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    My post is on the Health Board. Don't have the NRG to repost right now.
    Will read it and repost it later tonight.

    Be sure and read the end of the last Lounge!

    I'm back. Printed off my post on Health Board and then deleted it...so don't go there looking for it!
    This is what I wrote:

    There are some funny posts on the last thread (the Some Kind of Number one)

    Things going on at the Hood with Mikie. It sounds like a scream there!!

    Rock's 90 yo aunt is buying a house..Now that is Positive Thinking!

    I think Pam and Huz should check out Mikie's Hood before finalizing their spot in Florida. (grin)
    Sorry your DS didn't get the house! That sounds amazing...lot's of ppl looking for houses there.
    Music to our ears, in a way.

    A man in our town just this week sold his own house without the help of a realtor. Sold it in 3 weeks.
    It just came to my mind. I bet he sold it to a snowbird who has decided to have a permanent place

    I made it to yoga today. Talked with the Canadian snowbird. He was AMAZED that I have lived through
    the summers here when the temp gets over 100. It's a piece of cake. Just stay indoors. :)

    A first at my doc appt. He asked me how long I sleep at nite. Do you think the "12 hours" answer
    surprised him? I don't know, he didn't comment or raise an eyebrow. But he did say that he
    played golf in Lake Wales this week and it was nice. Somehow my visit always gets back to being
    about him and golf, tennis or biking. My B/p was 112/68. (ritalin)

    The only reason I had an appt was cause the last two times the nurses forgot my refills when I CALLED
    them in...so I thought showing up might help things .

    Mikie, I don't like to be touched either like that...eek. She is a rare bird. I Hope!!

    Love to all.

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    Hope y'all are doin' well.

    Rock, your post at the end of the last Lounge cracked me up. Funny, I just came in from the balcony and was thinking the same thing: Living with this woman must be hell for her husband. She was arguementative and still hitting me on the arm this morning. She knows better; she is now in Passive/Aggressive mode big time. They will only be here another month. Funny, I look forward to our Snowbird friends and neighbors coming down and by Spring, I'm glad to see some of them leave. No need to drown her as I think I can hold out another month.

    I'm so glad for your aunt who is buying her own place at age 90. My Mom got a 30 year loan on her condo here when she was in her 80's. She thought that was a hoot. If you like ducks, you should see our Muscovy Ducks. They are thought by some to be the ugliest ducks alive. They are extra fat and waddle more, poop more and make a mess. On the other hand, with their red wattles, they look kind of exotic.

    As to the peptide injections--After the very first one, my Sjogren's Symptoms went away. They rarely came back but usually only for a day and at a reduced level. My arthritis pain and swelling went away, evidently permanently, in my hands and wrists. My FMS pain is almost nonexistent. About the only thing which has taken so long to get rid of is the exhaustion. For the last two months, I've been exhausted until last week. I hope this new energy is permanent.

    Linda, if you post on the Health Board by mistake, just leave it and mention it here and I'll go get it and cut and post it here for you. I tried but, evidently, once it was deleted, and was deleted by you, its original poster, I can't get at it. I am also glad to see real estate picking up down here. Evidently, the banks are under pressure to process the foreclosures that have been lingering so we may get another blast of inventory. Still, prices are up a bit and buyers are anxious to buy. Yea! Ten percent of home sales in our county are to Canadians. I wish the unit in our bldg., which is in foreclosure, would come on the market. We need those dues which haven't been coming in for two years.

    It gets to the 90's here on the coast in the summer but we get breezes which help cool things down. It's the combo of the heat and humidity in the afternoons which drive us indoors. It's so funny when people ask how we stand it. It's just like up north in the winter when they stay inside with the heat on. We stay inside with the A/C on. Or, we go from our air conditioned homes to our air conditioned cars to air conditioned stores, movies and restaurants. I remember back in the 50's when I was growing up that we would go to the movies on summer afternoons to cool off because they were about the only places with A/C.

    I'm impressed you go to Yoga. I'm glad you feel well enough to go, you are sleeping and your BP is good. I'm off all meds til tomorrow because of the peptide inj. So, my BP was 141/76 (not too bad for mildly active mode) but my heart rate was 101, not dangerous but still too high. Tomorrow, I can take meds and supps and I'll be taking extra magnesium, potassium and calcium. I'm off my Synthroid and HRT until my next inj. when I'll also have my bloodwork done.

    I actually bought nine tennis balls at the store. I plan on going over to our court and seeing whether I still have a decent serve. I don't even know whether my racquet needs restringing; I would guess it does. I'll probably stink but it's been years. Hope it's like riding a bike. It's so hot now that I may not want to play. I would really like to be more active to lose some weight. Running in the shallow end of the pool may be a better choice until next year. I know if I could work out at my target heart rate for 20 mins., three times a week, my resting heart rate would drop.

