looks like a cyclone hit it!Crying 7wk. old,hyper doggie,GD's and 3yr. old DS's.Huz has an abscessed tooth and his face is swollen with a black eye to boot.

    My cats have no where to hide and my dog is scared to death of her dog.Huz is put out he's not getting enough attention.I hope she's leaving today but seems in no hurry.Love her and baby to death but I've had enough.

    To think the worst of my problems were waiting for workers to come in and out.

  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Will be very small too Jole. Three tomatoes and three peppers (hot). Used to do a lot more.

    Camellias in bloom, Azaleas, last of the tulips, Japanese cherry (double rose-pink), Quince and serviceberry too. All so nice. But grass is knee high (nice for ticks) and needs whipping.

    I am confused about whether Victoria made her marathon trip to Mexico and back....

    Linda: cervical vertabrae replacements? How do they deal with the spinal cord, I wonder?

    I worked in the yard yesterday for a few minutes; had to stop when my body temp. went up to 99.4. I can't understand why this happens, and neither can doc. Oh well, the mystery.


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