    As I mentioned in my last rant, my old heavy-duty carpet cleaner finally died. On HSN, the Today's Special is a lightweight steam cleaner which can be used on all floors and the steam part removed to do all kinds of other cleaning. It's only $90 and has free S&H. If it really works on the carpet to clean it, it would be great not to have to drag around a heavy machine and spend an arm and a leg for it. I got apple green color. I figure if I have a happy color when I clean, it makes is less of a chore.

    Dear Ones, I'm off to take a much needed shower and do my hair. I need to make a run to the store for essentials, like pie :) Oy! Here I am trying to lose weight and buying pie. If it's berry pie, does that make it healthier?

    Love to all,

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    So fitting to read your post today Mikie.Huz came home from the barber with advise to maybe visit Fl. for a yr. in the summer first.Huz has talked to his coffee buddies about this also and waffles back and forth from time to time about moving.

    It drives me crazy!I make the exact same points as you just did about heat and winter cold.Even stressing how he can't get out of being in the cold because he has to clear the snow with the blower.

    If we could afford to have a house here and there that would be ideal but we can't.We also can't stay in this house it's to big so we must move.

    We had another long discussion thanks to the barber.I don't want to make huz live where he doesn't want to be either.It seems to boil down to making a change of any kind now that we're older.He seems to be as overwhelmed as me at the thought of finding the energy to downsize and leave.

    We'll likely have this conversation a dozen more times I think.He admits he wants to move south which makes me feel better and he likes my daydream of how to get there.I think once son moves a lot of the junk will go with him and we'll see downsizing isn't as daunting.

    I wonder if all retirees go through this angst.

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    We haven't had a day over 66 degrees this year. It's cool and cloudy today, rain is promised. Hope so, we are behind what we need, and I don't want the well to run dry like it did a couple of years ago.

    Gosh Mikie, it sounds like you live in some sort of bedlam! Neighbours pounding on the wall, making nasty remarks. I tend to agree with Rock on this in wondering if your pond/lake is convenient...... But enough of crazies; I am so interested in your peptide experiences and have been following your progress avidly -- as I'm sure everyone else is

    Hey Rock, we have wood ducks here, in the creek. I've seen them on a number of times, and you are right, they are most beautiful. And they are extremely shy. They nest in holes in trees along the water.

    Hugs to you, Leah! Glad you got out for a minute or two. And how nice that your Amaryllis is going to bloom. I think I saw a bud on mine yesterday... am hoping for the best, though I know the flower will be green with maroon stripes -- Amaryllis papilio is its name, it is a species. I sat a few minutes yesterday, during a brief sunny period, and weeded from my lawn chair, Grass is invading our rock garden.

    Lots in bloom now, Camellias, more daffs., the tulips the deer missed, Magnolia, and a half-dozen or so different species of violets.

    Linda, so you sleep a lot too, eh? I get a full eight hours at night, but by noon or two o'clock a nap is essential; about one to one and a half hours. Richard wakes me up at 4 for teatime, and then I am able to stay awake until about midnight.

    New flavour treat in ice-cream. I didn't think I'd like it, it's so peculiar, but I do. It is Hagen Dazz Saltwater Taffee, or something like that. I never thought I would like a salty ice-cream. The idea is weird to me. But the taste is good. What is YOUR favourite flavour?

    I helped R. make a beef stew yesterday (I'm not crazy about beef), and it turned out quite well, though I broke the bottle of red wine R wanted to cook it with. No problem that a dash of red vinegar, soy sauce, and beef broth couldn't deal with. It turned out nicely. My job was to cut up the beef roast and prepare the carrots, parsnips, garlic and onions. Again, I don't care that much for beef, except for the two ends, the tongue and the tail. I'm not kidding.

    Over and out for now,
    Chamomile tea time....

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    I shower and go to the store, watch a little TV and come back to the Lounge and what do I see? Lots of Loungers. Soooo good to see everyone posting.

    Pam, I moved here in July. As I was unpacking and hauling boxes down to the dumpster, I thought, "What have I done?" As it works out, it takes about a year of going through all two seasons, hot and hotter, to get acclimated. A few people can't ever seem to acclimate but most do. Every year in spring, if it gets too hot too soon, it takes about a month to acclimate again. Our winters, however, are to die for. All in all, I know I'd rather be in heat :) than shoveling snow. Yes, Snowbirds have the best of both worlds but it is very expensive to keep two homes and it can be a pain.

    I had to downsize when I divorced and the thought of it depressed me until I did it. It was very freeing for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. To live more simply and have time for other things than keeping up a big house is a gift for me. It's not for everyone, though. I'm not sure coming down in the summer would help much as you wouldn't be acclimated and would likely run north and say, "Not for me." I really think a person has to give it a full year.

    Leah, I'm glad your cardio report was good but I'm sorry you have paid the price for having one normal day. Perhaps if you rest, you will have more good days as the weather improves. I agree that living in a more moderate climate is helpful, one which does not have a lot of changes in barometric pressure. Unfortunately, our kind of exhaustion is not like when "normal" people get fatigued. We don't recover with just a good night's rest. I thought I knew what exhaustion was with my CFIDS/ME and FMS. It wasn't until I got the Sjogren's that I truly found out how exhausting life can be. I may be improving on the shots but I can still remember just how exhausted I've been. It's only been a week that I've recovered some energy and I have no idea if it will last. I wish you could get the shots.

    Barry, so good to hear from you. Funny, I just got a pot roast at the store and plan on fixing it this week. I have some Italian sausage I need to cook so will be doing spaghetti tomorrow. Mmmmm! My stovetop needs cleaning but I don't want to do it until I cook the sausages. It's the glass top range so it's easy to clean but I'm so lazy that I hate to even do that. Salt water taffee ice cream sounds like something I'd like. I didn't get the pie at the store. I've not been craving carbs since the shots. I hope I can lose some weight. It sounded good but when I got there, it just didn't. Instead, I got fresh cauliflower, buy one, get one. I had better be eating a lot of it. Think I'll cook some to go with the pot roast. Thanks for your interest in the injections. I posted a full update over on the other board. So far, so good.

    I'm watching Adrienne Arpel on HSN. I don't need anything but just like to watch her do her thing. I spent some time catching up on TV on On Demand. Is anyone else watching "Awake?" I'm not sure whether I like it or not. Same with "Touch." I do like "Missing" with Ashley Judd. It's all action, like "24" was. TV is all screwed up what with Sweet Sixteen, reruns, new shows, summer replacements, etc. Like many of us who have not been able to be active, TV is my life. One show I will be watching is "Mad Men" tomorrow night.

    Speaking of night, I had better get going. I plan to just take it easy this evening. I usually don't do much the days around the shots when I can't take my meds. It's getting easier. Tomorrow, I'm back on meds and some sort of schedule. Don't feel up to doing any balcony time this evening. We are starting to get biting insects in the evening so we have to light the citronella oil lamp. So, I bid y'all bon soir.

    Love, hugs and prayers,
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    had big plans to do tile back splash but huz really wasn't up for it.It's a week of cold symptoms and now he's still got the annoying cough that lasts forever and is tired.I am hopeful I've escaped getting it.

    Thanks for the encouragement on packing and moving.Huz makes me feel I'm dragging him down there when talking to his friends and it must look terrible of me.What they don't understand is this is how he is.I always made the plans for vacations,weekend getaways with friends,parties,cruises ect. He would say ok and have a great time then tell everyone how I dragged him with me.He was always such a workaholic I don't think he could just plan fun on his own.

    After I got sick he used to ask what did I have planned for us to do and of course the answer was nothing.It was disappointing and took awhile for him to get used to.I think it's as Freida said and once we get going it will turn out alright.

    Everyone I talk to says give it a yr.DD and both sisters took a yr. and now love it and don't miss the Seasons or the snow.

    I've always been a choc mint kinda girl but the holidays had peppermint and that was great.Around here they make musk melon for the small town festival every yr. in late Aug. it is really good,Tofts ice cream you probably don't see it where all of you live.

    My flowering plum tree is blooming and just beautiful.Snobby BIL and SIL admired it last yr. but when I said we got it from Lowes they got a sour look on their faces because they only buy at a nursery.I don't care,cheaper and still just as beautiful is not shameful lol.

    Going to head out to the store because an article in the paper said a local Italian restaurant that closed several yrs. ago is marketing their homemade spaghetti sauce.They listed some stores so I want to get some.Then if enough energy I want to run to the mall for a new summer purse.I love new purses.I haven't been out for several days except Drs. offices so cabin fever is creeping in.I may poop out fast but it's good to have goals right?

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    Saltwater Taffy HagenDaz! I had some of the regular Saltwater Taffy years
    ago when my father took us to Baltimore to see a friend and on up to NYC
    for the World's Fair. (He thought all year about where he would drag the
    family (6 of us) in the station wagon during the summer).

    As far as ice cream flavors, I tend to stick with vanilla with the bean in it or
    chocolate. Very adventuresome! I just love those two so much is the problem.

    Wow, the breaking of the wine bottle that was to be used in the stew. I do
    hope R took it well. You make an excellent sous chef (am I right there) though.
    I love cooking with my son that way.

    For the last 25 years I have slept either 2/3's of the day and now about 1/2 the
    the day. It's no wonder that I don't know much about things. Thank goodness
    for the internet and Wackipedia! :) And you kids!

    All the gardening and the flowers. We went to the g.store and Walmart today.
    I noticed some sprucing up and new painting of houses. I guess ppl are doing
    it before it gets even hotter.

    I must be craving protein. Have had a Bubba's Burger several times last week
    for lunch. We don't seem to eat beef much. Go for things easy to digest...like
    fish. Huz grills salmon really well.

    Yoga. It's not nearly as hard as the class I use to be able to do. First of all, we
    start seated (love that!) and go through the muscle groups stretching. It does
    help my lower back. And I have to admit to taking a rx pain killer before I go.

    I think when my lower back became chronic pain issue, it affected all my
    ability to exercise and walk. Jogging in a pool sounds like fun!

    It helps to get up early to see the birds....boy, I am a slow learner. The early
    bird gets the worm and all that!

    Love you kids and hope we have a good week this week! And Pam gets her

  8. Ranigar

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    I got a new purse!I went to three stores at the mall and ended up back at the first one to find,the one.Huz met back up with me and even gave his opinion on which one he liked.

    This is the strangest story.We have a back porch swing my son bought us a couple yrs. ago.This has lasted a couple yrs. which is unusual because wind always blows it off the porch and rips the awning on them.This yr. the awning is gone and I planned on taking it to landfill but it's nice to sit on and swing laying in it or sitting with huz mornings.Yesterday huz told me to come out and showed me the swing cushions are ripped to shreds top and bottom.Muddy prints on the deck and cushions too.

    Our yard is fenced but woodchucks and even raccoons can get in under.I was so shocked I just stood there saying I couldn't believe it over and over.Why in the world would it do that I wonder.We don't eat on it and Lily doesn't lay on it to leave her scent.Very strange.It's getting thrown out immediately now.

    Today I finally tackled my messy closet.I needed to sort through clothes for the trip so I got started.My back was in spasms.Huz and son told me to stop when they peeked in but I was determined to finish.It looked like a bomb went off in my room.The room was covered in clothes,suitcases, boxes and trash bags.I am so glad to have it done though.I hurt something terrible but it was one of those things that is worth it just to not look at it anymore.Yea!!


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    It's always so nice to see everyone when I come here. It rained all morning yesterday. Nice in the afternoon. Rest of the week is going to be dry and 85 every day. Balmy breezes make it heavenly. I sat by myself on the balcony this afternoon in the dappled shade of our cachia (sp?) tree and the swaying palms. If Heaven is anything close to this, I'm ready any time. I slept most of yesterday. I've figured out that it's the BP meds which make me tired. My BP is moderately high without them but on them, I'm exhausted. Don't want a stroke but also don't want to be so tired. Wish I didn't have to choose.

    I got a new purse too. It was a bit more expensive than what I usually spend and it's not even leather. Still, it was on sale and I had a coupon and $10 in Bealls Bucks so it didn't break the bank. It's a little larger than the one I've had for a while and it's so nice to have the extra space. Three compartments and a nice animal-like print inside. Outside is white with saddle brown straps--perfect for summer. Of course, it's always summer down here and we wear white year round.

    From what I heard from a landscape pro, the same warehouses deliver trees, plants and flowers to both nurseries and retail stores unless the nurseries are growing their own on site. We got our lemon trees at Lowe's. I take my plants, animals and friends where I find them.

    Got a little laundry done today but not a lot else. Oh well, it'll all wait.

    Take care of yourselves.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

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    Leah, your wee pond is FREEZING over. Whew. You are definitely a Yankee! :)

    Pam, I agree with Mikie and Leah/Frieda's opinions about you and Huz moving
    down. And the new purses. Strange about the swing. Guess it was some
    kind of varmint.

    I woke up today 13 hours after I went to sleep. 10pm-11am. I was sensing
    that I wasn't sleeping as much last week. Had a nap the during the day too.
    But no nap today.

    Just the general ick feeling after sleeping so long. Or it's the reason why I
    slept so long. One or the other. Or both.

    I did make it to yoga yesterday at 4:45. Yes, I can roust myself from a nap
    and go :). Wasn't paying attention and did the spinal rotation that is a back
    killer for me. Oh, well. Back on Mobic (full tab) and no pain. Or tolerable.
    Getting the bedbuddie hot in the microwave.

    If I had any place I would move to, it would be this sweet, little, older
    neighborhood in Jacksonville. Lots of mature trees for shade. Great place
    for retirees or starters. Ppl with kids move out to the better school areas.
    Lots of medical care there. Only prob, it's on the other side of Florida from
    your daughter, Pam. And to get to her, you would prob. have to drive
    through Orlando. Which that would be a deal breaker for me.

    Ok, off to lie down. Funny about laundry being patient.. I have a load in
    that I haven't turned on for two days. It can sit a while longer, days even.

    Agree...take care of yourselves!!

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, you are right--laundry waits. I did a few loads yesterday and need to wash sofa cushion covers and duvet cover. They will wait. Your pond frooze over? Wow! That's too bad. Once Spring starts, it's cruel for anything to freeze. I was used to it when I lived in CO. Well, not so much freezing but certainly snow in Springtime. Once, it snowed in June! Our two rescue cats have blossomed with all the love they get in the hood. Both will lie down right in front of us and stretch out to have their bellies rubbed. Both have taken to sleeping on the cushions on our balcony chairs. They have multiple safe places to rest outside and on their guardian's lanai inside. What a life they live. They are both so loving and happy. We don't know how we did without them before they came to us.

    Linda, I'm sorry about the pain. I'm still so impressed about your Yoga. Good for you. I looooove the new purse. I got it all organized yesterday. Can't wait to take it out for a road trip. I would love to live in an older neighborhood with character but the only ones I've ever found are very expensive or suffer from high crime. Sooooo, guess I'll just stay put with the crazy neighbors and newer buildings. At least, we have a mix of condos and townhouses done nicely. Our pool is HUGE and the jewel of the hood. If I can only get to where I can tolerate the sun, I'll get back to enjoying it.

    Yesterday and today, I took three of the four pills I take for BP. Tomorrow, I start taking all four. I imagine I will feel tired but I have to keep it down. I think I was so exhausted yesterday and this morning because I was getting ready to purge. After some of my shots, my body goes on a rampage killing off pathogens and purging toxins. I sweat like a pig today and was making regular visits to the john. I think I'm finally done. This evening, I actually got energized and a bit manic. Had a couple of gin 'n tonics to bring me down a notch.

    I never got dressed today. Barb and I had breakfast and coffee on the balcony and sat there til 11:30. I missed the condo mtg. but my other board members took notes for me. I came in and organized all my photos and boxed them up. They've been in disarray since Hurricane Charley. I had them spread out to scrapbook and on TV, they started telling us to take cover. I threw the photos in plastic bags and slung them into the bathroom, along with some food, my cell phone, my important papers and my gun. That was so traumatic that it's only now that I felt up to dealing with the photos. Maybe now, I can scrapbook them.

    My new H20 steam cleaner came today from HSN. I will try it out tomorrow. I hope it works. If it does, I'll be slaving in here cleaning tile and windows, not to mention floors. It's lightweight and I hope it works because I'm tired of hauling heavy floor machines around. It even converts into a garment steamer. I also got my quarterly Adrienne Arpel Signature Club A surprise packet. It is filled with great stuff this time and I'm happy and excited to use the products.

    Thurs. we are going to lunch before one of the Snowbird ladies leaves for VA. We want to go downtown to Joe's Crab Shack by the river. I'm ready for a big bucket of seafood and corn on the cob. Mmmmm! Frankie, downstairs, went to a Red Sox game today at the new training field. I guess it's really nice. He had a great time. He'll go again on Thurs. while Ilona has lunch with us ladies.

    Balcony was very pleasant today. On days like this, with everyone having fun and being nice, and the weather balmy and warm, it's almost Heaven. Sitting in the shade with the cats chasing geckos on the lawn to entertain us is my idea of the good life.

    It's bedtime so I had better get going. Sending the Sandman to help everyone rest soundly and have sweet dreams.

    Love, Mikie
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, don't want to go to bed too early or I will have the wake up call in the middle of the night!

    I just love hearing of the going's on at the condo. I bet it is a happy time going
    to lunches and the humidity has been down and it feels great outside. Then you
    can enjoy nature and the cats.

    We have a cat that is warming up to us. She was asleep under huz's car. Lifted
    her head when I went out, then saw me get in my car and laid her head back
    down. Need to put some milk or something out :)

    FaceBook is forcing me to go to their new timeline. They are doing a preview
    for me and I get to climate what I don't like. Then Apr 3rd is the day it changes.
    I guess nothing stays the same.

    Good news. Son didn't get the 'green job' (that's not the good news) but he did
    get an offer to teach 3 courses at Eastern Kentucky. 30 miles from Lexington.
    He likes it cause they are introductory to college classes and don't required
    much prep time. He still has time to do research and write papers for publication. Don't ask me what on cause I don't understand what he writes.

    Mammo tomorrow. Oh joy. I'm one of the lucky ones the test doesn't hurt.
    But I have decided this beforehand. If someone 'fusses' at me during the
    entire exam (done twice before), I'm not going to be nice about it. I have
    been very nice and it needs to stop. Course, now that I have decided that...
    it will go smoothly!

    Did you see the 5 year old boy dancing at a wedding? On internet today.
    Very cute. He had the groove going on.

    Cause of the appt for supper tomorrow we are having a big salad and Ribs.
    Not just any ribs. Jack Daniels marinated ribs. Will let you know.

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Waiting for GS to get here.We're going to watch him for a bit while his mom goes to look at a house.DS has a class and is sending fiancee.We have such low inventory right now that as soon as a house comes on the market it's snapped up.DS just called and asked his dad to go because several people are scheduled after him and he's first to see it.As a seller what a great problem to have right?

    Price range that's in demand seems to be $99,000 to 120,000 for first time buyers.Guess I'll be babysitting then.

    Having really bad back spasms.Maybe the closet cleaning but I was getting pain before too.Horrible bad between shoulder blades.Just chalk it up to another misery that appears with this illness.Hope it goes away soon.

    I've been telling huz the car has been making an unusual noise for a yr. He can't hear it and never believes me.His friend rode with him last week and told him the car is to loud.He took it in yesterday and it was the drive shaft.I did hear him tell his friend the wife has been telling me about it for a yr.I'll take that.He still won't believe me next time.Glad it's fixed before the long drive anyway.

    Hope the new machine lives up to expectations Mikie it sounds great.
    I love ribs Linda.Huz does not for some weird reason.
    Freida glad you're doing so so for you that's better then nothing right?

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So good to see y'all here.

    Linda, even with the negative things here from time to time, it really is a good life hanging out in the hood, loving the cats and going out to eat, shop, etc. It always give me a warm feeling when someone like you takes care of stray kitties and pups. Heaven holds a special place for you. Glad you son got the teaching position. What a great thing for his CV. Good luck with your mammo; I'm due for one too. Hope the ribs are good. I'm drooling which, as you know, is a miracle in itself.

    Pam, that's good news about the sellers' market in homes. They are going like hotcakes here too. One in our bldg. was going to sell so they can live on a golf course but have decided no to sell this year. I hope they don't sell at all. I am happy when we have a bldg. full of dues-paying occupants whom I like. Sorry about the back spasms and car trouble. I pray the pain improves and I'm glad y'all caught the repair before something broke.

    Leah, I'm laughing about not officially being a Yankee. You almost have to have had family on the Mayflower to satisfy some Yankees that you are one of them. Down here, pretty much anyone above the Mason-Dixon Line is a Yankee to the Southerners. FL is a very unusual state in that the upper part is considered part of the Deep South, the central part is Old Florida and the lower third is almost all people who come from somewhere else. We're a state with multiple personality disorder :) I've never been to the NW part of the country but I find so many things about the different parts of our country to delight me. If this were Europe, most of our states would be separate countries. This is a big place. I have to take four pills a day so I space them out over six hours each. I'll talk to the doc but hate to start messing with my drugs any more than I am now.

    I continue to have energy except that my post-purge mania kept me awake til midnight and I was up at 4:00 this morning. I had coffee on the balcony. Before too long, it'll be too hot to sit out there for long. It's hot, hot, hot this afternoon. I'm inside with A/C on. Earlier, Barb and I sanded a small outside metal and glass side table and painted it matte black to match the rest of our balcony furniture. We basically have two gathering areas and we move as the sun moves. Our chairs are lightweight and fold so we just pick them up and move them. We have a table in each area which makes it nice.

    I got tired in here with the A/C on and decided to take a nap. I put my glasses up on the top of the sofa pillows but they fell and I rolled on them. I'll be at the optical shop tomorrow getting them fixed. In the meantime, I'm doing OK with my old ones. I'm wondering whether I could wear my contacts. I may try in another couple of months of injections.

    I think that tomorrow will be a day off from work and I'll just enjoy our lunch. On Fri., I think I'll try out the steam cleaner on my sliding glass door which never gets clean without smearing no matter what I do. I'll also try the floors. I hope this contraption works because it's so lightweight and compact. Oh, and I want to clean the bathroom tiles. To be able to look forward to cleaning is, to me, a miracle. I don't know how long the energy will last but I'm gonna strike while the iron is hot. Or, is that as long as the steam cleaner is hot? "Normals" don't understand what it means just to be able to have a clean home.

    It was cool, almost nippy, this morning and all the animals were frisky. Dogs were trying to run away from the leash and jumping around. The cats were a riot. Tweety found an air plant, one of the ones which is like a little ball of soft twigs. She did a beautiful ballet out front lifting the ball with one paw as she danced on her back legs. Then, she bucked all around it as it lay on the ground. Later, a neighbor's dog sniffed it and got all excited. Animals dance and play for the sheer joy of being alive. Too bad we humans lose so much of that as we age. I want to dance and feel joy. It would probably take some wacky weed to get me to that point :)

    Sending everyone my love, prayers and hugs. Rock, Barry, hope you are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Is feeling very much at home here. Today, as I was pulling in the drive, she
    looked back at me and I knew what she was thinking "You want me to get
    out of the way?" (With an attitude too!) She owns the driveway now :)

    I noticed that I put climate (do I have that on the brain) when I meant
    'eliminate" ..on Facebook. FaceBook is like anywhere else and some ppl
    you were friends with for awhile, you are not any longer. So when FB
    picks something that "friend" posted, I need to eliminate it. Not climate
    it. lol

    Frieda, is our Sunshine Girl. She makes the sun shine on everyone. Here
    and on the other board. You are so sweet Leah!!

    Yes, Mikie, I was driving behind a car that had a sign "organic Housecleaning
    Service". I entertained that longing for a bit but then, heck, we will get to
    it eventually. I did ask D to get rid of the lizard that had dropped dead in in the
    laundry room. I'll take care of most anything else including spiders but not dead lizards. Live ones are my 'pets'. Even in the house.

    I am going to post about my Hawthorne supplement and pulse on the other
    board. I learned from Twin that I needed to double the amount I take in the
    am, or whatever time I get up. It brought my pulse down to the 80's on
    the treadmill today. Everyother time I would have to work (by taking deep
    breaths) to keep it below 100. And sometimes it would still go up to 104.

    I think Rich Carson said to keep it below 105 (the pulse) when exercising.

    Slept 6 hours last nite. The mobic. Went to yoga and came home to a noon
    time nap. Still made it to the mammo. Everyone was really nice.

    I did get a call from Wells Fargo about my visit to their bank on Monday.
    They have free checking for students. He wanted to know if the person
    I talked with "went out of their way to make me feel good about myself".
    Could not help but let out a laugh at the questions and answer "no". She
    was nice but she wasn't like Leah!

    The ribs were considered good by Huz. I liked them too for a quick meal
    but they are pretty spicy and that might bother you, Pam. The box said
    that it contained one serving. But there were 6 ribs. Huz ate 4 and I ate
    2 of the meaty ones. It was plenty with salad and fruit.

    LalaLand cometh.

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No you're right no spicy for me.I picked up some Jack Daniel's pulled pork for sandwiches but son's Fiancee told me it's kind of tangy so I'll eat something else.At least I've progressed to more than a bowl of cereal for meals.Food flavors are coming back little by little.No gain but no loss.

    Goodness but watching a 4yr. old is exhausting even with grandma and grandpa together.Late afternoon anyway.He didn't get a nap which didn't help.The house huz went to see was a mess so DS and girl went later and he liked one until I asked if he liked it without an air conditioner and he had missed that.No air he can't do without.

    Today I get color and haircut,thank goodness.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was a good day. Went to the library and the market. Been trying to get to the library for two weeks. I also walked Zipper. Poor thing. His walk is the highlight of his day, and sometimes I can't do it.

    We also went to the pet store and got him some new kibble and a pad to lie on. Perfect for when he is lounging behind the camelias. He lies in the sun in the morning and the shade in the afternoon. Kinda like you and your friends on the balcony, Mikie.

    Who was talking about sweating like a pig? You, Mikie? I saw a documentary that said pigs don't sweat. That's why they are always looking for a mud hole or water to cool off. Have never heard of an air plant, but would love to see your cat and dog friends dancing. Wish I could dance. Ha Ha! There are lottsa things I wish I could do. And don't we all.

    Pam, no air conditioning, huh? I read an article on shopping for a home in some ladies' magazine decades ago. It said don't let your husband decide what to buy. Men are clueless. A man will buy a house where the floor plan requires you to take the garbage out through the master bedroom. Good luck at the beauty saloon. Do you have a Mr. Somebody who styles you?

    Spacee, I type wrong words now all the time. No matter how hard I try,
    I just can't climate the problem.

    Barry, Were you drunk when you broke that wine bottle? If so, it would be a
    case of the sous chef who was soused. Ha Ha! Would love to visit and
    see your wilderness paradise with all the flora and fauna and, of course, all
    the plants and animals too.

    I never buy Haagen Dazs or Tom and Jerry's. Too pricey. I like that light
    chocolate flavor. Was it called Dutch chocolate? Haven't seen it for a
    coon's age.

    Freida, are you faux New Englander? Gordon and I toured New England about
    20 years ago in the fall. It was incredibly beautiful. I have ancestors who
    lived in MA and NY. One was a blacksmith in Onondaga County, New York.
    Some village gave him free land to come and live in their village.

    My big goal for tomorrow is to make a tuna hot dish. As Robert Browning
    said, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp". But too much exceeding
    is both frustrating and depressing.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    In two posts. I can't deal with the split pages and my responses as I go back and forth and don't want to lose what I type.

    Linda, I am always happy when a cat knows her worth and demands to be catered to. It's so much better than one you have to coax. Tweety is the demanding one and Sylvester has had to be coaxed. He's better now but still a bit shy. She has started to scratch the loveseat to get my attention so she is temporarily banned from coming in.

    I wondered about the climate. I know about the cloud so just figured it was something new in cyber space I hadn't heard of. I'm not that tech savvy, just enough to get along.

    I am very impressed that you do your Yoga. I desperately need to get back to working out, no matter what; I just need to do something. Target heart rate for "normals" is to take 220 and subtract you age. That's the maximum heart rate you sould ever reach. If you can work at 80 percent of the max., for 20 mins. three times a week, it should bring down your resting rate. Since, we are not normal, I think we just have to do the best we can. I used to be able to do this but I'll have to start all over again. I have a yoga DVD for the elderly and infirm and that may be a good place to start.

    I have my small mortgage at Wells Fargo. Before that, it was Wachovia and before that, it was World Savings. I've had to make a couple of trips over there to let them know they cannot ever charge me any fees related to my checking acct. as long as I don't write a short check. They are nice about it but it's a pain. When they converted from Wachovia, a lot of people used their online banking and it didn't work. My Kohl's payment didn't post and I got stuck with a $25 fee from them. They refused to take it off and that's why I don't like to shop there. Bank wouldn't do anything about it. At the time, I didn't know how many other WF customers had the same problem.

    Ribs sound good. Mmmmmm! I'm gonna answer people on Page Two in another post. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, I like spicy too. I had a Cajun spicy boiled pot of mussels, crab, corn on the cob and red potatoes at Joe's Crab Shack today. I brought the crab home as I was stuffed from eating the rest. It was enough to feed two and cost about the same as feeding two. Still, it's worth it now and then. Heck, it's worth it just to get to wear a bib. Good thing I did cause I spotted it.

    Glad your son didn't buy a house with no A/C. In CO, they used to tell people that in CO, one doesn't need A/C because the nights are so cool. Well, in a two-story house in the summer, it's HOT! We had to have one put in when we bought our last house there. Yes, babysitting a young child is exhausting, even with two. My neighbors had to pitch in when I kept Andy when he was younger.

    Oh, nothing like a color 'n cut to make us feel renewed. I finally broke down and colored mine. I cut it pretty short so won't have to do it again soon. Maybe just trim the neckline.

    Rock, glad you had a good day. Yep, Zippy would probably like lying up here on our balcony staring down the cats and watching the other dogs out walking their people. I'm so lucky to have neighbors with sweet dogs as I know I'm not up to walking one. When we had the house, we had a fenced yard and dog door. Here, people have to actually walk them. Of course, it's good for dogs and people alike and often, the center of our social life. Things aren't too exciting here but we kinda like it that way.

    Yes, it was I talking about sweating like a pig. I do remember reading that pigs don't sweat. Just a saying, I guess. In any case, when I Herx/purge, I stink like a pig and sweat like whatever sweats :) I sweat like crazy if I have to do anything outside on warm days. Sanding and painting that little table was about all I was capable of.

    Leah, please never underestimate your value as a sweet friend to all of us. You bring smiles and sunshine into our lives and that's priceless. There are so many mean and ugly people out there and they make us sick with the stress they cause and just the negativity they emit. Lovely and kind people heal us with their love and positive energy. You are one of those people. You have a gift and you share it with us. We are the lucky ones!

    I appreciate your suggestions regarding the timing of my meds. You are right and I've managed to get the timing to the least fatiguing schedule. Still, it's not the same as when I don't have to take them. One of them decreases norepinephrine in the brain. It interfers with sleep so I can't take that one too late. The longer I take it, the less it affects me. The one I take at bedtime has no side effects but, by itself, it isn't enough to get the BP down. I'm hoping when I feel up to working out, I will lose some weight and get my BP and heart rate down.

    Today was excellent. I got up tired but had to shower as we were taking one neighbor out to lunch before they leave tomorrow for VA. As I mentioned, we ate at Joe's right on the water. We drove over to the Cape and stopped at an Italian market. Barb is Italian and loves to shop there. Their deli prices are better than Publix and the quality is superb. Ilona is Polish and we sometimes shop at the Polish/European market. I got some Panetone to make French toast. Mmmmm! I also got some Pizzelle, anise flavored. I used to make my own and still have some beautiful Pizzelle irons but it's just too much trouble unless I use the electric iron.

    Some time ago, I bought the most gorgeous top at Bealls. It's navy blue and like a cross between silk and polyester. It's like a tank top but the neckline is gathered and there are two gold metal tubes on the straps. I wore my biggest gold earrings and took my new purse. I seldom do much in the way of gussying up but it feels good now and then. Yesterday, I took a nap and rolled over on my glasses so I'll have to get them fixed. I can't decide whether to nap or go out for some balcony time. We all had a wonderful time together today. It was like an adventure and I feel so blessed that I was up to going.

    I wish for health, happiness and adventures for all of you, my friends and online family.

    Love, Mikie
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Good to see post's by all. And Leah I did remember the Sunshine girl and
    the Bank. You have been a big influence here!

    Ok, My mind just went blank for a moment and I will just keep on typing
    and hope it comes back.

    Mikie, I think that the progress you have made and what I have made, could
    be different. I am very concerned about getting my heart rate above 105.
    I think back when I could exercise more, it hurt my adrenals and that's when
    I stopped making the 8am cortisol (that wakes one up).

    Course, I could be totally wrong on that.

    Mikie does love to dress! I like that. I was telling Twin about how Mother
    used to love to dress. She said her son got that gene. He wears dress pants
    to go bowling. (They go every Sat.) She asked him "why?". He said, "Cause
    I like too!) She thought it was crazy cause they had to be dry cleaned. Twin
    ever the practical one.

    Twin and I are going to see if we can get the same pic of us on our FaceBook
    pages. When we were in New Orleans some years ago with Mother, I bought
    some Mardi Gras masks. (I am ever the one looking for things to dress up
    with but in a costume way). We took one pic of us sitting side by side. Each
    wearing a different color mask. If we can't find the pic, we can do a
    re-enactment and take it while in NC in June.

    Leah, I had no idea that the New Englanders were like that. Boy, we do
    find out about how it is to live in another place. I realized that it was really
    policially incorrect for me to call you a 'yankee'. That is, no me def a southern
    reference to the Civil War and that time should be allowed to go away!

    Huz and I are only allowed an individual serving of the Hagen Daz. I think it
    is $1.25 each which is a lot for the amount we get. We each get one for Sunday
    nite when we watch the Amazing Race.

    Mikie is quite accurate about the different kinds of Florida. We really aren't
    accepted here cause we haven't been here at least 3 generation. Now a
    group of doctors and attorneys moved here in the 70's but we didn't get
    in cohoots with them either. They tried to invite us to a couple of things but
    I was just too ill.

    Til later....


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